Here's a scary story for ya! PLEASE be nice, it's my first scary story. If you're wondering what the characters are wearing, they're wearing what they were during Resurrection 'F' Saga of DBS. As for any other characters I may include, I'll describe what they're wearing so you don't picture them naked. Also, I will be using 'ki' instead of 'chi' because the story is set in a purely DBZ world and there is no China or Japan. I've seen some clips of DBS on YouTube, so I'm going to use 'ki'. Now, on with the show!

I don't own DBZ, Akira Toriyama does.

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Chapter 1: Fall

Mount Paozu, Age 779

Two familiar boys were sparring under a naked tree late one chilly Fall morning. One of them had black hair that stuck out unevenly in a unique fashion; most of his hair was pushed to the upper right, while the rest of his hair was pushed to the lower left. The other one had lavender hair that was styled in a bowl cut. They were known as Goten, age 12 and Trunks, age 13.

Goten launched a kick at Trunks' head, but his target easily sidestepped the attack. When Trunks sidestepped the attack, he tripped over a tree root and fell backward, landing on his butt. "Oof! OK, Goten…Goten!" But Goten was too focused on their spar to listen. Trunks blocked some more punches from Goten before trying again, "Goten…GOTEN!" Trunks caught one last punch from Goten, which was aimed at his chin, and the younger boy ceased his onslaught. Standing up and putting his hand behind his head "Hehe…sorry Trunks! I guess I got a little carried away." Trunks gave him an understanding smile a said, "Let's take a break, Goten. I'm starting to get hungry. It's almost time for lunch. Let's go see what your mom's making!"

A huge smile appeared on Goten's face, and he said, "Yeah, but we should wash up first." This made Trunks look at him with a puzzled expression and ask, "What do you mean, Goten? We barely broke a sweat." Goten put his hands on his hips like his mother would and raised his left eyebrow and said, "All the same, you still have some sweat on you. And besides that, you've got blood in your hair." Trunks ran his fingers across his scalp and said, "I don't remember getting cut." He felt something wet fall on his wrist. Goten relaxed his arms and stepped back with a horrified look on his face. His expression was warranted by the color of the substance; it was dark red.

Trunks, being the son of a genius, had no problem putting things together. Blood in his hair plus something wet falling on his wrist plus Goten's horrified expression meant he should probably look up. Goten knew what Trunks was thinking; something in the tree was dripping something wet onto Trunks' head. Ever since the fused into Gotenks, they had a mental link. This mental link was like the one that would exist between Saiyan siblings, specifically multiples. The two boys looked at each other with wide eyes. Goten gulped nervously when he saw Trunks nod.

Ooo…cliffhanger! What's in the tree? I think you can tell by Goten and Trunks' reactions that it can't be good. That's all I'm 'Saiyan' ;). You'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out what they saw. Let me know what you think! Sailor Dragonball 87 says! ;D