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Chapter 4:

It was around the start of winter, and there hadn't been any murders for about two weeks. That was about to change.

Chi-chi had just come home from shopping. Goten wasn't in school due to being sick the previous few days. He was getting over his illness, but Chi-chi wanted to keep him home an extra day just to be safe.

"Goten, will you please come help me with the groceries?" Chi-chi asked, carrying two bags.

"Yes, Mom!" he called from inside the house. A second later, he was outside by the car hungrily eyeing the groceries.

"And no sneaking from the bag this time, OK?" Chi-chi said sternly.

The boy moaned and pouted. He was definitely his father's son.

She didn't say anything about smelling the groceries, Goten thought with a devious grin. He took a deep breath though his nose, expecting to smell bread and fresh greens. Instead, a putrid stench entered his nostrils. He covered his nose and mouth in an attempt to block out the offending smell, but to know avail. "Ewww. Bom, what's that sbell!? It's like something died!" he exclaimed in a muffled voice through a pinched nose.

Chi-chi was nearly inside the house, holding a bag that contained dairy products. "Huh?" She turned back and thought, That's weird. She gasped as her eyes grew wide. She turned counter-clockwise and ran to Goten "Uh, everything's going to be OK, sweetie. Will you please carry both of these bags?" Goten looked at her with a questioning face. "Don't look at me like that. I know you can. Now, you just carry them inside and put them on the table, and then come get some more. I'll be in soon. I have to make a phone call," she said quickly. "And don't look around. Keep looking straight ahead." She didn't want Goten being traumatized further by seeing another dead body.

While Goten took the groceries in, Chi-chi walked around and tried to smell for the sent Goten had picked up. Goten's sense of smell was way better than her's, due to him being half Saiyan. She wanted to make sure that it was a body her son smelled, not some dead wild animal, before calling the police; she didn't want to waste their time.

First, she went toward the tree line that was far from the front door. She could smell nothing to the right or left of her. She even went a little ways into the woods. Eventually, she made her way to the area behind the house. About twenty-five feet behind the tree line was a body, draped forward over a tree branch where it diverged from the trunk. This body was female and headless. Her pink shirt clung to her curves from the melted snow that used to cover her. A bit of the top of her jeans were wet, too. Her elbows were bent, but the left was bent more than the right. Her fingers were bent and facing each other. There was a short, bloody sump where her head was. Blood was spattered down her arms and, more heavily, across her shoulders and shirt.

"Oh!" Chi-chi gasped loudly. She walked backward quickly and stumbled over a tree root, but got right back up and ran to the clearing that surrounded her house. She pulled out her cell phone to call 911. She was glade that it got reception in the remote area she lived in. After calling 911 and explaining the emergency, she went inside the house to put her groceries away.

The police arrive some twenty minutes later. They conducted interviews, gathered all the evidence they needed, and took the body to the morgue. Nobody knew where the head was. The identity of the body remained unknown until nearly five days later. The victim was revealed to be twenty-two-year-old Angela Fudu, former student of Orange Star High School.

There ya go! Another chapter, another body. Poor Angela. Bear with me. There is a method to my madness. Let me know what you think. Sailor Dragonball 87 says! ;-D