Author's Note: Originally published on Tumblr in Summer 2013 and DeviantArt in Spring 2014


A BIONICLE/Pacific Rim crossover story


It's really amazing how quickly things can turn for the worse. The Ko-Matoran were accused of having their heads in the stars, but it was not the stars we were to worry about. The true threat comes from where we least expect. And nowhere is more evil than the Silver Sea.

It was five years ago when the first great creature attacked us. A giant scaly beast with scales like Kanohi masks emerged on the shores of Ga-Metru and ravaged the land. Nobody was prepared for such a sudden insurgence. Then, a team of Toa came. Not even the combined might of the Toa could stop these beasts though. It seemed these beasts only fed on our elemental energy.

That's where I come in. I am Jaller. A simple tool maker from Ta-Metru was set to make the greatest war machine the universe had ever known. I had no knowledge of building large things, but I worked with all my brethren for the common cause. Called Jaegers, The machines were modeled after a Toa to fit their form, only they were as tall as a Ko-Metru Knowledge Tower. The test runs were a success, and the first of these beasts, whom the archivists dubbed Kaiju, was defeated.

Eventually, every race said they had Kaiju problems. Skakdi, Vortixx, Dark Hunters, and Makuta alike all saw Kaiju of different kinds, and we were more than happy to provide custom Jaegers for them. The tables were now turned. Jaegers were defeating Kaiju and the entire universe was in alliance.

It was all too good to last…