It was a warm, breezy day on the tropical island of Okinawa. With its beautiful white sand beaches, it was one of the most popular summer tourist locations in Japan, bustling with surfers, sunbathers, and tourists from all over the world.

"Come on, Kaneko! Those hot surfer guys just came to shore!" a woman shouted as she ran off down the white sand beach. A pair of fuzzy black and white dog ears perked out from her spiky black hair. Sticking out over the bottom of her black bikini was a long fluffy tail, black on top and white underneath, just like a husky's.

"Yeah, yeah, Ayane, I'll be there," Kaneko called back, but the catgirl wasn't in a hurry like her canine friend.

Kaneko had short orange-red hair, sharp green eyes, and despite her summertime tan, she had a scattering of freckles across her cheeks. She was also very fit, with toned abs, arms, and everything else, the result of constant basketball practice. As she walked, she ran a finger under the edges of her red bikini bottom, then adjusted her top as well. She fluffed her orange-red ears and slender tail, put on her best smile, and strode confidently down the beach.

Unlike Ayane, Kaneko had no interest in those surfers; she had the much more difficult task of catching the attention of women. I may be biased, but I look super hot in this bikini, so where are the hot chicks fawning over me? Are there just no lesbians here in Okinawa?

While Kaneko was lost in thought, a group of young men and women of all sorts ran past her, giggling and shoving each other, their tails flicking through the air playfully. They looked about eighteen, and were probably there on their last vacation before starting college, just like Kaneko and Ayane were.

The group had a straggler that caught Kaneko's eye. She was fair-skinned and wore an orange and white striped bikini that reminded Kaneko of an orange creamsicle in the best possible way. The colors went really well with the girl's long white hair, which trailed behind her as she chased her friends down the beach.

Most notably, there were two adorably round mouse-like ears sticking up on top of her head. Huh, she reminds me of a girl from middle school. What was her name? Mitsu? Mizuna? Kaneko thought as she watched the mystery woman approach. Then Kaneko got a good look at her face and remembered. "Mizune?!"

No way! That girl wouldn't be caught dead showing that much skin, and she always wore those big-ass glasses…

The woman heard her and stopped, then turned and looked right at Kaneko.

Holy crap, that's actually her, Kaneko thought. She approached the girl, quickly closing the gap, then said, "Mizune? Is that really you, Mizu?"

"K-Kaneko? It's been y-years…" Mizune replied with a slight stutter. As she did so, she lifted both hands to push her long white hair out of her eyes. Then, instead of dropping her hands, she held her fingertips together over her mouth, as if she was covering a yawn or nibbling on something.

Covering her mouth like that certainly didn't make Mizune's quiet voice any easier to hear, and it was a habit she'd had since middle school. She was painfully shy back then, but considering that she was out on the beach in a bikini, she must have changed at least a bit.

Now that Kaneko was up close, she got an eyeful of Mizune and realized that the mousegirl had changed in another way, too: her chest had filled out wonderfully, with what appeared to be D-cups. "Damn, Mizune, you're looking good."

"Huh?! W-what do you mean…?" Mizune stammered, her pale skin flushing red.

Kaneko smiled wide, showing a bit of her prominent incisors. "I mean what I said. You look hot!" She swept her eyes up and down Mizune's body, which was a little skinny, but looking good and healthy. "That bikini is kickin', and the no-glasses thing really works for you. Contacts or lasik?" Kaneko asked in her normal confident tone.

"J-just contacts. Thanks for the kind words, Kaneko…" the mousegirl replied with her long, thin tail nervously flicking through the air.

"Just 'Kane', please! And can I call you Mizu? It'll be just like old times," Kaneko said, stepping closer, until she was nearly touching Mizune.

Just then, a man's voice shouted from further down the beach, "Hey, Mizune! What's the hold up? Lunch at the lodge starts in fifteen!"

Mizune clenched her hands into little fists at her sides, mustered up all her courage and breath, and yelled back, "I'm catching up with an old friend! Go on without me!" Even while yelling, her voice was awfully quiet and her friend could barely hear it. The dog-eared man did seem to at least catch the 'go on without me' part, since he waved and started away down the sandy shore.

Kaneko stuck her grinning face up next to Mizune's and said, "Aww, you're staying behind for little ol' me? You're wonderful, Mizu."

Mizune blinked and turned away, hiding her mouth with her hands again, as shy as ever.

Kaneko gently grabbed Mizune's elbow and pulled her hands away from her face, then said, "It's such a pity to keep hiding such a pretty face." As Mizune blushed even harder and tried to turn away again, Kaneko let go, then shifted gears and asked, "So, what have you been up to, Mizu? I assume you got into an awesome college?"

Mizune's round ears twitched and perked up in interest and she forgot all about her embarrassment. Her pale blue eyes lit up with excitement as she said, "Oh, yes. I got into my first choice, Todai! Well, the full name is The University of Tokyo…"

"I know what Todai is, silly! It's only the best, most famous school in the country," Kaneko said, swatting playfully at a strand of Mizune's long, white hair. "Congratulations, Mizu! I always knew you'd do great things, even way back in middle school."

Mizune hid her mouth with a hand again. "You're just saying that…" Then she deflected the conversation by asking, "What about you, Kaneko— um, I mean, Kane? What have you been doing?"

Kaneko grinned. "I was on the basketball team all through high school, so I went with the first university that gave me some scholarship money for it. Well, the first women's university, that is…" Come on, Mizune. Pick up on all my hints already. Are you gay or not?!

Mizune smiled. "Oh, that's great. You've always been so athletic." She looked down at her sandals and added, "I try to stay active, but it's hard."

"Whatever you're doing, it works. You look fine, if may be so bold." Kaneko narrowed her eyes and watched Mizune's reaction closely, but the shy girl just blushed and hid behind her hands, just like she did after a compliment of any kind.

Suddenly, Kaneko took a step back and made a sweeping gesture with both hands. "Let's do something, Mizu!" the upbeat catgirl cheered. "There's no sense standing around in the sand when we've got Okinawa to explore and so much catching up to do."

Startled by the sudden movement, Mizune froze for a moment, then responded, "Uh, okay. What do you want to do?"

"Other than you?"

Mizune froze again and a wave of red flooded her face from her chin to her fuzzy, round ears.

Oh, shit. Did I say that out loud? Kaneko thought. She panicked and blurted, "Uh, I meant, uh 'After you!' So, what do you want to do, Mizu?"

"O-Oh. Um, I guess I'd like to visit the souvenir shops. My friends weren't interested in them…" Mizune said, seemingly forgetting Kaneko's accidental and blatant pickup line.

Kaneko's pointed orange ears flicked eagerly. "That sounds great!" she cheered. "Let's head there right now," said Kaneko as she wrapped an arm around Mizune's shoulders.

Mizune's heart fluttered at the physical contact and at the bikini-covered breast brushing against her arm. She was so overwhelmed that she was barely aware of her surroundings as Kaneko steered her from the beach to the long line of shops and stalls that lined the boardwalk.

Once they were off the beach and in the crowds, the two bikini-clad babes really stood out compared to the other tourists in Hawaiian shirts and sundresses. Kaneko was loving the attention, even if it was coming from men instead of sexy lesbian ladies, but Mizune was far less comfortable with it.

Before they even got to the first souvenir shop, Mizune stopped and turned to Kaneko. "Um, c-can I p-please go change? My clothes are back in the lockers by the beach."

Kaneko was bummed that Mizune's kickin' body would be covered up, but she nodded and said, "Of course. I'll go ahead and change clothes too." As Mizune started back toward the beach, Kaneko thought, I'll have to call Ayane and let her know I'm fine. Her gaze lingered on Mizune's butt for a moment. Very fine…

It didn't take long to reach the covered area that held some lockers, restrooms, and dedicated changing rooms filled with individual stalls. After grabbing their belongings from the lockers, they both stepped into the changing room at the same time.

"After you," Kaneko said, holding her clothes against her chest with one arm and waving Mizune inside with the other. They each stepped into a stall and started to undress, but it wasn't long before Kaneko hit a snag.

"Uh, Mizune. Can you help me out for a second?" Kaneko called out. "The knot on my bikini is stuck and I can't reach it."

"O-oh, sure, one sec!" Mizune called back, then pulled on some khaki capris over her simple blue and white striped panties. She was still wearing her bikini top when she opened Kaneko's stall to help. She stepped in and closed the door, turned and saw Kaneko with her back turned, and immediately turned bright red.

It seemed that Kaneko had already changed from her normal-coverage bikini bottom to sporty black thong panties. Mizune quickly averted her eyes, but the image lingered: that black T-shape and the curve of Kaneko's butt were burned into Mizune's mind.

Kaneko didn't notice Mizune's reaction. She reached behind herself with one arm and pointed awkwardly at the knot in the center of her back. "Can you unknot that? All my attempts just made it even tighter."

"Of course," Mizune said as she steeled herself and reached for the knot. She grabbed the red string and worked at it with her delicate fingers, trying to ignore the comfortable heat she felt emanating from Kaneko's toned, tanned back. While she picked at the knot, making steady progress, Kaneko's fuzzy tail whipped up and wrapped around Mizune's wrist. Then the soft tail slid sensually along her arm.

"Eep!" Mizune cried out in surprise and dropped the knot as she pulled back from the mischievous orange tail.

Kaneko spun around and apologized, "Sorry, sorry! My tail wanders sometimes without me realizing it, especially if I'm comfortable around a person."

Mizune forced a smile and said, "Oh, it's fine… My tail moves on its own sometimes too, so I understand. It just tickled, is all."

Kaneko grinned. "Oh? You're ticklish, eh? Would it be bad if I did… this?!" She pounced at Mizune and pretended to tickle her exposed belly, without actually touching her.

Mizune squeaked again and practically leapt backward, bumping into the wall of the changing booth with a thud.

"Oops, sorry again!" Kaneko said, clasping her hands and bowing. Damn, she sure is skittish, but it only makes her cuter!

When Kaneko bowed, the loosened knot of her bikini top finally came undone. She stood up to find her red top hanging loosely from her neck and utterly failing to cover her breasts, giving Mizune an eyeful of perky C-cups and rosy pink nipples.

With another EEP, Mizune averted her gaze downward, but she ended up looking at the front of Kaneko's sexy black cotton panties instead. Her pale skin flushed hot and red and she couldn't handle being in the changing room anymore. She spun 180 degrees and grabbed the door handle to leave.

"Wait!" Kaneko called out while she rushed to pull on a sports bra, now that she was freed from her bikini.

Mizune stopped but didn't turn around. "I n-need to get some air." Her voice was unsteady and her excessive blushing was visible on her neck and back.

"Just answer two questions for me first," Kaneko plead. After such an awkward series of blunders, she was determined to get something out it all.

Mizune nodded slowly, so Kaneko asked, "Are you seeing anyone?"

Mizune visibly stiffened for an instant, then relaxed. "N-no."

Even the super confident and extroverted Kaneko had to work herself up to her next question. After a deep breath, she asked, "Are you gay?"

Mizune closed her eyes and took a slow breath in and let it out even slower. Then she said something she'd never said to anyone else in her entire life. She whispered, "Yes, I am gay."

Kaneko could sense the weight in those words. She could tell Mizune was a private person, and that sharing that information had been hard. Kaneko wanted to jump for joy, and she wanted to make a move on Mizune immediately, but she didn't. Something precious had just been entrusted to her, and she didn't dare misuse it.

As Mizune opened the door and slipped out of the stall, Kaneko simply stated, "Me too."