Two women sat side by side on a beautiful white-sand beach. Mere moments ago, they'd gotten a bit too carried away with a kiss and ended up in a very steamy and public makeout session.

"Oh!" Kaneko said as her red-furred ears perked up. "I was trying to say something before we, uh, got distracted. I was wondering if you'd like to come hang out at my hotel room?" The catgirl had an eager-yet-restrained look in her vivid green eyes.

The target of that look, a meek white-haired mousegirl named Mizune, blushed so bright that she looked sunburned. "I know w-what I said earlier, but I don't think I'm ready for th-th-that…" She trailed off, but it was clear that she was thinking of the mysterious and overwhelming subject of sex.

Kaneko waved a hand and shook her head. "We don't have to do anything like that. I really do mean just hanging out. We can watch TV, eat snacks, catch up on the last few years."

Mizune's nervous expression faded and she smiled, showing her prominent and adorable front teeth. "That sounds really nice. Okay."

Kaneko hopped up and started packing her things, including the massive beach towel she'd brought. "I'll text my friend Ayane and let her know we're heading over. Do you want to let your friends know where you'll be?"

Mizune stepped off the beach towel and nodded. "Yeah. I don't want them to worry." Then she wiggled her nose and ears in curiosity and asked, "What kind of a person is Ayane?"

"A dog-girl," Kaneko answered flatly.

With a giggle, Mizune said, "I meant 'What's she like?' Is she athletic and active like you?"

"Oh, that makes more sense," Kaneko said. Then she scratched her chin in thought and said, "She's athletic like me, but I wouldn't call her active… she's criminally lazy. But she is naturally good at sports."

"Oh…" Mizune said, not sure what to make of that unabashed review.

Kaneko added, "But she's super nice and kind, and she'll bend over backwards for her friends. She's been my bestie since I met her a couple years ago."

"Ooh," Mizune said, "Then I'd like to meet her."

"Sure thing," Kaneko said as she finished folding up the big towel and stuffed it in her duffel bag. Then she pointed and said, "My hotel's over this way, not too far."

As the catgirl started away with her orange tail flicking energetically through the air, Mizune called out, "Uh, Kane? Don't you want to change out of that, uh, swimsuit first?"

Kaneko looked down and saw that she was still wearing her teeny-weeny thong bikini that was far too indecent for anything but sunbathing, and probably too indecent for that too. She flushed red and chuckled, "Haha, yeah… Let's get changed first."

Once they were out of the changing rooms and back in street-worthy clothes, Kaneko lead the way to her hotel. The road meandered past beautiful beaches and interesting historical shrines, but Kaneko paid them no mind. Her attention was on Mizune.

"Enjoying your vacation so far?" Kaneko asked as they walked.

Mizune nodded, making her big round mouse-ears sway gently. "Yeah. It's been a good few days. It's going to be a bummer when I have to fly out tomorrow."

Kaneko's pace faltered at that but she quickly caught up. "You leave tomorrow? Ayane and I have another three days here."

Mizune frowned slightly. "Yeah, everyone wanted a few days to get settled in before classes start." Then at a tiny whisper, she added, "But I'd rather spend it with you."

Kaneko heard the whisper, but she got the impression she wasn't meant to. She just appreciated it privately and moved the conversation onward. "That makes sense. Moving to Tokyo's a big deal. Thankfully Ayane and I found a little place near our campus to rent together."

Mizune blinked and turned to look at Kaneko. "Wait, that makes it sound like you're in Tokyo, too. What school are you going to?"

"Oh right, I never said," Kaneko started with a smile. "It's a little women's university in Kunitachi, hardly part of Tokyo, really. It's an hour by train from downtown, unlike your Todai, which is right in the middle of Tokyo."

Mizune put her hands over her lips and muttered, "Only an hour away… not bad…"

"What was that?" Kaneko asked. She was pretty sure she'd heard, but she didn't want to keep pretending that she couldn't hear Mizune's utterings.

Mizune jolted and said, "Nothing!" Then she pointed at the building they were approaching. "Is that your hotel?"

Kaneko wrapped an arm around Mizune's shoulders and cheerfully said, "Yep! We're on the 3rd floor, with a decent view of the sea. Let's head on up!"

"Here we are!" Kaneko cheered as she pushed the door open and stepped into the air conditioned hotel room. The light was already on, so she set her beach bag down by the door and walked further inside.

Mizune followed after, glancing around the unfamiliar room. It was a bit fancier than the room she was sharing with the deer-girl twins Hana and Mai, but it was definitely smaller. One of the two beds was still made, but the other held a woman.

The woman was reclining against the headboard, reading a magazine. She had short black hair with perky black and white dog ears sticking up out of it. More importantly, she was wearing only a simple dark grey bra and matching panties.

She set the magazine down and bounced up off the bed. She darted up to Mizune and said, "Ooh, you must be Mizune. It's great to meet you. I'm Ayane!" Her fluffy black and white tail flicked side to side to match her overflowing excitement. She was a very excitable person, at least when she wasn't in one of her lazy moods.

Mizune shrank back from the overwhelming woman, but Kaneko was standing behind her preventing a full retreat. She hid her reddening face behind her hands and mumbled, "N-nice t-to meet you."

Kaneko put a reassuring hand on Mizune's shoulder. In a flat, unimpressed-sounding voice, she said, "Ayane, why aren't you dressed? You knew we were coming over."

Ayane grinned widely. "I just thought it'd be fun to see if Miss Mouse here gets as flustered by my underwear as you do, Kaneko."

Kaneko narrowed her eyes and glared at the dog girl. "Uh huh. Well, you had your fun. Go put some clothes on."

Ayane faked a full-body shiver and teased, "Ooh, I like it when you take charge." Then she flounced off to the bathroom, her intentionally under-clothed bust bouncing with her steps.

"Sorry about that. Ayane's a goofball sometimes," Kaneko said after the bathroom door closed.

"No worries. She's quite pretty," Mizune responded quietly.

Kaneko blinked in surprise at that frank confession. Then the corner of her mouth rose into a smirk and she said, "Prettier than me?"

Adding to Kaneko's surprise, Mizune shook her head and promptly answered, "No. You're more to my tastes."

Before Kaneko could dig for more details and compliments, Ayane emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a simple sundress. Based on how fast she got ready, she had been well prepared for her little prank.

She waved at Mizune and said, "It was nice seeing you, but I've got a bit of a date with a surfer. He's either a bear or a Bernese, but either way he's got biceps that'll make you weak in the knees." She smiled and added, "Well, maybe not you two, but you get the point. We're doing a night tour, so I'll be out late. Seeya!"

She disappeared into the hallway and closed the door behind her, leaving Mizune and Kaneko alone in awkward silence. They were alone in a private room, but they didn't seem to know what to do next.

Mizune broke the silence by asking, "Can I take a quick shower? I'm all sticky from the sunscreen."

"Sure. I'd like one myself after you're done," Kaneko answered.

While Mizune was in the shower, Kaneko busied herself with unpacking her beach bag and picking out fresh clothes to wear after her own shower. She didn't have to wait long, however, since Mizune's shower was indeed quick.

The mousegirl stepped out of the bathroom in a blue crop top and tan shorts, drying her long white hair with a hotel towel.

Kaneko tried not to stare at Mizune's bare belly and legs as she said, "Oh, I didn't know you had a change of clothes. I'd been debating whether to offer you some of mine."

Mizune smiled. "Oh, thanks. I kept these in my bag so I could cover my bikini without having to change out of it. They came in handy in this case, too."

"Nice! They look good on you," Kaneko said cheerfully. Then she hopped up from the edge of the bed. "I'll be quick," she said as she slipped into the still-steamy bathroom for her own shower.

As she washed, Kaneko tried to keep her mind off of Mizune's sexy body, to keep from getting aroused. She failed at that.

Then she tried to keep her hand from sliding between her legs to take care of said arousal. She failed again.

After burning off some sexual energy, Kaneko finished washing and stepped out of the shower, only to realize she hadn't brought her clean clothes into the bathroom. She scolded herself for the mistake, but fortunately there was a hotel-provided bathrobe hanging on the door.

After what she felt must have been a suspiciously long time in the shower, Kaneko stepped out of the bathroom wearing the white bathrobe. She was worried that Mizune would suspect what she had been doing in there, but the mousegirl was lost in a cute anime on TV.

Mizune was sitting on the front edge of the bed with a childlike grin on her face, totally captivated by the TV. She looked happy and adorable, especially with the pink bow she had added to her hair after her shower.

Kaneko didn't want to block Mizune's view, so she crawled across the bed behind her, heading for her suitcase on the other side. Her previously-picked-out pile of clean clothes was sitting on top of the suitcase in plain sight.

She snagged the clothes, then started back toward the bathroom. On the way, she glanced over and got distracted by the anime. On the screen, three magical girls with absurdly large furry ears were fighting together against a silly-looking monster.

"Do you know this show, Mizu?" Kaneko said. "The characters are cute."

Mizune smiled and nodded enthusiastically. "Oh yeah, I used to love this show as a kid. I never realized at the time, but there's some definite yuri subtext going on between Serara and Belle. They're the kitty and the bunny."

Kaneko wasn't as big into manga or anime as some, but she knew a few of the fandom terms. "So their ship would be called 'Serabelle'?"

Mizune nodded again, sending her perky round ears bobbing. Kaneko watched them intently, studying the adorable way they moved. She wanted to know how they felt, and whether they were softer or warmer than her own…

Mizune said, "Yeah, that's what I'd gue—" Her voice cut off abruptly and her entire body locked up.

Kaneko had suddenly grabbed both of Mizune's ears and was gently massaging them with a curious look in her eyes.

"AaahNnn…" Mizune moaned. It was surprisingly erotic, and the look in Kaneko's eyes changed to one a little more mischievous.

Mizune arched her back and clenched her hands into little fists, but Kaneko didn't let up. She continued to massage the adorable pink and white ears while drinking in Mizune's cute-yet-sensual reactions.

[Image: Kaneko rubbing Mizune's ears: tinyurlDOTcom/CatAndMouse-1 ]
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After nearly thirty seconds of paralyzing pleasure, Mizune finally managed to string together a few words. "Kane, please, stop," she panted.

Kaneko did stop, after a few more seconds. She moved her hands to Mizune's flushed shoulders, then said, "Sorry, was that not good?"

Mizune looked straight down at her lap, where her hands were tightly intertwined and stuffed between her legs. Then she mumbled, "Too good…"

"Hmm?" Kaneko said, "What was that?" She had actually heard it loud and clear, but wanted to hear more.

"My ears are very sensitive, in a, uh, personal way. I don't normally let anyone touch them."

Kaneko leaned forward until her lips were less than an inch from Mizune's left ear. "Not normally, huh? What about me?"

In a whisper so quiet Kaneko actually had a hard time hearing it, Mizune said, "It's fine if it's you."

"Excellent," Kaneko said with a grin. She said, "Lay on my lap, I want to try something." Then she sat back on her heels and gently pulled Mizune back by the shoulders.

Mizune laid back until her head rested on Kaneko's upper thighs. She was looking straight up at the ceiling, at least until Kaneko leaned into the way.

"Hi there," Kaneko said cutely as she met Mizune's eyes.

"H-hello," Mizune said, still unsure about this whole thing.

"Just close your eyes and relax. I'm going to massage your ears, and you're going to focus entirely on enjoying it. Don't worry about a thing."

For what felt like forever, Kaneko carefully ran her strong fingers along the delicate structure of Mizune's ears. She lightly pinched along the edges, kneaded the sturdier area where the ears met scalp, and intuitively avoided any ticklish spots.

Mizune lost herself in that massage, overwhelmed by so much wonderful stimulation to an area that normally received so little. She didn't even realize that she was letting out the most erotic and satisfied little moans and sighs.

Eventually, she opened her eyes and saw Kaneko's face directly overhead. Kaneko wore an inscrutable expression, intense and taut, like a flexed muscle.

"What's with that face, Kane?" Mizune asked, her voice airy and slow, her mind lethargic from the amazing massage.

A very wet tongue slipped out of Kaneko's mouth to lick across her lips. With extreme restraint, she said, "I'm just trying to hold myself back."

Mizune blinked. "Huh, whaddya mean?"

"You have no idea how turned on I am right now. You've been moaning and squirming in my lap and now I want you so bad but I shouldn't rush you and I shouldn't have done this massage since it put us in this situation where I feel like I'm pressuring you and—"

Mizune lifted an arm and gently pressed a finger over Kaneko's lips. "Shhh. You're rambling."

Kaneko blinked a few times, surprised to see Mizune take charge, but glad that she did.

Mizune continued, "Thank you. That felt wonderful. I'm still not ready for sex, but I would love a kiss." She hesitated as she realized that she was somehow in control for once, then she added, "Is that a good compromise?"

Kaneko's answer was swift and physical. She bent over and pressed her wet lips against Mizune's in an upside-down kiss. It would have turned into something more if the position wasn't so awkward.

After a brief but wonderful moment, Kaneko sat back up and said, "Can we reposition? I could sit next to you."

"Sure," Mizune said without hesitation. She wanted to get back into that passionate moment as soon as possible. She sat upright while Kaneko scooted over the covers to get to Mizune's side.

Kaneko swung her legs over the edge of the bed and got right up against Mizune, her bare thigh pressing against Mizune's, tan skin against pale. Then she met Mizune's eyes with that same eager, restrained look. It was the look of a woman that wanted something very badly, but wanted to do the right thing even more.

Gently, carefully, she held Mizune's chin and pulled her forward. The mousegirl let herself be guided into a series of kisses that started with a brief peck then escalated into a longer open-mouthed kiss.

From there, it didn't take long for Mizune to introduce her tongue into the mix. Despite her inexperience, she really did enjoy the intense intimacy it brought. Tongues were just so slick and warm and consciously directed. She thought to herself, If sex is anywhere close to as intimate and amazing as this, I think I'll love it… Then she flushed red, stunned by her own thoughts.

To distract herself, Mizune tried to put her hands to use. Kaneko was still covered up in a thick bathrobe, but her tail was sticking out the tail-hole in the back. The day before, that tail had been so soft and mischievous, and Mizune wanted to touch it.

As she continued the kiss, switching angles and coming up for air occasionally, Mizune reached for Kaneko's tail. It was flicking happily, so it took a moment to catch it. The second she did, Kaneko froze up in a strange way. She stopped kissing and her eyes seemed to roll back a bit.

Interesting, Mizune thought. Then she tightened her grip on it slightly and pulled upward, rubbing along the entire length of soft orange tail.

That got an even stronger reaction. Kaneko shivered from head to toe and let out what could only be described as a purr, and a very sexual-sounding one at that.

"Mmmm…" Kaneko rumbled, her voice soft and distant. Her tail was very sensitive and the physical sensations coming from it washed over her mind like a tidal wave. She was putty in Mizune's hands, and she didn't mind it one bit.

Mizune came to understand the power she held over Kaneko, and a grin crept across her face. She decided to take control again.

She continued petting Kaneko's tail, working her way from base to tip several times before she realized something interesting. The base of her tail, right where fur gave way to skin, was the most sensitive of all.

Mizune stroked that spot, from the smooth skin of Kaneko's lower back onto the soft fur of her tail. Kaneko purred harder and her back arched instinctively. The movement bared her neck toward Mizune, so of course she went in to nibble at the exposed skin.

She nipped at Kaneko's neck with her lips before working up to using her teeth. She nibbled lightly, working her way down toward the catgirl's collarbone, then she froze.

Kaneko's robe had fallen off her shoulder. And she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Mizune was now staring directly at an exposed, shapely, beautiful, sexy, and overwhelming breast. She felt her face grow hotter and hotter until she couldn't think straight, then she turned away and forced herself to breathe.

"What's wrong, Mizu? I was enjoying that," Kaneko said dreamily.

"Your robe." It was all Mizune could manage.

"My robe?" Kaneko asked as she floated back down to reality. Then she looked down and saw her exposed chest. It was nothing special to Kaneko, but she could see why it had been a problem for Mizune.

"Oh, sorry, I got distracted before I could get changed." Mourning the loss of a wonderfully intimate moment, Kaneko pulled her sleeve back up. Then she grabbed her forgotten pile of clothes and stood up.

"I'll go get dressed," she said as she walked to the bathroom. She stepped inside, then popped her head back out and added, "But that doesn't mean we can't do more of that later."

Mizune hid her face behind her hands in a way that said she wanted more too…