Judy Hopps squeezed through the legs of various mammals in the mob of onlookers. The rain kept pouring relentlessly, as if spurred on by the heavy atmosphere of the night. A tragedy was taking place inside of the Lionheart Drone factory. The owner of the site, a lion by the name of Leodore Lionheart, had reportedly committed a murder of one of his factory workers. He then urged the rest of the workers to vacate the building. Not wanting to stay in a building with a psychopathic lion, the workers understandably complied. They were all around her now, chattering in a panic about what happened. From her briefing and the nearby chatter of the workers, Judy understood this to be an incredibly dangerous assignment.

This was also her first assignment as a ZPD Inspector.

Judy ran up to the towering cape buffalo who was standing at the entrance to the factory. With a bow, she managed to introduce herself to her fellow Inspector for the first time despite her shortness of breath.

"Inspector Bogo, I'm Inspector Hopps. It's nice to finally meet you, sir."

The buffalo sized up the puny bunny before him with a glare. Nevertheless, he firmly responded to her. "Greetings. Sorry if I'm skipping pleasantries but I have a mess on my hooves. I won't be able to treat you like a newbie; I need you to pull your weight tonight, Inspector Hopps."

Judy simply nodded, hearing the challenge in Bogo's voice. She faced this challenge head-on, making sure to speak competently and boldly. "I heard as much. Mister Lionheart had registered a problematic Psycho-Pass as of a few days ago. Tonight something must have escalated and he lashed out."

"And did you know he took a hostage?"

Judy felt a shock run through her, the danger of this assignment now doubled with an innocent life on the line.

"Hostage?" she pressed.

"A new development. She's a puma. Female. She was one of the workers. Lionheart's therapist was having an appointment with him in his office. This zebra therapist told him that his Psycho-Pass had clouded to the point where he would need to be institutionalized. He didn't take well to the idea of isolation, so he became violent with him. Grabbed the zebra and demanded that he help him hide it."

"Did the workers attest to this?"

Bogo nodded. "Two animals went to investigate once screaming was heard from Lionheart's office. The gazelle who told me is somewhere in the crowd back there. The other animal is the puma hostage. As for the therapist, he's laying in a puddle of blood on the office floor."

Judy shuddered at the thought.

Bogo pointed out towards the distance. "Here they are."

Judy spun around, eyes tracking a large vehicle approaching them. "A paddy wagon?" she spoke.

The vehicle came to a halt and the large door on the back began to open. Bogo gave a grunt and continued. "Don't think of the individuals you are about to meet as mammals. Their Psycho-Passes have reached critical levels. Normally, they would be isolated as latent criminals, but instead they are here thanks to their particular talents. They are Enforcers. They exist solely to hunt criminals. And as of today, they are your subordinates."

Judy stood in awe as the metal door was now fully open. Of course she knew what Enforcers were beforehand, but the notion of being so close to latent criminals was just now beginning to impact her. There they were, so close in proximity to her instead of out of sight in cells.

The Enforcers stepped out one by one. The first mammal she saw was the biggest surprise to Judy. He was a moose, standing tall over Judy at roughly Bogo's height. He sported a worn brown trench coat with a suit underneath. On his face was an even more worn expression. Despite the apparent weariness of his face, he managed to stand with a purpose, and even gave Judy a warm, respectful smile. There was a collar around his neck.

The second mammal to step out was a weasel. He wore an official ZPD jacket. Underneath, he wore a white tank top with a pink tie haphazardly thrown around his neck and a pair of jeans ridden with holes. He grinned at Judy with amusement, and even let out an audible chuckle. 'Yeah, Inspector Bunny, laugh it up. You certainly aren't the first.' Judy thought to herself. Just one look at him gave the impression that he was a greasy individual, but Judy tried to dispel these thoughts, not wanting to start off on the wrong paw. The same type of collar was around his neck as well, leading Judy to believe all Enforcers had to wear them.

The third mammal out of the wagon was a stocky badger. The fur atop her head gave the impression of a spiky white mohawk of sorts, and she had piercings in her ears. She simply wore the standard black suit, opting for pants instead of the skirt Judy wore. She looked around her with an almost paranoid expression, as if she was ready to fight anybody and everybody. Once she seemed at ease with scanning the area, she looked towards Judy with an earnest smile and a furrowed brow, as if to tell Judy that she was ready for action. The complete about-face in her demeanor made Judy wonder what went on in her head.

The last mammal out of the wagon captivated Judy the most. She tensed up upon seeing the fox, her father's warnings about foxes lingering in her mind. He wore the standard black suit and tie, choosing to leave the jacket open, loosen the tie, and undo the top buttons of his shirt. Both the trail of cigarette smoke and his long bushy tail dragged behind his tall, lithe frame with an ethereal quality to them. After taking one last drag of his cigarette before tossing it to the ground, he looked up and met Judy's eyes. His green eyes were stunning. She felt like she was under a microscope; of course she was the focus of all of them, but this fox in particular made her feel like she was being picked apart. At the same time, he seemed to remain calm and indifferent about her. His expression was for the most part, neutral.

However, she couldn't shake the feeling that this fox was asking her something. Asking if she was capable. If she would be special.

"All right, all of you. I'd go through introductions, but frankly, I don't care. We have a pressing matter at hand. All of you Enforcers need to know is that Inspector Hopps here is your second owner now." Bogo's voice boomed over towards the Enforcers.

"Big Guy, I gotta admit I didn't believe you when you grunted out something about a bunny! But here she is! This is gonna be a riot I tell ya-"

"Shut it, Wesselton." Bogo huffed. "We'll see how the bunny does. But you won't see it firsthand. You and Honey are with me."

Judy couldn't help but notice the manner in which Bogo sneered certain words. Bunny. Enforcers. It was an understatement to say that Bogo didn't expect much from his new partner. That didn't surprise Judy. What surprised her was his apparent contempt for their subordinates. She wondered if the Enforcers were deserving of such contempt. They were latent criminals, after all. Capable of terrible things. Judy wasn't sure if she could find it in herself to trust any of them.

Honey got riled up and put the weasel in a headlock upon hearing this. "You hear that, Wesselton, buddy? You and me tearin' it up!"

The weasel began sputtering and wiggling in midair, having a hard time breathing past the badger's friendly iron chokehold upon him. "It's...Weaselton..." he managed to choke out.

Bogo and his two Enforcers grabbed guns from the wheeled gun cart and took the cart in with them, disappearing into the factory.

Judy stood there, afraid to take any initiative forward, the thoughts of failure locking her joints up. Something nudged her back, and she turned to face the moose.

"Wanna wager which one of these Dominators is yours?" he asked with a hint of playfulness in his voice. In one hand was a very large pistol, and in the other hand, extended towards Judy handle-first, was a much smaller pistol.

The gun was a black hunk of iron with neon blue lights running all along it. The Dominator. The impressive weapon of the ZPD. Sibyl's Eyes.

Judy gingerly took the Dominator in her paws. "Thank you." she gratefully replied.

The Dominator interface lit up before her eyes, and began speaking to her in a robotic, feminine voice. "Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System has been activated. User authentication, Inspector Judy Hopps. Affiliation: Public Safety Bureau, Zootopia Police Department. Dominator usage approval confirmed."

"So, what do you think we should do?" she asked her Enforcers.

"I wouldn't be averse to hanging back and letting Buffalo Butt deal with this on his own." The fox spoke up. He gave a yawn while inspecting the Dominator in his own paws.

Judy's suspicions were affirmed. The contempt clearly went both ways between Bogo and the Enforcers.

The moose chuckled lightly. "Cmon, Slick. Don't you wanna show the new Inspector your stuff?"

"Not much of a point to that. She won't last long." The fox muttered.

"Hey!" Judy shouted, having found her inner fire. The fox quirked an eyebrow at her, unimpressed. She steeled herself, putting aside her lingering fears about foxes. Right now, he was just another animal who doubted her, and she had the power to put him in his place. "I am your boss, in case you forgot. There is a mammal in danger, and we're going to work together to save her. Any questions?"

The fox gave a smug grin, apparently amused from being chewed out by a bunny. "No questions, Miss."

"Hopps." she stated with a note of finality.

"Fournier. Maurice Fournier." The moose spoke up with a motion towards himself. "And this sly individual over here is Nick Wilde. And this-" Maurice paused to hand Judy a small touch screen device, "is the leash handle."

"Leash?" Judy asked.

Maurice pointed at the collar around his neck. The same collar that all the Enforcers wore. "These collars track us Enforcers. They'll also shock us, if you are so inclined. Use that device to track the positions of Enforcer collars and Bogo's device so you know where everybody is. And if we try to get away, you can make sure we're punished before we get too far. You can shock Mister Wilde right now for fun, if you want to."

Judy stood there in a bit of a shock at the moose's helpfulness.

Maurice chuckled. "Kidding, kidding; he's an alright guy. Wondering why I handed you all the control so easily? Well, believe it or not we're like you. Just want to get the job done. You can also use your Dominator against us, since we're latent criminals."

Judy nodded. "I...I Understand."

Maurice motioned towards the entrance. "Shall we?"

Judy decided to put her trust in this Maurice. He seemed to mean well and have experience. Nick had already passed Judy and was now walking ahead of Maurice, leading their group. Judy spurred herself on into the factory, readying herself for whatever dangers may await them inside.