"So, Hopps. You stand by your claim that you made the right decision at the time?" questioned Bogo.

"Yes, I do." Judy stood in front of his large desk, unflinching in the face of her fellow Inspector. It had been one week since the assignment. She could feel the eyes and ears of all four Enforcers on her. She was the focal point of the office as she delivered her report. "Her Crime Coefficient was circumstantial; the spike was caused from extreme stress and bodily harm. After being taken into custody, the victim has shown great progress with her therapy. Her Psycho-Pass has improved greatly; although it is not the same as it was before the incident, she is already back at a healthy level."

Bogo raised his brow and looked over to Nick. "Wilde. Inspector Hopps fired a Paralyzer shot at you during the conflict. Do you have anything to add to her report?"

Nick shook his head. "Inspector Hopps fulfilled her duty. That's all there is to it."

Bogo and Judy exchanged looks before Judy dropped his attention from her, as if to dismiss her. She took a walk back to her seat and looked over to Nick. He looked up from the pawpsicle that he was licking and gave her a wink along with a smug grin.

Judy gave him a friendly smile and a wink back. Judy wanted to believe that she could always show everything to this fox, despite just meeting him. She finally found someone who thought so much like she did, and believed in her ideals of justice. Someone who believed in her ability as an Inspector. Around him, Judy felt like she was in the right place for the first time.