„You're an embarrassment to nature. You know that?"

Really, such a sentence could only come from Derek. Instead of helping him that bastard just stood there watching and shaking his head occasionally as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Yeah yeah, I get it. You're the big bad werewolf and I'm the puny human who trips over his own feet. Could you get me down now?"

God, that bastard even had the guts to look like he had to think about it first! If he was ever getting down here…

"Guys, what's taking you so long?" he could hear Scott shouting from further away. The crunching of leaves warned them (or at least Stiles, he figured Derek knew that he was coming before Scott himself knew it) of his approach.

When his best friend finally came into his line of sight he looked flabbergasted, as if he couldn't belief his eyes. "Dude, seriously?"

"Hey! I don't have some freaky werewolf powers or assassin training! How should I have known that there was a trap there?!" he shouted through the holes of the net, his limbs placed awkwardly around him. It was constantly spinning clockwise, and Stiles slowly started to feel sick. The distant to the ground grew with every turn.

"All of us walked around this spot. Isaac even stopped and took a deliberate step left when he noticed. And you walk right in," Scott explained.

"Alright! Okay! I'm a clumsy human with a short attention span! Would you now please get me down here!"

"Did Stiles walk into a trap again?" Allison asked from a couple of feet in front of them. Stiles groaned. "You know, you should start paying more attention to your surroundings."

"I'm going to vomit on you," he threatened. He was getting dizzy up here. Everyone was taking a step back just in case.

Scott chuckled. "Come on Allison, shoot him down." She did so gleefully judging from the grin on her face. The impact on the ground was harder than he expected and it forced his breath out of his lungs out for a second.

"Geez, thanks guys, so nice of you to finally let me down," he wheezed while rolling onto his stomach.

"We could have let you hang there. It would have been fun to see how you would have planned to get down there yourself," Derek replied. Oh yeah, as if that dickhead wouldn't have liked to see that. He probably would have made photos so he could relive the moment in times of extreme broodiness.

Scott offered him his hand and pulled him up from the ground. "You know, Allison is right. You are quite clumsy. You have to work on that man."

Stiles sighed. "I know."

Scott laid an arm around his shoulders. "You may be an embarrassment to nature, but you're our embarrassment."

"I feel so loved."