Maestro if you please parts1-5

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For almost a month now Cheyenne Mountain has been on full alert due to the Tok'ra warnings that something big was happening within the ranks of the Goa'uld system lords. If the reports could be believed they hinted that an attack on earth was imminent. This was felt not to be likely because of the fact that earth was a protected planet due to a treaty between the Goa'uld and earth mediated by the Asgard. General George Hammond the base commander was now more worried about the over all stress his men had endured due to the alert status than he was about the impending attack which by now he felt wasn't coming. He had seen it before; such elevated stress could cause them to start seeing thing and become trigger happy shooting anyone who came through the Stargate. They were in desperate need of R&R. SG-1 had just come to the debriefing room from the infirmary. They had been checked out by Dr. Fraiser for anything out of the ordinary after their last mission through the Stargate including Goa'uld implantation. They had just got up from being debriefed when alarms sounded through the base. Knowing no one was due back for a few hours yet everyone just looked from one to the other before they headed out the door and went to the control room. Upon entering they found none of the usual signs that the Stargate was activating. None of the computers or sensors told them of any wormhole being created by the Stargate.

"What's going on Sergeant Davis?" Hammond asked.

"Unknown sir, there seems to be some kind of atmospheric disturbance in the gate room. It just appeared out of no where. I felt it necessary to activate the alarm and I sealed the iris on the Stargate sir." Davis Responded.

Hammond and SG-1 looked down through the blast window to find what looked to be a six foot star hovering to the left of the ramp leading to the Stargate.

"Good work Sergeant." Hammond said as he turned to Colonel O'Neill and said. "Colonel I want you and your team down there. I don't want any gunfire till we find out if whatever this is poses any threat."

"Yes sir." Responded O'Neill as he grabbed a zatgun and ran out the door followed by the rest of SG-1.

The solders were extremely edgy knowing anything could happen maybe even their lives would come to an end but they tried not to think about that. Nervous as they were they stood fast and only a few flinched when Colonel O'Neill opened the door and came in followed by the rest of SG-1. The Colonel approached the phenomenon slowly. This star shined from out of nowhere like the illumination of a light bulb without the bulb and not as bright. Then something happened. Something that looked like a tear formed within the star and continued to get bigger. The light surrounding the edges as it did. Looking like a black hole hanging in the air. Carter walked up along side O'Neill their zatguns poised. They weren't sure if their eyes were playing tricks on them or not but what seemed like a black hole started to look more like a room as there eyes adjusted to the blackness, shapes took form and a window with blinds could be seen in the distance with desks in the foreground. Then something ran...No. Someone was running toward them from between the desks as he got closer to their side of the hole they could almost make out his face. As he lunged through the hole Carter stood to the side to get out of his way. The Colonel however stood fast. As the man leaped through the scene behind him it looked as if a fireball erupted. The man dove on O'Neill and O'Neill's zatgun went off hitting the man and flames shot from the almost closed hole abruptly stopping as it finally closed. It took a few moments for the zatguns effects to ware off enough for the man to speak.

"Oh man, those zatguns hurt!" He groaned. He then looked up at Colonel O'Neill and saw the patch on his shoulder that simply read SG-1 and said. "Oh. hi Jack. Nice Stargate." And then he passed out.

"Friend of yours Colonel." Carter asked.

The man lying before them had long blond hair in a pony tail, a long white coat, blue jeans and sneakers. Strapped to his back was what seemed to be a musical keyboard.

"I've never seen him before." O'Neill replied.

Then Hammond's voice came over the intercom from the control room. Take him to the infirmary and get him checked out and take his equipment to the science lab and have that checked out as well.

"Yes sir." Carter and O'Neill said in unison.

Later the man was brought to the conference room for questioning. Dr. Fraiser had told the General earlier that the man was human and there were no anomalies found in his body. Major Carter said that the object he was carrying was just what it looked like a musical keyboard. Among the people in the room were General Hammond, Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, and Teal'c and were introduced as such to the man.

"Hello my name's Allen Fuguer."

"I suppose you must realize we have many questions." Hammond Started.

"Of course, but I can't guarantee you'll believe the answers."

"Just as long as you tell us the truth, son."

"Oh, it's the truth alright but you still won't believe it and if you do you probably won't like it but I'll give it a shot anyway."

"That's all we ask."

"Okay. First of all I'm from a different dimension."

"Oh man, not this again. I hate this dimensional stuff." O'Neill moaned into his arm as he put his head down on the table.

"Yes I know. You hated that trip to the SG-A in the other dimension but this is different." Allen Replied.

O'Neill shot his head back up upon hearing this. "Excuse me but just how do you know about that?"

"I guess I'd better start at the beginning so please bear with me.

Growing up I was really into television, Sci-Fi mostly. Some of the characters seemed so real to me. The end of one of my favorite show Babylon five came about and there was an interview with its creator. When asked where he would get the inspiration to write the stories that was shown week after week he said. 'Simple. I'd just peer into their universe look around a bit and right what I've seen.' Now I know he was just talking about his creative process but I wondered to myself if that was how most stories were written. A person maybe falls asleep their subconscious drifts into another dimension. The mind (especially the bored mind) seeks out adventures people and follows them on their journeys. At the end of a nights sleep they get up and write what they've seen. So I filed that information away in my mind to think about later."

"Is this going anywhere?" O'Neill asked.

"Yes I'm getting to that now.

About eight months ago I decided to buy myself a present, a synthesizer. I had played by ear as a kid and was pretty good so I bought this one to see if I still could play and I must say I think I got better with age. I can still play anything I hear rock, jazz, country, new age and not think about how to play it. Well one day I was watching one of my favorite shows and after it was over I grabbed my keyboard and played its theme song. As I played I thought about what I'd just watched. It was more of a trance now that I think about it. While I continued playing the seen in front me changed. What seemed to be a tear in the fabric of space formed right there in the middle of my living room. As I watched on I saw the characters of the show. However they looked different than the ones I knew. Then it hit me. Of course they'd be different. The ones I watched on TV were just the actors portraying what the writers had seen. The people I was watching through the tear were the real thing. After that I just experimented with other theme songs thinking that I was opening a window to other dimensions but I soon found out that not only could I see them but they could see me. I stopped playing which closed the window and decided to be more cautious when opening them. I reopened one of the windows I visited several times in the past however, and there were people waiting for me and when it opened a couple of the characters stepped through and basically asked why I had been following them. I then realized it wasn't a window I'd been opening, it was a door. I apologized and offered them my friendship and was able to talk on occasion but when I think of the horrors I could have let through, a shiver runs down my spine."

"But I take it you eventually went through yourself to meet some of these characters you knew." Dr. Jackson Asked.

"Oh, I wouldn't have gone through it at all. Not intentionally. For one, my dimension doesn't have a theme song (that I know of) that I could play to get back. So if I went through I'd be stuck but that's just what happened. I got to close to the doorway and tripped over an extension cord and fell into another universe with no way home. Since then, I would jump from one universe to another usually to the one that I felt safe in with at least similar technology to my own universe."

"Why not ones more advanced? Wouldn't you be more likely to find someone to help you get home?" Major Carter Asked.

"Yes, but the more advanced they are there seems to be more danger in them. I really didn't even want to come here because I have a fear of Goa'uld implantation."

"What a minute. If you never found your way home then what you're trying to tell us is that we're one of your television programs? That we're a work of fiction?"

"No Jaa...sorry, Colonel you haven't been listening. Your dimension is as real as my own. It's just that some of the dreamers of my world came here looked around and wrote what they saw and call it fiction back in my world because they don't know any better."

"Alright, I don't know if I buy into any of this but let's say I do. I sure as hell don't like the fact that you and your reality would know about this reality's biggest military secrets."

"That's true, but you have to realize that we're dimensions apart with no way to expose them and I assure you I won't say anything. I really have no reason to."

"Just how much do you know anyway?"

"Just about everything, Colonel, the people from my dimension watched as Dr. Jackson was hired to translate the writings on the Stargate and went on the original mission with you. I probably know more about what happened on each mission than you put on your mission reports."

"I don't like this." Jack announced.

"Your people do it as well. They travel to other dimension in there dreams and base television programs on them as well. When you went back to the sixties you told an officer your name was Luke Skywalker so obviously you have the movie Star Wars in this dimension too and you know some of their inner most secrets."

"Yeah but they 'are' fiction." Jack told him

"No, their not, they're as real as you and I. That was one of the places I opened up a doorway to when I thought I was opening windows."

"Darth Vader? R2-D2? Alright! Now I'm back to not believing you, Fuguer."

"You've seen stranger." Allen reminded him.

"He's got you there Jack." Daniel Commented.

"Just before you came through that... rip." Carter began.

"I like to call it an I.D.D." Allen commented.

"I.D.D?" she asked.

"Inter dimensional doorway." He explained.

Carter smiled before she continued. "Well just before you came through the I.D.D. there seemed to be an explosion behind you. What was that about?

I was helping a man named MacGyver who worked for the U.S. government in his dimension. There was some microfilm hidden in an abandon office building that he was told to retrieve. Unfortunately the bad guys found out where it was as well but not where it was hidden so instead of searching the place they set a bomb so no one would get it. Mac's a cool guy and I didn't want to see him or his U.S. government hurt and knowing there was only enough time to get in but not out I told him I'd go in and get the film, throw it out a window and open a doorway to another dimension to get out. The bomb had just gone off as I got here."

"Okay but why here." Carter Asked.

Allen put on a big smile as he spoke. "Well when I threw the film down to Mac the excitement caught up with me and I went blank. I couldn't think of a theme song until I thought about Richard Dean Anderson the actor who plays MacGyver in my world. He also Plays Colonel Jack O'Neill on the television show Stargate SG-1 so that theme song was the first to come to mind."

"Oh that's just great! It's not the SGC that the television program is about, it's us. That makes me feel a whole lot better. O'Neill announced sarcastically. "Smile Teal'c, you're on candid camera."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow.

Just then alarms sounded.

That would be SG-4 coming back with the alien tech those scientists have been waiting for. Major, why don't you find Mr. Fuguer some quarters and Mr. Fuguer you are not under arrest but I would appreciate it if you stayed there till we can continue this discussion later. The general explained.

"I understand sir. Thank you."

Allen and Sam left the conference room and slowly started down the hall.

"You believe me don't you Sa...sorry, Major?"

"It's not for me to say."

"But you're the scientist. Surly you can see..." Allen stopped in mid sentence because of the sounds he hears and said. "Are those zatguns I hear?"


Just then they saw the rest of Sg-1 running up the hallway firing at someone behind them. The SG team behind them fired back. O'Neill yelled to Sam that SG-4 had been compromised and to take cover. Bullet from SG-4 and energy beams from Goa'uld weapons flew through the hall. SG-1 returned fire. They and the new comer Allen Fuguer ducked into a room as they turned the corner. The room turned out to be the lab that they brought Allen's Keyboard to.

"Sir, what happened?" Major Carter Asked.

"SG-4 came trough the gate and those damn science geeks got impatient wanting to get their hands on what SG-4 was bringing back. They opened the blast doors just as four Jaffa stepped through the gate right behind the last of the SG team. That when SG-4 Eyes started to glow. They came prepared not only do they have SG-4 equipment but Zatgun, staff weapons, Goa'uld grenades and when the wormhole shut down they had one of those Goa'uld hand things to open another one. Professor Billings was throne through the gate before the iris could be closed and power to the gate shut down. Now SG-4 is trying to take over the control room wile the Jaffa keep everyone else busy and all we got is a zatgun and hand gun. Damn I wish we'd got to the armory. I think this may be it kids. Our shows been canceled."

It was then Allen noticed his keyboard.

"Maybe not, Colonel."

O'Neill looked at what he was referring to.

"Running is not an option Fuguer."

"Not running Colonel, sending for reinforcements. Maybe I can call in a favor."

O'Neill looked doubtful but he could hear staff weapons getting closer to their position.

"I know I'm going to regret this." He gave a big sigh and said. "Do it."

Allen paused for a moment as he thought of which dimension to accesses and began Playing. *

A star shined, a rip formed, and an opening made. Allen stuck his head through and yelled something. SG-1 turned from the door they were guarding to see what looked like a man in a futuristic suite of armor step through.

"What's that, the white knight of the twenty-fifth century? I asked for back up Fuguer. Is this the best you can do?"

"This is Murphy, fondly known in his universe as Robocop."

"We're dead." O'Neill replied.

Ignoring O'Neill Allen told Robocop the situation and asked if he could handle it.

"Affirmative." Was the only response. "Please stand away from the door." He told the SG-1 members.

"Just what are you planning to do?" O'Neill asked.

"My job." Murphy said.

"And that would be?" Jack asked

"To protect and serve." Murphy replied.

O'Neill looked at him incredulously but stood aside and said.

"It's you funeral."

"Thank you for you cooperation." Murphy replied.

Robocop walked up to the door as his leg holster slid open and he pulled out what Jack thought of as a hand cannon. Murphy's auditory sensors triangulated the sounds coming from beyond the door. As Robocop took in to account the proximity of the enemy from the door his targeting scanners locked on. He leveled his gun and shot though it. The blast from his gun left a hole through it the size of a fist. He pushed the door open tearing it off its hinges. Under the door lay a very dead Jaffa. O'Neill stood there for a moment stunned by what he had just witnessed as he whispered. "Whoa."

"Alright Teal'c, give me the zat and grab his staff weapon. Carter, take my gun and here are my extra clips watch out for Allen and Danny. Teal'c and I will try to get to the command room. Okay. Murphy is it? Jack asked.

"Affirmative." Murphy replied.

"The green line on the floor leads to command, that's our objective. Ya think you're up to it?"


"They headed down the hall O'Neill and Teal'c hugged the walls as Robocop stood out in the open walking down the middle of the hall. O'Neill didn't care how well armored Murphy thought he was and repeatedly told him to stay along the walls as well to no avail. Then one of SG-4 rounded the corner. His eyes glowing he yelled "Kree!" and opened fire on them. Bullet ricocheted off of Robocop's armor. Then a Jaffa showed up at the Goa'ulds side and gave Murphy a blast from his staff weapon. Murphy staggered back about three steps. O'Neill winced as he thought Murphy had had it and was surprised when Murphy took aim at the Jaffa and with deadly accuracy fired. The Jaffa didn't stand a chance as his lifeless body staggered backwards hitting the wall behind him and slumped to the floor. The Goa'uld formerly of SG-4 felt he had a better chance with the dead Jaffas staff weapon than he did with his human one. As he raised it, it was shot from his hands. The Goa'uld grabbed his human weapon to use upon Murphy once more only to have that shot from his hand as well and O'Neill shot him with his zatgun.

"Murphy, are you alright?"

"Affirmative." Came the reply.

"You're taking to many chances stick to the wall." Jack ordered.

Robocop continued down the middle of the hall and said. "Stay behind me."

"Murphy...Murphy!" O'Neill called but it was no use.

They made their way to the end of the hall and turned the corner where two Jaffa were guarding the control room door. When they saw Robocop they opened fire but so did Robocop followed by O'Neill and Teal'c. When the smoke cleared the Jaffa had perished. O'Neill told Teal'c and Murphy to get to the gate room as he rushed through the command door to find two of SG-4. One held a weapon on the General and the technicians with three guards dead or unconscious on the floor. The other Goa'uld was trying to get the Stargate up and running O'Neill shot the guard and the other grabbed for his zatgun which lay on the control panel. He was too late. O'Neill shot him just as he raised his weapon. They ran to the glass that separated them from the gate room. There they witnessed the last man of SG-4 and Teal'c having a show down. Teal'c with his staff weapon leveled at the Goa'uld chest. The Goa'uld with his hand gun pointed at Teal'cs head. Teal'c circled him drawing his attention from the blast door. The Goa'uld yelled sho'va and was about to pull the trigger when Murphy came from behind the blast door and blasted the gun from his hand. Surprised but not beaten the former member of the SGC pulled out a Goa'uld grenade and held it above his head. Murphy blasted that out of his hand as well. It went flying through the air as Murphy shot at it several more times making it change direction as it flew through the air never hitting the ground. As the Goa'uld watched the device bounce around in mid-air Teal'c gave him a blast from his staff weapon and the base was once again secured.


"Colonel, do you mind telling me who that man in the iron over coat is?"

"Ah. We subcontracted sir." Jack replied.

Hammond looked at him incredulously as they headed down to the gate room. As they entered the gate room someone had finally shut off the alarm and O'Neill asked Teal'c if he was okay.

"I am indeed fine O'Neill." He responded.

O'Neill then turned to Robocop and said. "General I'd like you to meet one of my newest best friends Murphy. I have every video he's ever made. At least I will as soon as someone tells me what dimension I can buy them in."

"You mean this is our new guest doing?" the General asked.

"Yeah, Fuguer really came through for us sir and if it wasn't for Murphy we may have never made it here in time. Isn't that right Teal'c?"

"It did indeed look grim. O'Neill." Teal'c replied.

"Well, I must say you're quite the marksmen son. In all my years in the military I've never seen shooting like that."

"Oh and that's not all he's also bullet proof. Teal'c and I even watched that armor of his absorb a blast from a staff weapon, which wouldn't have happened had he followed my orders and stuck to the wall and not out in the open like some neon sign that said shot me. What would have happened if you got hit it the leg. It would have ripped it right off that's what. Then what would you have done."

Just then Sam, Daniel, and Allen walked into the gate room and Allen answered the question.

"He would have continued the mission hopping on one leg and achieved his objective. At the end of it I'd expect one of your mechanics would have reattached it before I sent him home."

"Mechanics? Don't you mean doctors?" Jack wondered.

" No?... Jack! Don't tell me you think that he's just a man in a suit of armor." Allen asked incredulously.

"You mean he's a robot?"

"No. The correct term for what Murphy is would be cyborg but I don't think even Murphy likes that term."

"Then he is part human?" Sam asked


"How much of him is human?" Jack asked.

"His brain." Allen responded flatly.

"His BRAIN!?" Jack shouted.

"Yeah well, in his dimension the line of what's legal is kind of blurry in that area Alex Murphy was a cop killed in the line of duty. Violent crime was out of control looting small shops happened at lest twice a day. The only ones that weren't bothered were big corporations because they could afford tons of security. One of the corporations O.C.P. used Murphy's brain to build Robocop for the people as a P.R. move, which supplemented the police force that seemed to be on strike every other week. They thought they wiped his memory clean but some of his deepest memories wouldn't be erased. Most look at him as a machine and/or property but only a few close friends can still see that streak of humanity in him."

"That's sick." Jack announced.

"Yes it is. I agree with you one hundred percent and I'd venture to say Murphy does too."

"Is this even possible Carter?"

"Well theoretically yes. Scientists had been theorizing about this for years but they would never dream of anything like this... uhmm. Do you think I can get a look at some of his circuitry before he leaves?"

"Carter!" Jack warned.

"Well, as fascinating as all this is people we're still not out of the woods yet. Those Goa'uld succeeded in kidnapping one of our top scientist Professor Billings who was working on a biological weapon that would destroy the Goa'uld but leave the host intact. Now whether he was close to succeeding or not, I don't want that information to fall into they're hands and then there's the present threat of invasion on our plate as well, so I want to see you people in the briefing room about the rescue mission in an hour."

"Yes sir." They said in unison.

O'Neill followed Hammond toward the exit when Murphy spoke.

"I wish to stay."

Everyone looked toward Murphy. Allen wasn't sure he heard correctly and asked him to repeat himself.

"I wish to stay."

Allen was in shock at hearing this. But O'Neill seemed to like the idea.

"For how long are we talking there Murphy?" He asked.

"I think he means till the immediate danger has passed?" Allen said.

"No." Murphy insisted. "I wish to stay."

"Carter, Allen is this doable? I mean can he stay?"

"I don't know sir. I guess. That is if he has no counter part in this universe."

"That's not likely his world is set twenty to thirty years in the future."

"Colonel, Major, You people can't be serious. What do we even know about this man!"

"I know he's a crack shot, he can take a blast from a staff weapon and keep on going, and he hates people messing with other peoples brains." Jack replied intent on keeping Murphy in this dimension and working with the SGC.

"Alright, I get your point but why would you want to put yourself in danger by remain in this dimension Mr. Murphy?" Hammond asked.

Murphy didn't answer instead he put on a far off distant gaze full of sadness.

"Oh, he's no stranger to danger sir and I think I understand why he wants to stay. Since Murphy's rebirth, his earth (well Detroit at lest) has become virtually crime free and he's been directly responsible for it. He literally put himself out of a job and O.C.P. went out of business so the city owns him and they're looking to sell him but no one wants him."

"No one wants him? What about his military?" Jack asked.

"You got to realize that Murphy has been in operation for many years now and technologies change fast. On his earth they can't even get replacement parts for him."

"Ah! That could be a problem." Jack said.

"Not in this dimension. Remember Murphy's dimension is set in the future the technology that has become obsolete there your just putting into effect here." Allen explained.

"Okay let say that Murphy stays, would he have any special need we would be required to fill?" Asked Hammond

Actually any thing we need we can get from his dimension. Diagnostic tools tech books, add-ons. All we have to do is go back and get it but that would be stealing so we would have to pay for his freedom and his equipment."

"Do you hear yourself, Fuguer. We're talking about buying another human being."

"Like I said they see him as property. To most of them Alex Murphy died long ago."

"I think I see a problem with this plan." Daniel volunteered.

"And that would be?" Jack asked.

"We can't pay for him with our currency. It would only flood their economy with what they would considered bogus bill. We'd have to find some form of currency that would be acceptable." Daniel explained.

"Such as?" Asked Hammond.

"Rare stone, diamonds, rubies, precious metals..."

It was then as Robocop was looking at the seal on Teal'cs forehead that he said. "Gold."

"Well that is possible, but do you people really feel its something I should call the President about and ask him to open Fort Knox over."

"P43-6592." Daniel said.

The rest of SG-1s heads all shot up at once and looked at one another.

General Hammond looked from one SG-1 member to another and asked. "Am I missing something here?"

"The planet we just visited sir. The one that we said had an abandon Goa'uld depot." Jack replied.

"Yes, you said it had been abandon for centuries, stripped clean of all weaponry and technology and wasn't worth sending another team in to investigate any further. Hammond said.

"Yes, but the one thing that remains constant with Goa'uld is their use of gold. It's in there ships, their thrown rooms and even there abandon depot." Daniel explained.

"Yeah, we could just waltz right in there and bring back a few golden trinkets and melt them down into bricks when we got back, Which would take about twenty minutes tops." Jack Added.

"You people are something else. Exactly when did this hypothetical idea become a SGC mission?" Hammond gave a sigh and looked at Murphy. He did like what he saw and believed as well as the others that Murphy could and would be a valuable asset to the SGC. "Well Mr. Murphy It looks like you have the vote of every member of SG-1, So it looks like you'll be staying with us for a wile. Congratulations. What do I know? I'm just a General after all. You people have a go on your return mission to P43-6592 but remember the iris codes have been changed so get your new codes before you leave and be quick you still have a rescue mission we have to discuses and the only reason I'm letting you do this is because I feel Murphy may be able to hold the gate from any other Goa'uld attacks which is all I want him doing till we find out the extent of his capabilities."

"Yes sir." The SG members said in unison.


Later when the gold had been brought back and melted down O'Neill gave Allen the go ahead to open an I.D.D. to Murphy's world. Allen once again played the Robocop theme visualizing the place Murphy was to stay in his off hours and the doorway opened. Allen, Murphy, SG-1, and eight Marians went through to find themselves in a caged enclosure with banks of computers, the lab where Robocop would be worked on.

Fuguer! We were supposed to be in the police station.

We are. This is the basement. Allen explained.

"Okay, so who do we see to about paying for this stuff."

"Murphy knows."

Murphy was already headed for an intercom and spoke.

"Sergeant Warren Reed to the lab." He said into the intercom.

"Okay. Let's get ready to start packing." Jack said.

Tarps were laid out to cover equipment and hand trucks were placed under and tied to the equipment. Just then Sergeant Reed walked into the lab. He was shocked to see all the activity behind the cage of the Robocop lab he pulled his gun and hit the alarm button by the door.

"What the hell is going on here? Murphy what is all this!" He asked.

Colonel O'Neill stepped forward to take charge of the situation. "Stand down Sergeant and relax. We were led to understand that this equipment was for sale."

Reed could see that they were military as he had been years ago. He could see that O'Neill was a Colonel and in charge.

"It is but we contacted the military a long time ago and you guys wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. What changed your minds?"

O'Neill knew he was talking about this world's military and that he thought they were them so he decided to use that to his advantage and not get into the weird truth of the matter as he continued.

"That was when we thought we would never be able to maintain a flow of spare parts. Upon investigation we were able to secure the older parts from over seas needed to maintain his existents for a long time to come. When all was ready we came to Murphy and offered him the choice to stay here and fade away or come to work for the military where he could continue his existence."

"You called him Murphy." Reed said in surprise as other police officers piled into the lab with their guns drawn.

"Yes, our research into the Robocop project has been extensive. We know not all of his memory had been wiped out. We feel that is a plus. Better to have a machine with a conscious who knows what it is to be alive so he realizes what he is protecting than a machine without one."

"What will become of him?" Reed asked.

"He'll be protecting a top-secret classified project across the country."

Reed motioned for the other officers to lower their weapons as he said. "There are proper channels for this sort of thing."

"The urgency of obtaining Murphy's assistance has just become paramount and we were hopping someone here would be able to take care of that."

Just then one of the Marians came forward with a cart containing two gold bars.

"One of these bars is for the purchase of this equipment, somewhere around three times more than what its worth. The city can now pay you people what your worth. Upon consideration we felt that a second one would be donated to the police fund so Murphy could leave with the knowledge that you people will be able to get what you need to do your jobs."

Everyone stared in disbelief at the two shiny gold bars that lay before them as O'Neill asked. "Any objections?"

Reed and the other officers put on big smiles as Reed announced. "The strike is over people! The Strike is over."

Major Carter walked over to O'Neill and said. "All packed sir."

"All right get ready to move out."

Upon hearing this Reed looked toward Murphy and then back at the Colonel and asked. "Can I speak to Murphy?"

"Sure." He replied.

Robocop came forward.

"Murphy? Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes." He replied.

"I'm really going to miss you. You were the best officer in the city."

"Thank you." Murphy replied.

"Goodbye buddy." Reed said

"Goodbye...Reed." Murphy said

Murphy paused a moment to memorize his friend knowing this would be the last time he would see him. He then turned to O'Neill and said. "I am ready Colonel."

O'Neil turned to the officers and said. "Okay. Goodbye folks." He then turned to Allen and said. "Maestro if you please."

Allen began playing the SG-1 theme* and an I.D.D. opened. As the Marians carted the equipment through O'Neil looked at Carter and said. Catchy tune.

The officers stood dumbfounded as they watched the military presents evacuate the premises. The last to leave was Murphy who paused for just a moment to look back at the people he would leave behind and then turned and left, leaving only a cart with two gold bricks behind the cage where Robocop's lab once stood.

Back in the Gate room Carter was leafing through one of the Robocop tech manuals as she instructed the Marians that the equipment would go to the room closest to the gate room. If Murphy was to guard the SGC from the enemies that could come through the gate he would have to get there on a moments notice. O'Neill and Allen walked up beside her.

"Having Fun?" O'Neill Asked.

"It's all here Colonel." She said fascinated. "I've just read a summary of what Robo... Murphy could do. It's fascinating."

Just then Teal'c Murphy and Daniel walked up to the group.

"The part I like is the Goa'uld paid for it all." Daniel Commented.

"Yes, I do love the irony of it all. It's one of your best ideas yet, Danny."

"Just then one of the Marians walked passed with a cart carrying what looked like a weapon which caught O'Neill's eye."

"Oh, what have we here? O'Neill asked stopping the Marian.

"That's Murphy's assault weapon." Allen announced.

"It looks like its only half finished. There's no trigger." Jack said.

"That's possible sir from what I've read lack of funding seemed to leave some of the Robocop projects only half finished." Sam replied.

"No, actually that a finished product and has been used on many occasions its just that you people are looking at that weapon thinking to your selves 'How would any human use it' and are forgetting it was designed for a cyborge. Murphy, why don't you show the Colonel how you use this weapon? Firing it won't be necessary."

Murphy grabbed his left hand with his right and with a slight twist pulled it off. O'Neill winced. Danny was surprised, so was Carter but fascination took over, Teal'c raised an eyebrow. Murphy discarded the hand on the cart and attached the assault weapon where his hand had been.

"Alright... How do you load it?" Jack asked.

"There is a magazines slot on the side but the moment he put it on it loaded. Murphy has extra bullet magazines in his arm that feed the gun. The same is true with his hand gun."

"You mean he has something up his sleeves." Jack replied with a quirked eye brow.

Allen smiled. "Yeah, I guess you can say that. Anyway Murphy sends electrical impulses to the weapon to fire it."

"What's that stuff?" Daniel asked pointing to jars full of mush.

"Oh yes. Major you may want to analyze and synthesize this stuff. It's Murphy's food."

"Food I thought the only thing human in him was his brain." Jack asked.

"It is. His stomach is artificial"

"Of course! The body runs off electrical energy but his brain still needs nutrients to be maintained. Those jars probably contain vitamin enriched proteins." Carter announced in realization.

"Baby food, Carter?" Jack asked.

Carter smiled a bit. "Maybe a little more than that but yes Colonel, Baby food."

Allen spotted something else on the cart that he thought worth mentioning and picked it up.

"Oh and you may want to install a few of these on computer systems you'll let Murphy use. It's an interface he uses to upload and down load information. It will allow you to see and hear the things Murphy committed to memory from his point of view. It's his version of filling out a mission report."

Jack not being a big fan of filling out reports exclaimed "Oh, now I am envious."

"I'm sure he would trade places with you if he could Colonel." Allen said.

A cold shiver ran down O'Neill spine at the thought of trading places with Murphy and decided to change the subject.

"Major, Teal'c, Danny, we have a mission briefing in five minutes. We'll let the geeks handle the installation."


Half an hour later SG1 was ready for their mission. Feeling Allen could be trusted they allowed him to watch SG1 depart from the control room since he was told to wait in his quarters when they left for P43-6592 the last time.

"I've seen it many times on television but actually being here is something else. I can actually feel the energy through the glass." Allen said to Hammond. "I take it the computer could record the coordinates to the planet the Goa'uld opened even though they used a hand device."

"Mr. Fuguer, like Colonel O'Neill I'm not sure I like you knowing as much as you do about this operation and I get a little jumpy when you say thing like that."

"Sorry sir, but you and SG-1are the only people I can talk to about it. I'll try to refrain from the reference to television in the future."

"That would be a good idea Mr. Fuguer."

"One of Hammonds aids came up to him telling him that he had a phone call. Hammond took the receiver that was handed to him and you could tell the person on the other end was yelling as you could almost hear the other end of the conversation. Hammond responded with a lot of "yes sirs" and "I see sirs" and ended the conversation with "we will just have to see what the president has to say about that" before he hung up the phone.

"Sergeant Davis, reestablish that wormhole I need to speak with SG-1 immediately."

"Yes sir."

The Stargate was reactivated and Hammond spoke into his microphone.

"This is SGC to SG-1 do you copy."

"Yeah, George we have a bit of a problem here this place was more fortified than the MALP showed. There's Jaffa everywhere and were pinned down about a quarter mile from the gate."

"Colonel, I just gotten word that no more military equipment or personnel will be aloud through the gate from our end. I cannot send you any backup. Colonel, I cannot order you to continue the mission but if you come back the rescue mission will be scrubbed."

"Understood sir. O'Neill out."

"Oh great." Allen said disgustedly. "Then if SG-1 comes back, (if they get back) the scientist is doomed."

"That's about the size of it yes." Hammond agreed.

"This has to be Senator Kinsey work. Right?"

Hammond just glared at Fuguer.

"Hey I didn't make a reference. Maybe this is too much to ask for, but maybe it would be better if you thought of me as someone who has been here from the beginning."

They both went silent thinking of SG-1 hoping that one way or another they made it back. Allen leaned on the bullet proof glass and looked out the window down at Murphy as he took up his new station guarding the Stargate. Allen thought if SG-1 didn't make it back at lest they made it possible that the gate would be well guarded. A lasting monument to them he thought, but guard duty wasn't what SG-1 had planned for him. If Allen read them right they wanted him to go with them to help fight the Goa'uld and he felt that was what Murphy expected as well when he came here. He has always been a man of action. He was made to be put into battle not to be a guard like some rent a cop. Then a thought came to him and he pushed himself away from the glass.

"General you follow orders to the letter right?" He asked excited.

"Yes. That how the military works...Why?"

"Well, if we were to follow the orders you were just given and only to the letter, no military personnel can go through the gate."


"Murphy isn't military... Allen took a deep breath as he couldn't believe what he was about to say and continued...and neither am I."

"Mr. Fuguer, your asking me to interpret orders."

"If they came from Kinsey, yes. He just tries to find any reason to make this project look bad. He probably heard about the attack this morning, the loss of SG-4 and a scientist. Tell me, did you have to report to Washington that there would be a rescue mission starting this hour?"


"Well don't you think it convenient that he would call and give those orders right after they left? If they come back now you and SG-1 look bad and you've lost one scientist. That would be just another weapon Kinsey can use to get this place shut down. If they stay to finish the mission there's a good chance they won't be coming back. It's just a win-win situation for Kinsey unless we do something."

"I think you underestimate SG-1. They have been in tighter situations before."

Allen paused for a moment as he thought about all the time he'd seen O'Neill pull a rabbit out of his hat and said. "Maybe you're right. I just can't shake this feeling of doom."

"Yes, waiting is always the hardest part."

"Yeah." Allen said as he thought how the waiting was always cut out of a television show so it would fit into a hour program. He stared at the console screen displaying the MALP telemetry that had been shown to SG-1 before they left.

"Hey! Does this thing receive pictures every time the gate opens?"


"I was just wondering what it recorded when you spoke to the Colonel."

"Well, that's easy to find out. Davis, pull up the most recent MALP telemetry."

As the picture loaded Hammond and Allen were in shock. The picture showed a battle field with hundreds of Jaffa advancing on a position of large stone boulders. Major Carter could be seen chancing a shot at them from that position. Staff fire filled the screen all aimed at there position and part of a glider could be seen in the top right corner of the screen.

"General I know that the system lords want SG-1 dead but isn't that a bit over kill for four people? I mean look there cut off from the gate. They won't be able to make it back."

"Yes and your right." He said and then Hammond looked like he was considering something for a few seconds before he gave the order for all personnel the clear the room except for Master Sergeant Davis.

When everyone left the General gave Allen a stern look before he said. "Nothing said here is to leave this room. I want you to understand that we are not in the habit of sending civilians on through the gate let alone asking them to put their lives on the line so I cant send you however are you sure Mr. Murphy would be able to handle a situation of this magnitude?"

"Sir, I have no doubt that he can. In his own dimension the battles he fought were brutal. He once got into a fight with a cyborg twice his size and had a tank thrown at him sending him through a cement wall. After he climbed out of the rubble he still managed to win the battle."

"Very well, I want you to come with me to brief him."

After being briefed, Murphy was told to get whatever ammunition he would need. He left the gate room and Sergeant Davis was told to dial up the planet SG-1 was on once more. Hammond used his portable radio to contact Colonel O'Neill and make sure they where still alive. When he answered Hammond looked a little relived even though he could still hear the sound of staff weapons discharging. He then told him to stand by reinforcements would be on there way. Just then Murphy returned and Allen was surprised and excited at what he saw. Murphy had gone to his new lab on the way back from the armory not only did he have his assault weapon but he also put on his jetpack.

"Alright Murphy!" Allen yelled. "This is going to be good. General we'd better stand back."

Murphy stood in front of the ramp that led to the Stargate when Hammond turned to Allen and asked. "Mr. Fuguer I don't understand. What is that contraption?"

Just then the jet pack fired up, Murphy lifted off the ground and shot through the Stargate.

"HE CAN FLY?!" Yelled Hammond stunned by what he just seen.