Maestro if you please parts 26-31

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Part 26

The meeting lasted ten minutes so far as the President welcomed Adama to earth and told him the grave situation Earth was in. Adama was surprised that Earth wasn't advanced enough to protect itself and was beginning to wonder if this was earth or maybe this planets leaders were playing on his sympathies about earth to get the help they needed from him. He did of course demand proof that this was indeed Earth and the President went out of his way to prove it through pictures and videos. It would be senseless to show Adama any documentation or books as Daniel had pointed out that the odds of Adama's people being able to read it weren't good. They did however bring samples of writing gathered from all over the world for his inspection. Adama quickly looked over them. It wasn't until Daniel came back from the SGC via Allen's talent of opening an IDD that he got a look at the hieroglyphs that told him this could very well be Earth. He told them that he would help but that these aliens that they faced sounded even more advanced than the Cylons or any other beings that they had ever came across. The president General Hammond and Daniel looked toward Allen for answers.

"It's true. They may not be advanced enough to take on the Goa'uld alone." Allen confirmed.

"Then why did you waste our time with this pipe dream when we could have been focusing our attention on other plans." The President shouted.

"I said that they may not be advanced enough to do it alone but with your combined efforts you could be more of a match." Allen added.

"But we may not have the time to pull our resources." General Hammond commented.

"I believe all you need would be equipment you can obtain from the SGC. A shield frequency modulator I think Major Carter called it and some naquada." Allen said.

"Yes, we have those at the SGC." Hammond Confirmed. "But how does this help us?"

"The Galactica has missiles." Allen said simply.

It was then that all eyes went towards Adama's direction.

Yes that true. We're also equipped with lasers and vipers."

"Excuse me, Vipers?" Daniel asked.

"They look like Jets only there faster and can travel through space. Anyway that equipment can be strapped to one of the missiles and should be enough to take out a mother ship." Allen announced.

"George, do you think this is possible with the time we have left?" The President asked.

"We'll have to make it happen, Mr. President. If we could call Colonel O'Neill and tell him to have the equipment and his team ready we may be able to pull it off." Hammond said.

"I'll have that done right away." The President said looking at one of his aids who ran off to find a phone.

"Commander Adama at this time I need to inform you of the need for secrecy. This country and the world don't know of the threat to earth. The idea of alien invasions have in the past brought mass hysteria. As a matter of fact your presence might do the same. I'm asking that until we have a plan in place and this is not meant to offend you or your people but if you can keep your people up there it would be greatly appreciated." The President pleaded.

"Mr. President since we left our home world and set out to find earth we had already made plans as to how best contact your people. We knew that when we eventually found earth that our presence might not be accepted and that we might have to bow to the judgment of earths leaders. We will stay in space for as long as you ask." Adama replied.

"Thank you for your understanding." The President said.

It was then General Hammond felt the need to get back to his men and said.

"Mr. President I need to get back to the SGC. Mr. Fuguer can take commander Adama to his ship to get his people ready Dr. Jackson you had better go with them."

"Yes sir."

"Umm General?" Allen began. "One quick question, why are you sending SG-1 up to Galactica during a battle when you had them sent down from Picards and Janeways ships during the last battle?"

"They were people from a different dimension and had been fully briefed on what they were going up against. These people haven't got the benefit of a full briefing and will have to learn on the go. That and these people are to become residents of earth when this is all over so we're in this together." Hammond told him.

"I couldn't have said it better myself. George." The President said.

"Thank you Mr. President. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get to the airport." Hammond said.

"Why take the long way General? I can get you to the SGC faster, just come with us." Allen said.

"Very well Mr. Fuguer, lead the way." Hammond said.

Allen opened an IDD back to Galactica and the group left the White House and the President behind. The scene on Galactica's bridge was tense as the group following Adama appeared out of nowhere but Adama soon calmed his people down as Colonel Tigh and Captain Apollo came to his side.

"Father, where have you been? Who are these people?" Apollo Asked.

"Son, we found it. We found Earth." Adama announced.

"What?" Apollo said in disbelief.

"Adama are you sure?" Tigh asked.

"Yes, but it's in trouble and needs our help. I'm going to make an announcement to all the ships in a moment but first Apollo our friend here Allen is going to send for more people that need to upgrade one of our missiles as soon as possible and I need you to show them the way to the silos. Tigh open communication to all ships."

Allen moved off to a near by corridor with the General and Apollo. Allen then opened an IDD to the SGC where the remainders of SG-1 were waiting with a FRED unit carrying the equipment they needed. General Hammond walked through and quickly gave them their orders and SG-1 came on board the Galactica. Sam was quickly introduced as a scientist and Apollo led her to the missile silo with the FRED unit. O'Neill and Teal'c followed Allen around the corner to the bridge where they found Daniel.

"Hey Danny. Do you have any idea where we are? All we were told is to help these people and that we'd be informed of what's going on when we got here." Jack said.

"This is the Galactica and I think Commander Adama is going to explain now." Daniel said.

Adama grabbed the microphone as he mentally finished the speech he was about to give and started to speak into it.

"This is Commander Adama speaking to all ships in the fleet."

"Fleet?" O'Neill whispered to Daniel.

"SSHHH!" Daniel and Allen replied.

"Our long quest has finally come to an end. We have found a being that can travel by… unusual means and has enabled us to make first contact with... earth. I personally have met with one of Earths great leaders. I have been able to verify that this is indeed Earth but at present... that is in the next few centons Earth will be met with a force from outside its solar system that threaten to destroy it. In truth by what I've been told we may not be advanced enough to help defeat this enemy either. I have brought aboard a small group of people from Earth. It is our hope that these people will be able to upgrade our weaponry and through our combine efforts we can put a stop to this threat. Please believe I do not make this decision lightly but if we do nothing to help our quest will surely be at an end and a grave one. In the next few microns a hole in space will open that will lead directly to Earth. The Galactica will be entering that hole. I am ordering that all ships proceed first so no one gets left behind. The Galactica will then join you shortly afterward. May the lords of Kobal go with you. Adama out."

"Fuguer, you brought us a fleet of ships? That's great! What dimension are they from?"

"Yours actually, They come from a lot further out than anyone you've been in contact with but I wouldn't get too excited about the rest of the fleet. Most contain refugees. This ship, this battle star has been protecting them on their journey from a different kind of threat that would have eventually found its way to earth but I feel that it's still the best platform to launch a counter attack, if Sam can make the necessary adjustments to the missiles. Commander Adama has been informed of the situation but any information you can give them will help. Sorry to be so brief Jack but I have an IDD to open."

"With that Allen looked out the view port and opened the way to Earth.

Adama was concerned that the other ships in the feet would be hesitant to comply but to his surprise and delight as soon as it opened the other ships seemed that they couldn't get through fast enough as they used their top speeds to do so. It was truly a beautiful sight. Once every ship was safely through it was now Galacticas turn. The Galactica theme being so long would have given time for her to get through as well however since Allen was using the SG-1 theme he told Adama that he would have to wait till he began playing again. At first this caused some suspicion but being unfamiliar with whatever technology Allen was using they had no choice but to bow to his judgment. It was a relief when the new IDD opened and they were able to see the fleet on the other side and the Galactica made haste to rejoin them. On the other side they found themselves next to Jupiter and Allen had told them that while Starfleet had the technology to blind side earths satellites he thought it best to stay out of Earths view. It was then Tigh wanted to now more about what they were up against.

"Adama I believe that you believe that we found earth and I'll take your word for it but how much more advanced is this enemy than the Cylons?"

"From what's been explained to me they have an incredible amount of fire power and have some form of energy shield that can repel energy and physical objects." Adama told him.

" Energy shield that can repel physical objects do we have a way to penetrate it?" Tigh asked.

"That is what these people are installing on our missile." Adama informed.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Jack started shouting. "What a minute. Don't you guys have energy shields?"

"I'm sorry but no. navigation shield are the best we have to deflect debris while moving through space. We have tried using them in battle with limited success. But otherwise Battle stars were designed to take most forms of punishment through its shear mass of our bulkhead which are made of and of an alloy composed of dead star material, but we have never faced the fire power your President has spoke of." Adama said.

"This isn't going to be a battle this is going to be a massacre. Fuguer, how could you do this to these people? How could you do this to us?" O'Neill yelled.

"Because, I believe in this, Jack. I believe in the Galactica. I believe in commander Adama's command ability and I believe that Sam's missile modifications will work. It has to because we are all out of options. There's just no one else I know of I can send for. Did you have something better in mind?"

"O'Neill was taken aback as he realized how hard he must have come down on Allen. Not with the volume of his voice but with what he had said he also realized that what Allen had done was better than anything the geeks on earth had come up with."

"No... I'm sorry Allen you did good."

Tigh started to ask questions again.

"What do these Alien ships look like?"

"They're kind of pyramid in shape." Daniel replied

"Pyramid shaped? That's the shape of the temples the great lords of Kobal worshiped."

"Lords of Kobal? When you say lords do you mean gods?" Jack asked.

"No these were educators, teacher's scholars. Why? Tigh asked.

"Well that's a relief. The enemy we're going up against set themselves up as gods and expect nothing less then total obedience."

"Teal'c I believe it's time that these people need to see the face of the enemy." O'Neill Stated.

Teal'c stepped forward and began to speak.

"Until a few short years ago I was in the service of one who would call himself a god who kept my people as nothing more than slaves. He took the young and strong for his armies as many so called gods do. These false gods altered the bodies of their solders known as Jaffa to carry their young and function as the jaffa's immune system giving them perfect health and longevity."

"Carry their young?" Tigh wondered.

"Indeed. The god are neither god nor human. They are serpent like parasites such as this one."

Teal'c then lifted his shirt. The first thing Adama and Tigh saw was the "X" like incision but when Teal'c symbiote emerged both Adama and Tigh jumped back in horror. When Teal'c saw the shock wearing off he continued.

"Once the symbiote reaches maturity they will take a host. Entering the brain cavity it suppresses the hosts mind making them a prisoner in their own body."

"Lord of Kobal!" Adama exclaimed.

Just then someone at the helm told Commander Adama that they detected a ship matching the description the people of Earth had given entering the solar system.

Part 27

Upon hearing that the mother ship was spotted entering the solar system.

Colonel O'Neill called Major Carter on his radio for an update on the missile.

"How's it coming Carter?"

"Sir, we've managed to bolt the shield frequency modulators to the missile and are working on the naquada placement now. We should be ready in fifteen minutes." She responded.

"Carter I don't think we have fifteen minutes."

"Then we have no choice send all viper pilots to the launch bays." Adama Announced.

"Viper pilots?" O'Neill questioned.

"Yeah Allen said their these rocket... jet... things." Daniel volunteered.

"What kind of weaponry do they have?" O'Neill asked looking at Allen.

"Lasers same as Galactica. They might slow the Goa'uld down and give them pause to think about what they might be up against." Allen stated.

"Yeah, for all of two seconds. This might be a bad Idea." Jack said.

"It's the only shot we've got Jack." Daniel responded.

It was then that Adama spoke again.

"Launch all vipers."

Through the view port O'Neill watched as the Vipers flew passed and on to the barley visible mother ship. The plan seemed to be working as the mother ship did seem to be slowing down but it was soon learned why.

"What are those? Adama, they seem to have their own form of smaller attack vessels." Tigh stated.

"Those are Goa'uld death gliders." Teal'c reposed.

"Well, I think we could have been warned about them a little sooner." Tigh announced.

"To much to tell and not enough time." O'Neill stated.

The Vipers engaged the Death gliders. Teal'c and Jack told Adama that the Death gliders weren't equipped with shields and Adama communicated the information to the pilots also telling them to stay away from the mother ship if possible until the Galactica was ready. The bridge crew were worried as there seemed to be two to three times the amount of Death gliders as there were Vipers but their worries soon faded as they watched the death gliders quickly being shot down and the numbers seemed to be evening out. Jack and Adama looked to Teal'c for answers.

"Not unless one system lord were to go against another would a death glider pilots gain experience in this type of battle. I would surmise that these pilots have never seen this type of battle especially against ships of such speed."

As the battle waged on the Mother ship seemed to slow as more and more of its death gliders were being destroyed. Adama had communicated to the vipers that it looked as if the Mother ship was going to turn and join their fight. Lieutenant Starbuck and Lieutenant Boomer had just shot down two more death gliders but one of Starbuck shots had missed and was heading toward the mother ship upon hitting it, its shields lit up but the laser fire seemed to pass through and hit the thick hull making a visible black mark.

"Boomer, did you see that?" Starbuck Asked.

"Yeah, I sure did."

"Starbuck to Galactica a stray shot hit the mother ship and created a viable mark on its hull I believe they might have a problem with their shields. Permission to attack the mother ship."

On the bridge O'Neill looked toward Teal'c who didn't seem to have an answer. Adama however asked both Teal'c and O'Neill where the mother ships most vulnerable spot would be. Jack looked at Teal'c and asked with two words.

"Launch bay?"

"Indeed O'Neill. That would be where fuel for the death gliders would be stored. It would also be most accessible from the outer hull. It is located underneath the ship."

By this time many of the death gliders were headed for Earth ahead of the mother ship with Vipers close behind when Adama's voice came across the vipers channel.

"Adama to red squadron break off attack on the death gliders and attack the mother ship. Concentrate your fire on the bay doors the gliders came from. Repeat, concentrate your fire to the underside of the ship."

Red squadron broke off their attack leaving the other squadrons to battle the death gliders and move into position on the mother ship. When they opened fire the mother ship shields glowed but gave no resistance to the laser fire as it repeatedly pounded against the hull. The mother ship in turn fired upon the vipers which proved to be to fast to hit. The death gliders were recalled to protect their base ship but Adama had other plans as the Galactica moved between them, sufficiently cutting them off. War was now being waged on both sides of the Galactica as the Galactica herself joined the battle. She fired her lasers at the attacking death gliders on one side and all lasers on the others were focused on the mother ship. The Galactica's lasers being more powerful were able to leave deeper scars in the ships hull which caught the mother ships attention as it started to fire upon the Galactica with weapons designed to destroy cities from space. The signal shot rocked the Galactica as one of its landing bays were torn apart by the blast. On board the Galactica Teal'c and O'Neill grabbed Adama as they hung on to the railing to keep themselves from being flung across the bridge which broke O'Neill's arm in the process. O'Neill asked if Adama was alright.

"Yes thank you. I had no idea the power. I'm sorry."

"Forget it. You're doing a great job, as long as we keep it away from Earth. Keep it up. We have to."

"Yes. Yes of course. You're right."

O'Neill then called Carter to find out if she made it through the shake up.

"Carter you there?"

"Yes sir. Bruised but alright. We're almost finished."

"Great let me know when you are. Listen, this ships weapons are penetrating the Goa'uld shields we're going to try holding them off so there might be some more shaken going on so hold tight."

"What kind of weapons sir?" Sam wondered.

"Some kind of high power lasers."

"Of course! Sir, the Goa'uld shields are used to keep physical and energy weapons at bay but lasers are just light. If they were designed to stop light all we would see is a dark mass or maybe a giant reflective surface."

"You mean that the Goa'uld shields aren't just malfunctioning?" Jack asked.

"Sir, if these lasers are as powerful as you say, I think we just found a weapon we can use against Goa'uld shields." Sam responded.

Tigh stumbled over debris to get to Adama.

"Sir, if she's right we can divert power from other areas to one or two of the primary lasers pointed at the Goa'uld ship."

Adama thought about that and made his decision.

"Divert all available power and I also mean the power to the lasers pointed at the death gliders."

"Sir, that will make us defenseless against the death gliders."

"Tigh, the weapons of the death gliders are no threat to us. You must have faith in our viper pilots. Once we take care of the mother ship we can divert what's left of our power back to the weapons to help our vipers once more."

With a sigh Tigh agreed.

"What a minute aren't you guys afraid that you'll blow out your lasers?"

"Colonel O'Neill the primary lasers were designed to carry a much heaver power load. The Galactica couldn't produce enough power to blow out those lasers. We will however use up a lot of our energy reserves."

"Will there still be enough power to launch the missiles?" Jack asked.

"Yes of course. They're tied into a separate system."

"Then I'm all for it." Jack agreed.

At the moment Tigh told Adama that all power had been diverted, red squadron vipers succeeded in breaking through the bay doors and a large fire ball came out from underneath the ship and was being held inside the confines of the shields. Adama ordered the lasers to be fired. Three shots were fired before power became too critically low to fire again. The blasts punched large holes through its hull. The mother ship stopped firing and almost looked dead in space. Carter had then called Colonel O'Neill to tell him the modifications to the missile were ready and she was on her way back to the bridge.

"I'm not sure but I don't think we'll be needing it after all Carter."

But just after those words came out of his mouth the mother ship lurched forward and slowly onward in the direction of Earth. The Galactica however didn't have enough power to give chase and the death gliders were keeping the vipers busy.

"It doesn't make sense, Adama what do they hope to achieve now? There barely space worthy and haven't any weapons. They can't expect to attack earth now."

"They would not need weapons if they are planning suicide. They can merely crash into one of Earths oceans. The mass and velocity of the ship coming in from space would devastate the coastal lines for many miles." Teal'c Stated.

"God I hate these guys." O'Neill announced to nobody in particular.

"Then we have no choice. Tigh, as soon as the ship is far enough away launch the missile."

"Yes sir."

Adama contacted the vipers that a missile would soon be launched and that they would have to keep the remaining death gliders busy but far enough away from the mother ship to get away before the missile hit. It would be close but it had to be done and they knew that they've been in tighter squeezes before. The mother ship soon was far enough away and Adama launched the missile. Everything was working out as planed as the vipers kept the death gliders so busy that they didn't notice that there was a missile to be aware of. Major Carter finally came to the bridge and looked out the view port with everyone else.

"Please tell me that isn't what I think it is." Sam said

"What do you mean Carter?" Jack asked.

"You didn't launch the missile when we were this close did you."

"Yeah, why?" Jack confirmed.

"Then why aren't we moving away. Those modifications I did will make that missile ten times more powerful than what it was."

"Ten times! Lords of Kobal! Tigh get us out of here! Get us behind that nearby planet with the rest of the fleet!" Adama ordered.

"Yes sir, but I don't know if we'll make it in time. We have less than a third of our normal power." Tigh explained.

Word of what was happening was relayed to the vipers that soon broke off their attack and went to join Galactica as the missile closed in on the mother ship. Galactica was still exposed and Adama made a ship wide announcement for all personnel to brace for impact as the missile hit its target passing easily through the mother ships shields. As the blast wave came marching toward Galactica she was only three quarters behind the planet. The wave tore into her with such force it tore her engines apart. As the bridge crew got to their feet Adama looked to Carter and said.

"Young lady, The next time you make adjustments to my missile please let someone know what to expect when it goes off."

Part 28

"Adama reports are coming in. fires are being contained. Twenty three are dead or missing and the injuries are over a hundred. The rest of the fleet are safe as well as the vipers however half of the vipers wont be able to land as one of our landing bays have been torn off as well as our engines. It's just a good thing we aren't too near the planet that we would be caught in it gravitational pull or we'd be in danger of crashing." Tigh reported.

"Is everyone on the bridge alright!" Adama called out.

"Yes, it looks like we all made it." Tigh Responded.

"Actually there's one casualty." Allen announced holding what was left of his keyboard.

"Don't worry about it Allen we can get you another keyboard when we get to earth, provided we have a way back to earth." O'Neill said in Adama's direction wondering.

"Yes we can send you down in a shuttle."

"Sir if Allen could open an IDD when you get there we could send some of the injured down to earth to be cared for there to take some of the pressure off the doctors here." Sam said helpfully.

"It would be a help Colonel." Added Adama

"Sir, in that case we could send them down by training vipers it would be a lot quicker." Tigh Said.

"Very well, send for Apollo and Starbuck they can take the Colonel and Mr. Fuguer and have the launch bay prepare two training vipers."

"Yes Sir, Right away."

" I'm sorry we just don't have the people to spare at this time to take all of you and the Colonel "is" injured."

"What, this little old thing? I get a broken bone every other Thursday. But seriously thank you and I don't just mean for the ride.

"Understood Colonel, but this is our home now too."

Jack looked to Allen and Daniel with a questioning look.

"It's true Jack. The President granted them refuge. Turns out they were looking for us to begin with. It also turns out that we may be part of their thirteenth colony that came here long before even Ra."

"These people came hoping you were more advanced to put up a better fight against their enemy the Cylons but if anything will stop either enemy you'll have to work together." Allen Stated.

"Cylons, huh? Sounds nasty." Jack commented.

"Scavenger robots that want to destroy mankind in any form." Allen said.

Just then Tigh told Adama that Apollo and Starbuck had landed in the launch bay.

"Very well. Tigh, would you show our guests to the launch bay and have them get into pressure suites before they leave."

"Yes sir."

As O'Neill ,Allen and Tigh prepared to leave the bridge Daniel asked if there were any records of the name of the ship that the original colonist came in.

"Yes, of course. It was one of the first prototype liners capable of light speed and the first to be named Atlantis."

"Atlantis?! Well this explains a lot."

O'Neill knew that Daniel was going to go into one of his long lectures and told Allen that it looks like they were leaving just in time. As they walked down the corridors O'Neill turned to Tigh.

"If we're going to travel by these jet...rocket thing which are very impressive by the way, we're going to need to tie into the air force radio frequency."

"That's not a problem just give me the frequency and I'll have the vipers set to it while you change."

They made their way to the pilots locker room and got into pressure suits that they put on under the clothes they came with. Allen noticed O'Neill was having trouble because of his arm and offered to help. O'Neill told him that he'd be alright. As O'Neill continued to dress he looked to Allen.

"You did good Fuguer."

"Thanks Jack."

"I just can't believe the President went along with this. Not that I disagree but when Kinsey finds out he's going to go ballistic."

"Oh he was there when the President agreed and he didn't like the idea at all. As a matter of fact he hated it so much he tried to shoot the President for suggesting it."

"You mean?"

"The Secret Service nailed him so fast he was dead before he hit the floor."

Allen didn't even bother to stay in the room to see O'Neill's reaction. Allen left the room after dressing and was at the training vipers with Starbuck and Apollo. O'Neill came out of the locker room seemingly very happy. As he walked up to them the Viper pilots put out their hands to shake the hand of the first person from earth they would have contact with.

"We met earlier but things happened so fast I didn't get to introduce myself. I'm Captain Apollo and this is my friend Lieutenant Starbuck."

"Colonel Jack O'Neill U.S. Air Force. Actually I haven't been formally introduced to anyone yet. We just seemed to be thrown together at the last moment. Thanks for everything by the way."

"Wow are all Earth names that long." Starbuck asked.

It was Allen who began to explain.

"Colonel is his rank of course, Jack is his first name, and O'Neill is his family name."

"What about that last part?" Apollo asked

"U.S. stands for the United States, the country I'm from and Air force is the branch of the military I serve. So I take it that Starbuck and Apollo are your whole names?" Jack asked.

"Yes that's right, except for our rank."

"Well that makes things easy to remember." Jack said.

"So, did you have any problem with the pressure suit? Allen told us about your arm." Apollo asked.

"Oh I'm fine." Jack replied.

"Mine is a little tight though." Allen commented.

"There suppose to be Allen. It'll keep you from passing out." Jack said.

"Then you know something about flying at altitudes and high speeds."

"That would be why I'm in the Air Force."

"So this Air Force I take it protects the sky's then."

"That right. We also have ground, naval, and coastal branches of the military."

"Sounds very efficient but what about space."

"The Earth has a limited space program the farthest we've been is to our moon." Allen Stated.

"What!? Then how did you make enemies from outside your solar system?" Apollo wondered.

"That would be a long story, one that would be better explained by someone else in a higher possession than I." O'Neill Responded.

"Well, I suppose we can understand that but surely you must understand that we have many questions." Apollo said.

"And you must understand that we may not be at liberty to answer all of them. Some of what we do is classified but I'm sure our leaders will tell you eventually." Jack replied.

"Of course but you can answer other things about earth culture cant you." Apollo asked

"Sure but what do you say we talk while flying." Jack suggested.

"Oh yes of course, where's my head. It's just that we've been looking for you for so long." Apollo said.

"I understand."

As they started to climb into the Vipers Starbuck yelled to Apollo.

"Hey Apollo, just think were going to be the first people from the Galactica to set foot on earth."

"Oh yeah right."

"That's not entirely true. Adama was already there." Allen interjected.

"Then that's where my father went and when he appeared on the bridge. I take it you were just coming back?" Apollo wondered.

"From the capital. Yes." Allen told them.

"The capital of Earth?" Starbuck asked.

"No. The United States." Allen replied

"This is going to be a long ride." O'Neill Thought.

Part 29

Going on missions through the Stargate and having his atoms hurdled through space through a wormhole at many times the speed of light was nothing new to Colonel O'Neill nether was being flung off an aircraft carrier in a jet but the imposable acceleration of a viper jettisoned out of a launch tube caught even him by surprise. As they left the Battlestar Apollo and Starbuck did a fly by of the Galactica to see if the fires were extinguishing but it also gave O'Neill a chance to see the exterior of the ship he had just left. 'Impressed' wasn't the word for what he felt. It just didn't do the feeling justice because it was so much more than that. As they passed Allen told him that it was over a mile long but O'Neill was already sure of that. As they cleared Galactica they came across the other ships of the fleet. Allen pointed out that the flat one that looked like three pancakes side by side was the mineral ship and that he suspected that it and the foundry ship would be quite busy for the next few months making parts for the Galactica.

"A mineral ship? You mean like a mining." Jack asked.

"Yes. The mineral ship will mine for metals to be used from planet or asteroids. The foundry ship will melt and refine metals to make parts for anything they need. Allen told him.


"Yeah, you really got a boost to you space program now." Allen said.

"I'm more interested in that mineral ship. I can think of a couple of uses for it, like mining for naquada. You really helped us out on this one Fuguer."

"I didn't only do it for Earth Jack the Cylon threat these people had to endure is just as bad and your people will have to look into it soon." Allen explained.

As the Vipers cleared the fleet Starbuck and Apollo hit the turbos and headed for earth. Earths moon was coming up quickly and the transmitters on the vipers were starting to pick up signals. O'Neill told Apollo to head toward the South Pole to mask their re-entry and Starbuck followed suit.

"Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?" Apollo Asked.

"No. Not since we left Caprica." Sarbuck replied.

"Come on boys we didn't even hit land yet." O'Neill Mentioned.

"Sorry Colonel, You have no idea how long it's been."

"Well how long then?" Jack asked.

"Fifteen yarn." Apollo replied.

"Yarn?" Jack questioned.

"That's a year more or less, Jack."

"Wow! That's a long time." He replied

"Exactly." Allen said.

Just then the transmitters on the vipers tuned to the air force frequency issued a warning in their direction

"To the two unidentified aircraft headed to the U.S. cost line off the Florida keys. You are being warned to adjust your heading away from U.S. airspace. Repeat. Turn back or be shot down."

"Jack they must still be on alert preparing for the attack." Allen told Jack.

"Damn! And these transmitters don't have the proper inscription codex to get word to General Hammond." Jack said.

"Jack, you wouldn't happen to have the com badge Data gave you would you?"

"Don't you think I thought of that Fuguer. I tried calling from the Galactica but got no response."

Jack, those things have a range limit. They wouldn't work if you were any further than Earths orbit or maybe the moon.

"Upon hearing this Jack reached into his shirt pocket and found the com badge.

"O'Neill to General Hammond."

Back at the SGC in General Hammonds office the General was looking over reports from the air base above and waiting for any sign of attack. No news was good news in this case he thought. Just then the com badge on his desk started to call out to him. Knowing it was O'Neill's he tapped the Badge and said.

"Yes Colonel, this is Hammond what's the situation."

"Sir, the battle is over and we saved the world again I might add."

"That's good news Colonel."

"Yes sir, However, Fugue's equipment had been damaged beyond repair and my arm didn't fair well either so the only way down was for commander Adama to have two of his men fly Allen and I down but we're having a problem getting back home because of the military boarder patrol."

"I see, I'll have the country stand down our alert status and call the boarder patrol to give you clearance to get back to base eminently and Colonel I want you back here as soon as you land." Hammond said.

"Understood, O'Neill out."

Ten minutes later the vipers were cleared. Starbuck and Apollo followed the quadrants provided by O'Neill and came in for a landing at Peterson Air Force Base three minutes later. Once on the ground Starbuck and Apollo were impressed by the jets that they saw around the airfield.

"Excuse me Colonel, but what kind of turbines are those." Apollo asked.

O'Neill noticed he was pointing to a transport plane but it was Allen that answered.

"Their not turbines Starbuck. Those are propellers driven plains that run off of a combustion engine. They're a lot slower but get you to where you're going.

That one is used for transporting military equipment mostly." Jack explained.

"Hey Colonel, you think we can check them out before we see this General." Starbuck asked.

"If you guys like those you're going to love this. Colonel O'Neill said hearing the form of transport the General sent for them."

"What the frack is that?" Starbuck asked upon seeing the aircraft coming toward them.

"It's a Huey sent here to take us back to base."

As the Huey landed the side door slid open and eight Airmen came out which O'Neill started to give orders to.

"I want those two experimental aircraft put under raps in that hanger before anyone comes snooping around." Jack ordered.

"Yes sir." one of the airmen said.

"Umm. Excuse me, but what was that all about?" Apollo asked as he climbed into the wired flying machine.

"Certain factions of the governments on Earth are more interested in the power that they could gain from spying on neighboring countries so that they could empower themselves to a possession of dominating weaker countries. The Vipers will undoubtedly be seen as a perfect weapon for that purpose so their being put out of sight." Allen explained.

"What kind of world is this?" Starbuck exclaimed appalled.

"It's not perfect but we'll get there eventually." Allen said.

"I don't know. From what I've seen the technology of this planet isn't what we hoped either." Apollo stated.

"Technology isn't widely distributed amongst the masses for the same reason. You'll find all the good stuff is at the military's fingertips but please don't judge us too harshly yet until you have all the facts." Allen Replied.

"That's another thing I don't understand. Some times you refer to earth as your planet and sometimes the Colonel. So which is it are you from earth or not." Apollo asked.

"Oh I was born on earth but from an earth in a different dimension. Which has a different reality but my earth is very much like this one. I'm just visiting at the moment." Allen explained.

Starbuck and Apollo just looked at him as if he grew another eye.

"It's another one of those long stories." Allen told them.

"But a good one." O'Neill added.

Starbuck and Apollo were nervous about the coppers design as they flew to Cheyenne Mountain but noticed that the Colonel seemed relaxed which in turn enabled them to calm themselves. This slower moving form of flying transport enabled them to take in more of the sights as well but it seemed that no sooner were they up in the air that it was time to land. They got out and walked to the entrance of the base.

"Umm, Colonel? Are all military instillations under ground?" Apollo asked.

"Only the classified ones." Jack replied.

O'Neill flashed his ID at the guards and they made their way to the elevators. When the elevator car arrived O'Neill and Fuguer got in wile Starbuck and Apollo just looked at them. Fuguer then informed them that this was a transport car that will take them down to the base of operations. Only then did Starbuck and Apollo get in. When they got off the seconded elevator. They were met with security guards who took them to Dr. Fraiser.

"It's standard procedure when coming in from space. We really should have had a doctor check us out when we landed but these doesn't happen every day." Allen told them.

"What are they checking for?"

"Let's just say that the aliens we were fighting like to leave nasty surprises. Adama has already been informed and I believe it would be better and easier if someone in a higher authority would come along and tell your people all at once what this war and these aliens are all about." Jack said.

"We understand and I guess it would be easier on you to do it that way then to get hit with a multitude of questions from every one you meet." Apollo replied.

Just then General Hammond came into the room.

"General Hammond sir, I'd like to introduce our pilots, Captain Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck." Jack said.

"It's a pleasure gentleman. I would like to be the fist to thank you and you're people for your help in saving Earth. The President of the United States is aboard Air force one and will be landing at Peterson Air Force Base with in the hour to come here. I'm sure he would like to thank you as well. Once you're done here I'd like you to attend a debriefing as to what went on up there."

"It's a common practice aboard the Galactica. We'd be happy to attend." Apllo replied.

"Thank you." Hammond said.

Colonel O'Neill's was the last to leave the infirmary. His arm was reset and a cast put on. Before heading to the briefing room however he stopped by his office and picked up a package and then went straight to the debriefing. As he sat down General Hammond walked in.

"Gentlemen this briefing is to be classified and the information shared here is not to be spoken of outside this facility."

"Yes sir. We understand." Apollo agreed.

"So Colonel O'Neill why don't you start. What happened up there?" Hammond said opening the meeting.

"Well sir, I would like to say everything went smooth but I can't. We were unable to share enough information before Zipacna's ship showed up." Jack told him.

"Such as?" Hammond wondered.

"Sir, they are without shields technology. They rely on the mass of there ship to absorb the blasts they take on." Jack explained.

"WHAT! Mr. Fuguer how could you have recommended these people knowing they were at such a disadvantage?" Hammond shouted,

"Sir, O'Neill interrupted. I believe Allen acted in everyone's best interest. We sure didn't have any plan that could have taken out that ship and Allen has exhausted all the other avenues of reinforcements he could send for on short notice." Jack explained defending Allen's actions.

"I see." Hammond said calming himself. "Very well then, continue. What other information didn't you get to share?"

"We told them that the Goa'uld primary weapon was powerful however I suppose they didn't understand how powerful. They took a couple of hits."

"It destroyed one of our landing bays. Half of our viper squadrons have no place to land at the moment. This happened once before during our journey when a Cylon raider plunged into it. Right now the squadrons will have to fly in shifts keeping half the vipers flying until repairs are made." Apollo added.

"Then Commander Adama launched the modified missile before Major Carter could tell him how powerful the explosion would be. The Galactica tried to get behind Jupiter before the explosion but the shock wave hit before it was totally protected by the mass of the planet. The shock wave tore through its engines." Jack continued to explain.

"So, what you're telling me is that the Galactica is virtually dead in space." Hammond said.

"Only for the moment General Hammond yes. However, our foundry and mineral ships will have made repairs in less than a yarhen." Apollo stated.

"Umm. That's a year sir." O'Neill explained.

"Well, that's good news but from the sound of it I take it you must have suffered some casualties." Hammond said.

"There are some people dead sir and over a hundred injured."

"It was the Presidents wish that the people of this fleet stay in space till we had a plan in place to accept them but in this case I believe we can help and send some of these people down for medical treatment. The Galactica is a military ship is it not?" Hammond asked.

"That's correct General Yes. Why?" Apollo asked.

"Then your people will understand what it means to keep secrets. I can't stress enough how important it is to do so."

"They can understand the importance, General." Apollo agreed.

"Then all we need is someone to take Mr. Fuguer someplace to purchase a replacement keyboard so he can get your people down here and then we can help give medical aid to your people. Hammond announced.

"Sir, I believe I can help there." O'Neill Responded.

With that O'Neill handed Allen the box he'd been carrying.

"I had a feeling that something might happen to your keyboard one day, Allen so a yesterday I took it upon myself to purchase a few of these on the off chance you'd be back. The guy at the music store said that this was the top of the line. He said something to do with the built in speakers giving it a richer sound. Hope it works for you." Jack said

"Thanks Jack. I don't know what to say." Allen replied taking the package.

Allen opened the box and pulled out the keyboard. He put in the batteries tuned it on and hit a few keys.

"The salesmen knew what he was talking about, Jack. This does have a great sound and has all the features of my old one. Let try it out and bring our people home shall we?" Allen said.

"With that Allen began to Play*. The scene on the other side of the I.D.D. seemed to almost mirror the one where they stood as the remainder of SG-1, Adama, and Tigh were in a conference room on the Galactica. Upon seeing this no one in the Galactica's briefing room even hesitated to get up from the table and walk through to the SGC.

"On behalf of the people of the fleet I would like to thank you for your hospitality." Adama Greeted.

"I'm just glad you're still here for me to provide it and to thank you and your people for saving Earth. I understand you have injured?" Responded General Hammond.

"Our wounded are lined up in the corridors outside of our medical facility." Tigh explained.

"Let's see about tending to the wounded. Mr. Fuguer you can open a passage in the hallway outside their infirmary." Hammond said.

"Thank you general and thank you Mr. Fuguer. If you can go to the Galactica you can coordinate efforts with Lieutenant Boomer. Adama told Allen.

Part 30

Later everyone started re-gathering in the briefing room. Allen had got together with Boomer who had been organizing the wounded on the Galactica in the order of how severe the person's wounds were and had sent the people that could be moved to Earth. Most of which had broken bones which Dr. Fraiser easily reset. She found the experience to be somewhat odd as the people who were in a serious amount of pain seemed to be smiling a lot. This feeling disappeared as Colonel O'Neill explained that these people had been on board a ship for fifteen years looking for earth. Colonel O'Neill had shown Apollo and Starbuck how to get to the mess hall from the infirmary. They were to take people to and from these areas as the injured went to be treated and the treated were led back to the mess hall to wait. When there were enough people to send back Allen would do so which made it easier on him. Anthropologist, archeologist and scientists from the SGC had to be beaten off with a stick so to speak to keep from annoying their guest's. Eventually only two at a time were let in to see them after Colonel O'Neill asked some of the treated people if they wouldn't mind talking to them. General Hammond had gone to the surface to meet with the President and had told him of the situation below. Sam Daniel and Teal'c however stayed with Adama and Tigh in the briefing room. Papers, books, and blue prints were scattered all over the room. Everyone with the exception of Starbuck and Apollo who were still helping with the wounded were now returning for the briefing however the conversation SG-1 and the people of the Galactica seemed to be engaged in didn't seem as though it would be coming to an end any time soon. It wasn't until General Hammond came into the room that they stopped talking as Sam and Colonel O'Neill snapped to attention. Everyone else that had been sitting stood as well out of respect.

"At ease people and thank you for coming." General Hammond began. "This is Major Davis. He is the liaison officer to the capital and the President of our country."

"It is a pleasure Major Davis." Adama Responded. "This is truly a momentous occasion."

"Yes, that's true and I'd like to thank you and your people for helping us in our hour of need. We surely would have perished had it not been for your efforts." The major replied.

"It was something my people and I felt necessary as we had been looking for you from the beginning." Adama said.

"General Hammond has been telling me of the injures your people had suffered and that you have also lost some as well."

"Yes, they will be sorely missed. It is such a shame that they died when our goal was within their grasp." Adama said sadly.

"I can assure you they will be honored here on earth as heroes." The Major replied.

"I thank you for that. I'm sure they would have liked that." Adama replied.

"Colonel, would you mind explaining why the briefing room looks like a tornado came through here." Hammond asked.

"Umm. Sir, that would be our fault." Sam Responded referring to herself and Commander Adama. "We were looking at possible upgrades to the Galactica as repairs were being made."

"Yes, I've been told that you also suffered damages. I hope that it isn't anything that can't be repaired." The Major said.

"Sir, if I may? It is my belief that we have technologies that would make the Galactica more formidable than what is was." Sam Announced.

"What kind of upgrades? What technologies?" Hammond asked.

"Computers I bet those things looked plenty old." Colonel O'Neill responded.

"Actually, no sir. Those computers look old yes but they were built to last and I wouldn't expect to change more than fifteen percent of them and that's a stretch. But we can add a better stellar-cartography program. Their engines however, enabled them to move at only light speed. Sir, we now have technologies to go faster than that and can design hyper drives that would allow the Galactica to do so as well." Sam explained.

"Yes, go on." Hammond said

"Then there are the lasers. They were designed to carry a power load that the Galactica could never hope to produce. They could never reach their full potential. While this ensures the lasers a long life they would have little effect on ships the size of a Goa'uld mother ship without diverting all available power to them. With just a few naquada generators they may be enough to destroy a mother ship in a couple of well placed shots. I say a few generators because the hyper drives would require one anyway and a third should also be installed for normal ship functions as well as life support and if we come up with even better weapons through one of our off world expeditions we can look into installing them later." Sam continued to explain.

"That's what we have been meaning to ask you about." Adama began. "We've been told that you have a limited space program. That the farthest your race has gone has only been to your moon. So just how have you people made such an enemy from outside you solar system and what do you mean off world expeditions? We've asked Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill but they've been telling us that it wasn't their place to say. Can you tell us anything Major Davis."

It was the General who responded. "The President and the joint chiefs have decided to give you full disclosure of our command center and what we do here. They felt it would be necessary so you know more about what were up against and why. Dr. Jackson, Major Carter will you do the honors."

Daniel's head shot up in surprise at hearing this as he was unprepared to give a lecture on such short notice while Sam raised the blast shield from the observation window giving Adama and Tigh a good view of the Stargate where Technicians were preparing a MALP unit.

"About seventy years ago in another part of the world we call Egypt we found a device of alien origin buried there. We call it a Stargate and about ten years ago we learned how to use it." Daniel began.

"It opens a stable wormhole that connects to a network of other Stargates in this part of the galaxy." Sam told them.

"We have since learned it was buried and forgotten for a reason. Turns out that while the Goa'uld didn't originally build the gate system, thousands of years ago they used it to come to earth and enslave its people taking and spreading them out on different worlds across the galaxy. Some would be used to slave in there mines or other tasks while others were taken to be hosts for the parasitic symbiots. Since we reopened our gate the Goa'uld now see us as a threat." Daniel explained.

"We have since been using the Stargate to look for new weapons and technologies to fight the Goa'uld. Sam said.

"You're saying that that device takes you to other planets?" Tigh asked in disbelief.

"Now that things are back to normal we'll be sending out a probe to a new planet in a few minutes so we can determine if it would be wise to send a team of people through to explore the surrounding area. At that time you will be able to see it in action for yourself." General Hammond replied.

"What's to prevent something from coming through the moment you open it?" Adama inquired.

"These Wormholes only travel one way so once on the other side a person would have to dial home to get back. The only things that can travel both ways are high frequency transmissions such as audio and video signals that will be transmitted from the probe." Sam replied.

Just then the control room called the general to tell them they were ready to send the probe through via intercom.

"You have a go control room, proceed." Hammond responded.

Adama and Tigh watched as the inner ring started to spin and the chevrons engaged.

"What's it doing?" Tigh asked

"To travel to any three dimensional point in space you need six points in space to determine the location you want to travel to. The Stargate is locking on to those six points, a seventh will also light up telling the star gate on the other side from which other Stargate in the universe are to receive a wormhole from." Sam explained.

Just then the last chevron locked and the stargate exploded to life. Instinct told Tigh to protect Adama as he grabbed him and was going to force him to duck for cover but watched as the explosion of energy settled back upon itself creating a shimmering wall of what seemed to be transparent liquid.

"You people travel through that?" Tigh said in shock.

"Yes, it's perfectly safe." Sam said.

The MALP then moved to the event horizon.

"We can watch the transmissions from the probe on this screen." Hammond told them.

The General turned on the viewer used during briefing for demonstrations and illustrations. The onboard camera showed its advance toward the Wormhole. The transition was interrupted for a few seconds as the MALP was in transit. When the picture came up again an image of a forest on a new planet was shown. Daniel speculated that the culture of the emendate surrounding looked Druid in nature judging by the symbols amongst the surrounding runes. A good candidate for new plant life at the least and should be marked for study.

"This is an amazing device, but if you or the Goa'uld didn't build it who did?"

"We believe it was a race that moved out of this part of the galaxy. They were known only as the Ancients, who we've never met." Daniel announced.

"I see, and this is how you were able to develop these improvements you want to install on the Galactica." Adama stated.

"The technology we receive from other worlds are ones that are either freely given to us in trade or found on abandon planets left by races that either died off for what ever reason or merely left their planet but some were taken from the Goa'uld as well. This technology has been reverse engineered to be mass produced for our military. The only technology that we haven't been able to acquire so far are energy shields which would really be needed on the Galactica should it engage in battle again." Sam said.

"I agree. Should another attack happen now, the Galactica would be of no use. Major Davis I've just had a thought. Half of the Galacticas landing bays have been destroyed. This means half our viper pilots can't land. These pilots are highly trained warriors both on and off their vipers and are use to making contact with alien civilizations. Until the Galactica can make repairs these pilots may be of some use to you in your exploration through this Stargate of yours to help find these new technologies." Adama suggested.

"Actually sir, keeping half there squadrons flying is wasting there resources both in fuel and skill. Maybe we should consider the offer." Sam suggested.

"It does sound feasible and I do like the idea. I will however have to take it up with the joint chiefs of course however not to sound greedy but what they will want to know is what other wonders "you" have brought us." The Major said

"Sir, on my flight down here I witnessed quite a number of ships of different designs that have been constructed for different functions but as Fuguer pointed out we now have a boost to our space program. That alone should be considered a big advancement." O'Neill mentioned.

"This is true but the joint chiefs will want to make sure that these people are indeed willing to share their technology. No offence commander, but most advanced races aren't willing to share so willingly." The Major said.

"None taken Major Davis but for whatever reasons these other races had you can be assured that we will not hesitate to share what we have. Eventually the Cylons will come to this reign of space and I have no doubt that they will come in force and with new technology that they will have stolen from other races as they journey here. Our ships will be open for your scientists to reverse engineer I believe Major Carter called it and my people will help in any way we can. As a mater of fact I would like to start by giving you the two Vipers that the Colonel and Mr. Fuguer came on for your scientists to study. Will that be a big enough token of good faith for your joint chiefs?" Adama asked.

"This is good news and I'm sure the joint chiefs will be pleased. Commander Adama as a return token I would like to inform you that plans have already been put into motion for the refugees that came with you, the last remaining survivors of you former planet will be brought to earth and to a military base where they will be integrated into our society after we send people to educate them in our ways here on earth. This is truly a huge step for both our people and we will make every effort to accommodate you as much as we can." The Major replied.

"Thank you Major Davis. I thank you and my people thank you." Adama said.

"Your welcome and once again thank you, if you'll excuse me I must get back to Washington with the news."

"That's alright Major Davis, we too must get back to the Galactica to over see repairs and tell our people the plans you've made so far." Adama replied.

"Remember commander this base is to be a secret only your military will know about it and even they will be sworn to secrecy." Hammond said.

"We understand sir. Farewell."

"Good day gentlemen."

With that Major Davis and General Hammond left the room. Allen then stood and opened an IDD to the Galactica and Tigh and Adama left as well.

"Well Campers, what do you think about all this?" Jack asked.

"Jack, this is a historic event. One that may unlock the secrets of our past and forge our future." Daniel said excitedly.

"Indeed. These people will surly turn the tides on our war with the Goa'uld." Teal'c announced.

"Don't forget the Cylons they are as every bit a threat as the Goa'uld maybe even more by the time they reach this region of space. You guys can't let the government take that threat lightly. You must help Adama convince them." Allen warned.

"Don't worry Fuguer we'll be ready for them but we have to put first things first. If we don't stop the Goa'uld we won't have to worry about these Cylons." Jack replied.

"Sir, I believe we now have to redouble our efforts to get our hand on shield technology at all costs short of stealing it from our allies of course." Sam announced.

"Of course." Jack responded.

"Maybe we can reopen negotiations with our allies and bargain for them." Daniel suggested.

"That never worked in the past and even with our new toys I don't think they'll be willing to negotiate. They just don't like to share plain and simple." Jack replied.

"I hate to say it Daniel but I have to side with the Colonels on this one." Sam added.

It was then that O'Neill noticed that Allen looked like he was fighting an inner battle of some kind.

"Something wrong Fuguer?" he asked.

"Yes as a matter of fact. I did something I'm not exactly proud of and I don't know how you'd react to it."

"Well, go ahead, spill it."

"How do you people view going to an arms dealer?"

"The military has been known to do it. It's done all the time."

"Alright how do you feel when one of your rival nations buys illegal weapons from arms dealers or your military secrets?"

"I don't think I like where this is going Fuguer." Jack said.

"Well that's what I feel I did to Starfleet Jack. Do you remember when I showed up on the bridge of the enterprise just before I brought the ships to this dimension?"

"You mean when you took so long getting back from reporting to Hammond. Yes." Jack replied.

"Do you also remember I told you not to bring any weapons to deep space nine?" Allen asked.

"Yes, of course and we didn't."

"Well I didn't realize it but I did and I was really surprised when I found that zatgun I use on that Jaffa still in my pocket. I found it when I got dressed after I was release from sickbay. Then I heard that Quark was in rout to his distributor and one thing you should know is that aside from running a bar he also deals in arms. I think a lot of Ferengi do. You see they will do anything for a profit of any kind. They have this whole set of written rules about it. Another thing you should know is that most Ferengi will try to find ways to cheat a person during a deal. Anyway I took a side trip to see him on my way back to the Enterprise and traded him the zatgun among other things I was able to lay my hand on in short notice for instructions for shield technology and I'm feeling guilty that I went behind the back of my friends in Starfleet to get it for you." Allen explained.

It was then that Allen produced a Starfleet pad from his inside pocket.

"I'm not sure if I feel right about this and it could be very basic plans. There could be huge chunks of information missing from it. Hell, I don't even know whose technology it is. Vulcan, Romulin, Klingon, or even federation but it was my hope that Major Carter could figure it out and fill in the blanks if any."

Allen handed the pad over to Sam and she looked through the information.

"Sir, this is it. There are parts missing, but I believe that I can make it work using base eight math. Sir, we have shield technology." Sam said excitedly.

"Fuguer you my have save earth from any future attacks."

"Yeah, but I still feel lousy for doing it behind Picards and the others backs."

Daniel stepped to Allen's side and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Allen listen, I spent some time with Captain Picard before he left and he seemed to feel just as lousy that he couldn't help because of that prime directive of theirs. I'm sure he'd feel relived that you were able to come through for us when he couldn't and even if he suspected what you did he would be okay with it. Just as long as you didn't mention it. Sort of an unspoken understanding." Daniel explained.

"I guess all I can do is hope your right. Thanks Daniel."

"Fuguer, you have changed the world, Hell, maybe the universe. We should celebrate. Who's for O'Malley's I'm buying."

Part 31

Two weeks later in the briefing room SG-1 and General Hammond were having a meeting with SG-1s newest temporary member Apollo as was Apollo's father commander Adama. He attended many of the meetings to find out what was known about the planet they were to send his people to. They were discussing the planet that they were planning to explore within the hour when Allen came in carrying a shopping bag.

"General Hammond sir, SG-1, I just thought I'd stop by to tell you that I've decided to move on again." He said.

"We thought you already did when we couldn't find you last night." O'Neill responded. "What happened to you? Where'd you go?"

"I went to a couple of different dimensions for a couple of hours. I had some shopping to do." Allen explained.


"Yeah, I wanted to pick up some parting gifts for you guys before I left."

"Parting gifts, for us? You've done so much for us already. You really didn't have to do that. What did you get me by the way? Jack asked.

"These are for everyone Jack. Allen began. More of a personal nature though. DVDs. Box sets of Star trek the next generations first season. I thought you might like to have them as kind of a memento. Besides I've been watching what passes for television programming around here and it sucks. Thought you might like some quality programming. "Allen explained.

Now "this" is cool. Jack replied.

"Yeah, well I would have got you the rest of the Star trek series but I ran out of money but not before I was able to get the RoboCop trilogy so you could see first hand all of Murphy's capabilities."

"Well" that could be useful." Major Carter replied.

"Maybe the next time I'm in the neighborhood I'll take everyone on an inter-dimensional shopping spree."

"So you're leaving us again?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, for a time at least.

"Where will you go?" Sam asked

"Like I said the first time I left I'm going to make new friends. One can never have too many. I was thinking about going back to see Macgyver. That's where I was when all this started and I'm sure he's been wondering if I made it out of that building alive so I thought I might put his mind at rest.

"Just don't be a stranger Fuguer." Jack said with a smile.

"Oh, I'll be back from time to time to see how things turn out. I'm interested in seeing all the new improvements you're putting into the Galactica." Allen said with a smile.

"Well, you'll always be welcome here Mr. Fuguer and if there's anything we can do for you in a different dimension, you just let us know." Hammond said in response.

"Excuse me?... What about military protocol?" He asked.

"That was the Presidents doing. He has given permission that if you need our support you can call upon us."

"Wow! The President said that?" Allen was in awe

"I think you've underestimated your new found popularity Fuguer you did right by us and that says something. You've earned it." Jack said.

"He also wished me to tell you that he extends the same invitation to you as he did the people of the Galactica. That is if you wish until you find your own dimension you can come back here anytime you want and call it home."

"Shocked as Allen was he managed to speak. I don't know what to say...thank you."

"I think I can speak for everyone on the Galactica when I say you made my people's hopes and dreams come true. I really don't understand what it is you do but if you need us you can count on our help as well." Commander Adama announced.

"Thanks. Thank all of you. Maybe one day when I find my dimension I'll come back to invite you to celebrate with me, my treat."

"Sounds good to me." Jack said.

He then took his keyboard and began to play* opening an IDD. He then turned to his friends and said so long and went through.

"I'm going to miss that space monkey."

"As will I." Teal'c replied.

"I think we all will." Daniel responded.

"I just hope he find his home. It just wouldn't be right for him to have done all that he did and never find it." Apollo said.

"I don't think that will be for a while yet. Jack replied.

Why do you say that? Apollo asked.

Because I think his story has just begun.

The End

This story was written in the 90's and was gone over to see if I needed to update it in any way. But I liked it and decided to upload it as is which is why there weren't any transformers in the story. The transformers movies weren't out yet. I hoped you liked it and maybe one day I'll revisit Allen Fuguer and his quest to find his way home.

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