I've been ignored for 6 months now and the only people that talk to me are the Thunder Legion, Wendy, Lisanna, the exceeds and Master. I've recently gotten closer to the Thunder Legion and they're actually really cool people.

Today I'm sitting at the bar watching as my 'nakama' are listening to Lisanna's adventures from Edolas, I'm try to get Mira's attention "Mira" but no answer, *sigh* nothing new there, so I get up and go and sit with the Thunder Legion. "Hey Lulu" "Hey Blondie" "Hello miss Lucy" "Hey Cosplayer" says the Thunder Legion as they wave at me "Hey guys" I answer back, they all smile at me, 'At least I still have some friends' I think as I sit down with them. I'm lost in thought that I didn't even realise that team Natsu have walked up to me until they tap me on the shoulder, I snap out of my thoughts and turn around to face them, when I see that's it's them I'm excited, but when I see the looks on their faces and I become nervous, so I say "Hey guys what's up?" then Natsu answers "Well Luce, now that Lisanna's back we want her on the team instead of you, because well you were just a replacment for her and your weak and she has been our friend longer" as he says this, I feel my heart breaking more and more, then I look towards Erza and Gray and they're nodding their head in agreement without any guilt, so I put on a fake smile and say "Sure that's fine, I was planning on going solo anyway" I lie, then Natsu gives me his signiture grin and says "Thanks a million Luce" I flinch as he gives me a hug and then runs away, along with Erza and Gray, 'Probably to tell Lisanna the news'. After they leave I stand up and run out of the guild and towards my apartment, I hear the Thunder Legion calling to me but I ignore them and keep running. Finally after what seemed like forever I arrive and run inside and lock all the windows and doors, then I slide down my front door and start crying, then it eventually turns into sobbing until it becomes sniffles, then I get up and have a bath then go to bed, my last thought being 'I will get stronger', but little did I know, that my training will have to wait and the chaos that is to come.

I woke up the next morning stretching my arms above my head with yesterday still lingering in my mind, I look beside me and see my pink-headed partner and anger starts boiling inside of me 'How the hell did he get in here?' "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE NATSU?" I then kick him out of bed "Ow, why are you so loud Luce?" He sits up rubbing his head "Why are you here?" "Your bed is so comfy and I'm hungry" As if on que his stomach rumbles, but I ignore it and answer anyway "You have no right to be here anymore Natsu" "Aww but why?" When he says this, I get more angry 'Is he seriously this dense?' "Natsu you are no longer my team mate which means you are no longer welcome here without my permission, now get out before I force you!" "*Hump* Fine" he gets up and then jumps out of the window. I then look around and find Happy still asleep on the couch 'Wow he slept through all that commotion?' I then walk over to him and start shaking him awake "Hey Happy wake up" he then slowly opens his eyes "Morning Lushee, do you have any fish for me?" then suddenly his eyes pop open and he flies to my chest and starts sobbing and saying "I'm sorry Lushee, I didn't want them to kick you off the team, wahh can we still be friends?" He then looks up at me with tear-filled eyes, I then start stroking his head and say "Of course Happy, I know you didn't want that to happen, I'm just going to have a bath, then come back and we can go to the guild and your fish is already in the fridge" I then place him back down on the couch and he zooms into the kitchen, then I make my way to my room and grab some clothes and head to the bathroom and take a bath. Once I got out, I found Happy sitting on the table munching at a fish, 'He looks cute' I smile and let out a small giggle and say "Come on Happy lets go to the guild" He then opens his eyes and jumps up and shouts "Aye sir", then climbs to my shoulder and sits there. I laugh at his antics then start walking to the guild and call out Plue to walk with us with Happy sitting on my shoulder.

After a couple minutes we arrive at the guild and I send Plue back to the `celestial world and slowly open the guild doors and walk in with Happy still on my shoulder, as I am walking towards Wendy and the exceeds, Natsu steps in front of me "*Sigh* What do you want Natsu?" I ask "I want to know why you kicked me out this morning?" I start to get angry again, and Happy must have noticed because he jumped off my shoulder and starts hovering above my head, then I as calmly as I can answer "Natsu, I told you this morning that, we are no longer team-mates, which mean you are no longer welcome to my apartment without permission" "But we're still friends Luce, nakama and nakama help each other" He slings his arm around my shoulders and I snap, I look at him and shove him off me and give him a glare thats sure to send Mira and Erza running for the hills "FRIENDS NATSU, YOU AND ME, WOW YOU REALLY ARE DENSE, YOU AND THE REST OF TEAM NATSU, EXCEPT HAPPY, LILY, WENDY, CARLA, LISANNA AND THE THUNDER LEGION HAVE IGNORED ME FOR 6 MONTHS" At this point the whole guild has gone quiet and is staring at us, but I don't care and I continue "THE WHOLE GUILD HAS IGNORED ME AND YOU SAY WE'RE FRIENDS, THAT WE'RE NAKAMA, THAT'S REAL RICH COMING FROM YOU NATSU, DON'T YOU EVER COME OVER TO MY APARTMENT AGAIN, UNLESS I INVITE YOU, DON'T TALK TO ME AGAIN AND DO NOT COME NEAR ME! ANY OF YOU!" I then walk away and start making my way to Master's office, but I'm suddenly stopped by a hand on my shoulder, I turn around and come face to face with Natsu "What?" I angrily ask, he then drops his hand off my shoulder and lights his fist on fire and before I have time to dodge he punches me in the face and sends my flying across the guild and I slam into the bar near Mira, I slowly stand up and I see Natsu walking towards me and he starts saying "I should have never bought you to the guild, you are weak and a replacement and you should just leave" I hear the whole guild gasp after he says this, then he stops in front of me and he raises his fist at me and just as he goes to strike, Freed stumbles through the guild doors covered in scratches and bruises and no team behind him, I shove past Natsu and go and help Freed "Oh my god Freed, what happened?" I ask as I wrap his arm around my shoulder for support, and then he answers "We were on a job...and then we we're Tartarus..." and then he faints, I grab his other arm and sling him on my back and run up to the infermatory "Wendy, I'll need you to come up and heal him" she then runs up to the infermatory after me and starts to heal Freed once I place him on the bed and wait for him to wake up, after a couple minutes he wakes up and I ask "Freed where are the others so that I can go and get them?" he then answers "They're at 8 Island restaraunt, but you have to wear a gas mask, the person..No demon we versed killed himself and let out magic barrier particles" 'They're a guild of demons' I thought but I snap out of it and turn to Wendy "Ok, Wendy you should call Porlyusica and ask her to come to the guild, I'm going to get the other members" "Yes Lucy, please be careful" "I will" I answer her. I then run out of the infermatory and look around for a gas mask, I then find one and put it on "Everyone stay here, it's dangerous outside and this is the only gas mask there is, I'll be back with the rest of the Thunder Legion" I then walk outside ignoring the calls of my guildmates, and make my way to the 8 Island restaraunt.