Lucy's P.O.V

It's been a couple days since the encounter with Gray and Erza, and it seems they've taken my words seriously as they've been sitting and thinking for the last couple of days, during that time I've been keeping up with my training, sparring with Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe, Natsu however woke up a while after Gray and Erza tried to get me back on the team, Natsu tried the same crap and I had to hold back from hitting the stupid pyro, I told him the same thing I told Gray and Erza and I haven't seen him since.

I look over and see Lisanna with a worried look on her face and I make my way over to her. "Hey Lisanna, you ok?" She seems to snap out of her daze and sends me a small smile and replies "Yeah I guess, I'm just a little worried about Natsu, he just doesn't seem like the same person he was before" I give her a small smile and say "I'll look into it ok Lisanna, don't worry" She sends a grateful smile my way and I give her a small pat on the shoulder before making my way out of the guild to start my investigation on Natsu.

I start by looking for Happy, I haven't seen the little guy in a while and maybe he can tell me what Natsu has been up to. I finally see Natsu's house in the distance and I walk a little faster towards the house, as I near it the scent seems off and I become cautious, I slowly open the door and look inside and just as I remember the house is trashed and messy. I start looking around smelling Happy around but not seeing him anywhere. "Happy? Are you here somewhere little buddy?" I listen and hear a small groan from the kitchen, I race towards the noise and gasp as I see a beaten Happy on the ground, I run to him and cradle him as I try and wake him up.

"Happy? Happy, come on wake up. What happened?" I ask frantically, his eyes start to open and I can't help but let out a sigh of relief, he looks at me and his eyes swell with tears and he says "Lushy, Natsu went crazy, he came home the other day and he went crazy, he even hit me" He bursts into tears and I immediately bring him into a hug while whispering comforting words and I ask "Happy, do you want to stay with me until we can figure out what's going on with Natsu?" He looks at me and nods his head not saying anything, I give him a sad smile and start walking towards the house that Laxus and I share, cause I'm sure Laxus will understand...I hope, I sweat drop at the thought.

As I near the house, I can smell that Laxus has already started dinner and I grin in anticipation cause it smells so good! I open the door and I hear him growl, I flick his nose and he looks at me in disbelief, I giggle and say "Happy is staying with us for a while because Natsu has gone crazy and Happy needs us right now, got it" It wasn't a question, cause if he didn't agree, I could kick his butt and he knows it. He sighs and nods his head and says "So are you ready for dinner? I made spaghetti" I smile and nod my head frantically "It smells delicious" I then tense and clutch Happy close to me while I hear Laxus growl, it's Natsu and he's nearby! I place Happy down and look to Laxus and we both nod our head and make our way to the front door but before we could even get there, the door gets blown open, Laxus pulls me in his arms as he takes the brunt of the force and magic, I feel him tense and I can hear the hissing of his skin burning.

I look behind him and I let out a growl as I smell the scent coming from the figure at the door, it's Natsu however the scent is darker and more demonic. I watch as he sends me a smirk and lights up his fists ready to attack, I scream as he launches himself at Laxus, but something flies by us and rams Natsu, I watch in shock as the thing bursts into flames, as the scent hits me I scream "HAPPY!" I watch as he falls to the ground, I run and grab some water and throw it over Happy to put out the fire, I burst into tears at the sight of him, his fur has been burnt off and he's seriously injured, I look to Natsu and he's getting up from where Happy rammed him, my bangs are covering my eyes as rage flows through my veins, I launch my fists at Natsu and start beating him and in no time he's been taken down and knocked unconscious. I look over at Happy and see that Laxus has picked him up and is ready to find Wendy at the guild, I take Happy from him as he throws Natsu over his shoulder and we make our way to the guild as quick as possible.

Sorry it's taken so long guys for me to update, I am still really sick and been in hospital so much, and I'm so sorry for what I made Happy go through in this chapter. I'll update again soon.