Grim Overlord

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Summary: Grim Senior put up with a lot of crap in his unlife. His son, Junior, introduced him to the stress relieving world of Yggdrasil, where he led the greatest guild in the game as Momonga. When the servers were to shut down, sad as it was, he finds his avatar is real, as is the entire Tomb of Nazarick, and there is a whole new world waiting for him. Epic, badass, dark Grim-is-Momonga

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Grim Reaper Senior, King of the Underworld, loved being a father. Unlike Mandy, who would never admit such a thing out loud, he had no issue showing fatherly affection and interest in his children's lives. Particularly Junior's, but that was mainly because Grim could relate to his heir better than Minnie. It wasn't even the whole "not a skeleton" thing, it was Junior's whole underdog status! It was like him and Mandy all over again- the older, disrespected skeleton being shown up by the younger little monster-child. True, it wasn't as bad and Minnie didn't rub it in Junior's face like Mandy did, but it was still there. It made a Reaper feel very hateful of the worlds and those in them. There were times Grim thought about just kicking back, going on vacation and just letting the cosmos go into an apocalyptic mess without him doing his job. Hell, even if Mandy tracked him down, she might just join him instead of dragging him back.

Where was he? Oh, right, Junior.

Grim would gladly admit one fault of his and that was often not keeping up with the times more than he had to. So Grim Junior, much more attuned to the modern era than his mother was, proved to be a very helpful little guide into a lot of things. Even back when he just stopped being a toddler, he was already figuring out how to play video games. Grim wondered if Mandy knew how many of those scrolls and tomes he read were actually perfectly disguised comics, novels, manga, hentai, and even an IPad?

Grim was on Junior's side of things in terms of taste: he didn't care for the Victorian stuff when Victoria was on the throne, let alone now. Still, that was Minnie's choice, he couldn't really complain with his cliché cloak(I invented de cliché, dammit!) and Jamaican accent. This new stuff was far more interesting…especially these video games. Mortals certainly knew how to come up with interesting ways to make repetitive killing fun. And they even got into making entire virtual realities. Dive Games they called them. True, the worlds weren't perfect in their creations, as the senses weren't properly conveyed from the virtual world to one's mind, but they were still impressive.

Between the continued lack of respect he received, his annoyance with Underworld politics, the stress of his job at times and the numerous issues he still had with his wife? Grim was glad for the escape his son and heir revealed to him. Sure, he stumbled and fell a lot figuring this gaming stuff out, but at least he was on equal terms with everyone else in that regard. As Junior said, Everyone Was A Noob Once.

Back when Junior was seven- a smarter seven year old than Mandy suspected, in Grim's opinion- they had both gotten into a new Dive Game, a Dive Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game to be precise, or DMMORPGs to save a few breaths. This one was called Yggdrasil, after the Norse world tree. Grim had gotten into it because, unlike most games, you could play as a skeleton…and not just any skeleton, but a lich. In terms of the game, this was pretty damn close to a Reaper and potentially a good equivalent of what the Grim Reaper could do.

Then something happened that Grim wasn't expecting. He made friends, friends that saved his virtual life on many occasions. Chief among them was and Grim still couldn't believe this name or say it with a straight face, Touch Me. He had and still wanted to kick the otherwise honorable player for picking such a name- and how long had he been playing to have that name?! Because Grim had long ago figured out most simple names were taken up within the first year or two, be they good or bad.

With them, they had formed a group strictly for the Heteromorphic races, the monstrous ones essentially. Originally Nine's Own Goal, it was remade into a true guild as Ainz Ooal Gown...

...And, somehow, he got named as Guildmaster, something that shocked him to this day. It was strange to him, that he enjoyed leading this group of gamers more than he had enjoyed being Death in a long time and certainly more than he did being the so-called King of the Underworld. With them, they built the Great Tomb of Nazerick, a guild so powerful that over a thousand players and NPCs could not defeat the power of Ainz Ooal Gown. A guild that had become Yggdrasil's face of evil. A group that also, interestingly enough, required them to be productive members of society. Though Grim lied his way through that, he was pretty sure being Death counted as productive.

There was never a day Grim regretted becoming a father. It was one of the best decisions he could honestly say he ever made. Still, there were some days he was more grateful to have Junior around than others.

Unfortunately, as a certain mercenary once said, life is an endless series of trainwrecks with only brief commercial-like breaks of happiness. And, unfortunately, being Death didn't fully exclude him from that.

Hence, tonight would be the final night before the Yggdrasil's serves were shut down, the company having fallen on hard times as of late.

Thus, Guildmaster Momonga, the Overlord of Death, sat almost completely alone in the council room of the Great Tomb of Nazerick. Forty-one chairs of a round table, thirty-nine of them empty.

"It's being a while, Herohero," Grim greeted, a smile-face icon by his avatar. He had decided to distort his voice slightly and keep his accent to a minimum in the gaming world, less some other tech-savvy Underworldian figure out who he was. There weren't a lot of immortals with a Jamaican accent and the Lich thing would definitely give it away.

"Too long, Momonga," The purple slimy avatar of Herohero greeted in a happy yet tired voice,

"Two years, in fact," Momonga mused.

"Has it really been that long? Ohh, that's bad, my sense of time is all messed up with all my work," Herohero lamented, shaking his head in disbelief of himself.

"I'd say that's a bad symptom, but I've been there many times," Grim assured, remembering his more lackluster decades as a Reaper, "Try not to let it drag you too down, Mon."

Herohero's body bubbled a bit, the game's way of physically showing laughter for a slime, "Same to you," he said, audibly yawning a bit- that was one little detail they never included, "Oi, I have get off soon. I'm sorry to say this, but I am too sleepy," He apologized.

"Oh," Grim said, a bit disappointed, but he didn't let it show, "Well, rest well. Who knows, I might find you in another game."

Herohero sent a sleepy-smiley face at that, "We can only hope. Still, it was good to see you again, and this old place," He added on, looking around at the pristine room fondly, "I didn't think it'd still be around..."

Grim had a bittersweet smile at that, though his avatar didn't show it, "I took being a Guildmaster very serious, right up until de end," He said with a bit of pride, fist to chest.

Herohero chuckled a bit at that, "We were very happy to have you leading us, Momonga. My one regret? We didn't try to finish this off by taking over all Yggdrasil in a Bad-End type fashion," He joked lightly, "Ulbert would have wanted that."

Grim laughed loudly at that, "Yeah, Goat-face would have loved that. Still, can't have everything we want."

Herohero yawned again, "I'll be heading off now. Thanks again, Momonga. And do try to have some fun in your last time as the Overlord of Nazerick. We more or less left everything in your care, so you should enjoy the final moments if no one else will," He suggested, a bit out of it and rambling.

Grim chuckled soberly at his online friend's action, "Goodbye, Herohero," He said, waving him off as he vanished, logging off, "Have some fun, eh?" Grim muttered with a scowl, feeling the silence wash over the room, "FOOKING DAMMIT!" He yelled, slamming his boney fist on the table, "All dat time, everyding we put inta dis, an now it's all jus goin ta be gone!?" He yelled in frustration, pausing before letting out a bitter laugh, "Look at me, Mon. De Grim fooking Reapa an I'm lamentin de end of a video game! Ha!" He said, both saddened and amused by this whole thing.

Oh how this game had changed him. Mandy "may" make him a better reaper, compared to his years just prior to meeting her, but this little escape brought more enjoyment to his unlife than anything else had in a longtime- barring being a father, of course.

He smiled as he calmed down, standing from his chair, "I suppose this is close to what being mortal feels like, the inevitable end encroaching on you with no possible escape," He mused as he approached the wall where their guild item floated, "The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. We spent a shitton on this little bugger. Lost a lot of guild members doing dat and de rest of dem designed it to my style. I know I'm de Guildmaster and all, but I still couldn't believe it. Even if I never got to use it in a battle, dat was probably the greatest gift I ever got. And I'm countin me Scyth in that," Grim mused as he grasped it, causing an aura of red-black screaming faces erupted from the top, but only for a second, "I may not use you, but I'm certainly going ta be holdin ya when the cloak runs out," He decided as he headed to the exit.

He hummed as he saw a line of seven NPC servants, designed by his guild mates. All of them were female and in maid outfits, save one lone butler.

Grim chuckled a bit as he saw the old-looking man, "I still can't believe Touch named ya Sebastian. Well, Sebas Tian," Grim said with an eye roll before glancing to the rest, "The Pleiades Combat Maids," Grim mused fondly, remembering all the fun and perverted jokes that flied around when making these NPCs, "Shame you lot neva got any action, with nobody being strong enough to get to the throne room. Speaking of, come on, Follow," He ordered offhandedly as he continued his walk, the NPCs falling into line behind him robotically.

"Well, Herohero did tell me ta have some fun. Might as act like a badass Overlord of Death one last grand time," Grim decided with a small smirk as they reached their destination, opening the doors to reveal the beautiful yet ominous throne room of Nazerick. Complete with spooky blue chandeliers, the flags of all the guild members proudly displayed as if to salute whoever entered and a throne that would put the Iron Throne to shame in Grim's personal opinion.

And there, at the top of the steps, was perhaps the most alluring figure in all of the Great Tomb: Albedo, the horned and ebony haired fallen angel, clad in a white outfit that only accented her every feature. Grim had seen more than one male player die due to being distracted by the initial sight of her, "I still rememba dat one time we got drunk and ordered her to guard the first floor for a change," Grim said with a laugh as he approached the throne…his throne, "We did it a few more times just for laughs when some noobs tried dier luck. Ohh, old Squid face loved that," He mused as he turned to his following of NPCs, "Hmm, Stand By, right?" He tried, getting a synchronized set of bows as they stood to one side, "...If I wasn't Death, I might find that syncro-bowing thing creepy," He commented as he took his seat.

He liked to imagine he was really there: The almighty Overlord of Death, sitting on his throne with his obedient and VERY badass servants awaiting his every command.

His eyes trailed over to Albedo again with a curious intent behind them, "What did Tabula make out her character to be like?" He pondered, having not had much to do with Albedo in a long while. With a hum and a tap of the finger, he accessed her character settings and deadpanned in real life, "Dammit, Squidy, you always over detailed these things. It's like reading one of those Terms and Agreement things," Grim muttered in annoyance as he scrolled through it rapidly until he reached the end.

His brain went full stop as he saw the last line.

She is a bitch.

A Bitch


'FOOK THAT!' Grim thought with thunderous annoyance as his eyebrows, or lack thereof, started twitching, 'I already have one bitch in me unlife! I don't need one in my virtual one!' He mentally declared as he used the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown to allow him to change her settings, "Tabula, I'm sorry Mon, but I will tell ya everyding if ya ever find out about dis...unless ya laugh it off, of course," Grim muttered to himself as he erased that horrid line, "Hmm, should I put someding in?" He wondered, glancing up at her smiling face again, "...Oh, ta hell wid it," Grim decided as he typed in her new setting.

She is deeply in love with Momonga.

Grim chuckled to himself as he put in the new setting, "Haha, can't believe I did dat!" He commented to himself, looking towards Albedo, her fellow NPCs behind her, "Bow down," He ordered casually as they obeyed, all going to one knee with one hand over their hearts, "Also can't believe that was an actual command," He added fondly as he reclined back in his throne, taking in the grand room once more.

He knew the name belonging to the emblems on every flag. Tabula, Herohero, Peroroncino, Variable Talisman, his own. All forty-one of them, hanging proudly, as if in defiance of the silent end coming towards them.

"Hmm, clock is almos midnight in Japan, so it's about three hours until noon by Mandy's clock," He mused, still amused that Mandy was stubborn enough to go by the earth time zone she was accustomed to while in the Underworld, "De kids'll be wakin up soon. Guess I could ask Junior about anyding new he's foun lately," Grim mused, eyeing the clock on his HUD. He had only a minute left.

"Haha! It was a good run!" Grim declared with a bittersweet laugh as the last few seconds slipped away, "A good run...," He repeatedly softly as he waited for the game to dissolve and servers to shut down.

"...Wha de fook?" Grim asked after half a minute of waiting.

A human would have said those words over the fact that the game hadn't ended, wondering if the time had been pushed back some or if their clock was off.

But as he was the Grim Reaper, he had a different reason for doing so.

'My powas...I can feel dem! In dis form!' Grim realized with a gaping jaw, looking over his hand which was now covered in deathly energy that only he(and a few others) could see, 'I shouldn't be feelin anyding at all in dis form, let alone my powers!' He mentally yelled, sticking out his finger to see if he could summon his console, to no avail. He almost growled to himself as he put his hand down in confusion.

"Is something wrong, Lord Momonga?" A lovely female voice asked in concern, grinding every bit of Grim's thoughts to a screeching halt

His now-red eyes glanced over to the kneeling form that was Albedo, seeing her confused and concerned face as she curiously tilted her head.

He could sense her, now that he bothered to think about it. The life force of a fallen angel was a very distinct thing to any that knew how to sense it, and here it was.

Albedo was alive and the fact that she was acting beyond the parameters of an NPC just made that all the clearer.

Grim was several eons old. So, unsurprisingly, he didn't freak out too much, "Hmm, something is amiss," He commented in a curious yet cautious tone as he rose from his throne, "Sebas! Go to the surface and check on the surroundings of Nazerick," He ordered in a strict tone that told Sebas that he was wary of something.

"Yes, Lord Momonga," The butler-style servant answered as he stood, leaving to do as ordered.

"Pleiades, head to the ninth floor and stand guard there until further notice," Grim commanded. The first order had been for legitimate concern of what the situation was. This was just to get the room empty.

"As you wish, Lord Momonga," Yuri answered, leading them out.

Alone with Albedo, Grim brought a bony hand up to rub his chin, 'Not de strangest ding I've eva seen...but definitely top ten,' He mentally mused, the pin-point lights that were his eyes shifting back to Albedo- something he had been doing a lot today, he realized, 'Dere are many beings who could suddenly bring a game ta life and some who could do it wid plannin-I migh not be de only immortal playin dis game dan,' He mused with a scowl- not that it showed, he realized, remembering how limited his avatar was with facial expressions, 'De question becomes, what is dis abou? De game? Me? An how much of de game is real now?' Grim pondered to himself.

"Lord Momonga? Is something troubling you? Do you need anything?" Albedo asked, still kneeling obediently with that adoring glint in her eyes.

Grim gave her a silent motion to rise as he retook his seat before answering her, "I sensed something. What, I am not sure yet, Albedo," He mused evenly, eyeing her suspiciously and intently, 'Besides bein a fallen angel, none of me senses are screamin anydin like min control or soulless puppet. Someone high on de food chain got involved in dis. An if dey're tryin ta mess with me, dey're at least smart enough ta not try stuff like dat...Baaah! Mandy's paranoia has rubbed off on me...Unlike the rest of her,' He mentally rambled.

"Could it be an intruder?" Albedo asked, notably tensing.

"If it is, they don't have any lethal intent- even weaklings will cause some form of it. It may be nothing important though, possibly just some echo of a distant magical clash reaching my senses," Grim answered carefully with a hum.

"You are truly magnificent, My Lord, to have such an awareness," Albedo praised with a smile.

"One like me often forgets such things are unique, as I do not recall a time I was without it," Grim mused, mentally chuckling a bit, 'Fook, I soun way too long winded, talkin like dat. Dial it back a notch, Grimmy ol'boy,' He thought to himself, "Albedo, come here," He requested bluntly. If any of his forms had skin, he might have blushed a bit at that…maybe.

Albedo's expression lit up like it was Christmas at that command, "Yes!" She answered, coming right up to the Throne of Kings, bending forward to look him in the eyes with an expression of love and devotion that was damn near-

'Oh, fook it, DAT is downright worship!' Grim decided as he looked into her golden eyes, 'Tabula, may ya forgive dis old bag of bones for defiling yer creation...repeatedly,' Grim thought to himself with a chuckle, "Albedo, hold still for a moment," He requested, getting an eager affirmative as he reached out to grasp her wrist, making her gasp with a grin on her flushed face.

'Hmm, my sense of touch hasn't diminished any and I dink my non-existent nose actually works betta dan before,' Grim mused, sweat-dropping as Albedo continued to shiver under his skeletal touch, 'She is eider waaaay to sensitive or she be waaaay too into me...I have nodin against eider,' He mentally commented in amusement as he released her, leaving her panting as he turned his mind elsewhere for a bit, 'Mandy has made it clear she doesn't need me ta run our slice of de Underworld. Minnie is getting along fine with Nergal Junior,' He thought with a brief scowl, 'As for Junior...I'd know if dat boy was in trouble. And Mandy, loathed as she is to admit it, has a soft spot fer de boy. De res of de cosmos can go fook demselves fer a bit. So, while I do need ta fin a way home...I dink I can afford ta take my time a bit. Assuming I can't jus porta outta here. Plus, even if gettin back is day easy, I wanna know how dis happened,' Grim mused, torn between amusement, annoyance, happiness, concern, and curiosity.

"Albedo," He addressed again, not sure if he should be amused or face palming at how eager she looked, "Tell the floor guardians to gather at floor six's arena in an hour, except for Gargantua and Victim."

"As you wish," Albedo accepted with a bow and smile, leaving to fulfill his order while leaving Grim to contemplate his thoughts and plans.

'Okay, firs of, establish if de guardians are truly alive or jus puppets. I jus need ta see'em fer dat. Secon, assumin dey are alive and deirselves, I need ta make sure dey're still loyal ta me. Again, should be easy enough ta figure out. Dree, figure out how me game powas an reapa powas are meshin, an ta dat conclusion, wha de fook I can do in total. Four, de tricky bit, figure ou how dis happened an why. Bit more long term, bu someding ta remember. Fifth, figure outta a way back ta my own realm if dree doesn't resul wid me jus bein able ta make porta ta dere. Again, possibly long term. Six, las an mos importan, follow Herohero's advice an have some fun,' Grim summarized with a smirk, 'Don' worry, Squidy. Yer girl Albedo may be a bit different, bu I'll make sure dis tomb will be someding ya, Ulbert, and all de rest would be proud of. Ainz Ooal Gown still yet lives.'

And upon the Throne of Kings, the Overlord of Death felt the dark vacancy of his heart tremble with excitement.

End of Chapter

And there we go: my First Grim centerfic, my first Overlord Fic, THE first GT/Overlord fic,and one of the few fics depicting Grim as a badass.

So, yes, I have taken out canon Momonga and switched him for the Grim Reaper himself. Which means he'll take to this Overlord thing even better than canon Momonga...which is saying something really.

But, yes, Grim is still in a bit of a funk after marrying Mandy, even if he was getting married. Junior, intentionally or not, help his Dad out by giving him a break from reality(and Mandy) through various modern medias...which got Grim into video games, which lead to this, obviously.

Which leads usto the interesting questions of what other changes are going to take place compared to Overlord's canon timeline, and how is this going to effect the GT universe. Cause Mandy now has to compete with, at minimum, Albedo, and the rest of Nazarick would skin her alive if she tried her usual stuff with Grim.

On the upside, Junior now has every reason to brag about his badass father. XP

Also, while I am taking a good deal from Overlord, I will be taking the Overlord world andvery much making it my own as I go.

No QTP here, just say what you think of this chapter and your predicitons for the future.