Chapter one

It had been four months since the sasuke was returned to the village by Naruto and his friends. But did they get a thank you from the council, no. what they got was their friend banished from konoha. On the night he left. Naruto went and took all that belonged to his parents and him. Everything that the council believed belonged to them and the last uchiha. But Naruto knew otherwise. He smiled as he left for all the people and council would find was three empty bank accounts and a completely empty house.

The kononha nine and the other kids laughed when the council and the people of konoha found out. When the council was in a meeting. When the hokage said, "well it looks like you idiots know you just banished the las Namikaze."

That was when the council went wild ager over not wanting to believe the demon brat to be their fourth hokage's only child. It had been a lie. But the hokage knew the truth. And was having a good laugh about it. For the truth was that Naruto was the only son of the both konohas red death and the yellow flash and fourth hokage.

Two days after all the hero of the so called village and now things were going downhill. When all the places and villages heard how konoha treat their hero they ripped up the allices and trade agreements. With all that happening in the east in the west our hero had found out that his parents were alive.