I just about never dream about my fandoms, so when I did, I had to write it. Though it turns out that my subconscious isn't too concerned about plotholes, so I had to do a fair amount of retconning...

Thanks to my husband for beta-reading.


"Our target is a very large Spectran base in a remote part of the Amazon rainforest," Anderson said. "This will be an infiltration mission."

"Doesn't Intelligence do those?" Jason asked, and instantly regretted it, as Anderson cleared his throat and pushed his glasses up on his nose.

"The base in question is remote, and we believe that it is used to train South American human recruits alongside Spectran troops. Intelligence do indeed 'do those', as you so eloquently put it. Their local operation has resulted in the successful infiltration of one operative, whose brief is to observe the Spectran procedures, get to know his fellow recruits, and advise on the best way to discourage people like them from signing up in the first place. He has submitted several reports along these lines. However, his last message said that he was extremely concerned about some new weaponry and he has since missed several scheduled contacts. This is inconsistent with our previous assumption of a low level training base located far enough from civilisation to discourage desertion. We need more information fast, and that makes it a job for G-Force."

Jason grimaced. Anderson had been brief and relatively informative. That couldn't be good.

Anderson carried on, the big screen behind him showing an aerial view of a lot of trees and not much else. "This is the area," he said.

It was obviously intended as a leading question, and Keyop obliged. "Don't see a base."

The screen split, with a second picture of the same area alongside the first, dated from a year earlier. More trees. But... different. Different in a regular pattern.

"I still don't see anything," Mark said.

"I do." Jason suspected Anderson was waiting for him to say so. Pattern recognition was something he was very, very good at. There were a number of big rectangles, a couple of circles, a surrounding perimeter - yes, it was very large. And very well disguised.

The rest of the team continued to frown at the screen, and Anderson took pity on them and pulled up a processed image. He'd been right about the shapes. He glanced at Anderson, and as he'd expected, the man was watching him for a reaction. He nodded, just once.

"How do you get that?" Tiny asked.


"Those are the areas where the pictures are most different," he said. "You'd never see it from just one image, because it's all trees. My guess is that they dug them up and replanted after construction, but they didn't preserve the locations. I suspect it's mostly underground. How do they get in and out?"

"We don't know."

"Where's the nearest road?" Princess asked.

"Over a hundred miles away."

"One question," Jason said. "Why don't we take a quick trip and introduce it to a couple of Supers?"

Keyop grinned.

Anderson frowned. "That's not what Intelligence recommends."

Of course it isn't. That would be far too simple. But the operative on the ground might have already paid for the recommendation with his life. Jason said nothing. When it came to it, Anderson could lay down whatever mission parameters he wanted. Intelligence could recommend until they were blue in the face. In the field, Mark was in charge, and if he felt blowing it up was the right answer, Jason was quite sure what would happen.