Arthur Note: I'd decided to do a sequel to the story of Under Universe Tales. Couple people wanted me to do a sequel and so I decided to something cute, funny, and a bit of romantic. There are 3 chapters this is the first one. I'd get the second one as soon as I can whenever I'm not so busy. Hope you'd enjoy and yeah I may not be good at grammar and such but at least I'd try.

A small skeleton with white pupils in his eyes sockets, wearing a blue jacket with a white shirt inside, a black shorts with white lines on the side of his shorts, and pink fluffy slippers is sitting on the couch eating potato chips. He had his mind drifting off somewhere else as his taller skeleton brother wearing an orange shirt with the words Cool Bro on it and blue shorts is talking about how he kept getting lost in the human city.

Right next to the small skeleton is an eight or nine year old human girl has short brown hair, wearing a blue T shirt with three pink stripes and blue shorts. The girl turn to see that the smaller skeleton wasn't paying no attention to what his younger brother is even saying. Even the yellow dinosaur wearing a white lab coat with glasses who was sitting in a blue chair not far from the couch saw that the smaller skeleton was distracted.

The yellow dinosaur spoke making the taller skeleton stop talking, "Sans, a… are you o...okay?"

Sans didn't respond for he was too busy in his thoughts.

Then the taller skeleton spoke, "Sans, are you even listening?"

The girl look at Sans then put her hand over his face and snap her finger making Sans shake his head a little.

"Aw… what we're we talking about?"

The tall skeleton groan in irritation, "I was talking about how I got lost in the city today and you didn't even listen."

Sans shrugs, "sorry about that, bro."

The yellow dinosaur look at Sans and asked, "y… you seem to be acting w… weird since our time o… on the surface. A.. are you alright?"

Sans nods saying, "just chilling out that's all."

The human girl smiled as she brush her hair to the side, "I see what's going on" she said, "you miss her."

Sans turn and ask, "missed who, kid?"

Frisk smiled "why Pearl, duh!"

Sans cheek bones began to turn blue, "I have no idea what you're talking about, Frisk."

Frisk giggled saying, "come on Sans, we all know how much you spent time with her when she and the rest of the gems come to visit."

The yellow dinosaur nods in understanding, "t… that's make a whole lot of s… sense."

Sans turn to the dinosaur, "aw come on Alphys, it's not like she's uh… pretty and so cute. No I mean…"

It was too late. It was his brother's turn to pick on him.

"Oh, I see. You had her in your mind didn't you, brother."

Sans shook his head, "Paps, you don't know what your talking about."

Alphys smiled, "It looks like you're blushing too."

Sans cover his cheek bones as Frisk, Alphys, and Papyrus all laugh. Sans was so embarrassed that he finally put his hoodie over his head and try to hide his face.

Papyrus said seeing his brother was trying to hide his embarrassment, "come on Sans, don't hide you face in you hoodie."

Sans said "Sans not home right now. Call him back later."

Alphys rolls her eyes, "seriously Sans."

Frisk then spoke up, "speaking of which, I just got a call from Steven, he says he'll be bringing all three gems and he said there are two more he wants us to meet."

Alphys and Papyrus both smiled and were excited to meet these two gems. Sans lift his hoodie up away from his face a little asking, "Is Pearl going to come?"

Frisk nods saying with a smile, "I know how much you miss her, Sans."

Papyrus and Alphys couldn't help but laugh. Frisk's face was too adorable and with Sans blue blush began to show more on his cheeks bone. Sans groan as he put his hoodie back over his face.

Alphys asked "when are they coming, Frisk?"

Frisk respond, "tomorrow afternoon."

Papyrus said with pride, "I shall make Steven some more spaghetti since these friends of his don't need to eat. Oh well, Steven I suppose will have to do."

The next day came, Frisk and her adopted parents who are both goat monsters with long floppy ears waited by the house. Though her mother wears a long purple dress with a white symbol on it, and her father has long blond hair, wears a pink T shirt with white Hawaiian flowers on it and brown pants. Right with them is Sans, Papyrus, Alphys and a blue sea creature with long red hair in a ponytail, wears a black tank top and shorts, with big brown boots.

Papyrus has his red scarf around his neck still wearing the same T shirt and shorts. He couldn't wait to meet his old friend and soon meet new friends. They waited. Soon a pink robot with black hair has a gray tin face, has a heart on his chest came over with a ghost flying next to the robot wearing a white hat.

"Hey Mettaton, hey Napstablook" said the sea creature.

Mettaton smiled saying, "hello darlings, Frisk told us the news of Steven and the gems returning to meet us. I have to give my big impressions."

Napstablook nods saying, "it's been a long time since I seen them specially Steven."

Alphys look up at the sea creature saying, "w… well Undyne, I hope y… you and Pearl get along p… pretty well for a m… moment."

Undyne shrugs saying, "yeah, well I'd be with Amethyst today."

Alphys sighs in relief. Truthfully Pearl and Undyne never got along too well after what Undyne did to Steven back in the Underground.

Just then Frisk yell out "they're here!"

Everyone turn to see a young fourteen year old boy with black curly hair wearing a red shirt with a yellow star on it and blue pants, has a pink gem on his stomach. was leading the three gems. One is the tallest of the two has a light pink and dark pink body texture with a black box like shape hair. On her hand are two pink gems and has white sunglasses over her three eyes.

The second one and right next to the boy with black curly hair is thin, pale skin, has her blonde hair pointed out behind her. Wearing a blue shirt with no sleeves, a little yellow star on her shirt, a blue ribbon match with the shirt tie on the back, and a yellow pants down to her knees. Has her white gem right on her forehead.

The third one has long lavender hair, and purple body and a dark purple gem on her chest. Wears a white T shirt kinda mess up a little, a black pants with big stars on her pants. She is the same size as the boy with black hair.

Frisk smiled as she ran to hug the boy with the curly hair, "I'm glad you and your friends are here, Steven."

Steven nods saying, "it was nothing really."

Frisk's mother came up to the three gems saying with a smile "it's so nice to meet you three."

The tall gem answer, "it's nice to meet you too Toriel."

Just then Undyne ran up to the small purple gem saying, "wow Amethyst, you've changed since I last seen ya."

Amethyst shrugs saying, "ah… I reformed myself."

Undyne didn't know what reformed mean but she just accept it and began to talk to Amethyst. Sans walk up to Pearl as he began to scratch his head.

"Ah… hey Pearl. What's up?"

Pearl shrugs saying "not much really. Just been fighting off corrupted gems and making sure the planet is safe."

Sans nods saying, "heh… that's cool."

Steven look at Frisk asking, "is he alright?"

Frisk smiled saying, "he's in love with Pearl. He couldn't stop thinking about her since the last time you guys visit us."

Steven nods saying, "oh I see…"

Frisk nods and making, "uh huh" sound.

Papyrus came up behind Frisk asking, looking right at Steven "Frisk told us you had two friend you want us to meet, right?"

Steven nods saying, "I sure do. Come on over you two!"

Everyone turn to see two gems one smaller than the other. One is blue with dark blue hair, same as her gem on her back, wearing a blue tank top and skirt. The other one is light green with a yellow weird shape gem on her forehead, and a triangle yellow hair, wears a green and black shirt along with the pants.

Steven introduce who the two gems were to the monsters, "this is Lapis Lazuli (pointed to the blue gem) and this here is Peridot (points at the green gem)."

Everyone liked meeting Lapis and Peridot. Napstablook saw Lapis and began to blush. He was pretty shy to even talk to Lapis. Mettaton and Frisk could see that Napstablook was beginning to really like Lapis. Mettaton and Frisk gave a nod to each other.

After a while everyone went separate ways. Frisk and Steven went to the backyard of Frisk's house and sat on the picnic table not far from the back porch. Frisk was the first to speak and giving an idea to Steven.

"Hey Steven, I got an idea to bring Pearl and Sans together. Also I saw Napstablook began to like your friend Lapis."

Steven smiled, "really? Napstablook is liking Lapis? That's so sweet."

Frisk nods then answer, "I've got an idea, we'll need some help with this one."

Steven was antsy to know what Frisk idea was, "what is it?"

Frisk lean over the table closer to talk to Steven, "I was thinking since Sans can't get Pearl off of his mind and Napstablook is liking Lapis and too shy to tell her. I was planning to have a double date tonight. Just for those four."

Steven tilts his head ask, "what's a double date?"

Frisk smiled, "I only heard what Alphys told me. A double date is two couples of four come together on the same date and the same place to have a romantic feast."

Steven nods saying, "great idea, but how are we going to get it all done by tonight?"

Frisk wink saying, "well that's where we're going to find help. The number one people to help us is going to be Alphys and Papyrus. We're tell them what we're planning to do then go from there. After that we'll tell Mettaton about it. I know he'll help Napstablook to talk to Lapis a bit more."

Steven nods saying, "great idea! Let's start right now!"

Frisk nods and the two kids took off to tell Alphys, Papyrus, and Mettaton the idea to have Napstablook to talk more to Lapis and go on a date with Sans and Pearl to go on a date as well. Both Frisk and Steven could tell that this is going to be the best double date they'll going to have.