"Has anyone seen Allen?" Lenalee asked, looking at her fellow exorcists. They were in the cafeteria where lunch was being served, but everybody's favorite white-haired exorcist was nowhere to be seen.

"Now that you mention it, I haven't seen him since this morning." Lavi replied, mildly concerned but keeping a curious expression. Chaoji and the others also looked concerned, except Kanda. His concern was very well hidden.

Everyone stopped what they were doing when the clear sound of a guitar was heard and a familiar voice began to sing.

"It's okay, it's alright

To play the fool has always been my plight

In this tiny circus show, I'm the nameless pierrot

As I try to balance in the center

Of a ball as round and shiny as the moon

It's my job to trip and fall for laughter

But I always get back up and smile like a buffoon,"

Lavi's eye widens, "Oi, oi, that's Allen's voice!" He exclaims, but not too loudly. The others have shocked and surprised expressions as they listen to Allen's beautiful but melancholy singing.

"But then I saw you crying there out in the audience

Put on a happy face, you look much better when you smile

Your mom and your dad don't seem to notice

The tears steaming down your cheek but I did

Don't worry, 'cause I will wipe them away

It's okay, it's alright!

It doesn't hurt, I do it all the time

You should laugh, I want you to

This is what I do

It's alright, it's okay

I balance on a ball and fall away

In this tiny circus show, I'm the clumsy pierrot,"

Everyone gains a sad smile as they listen to Allen, some even tearing up. The song just seems to fit Allen since he had opened up about a lot of his childhood just recently, especially about being a clown. Kanda gave a small smirk. 'You do have a habit of playing the fool, little sprout.' He thought.

"You continued weeping and remarked:

'I know you're lying and it really makes me sad.'

'I promise that I never told a single lie.'

I said, but you only started crying once again."

Miranda and Krory wipe away their tears, but they still stream down their faces as they listen. There's so much sincere emotion in Allen's voice, when he used to be so distant and his smiles used to be so fake. Yet those smiles always fooled them in the end, except for those very observant few.

"'Show me what you're hiding there, beneath the painted mask

The face you never show the audience, that's all I ask

The pain that you feel when you are beaten

And tears that you cry when no one's looking

Don't be ashamed, because we all feel the same

It's okay, it's alright

Don't worry, you don't have to fake a smile

I just want you to be true

Just be true to you

It's alright, it's okay

It doesn't matter what they have to say

You won't face it all alone, I will cry with you.'

It's okay, it's alright

You helped me find what disappeared inside

It's the face I lost to time, the one that's truly mine

'It's alright, it's okay,'

It's like a spell, the lie can finally fade

And the lying pierrot that I was has gone away..."