I would like to sincerely thank any reviewers and favorites, present and future. The song is posted on Youtube by Ashestoashesjc. It's very good. I hope you think so too, since it reminded me so much of Allen. And I hope someone out there will use this song in future or present fanfics, not just songfics.

Raven, you're a guest so I couldn't PM you but thank you so much for your review. It made me so happy to read your review and see what you had to say.

I would also like to thank jy24 for your review. When I read it, I found it a bit funny, but I'm thankful all the same.

And to anyone who reviews in the future whether near or far, thank you so much! Please don't be rude when you review, otherwise anything nice in this AN is not for you.


Arigatōgozaimasu, watashinonamaeha Tsukiko Kdesu! Mata ne!

Thank you, my name is Tsukiko K! See you!