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My name is Izuku Midoryi. I'm fourteen years old and it always been my dream to become a superhero. Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamt of defeating bad guys, saving people and fighting off crime.

I've dreamt of being a superhero for so long that, when I was told I did not have a quirk like so many other kids my age, I was disappointed and it felt as if all my dreams have been shattered into pieces.

I was disappointed. My head couldn't wrap around the information I was given. But even then, I was still determined to be a hero.

For the next few years, I've studied different heros and I would study the different quirks they had. And it wasn't just superheroes, kids my age as well who also had quirks of their own.

When I was four years old, I learned the sad truth that not all men were created equal and even though I wasn't born with a quirk like so many other kids, I never let that get me down.

I was determined to become a hero, even if I had to work hard for it.


"Hahahaha! Come on little boy, fight me! Hahahaha!"

It was a normal afternoon and Izuku had juat gotten out of school. He was walking home when a man, no - a man as a lizard - appeared and whipped his tail to his stomach, throwing him to a nearby wall.

Izuku grunts in pain and slides down to the ground. His head was throbbing and his stomach was hurting. Blood ozzed out of the corner of his head and was dripping down on the pavement.

He places his hand over the cut to stop it and he opens one eye to look at his attacker.

He continues to laugh. "Hahaha! What, a puny kid like you can't stand up to a guy like me?" he points his thumb at me. "My names Lizardman! Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved lizards and snakes. Its been my dream to become one of them. Every one thought I was a nutcase but I'll prove them wrong! I'll show them my true strength. Once I'm done with you kid, I'm going to prove to those punks who doubted me what I'm really capable of."

Izuku yelps and he raises his arms in front of him for protection. Lizardman smiles and before he could do anything, a monotone stopped him.

"Hey can you move?"

Lizardman turns around to face the man who had spoken. Izuku lowers his arms a little and looks at the man before him.

The man was average looking. He was bald and he wore a blue jumpsuit with white shoes and by the two grocery bags he was holding, he just got back from shopping.

'What is this guy doing here? He's going to get himself killed!' Izuku thought to himself.

"Get out of here man, don't you see I'm busy here?" Lizardman yelled at him.

The man blinks. "I would but your blocking my way." he tells him. The bald man notices Izuku. "What are you doing to the kid?"

"Ain't none of your business! Now scram or else your next!" Lizardman threatened him.

"I told you your in my way." the man tells Lizardman. Lizardman growls. While this was going on, Izuku stares in amazement. How was this guy not afraid of him depite him being taller and more stronger?

"You talking smart on me man?! I am Lizardman! I am to feared by everyone that lays their eyes on me! And anyone who looks down on me will be pun-aaahhh!"

Izuku popped his eyes wide open in shock when the bald man punched Lizardman in the middle of his stomach and sending pieces of him flying everywhere.

Izuku flew out of his grasp and he landed on his behind. A couple of Lizardman like his arm or guts landed on Izuku's shoulder or head.

The man walks past Izuku as if the events that just happened unfazed him.

Izuku watches him walk.

"H-hey wait!" the man stops and looks at him. "Whats your name!?" Izuku asks him.

"Uhh...Saitama." The man, Saitama tells him.

"Saitama...c-can I carry your bags for you?!" Izuku asks.

Saitama looks at his bag then back at Izuku with his usual blank look.


The walk to Saitamas apartment was guiet.

Izuku walked next to Saitama who still had that usual expressionless look on his face. Izuku was holding both of Saitamas bags while Saitama had both of his hands in his pockets.

Izuku was grinning to himself as the events before played in his head. He couldn't believe he witnessed something incredible. He saw just saw a hero punch a guy in just one punch! What an amazing quirk!

Saitama stops walking. Izuku does the same. Saitama points at the building at the right side of them and says to him, "I live upstairs." Izuku looks up at the direction Saitama was pointing.

It was a pretty standard building. Nothing was really special about it. Except for that huge gaping hole on the left side of the roof. What kind of villain could have caused that? Izuku thought to himself.

"So uh...thanks for carrying my bags for me. I'll take it from here." Saitama grabs the bags from Izuku and heads inside.

Izuku looks at him in shock. 'Wait he's leaving? Thats it? B-but I haven't even asked him about his quirk! I need to know how he was able to defeat that villain with one punch!'

"W-wait!" He shouted desperately, raising his hand out to him

Saitama looks at him.

"It was amazing seeing how you punched that bad guy. One minute he was there then bam!" Izuku swings his hand across the air as if he punched something.

He continues. "It was incredible! He didn't even see it coming!" Saitama noted the look on the kids face as he talked about the event just a few minutes ago. It was bazaar seeing someone at this age so excited about what he's done.

Rarely has that happened. It was nice though, seeing someone acknowledge what he's done. Sure he got that from Genos but the dude always praised him for how strong he was and how great of a person he was. It kinda got annoying.

It was nice though, hearing another person praise for what he's done.

Speaking of Genos, where is the guy?

"You have a amazing quirk!" Saitama hears the kid say. By now they were standing by the front door of Saitama's apartment.

Saitama rose a eyebrow. "Quirk? No, kid, this isn't a quirk." He puts the bags down.

In am instant, Izukus smile vanished. Instead he looked confused. "What do you mean its not a quirk?"

Saitama signs. It was no doubt the kid would mistake it as a quirk. Nowadays, almost everyone in the entire planet has a quirk that made them stand out. Saitama however, he didn't receive his power just by waking up one morning and finding out he had super strength, he wasn't even born with it.

Saitama rubs the back of his neck. "How should I explain this? Well, you've heard stories about how people get their quirks just by getting it one night or simply being born with it right?"

Izuku nods his head. "Okay well, neither of that happened to me."

"Wait then, how exactly were you able to defeat the bad guy by one punch?" Izuku asks in confusion.

'I pretty much trained myself everyday for three years straight. That's all I did to be honest."

Izuku was silent for a moment. What did he mean by training? He wasn't hit by a radioactive mentor? He wasn't captured by a evil scientist that used him for chemical projects? He wasn't born with his strength?!

Izuku shakes his head in disbelief. "T-that can't be true. You gotta have a quirk! If you didn't, you wouldn't have been able to beat that guy up with a single punch!"

Saitama sighs. He was not getting to the kid. "Listen, I'm telling the truth." Saitama says. "That's all I did." Izuku does not answer. Saitama was beginning to feel a little bad exploding the kid about his powers.

Yeah, he wasn't born with a quirk. He was the odd kid out when he was younger. Saitama was bullied a lot because he didn't have powers. Hell, even his teachers started to doubt he wasn't going to make it in life without a quirk.

Saitama really didn't care that he wasn't like other kids. Who cares if he wasn't breathing out fire or lifting rocks with his mind, he was his own person and powers wasn't going to define who he was.

"So," Izuku speaks. "You were like me. You didn't have a quirk as well."

Saitama shakes his head. "Nope."

"But if you weren't born with a quirk and you trained just to get your strength, then does that mean someone like me could be a hero too?"

Saitama raises an eyebrow. "Huh?"

Izuku looks down to the ground and forms his hand into a fist. "When I was a kid, the doctors told my mom I wasn't going to have a quirk. It hurt me you know. It has always been my dream to become a hero and save people. I wanted to save the day." Izuku laughs sadly.

"Kids at my school tease me you know. They laugh because, even though I'm not like them and I don't have a quirk, I still want to be a hero."

He looks at Saitama and with determination in his eyes, Izuku asks him, "Please sir, take me as your student and train me how to have the same strength you have!"

Saitama blinks in surprise. He was not expecting that. And even he did, he wasn't going to take in another student. He was hardly a good teacher to Genos, what makes him think he'll be a good teacher to this kid?

Saitama shakes his head. "No, I'm sorry kid but I'm not taking in any more disciples."

The look on Izukus face showed the hurt and pain Saitama will ever see on a kid. It wasn't like he was trying to hurt the kid! He just didn't want to disappoint him.

Saitama wasn't a good teacher. He hardly taught Genos anything that was important or would even improve his strength. What help would he give to this kid that would help him?

Suddenly, Izuku changes his hurt to confusion. "Wait, any more? You already have a disciples?" Izuku asks him.

Saitama nods. "Yeah but I wouldn't say I handed him the offer. He pretty much declared himself my student." He explains to him. He shakes his head. "Anyways, the point is, I'm not taking in any students to train. I'm not exactly the best teacher okay?"

"T-that doesn't matter!" Izuku shouts.


"You weren't born with a quirk and I don't have one either. Please, let me prove to you that I can be as strong as you and if you change your mind, I promise you I will be the greatest superhero there was!"

Determination. That was the one thing Saitama could read out of the kid. He had the willpower to become a hero and it reminded Saitama on the day he decided to become one as well.

If this kid was serious about proving himself to Saitama, then, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Smiling, Saitama says, "Alright then. You have a deal."

Izuku widely smiles. "R-really?"

"Yes. For the next month, if you can handle the same training regime I went through everyday and you handle it without complaining or giving up, then, I'll take you in as my student."

Excitement, happiness, Izuku couldn't believe this was actually happening. Finally, finally he was going to be the hero he always wanted.

Izuku leaps in the air and with his fist pumped out, Izuku shouts, "Yeah! Whoo hoo!" He lands on his feet and Izuku runs to the stairs.

He looks at Saitama and says, "Don't worry, I won't let you down Mr. Saitama! You can count on that!" With a thumbs up, Izuku runs down the stairs and straight to home.

Saitama walks to the balcony and watches Izuku run. Izuku leaps in the air again and shouts, "I'm going to be the strongest hero!" Saitama smiled a little.

Next month was going to be quite interesting.