Hey, what's up you guys.

So, no, this is not a new chapter. Actually, I have some very bad news to tell you.

I don't want to get into too many details but, long story short, I will be discontinuing Strongest Hero. Due to lack of motivation and loss of passion for this story and writing in general, I've decided to quit on this story. I know most of you have waited very long for the next chapter and I apologize for that but, I can't myself writing this story anymore.

I already mentioned this to my beta and after a bit of discussion, I thought it would be best to discontinue the story as we had no time in our personal lives to focus on this story.

My lack of passion for writing is the reason why I haven't updated anything new and whenever I thought about writing a new chapter for this story, it felt more of a burden than something I was excited to work on. It took me a while to make my decision but, at the end I came to a conclusion.

I'm terribly sorry this has to be this way. At first, when I was writing the story, I had a lot of fun. I loved sharing your thoughts and communicating with someone who helped me with my writing skills was fun but also enlightened me on my writing skills and how I can improve better.

So, despite the news, I'm grateful for everyone who took the time to read my story and comment. And for any new followers who followed this story, expecting to see a new chapter, again I'm sorry.

Thank you guys for everything ^^