How it started

An eight year old Ash was walking through a forest alone, wanting to see some pokemon. But he was lost, cold and scared. His mum Delia Ketchum had told him to never wonder off into a forest alone without her, but Ash being a silly type disobeyed her warning and went into the forest anyway.

Suddenly it began to rain and Ash took shelter under a tree. But now Ash was really scared, but then he saw five wild pokemon out in the rain; there was a Rattata, Oddish, Caterpie, Weedle and Butterfree. Ash called out to them saying they could take shelter in the tree with him from the rain. Even though Ash was a silly type; he was still a very kind hearted type. The wild pokemon sensed nothing dangerous or wrong with Ash and they took shelter with him and they cuddled up top Ash. "Wow holding you guys feels wonderful," said Ash "it makes me wish that I was a pokemon trainer now so I could cuddle more pokemon like you five". Rattata, Oddish, Caterpie, Weedle and Butterfree listened to Ash's desire to become a pokemon trainer once he turned ten and become a pokemon master.

When it stopped raining Ash asked the pokemon if they could help him find his way home. The pokemon agreed since Ash had been kind to them first. Thanks to Butterfree's flying they found the way out of the forest and back into Pallet Town. Delia had been searching for Ash all this time and of course she was worried. Once she saw the five pokemon with Ash she understood at once that her son had gone into the forest alone and she was not happy about that. Ash got a lot of telling off from his mum and Prof Oak for his disobedience, but they were happy he was okay and they thanked the pokemon.

Ever since that day Ash continued being friends with the Rattata, Oddish, Caterpie and the Weedle. The Butterfree got caught by a trainer sometime after that. They liked Ash and they loved to play with him and they watched over him while they played in the forest. Over time Rattata, Oddish, Caterpie and Weedle evolved into their final forms; Rattata became a Raticate, Oddish evolved into a Gloom and later on it found a leaf stone and evolved to Vileplume, Caterpie evolved to Metapod and then to Butterfree later on and the same thing happened with Weedle evolving to Kakuna and then Beedrill. Because of his friendship with the pokemon, other wild pokemon became friends with Ash. Ash also became friends with a wild Pikachu. The Pikachu had been chewing on Prof Oak's cables but Ash and the pokemon got it to stop and explained to Pikachu of how much trouble it was causing. Pikachu was sorry after that and it hanged out with Ash and the pokemon.

Ash was happy to have many pokemon friends; he never told anyone apart from his mum about this because he didn't want anyone to make a fuss on it. He especially didn't want Gary Oak to know this because he knew that Gary would make a fuss over it.

On the day when Ash was ten and qualified to be a pokemon trainer, he woke up late because he broke his alarm clock. But he was disappointed that there was no Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle for him; he had Pikachu for a starter and after getting pokeballs from Prof Oak he captured Butterfree, Beedrill, Raticate and Vileplume. So truthfully Ash had the best start as a pokemon trainer than any other starter trainers.

Delia was sad to see Ash go on a pokemon journey but she knew he would be all right because he had his pokemon with him. Ash suggested that he would achieve anything with his pokemon by his side and he set off on his journey.