Misty Mermaid-Pallet Town

After finishing with Cinnabar Island, the gang were paying a visit to Cerulean City. Misty's Horsea had been unwell and needed to swim in something big like a lake. So Misty decided to take it to the gym to swim in the huge swimming pool. When the gang got there Misty's sisters explained they were putting on an underwater show and wanted Misty to play the mermaid. Misty wasn't happy her sisters were making her do something like this, but she couldn't refuse so she played the mermaid. During the show Team Rocket appeared to try and take all the pokemon, but Misty's pokemon all helped fight back and defeated Team Rocket. In the battle Misty's Seel evolved to Dewgong. Misty's sister's asked her if she could leave some of her pokemon at the gym. So Misty left Gyarados, Kingler, Krabby, Slowpoke, Tentacool, Horsea, Cloyster, Dratini, Vaporeon, Seaking and Dewgong at the gym and kept the others.

Viridian Gym

After passing through Cerulean City, the gang made it to Viridian City where Ash could earn his next badge. Unfortunately Gary was there too and he got permission first to battle the gym, so Ash had to wait for his turn. Ash and the others waited, but the wait went on for a few hours. The gang became worried and went into the gym to see why Gary was taking so long. What they saw was a shock; Gary and his cheerleaders had been knocked out. Gary explained that he lost the battle against a mysterious pokemon he had never seen before.

Before Ash could ask Gary questions, Jessie, James and Meowth turned up. The trio revealed the gym belonged to their boss, which meant the Viridian Gym was run by Team Rocket. Then Jessie said the boss was busy so they would be running as gym leaders at the moment. That meant Ash would have to battle Jessie to earn the gym badge.

Jessie sent out a Machamp, Rhydon and Kingler. This really belonged to the boss, but he let Jessie use them for the gym battle. Ash called out his Pidgeotto to battle Machamp, his Ivysaur to battle Kingler and Wartortle to battle Rhydon. Bad news was that Meowth set up a trap on the platforms; who's ever pokemon get hits or defeated first gets shocked by the platforms. Ash ended up shocked by the platforms, but so did Jessie. Jessie, being a cheater, sent out Arbok and Weezing. Ash countered by sending out Pikachu. Together Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Ivysaur and Wartortle defeated Machamp, Rhydon, Kingler, Arbok and Weezing. Even though Ash won, Jessie wasn't willing to give Ash the Earth Badge. But Togepi being curious sent Team Rocket blasting off by pressing a button on the remote control, and Ash caught the badge Jessie had dropped. Gary was happy for Ash but was still puzzled by the mysterious pokemon he saw.

So Ash finally had eight badges to qualify for the pokemon league, but he didn't know where it was so he had to go back to Pallet Town and ask Prof Oak where it was.

Pallet Town Again

So the gang made it back to Pallet Town. On the way they saw a wild Mr Mime and Ash caught it for himself. When they got back home they saw Ash's mum had a Mr Mime too that helped her with the housework.

Next the gang went to see Prof Oak. Gary was there too. Prof Oak explained with the results of all the progresses Ash and Gary had made. He even explained the other two trainers who left on the same day as Ash and Gary didn't make brilliant progress. So Ash and Gary were the only ones from Pallet Town who were going to enter the pokemon league. Prof Oak told them the pokemon was at a place called the Indigo Plateau and the pokemon league wasn't for another two months. So Ash and Gary had time to train for the pokemon league.

So during the two months Ash trained all of his pokemon for the pokemon league. Now when it came to Charizard, it of course wouldn't want to listen. But Ash's fire pokemon Magmar, Ponyta, Arcanine, Ninetails and Flareon stepped up to put Charizard to his senses. Charizard put up a fight with them, but he was no match for Magmar and Arcanine. Then Ash talked with Charizard about how he was acting like a lazy jerk like how Damion was. Charizard stuttered and started to remember Damion and how badly he treated him as Charmander. Then Charizard remembered how kind Ash had been to him and started to feel ashamed with himself. So Charizard came back to his senses and trained together with Ash. During the two months Ash and Misty each caught a Lapras while at a beach resort and Ash also caught a Snorlax. When the two months of waiting were over, Ash felt ready for the pokemon league.

Sorry for the long wait. My Ash's pokemon journey was more popular and people were getting impatient for the next chapter of that story. I'm not continuing this with the other regions. I only wanted to do the Inigo League arc. That's why I've had Ash catch a Snorlax and Lapras now.