A/N: In honor of the upcoming Blu-Ray i finally decided to dip my toes into the world of the SOS Brigade. Now of course comes a crossover and the only real canidate that i could feel would match up well with Ms. Suzumiya is the Arrowverse. We'll begin this roadmap with a prologue. Enjoy.

P: Failed this Reality:

By this point in my life my routine had pretty much become straight forward. Ever since curiosity got the better of me and I became interested in one anomaly. Ms. Haruhi Suzumiya, my classmate who gave off one odd vibe that I happened to pick up. She saw me, blah blah, roped me into a friendship, yada yada, SOS Brigade, I think you already know the rest. But after my whole experience crossing realities and having Yuki Nagato as a Haruhi equivalent it did make me see her in a new light.

Now this leads to another event that happened about a month after my crossover. As before mentioned by Haruhi herself, the SOS Brigade seeks out anything weird, alien or paranormal in the school. I use it mainly to lounge about only casually interested in what Ms. Suzumiya had to say. Until slowly but surely the recruited brigade members turned out to be the real aliens in disguise. Case in point the aforementioned Yuki Nagato a bookworm human computer sent by the data collective. Then there's Mikuru Asahina, time traveler who can't go more than 3 years back or forward. As well as Esper Itsuki Koizumi a benefactor for the brigades fortunes if you will. All 3 here to find out one thing, what makes Haruhi tick and if she had the power to destroy reality. That answer came in the form of a summer repeated by Haruhi 15,532 times, we all got a taste of what she could do and feared what she was capable of should she get dislodged from her routine.

Now on this day I happened to pop in to the clubroom just a few minutes after the last bell of the day. Nagato was already on the computer checking things out and I could see the time traveler and the esper comparing notes in the corner. I took my spot as usual not wanting anything to break up the mood. Until it was broken anyway with the usual door swing open.

"Hello Guys…"

And in walks our fearless Brigade leader now. As she pops in front of us, the esper decided to also pop up from his chair and break the ice.

"Well Ms. Suzumiya what's on the agenda coming up for us?"

My thought, probably another pointless idea involving me in the background doing the heavy lifting.

"Well, there was something that had popped into my head after Kyon over there got injured and we all took our shifts watching him in the hospital…"

Well this is odd, I get thrown directly into the mix.

"Did I ever tell you how nice it to have you by my side for that whole 3 days. You pull off red sleeping bag very well."

"His comment aside…" Haruhi swung back her direction "Most people would love to have some form of comfort and that allowed me to come up with what the Brigade is doing next. That's right were going too…"

Out of nowhere we could hear glass break and a whoosh sound. As we all ducked to the floor, within 15 seconds our front window smashed open as a zips line shooed behind the door and we could see the body of the attacker barrel roll knocking over the tables. Haruhi who remains unusually phased by incidents stood in the corner. While the rest of us huddled by the broken window.

"Hey what's going on here you'd better have a good..."

The assailant now stood up and pointed a bow with one green arrow and a very sharp head pointed near ½ inch away from our fearless leader.

"Haruhi Suzumiya, You Have Failed This Reality!"

Now there was a part of me that wanted to dive in and take a proverbial bullet for our leader but as the assailant let go of the arrow, time suddenly began to crawl to a halt. Yet somehow I knew that as untapped into her otherworldly abilities as we knew our brigade leader to be, this wasn't Haruhi stopping time.

"Wait, what the…"

Yet time had stopped for everyone but me. Now before I could do one of 3 obvious things, save her, let her get capped and finally be rid of her, or 3 the same scenario but have the unchecked powers finally manifest and destroy everything. I think we need to take this back a mere 5 days and to check in on the part of our would be assailant, this hooded green arrow archer.

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