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5: Boxing Day

"Kyon your phones ringing."

There was a part of me that had that phrase on loop for 10000 years. Although only we knew it was that long my sister didn't. Christmas thankfully Haruhi wize was quiet. A day with the family well spent including socks and a hat glove combo for this time of year. Now as I lounged about on the couch catching the American football games, I could hear once again my phone going off.


I patted her on the head and got up to check. Sure enough she was calling. The button to answer was quick and Haruhi was quicker as I barley opened my mouth to say Hi.

"Kyon, what did I tell you we were doing today?"

"Its boxing day, we don't do that for another…"

The door was suddenly opened as I could see my sister get a glimpse outside.

"Kyon, I see Haruhi."

Now I know I was crazy. She wouldn't be that determined.

"Get out here!"

That echoed twice and now I could see out the door to the awaiting street. They were all there, Nagato in blue, Mikuru in Yellow and Haruhi herself in bright green yukatas.

"Kyon, we'll give you a bit to get ready."

Koizumi popped into view behind the trio and now I went back inside to change. But as a tried to close the door I could hear Haruhi bellow once more.

"As punishment I want you to bring your sister with us!"

Now I was livid as I could hear her rapidly go upstairs to change her clothing as well. This was one of those days I really wanted to tell her off. I mean I could see why she wanted to do the shrine visit early, but this is overkill. It took nearly 10 minutes to change and as my sister was somehow a natural when it came to yukatas she was out the door within 3 minutes.

"Kyon were burning daylight." Nagato strangely said that as I made my way down the stairs to join them. Normally that line would belong to our brigade leader, but as the monotone would be a bit much for her.

The 6 of us began the walk to the shrine in near perfect weather. The snow from a week ago was still present, and my Christmas gifts were already paying dividends as the cold was nonexistent.

"I'm liking your gloves Kyon, a Christmas present?" Ms. Asahina was particularly interested in my attire at that moment.

"From my parents, really do wonders for your skin." The wind suddenly gusted a bit as we all stopped to wait.

"Yeah, wish I could say my gift was good, all I picked up was a thermos, some clothes, and this Yukata which would have looked better on Haruhi then me."

Almost like magic Haruhi popped by us while I could notice my sister piggybacking on Koizumi's shoulders ahead of us.

"Ah come one Mikuru, You rock yellow more than I do." I held back a bit while I could see the others going about themselves. The flashbacks to my time in that other world were immediate. Asakura and the human Nagato in converse discussions. Not to say that this was different, but they were more normal. All we kept mentioning is whether the New Years Gods do exist and how we could end up paying them a visit. 26 Minutes passed us by until Nagato pointed out the obvious.

"We have arrived."

For a morning like this, we could tell this was slow, a few stragglers were in line at the shrine already. In normal clothing each not dolled up like the girls were. At the bottom of the shrine maidens were there greeting us, each asking if we'd like to donate which Koizumi quickly obliged with. Now as we checked our clothing it seemed like as good a time as ever to do this.

"Shall we…"

My sister offered to take the lead to save us from complete confusion as we made our way up the steps. At the head of the prayer area we could see 2 others.

"Wondering what they're asking about?"

Nagato took one staggering step forward, then in reverse. She turned back at us and delivered something in hindsight seemed morbid.

"The two of them are brothers, their family just found out that the older sister is pregnant and each of them were praying they didn't miss going to the Super Bowl, as the due date as that weekend. "

Nice, Americans…Being the gentleman we are we let the girls go first. Nagato for being robotic, knew this process down pat. As they stood their for nearly five minutes I could tell my nervousness was getting the better of me.

"You're up guys."

My sis led the others away to the charm stands while Koizumi and I prayed our own desires into the shrine. My thoughts on this were surprisingly simple given the last 2 weeks events.

"If there's is anything I could wish for in the new year…" I turned to see the four of them happy as can be with Haruhi bragging about the charm she picked out.

"I'd want more time with them beyond our brigade."

Koizumi looked at me and smiled. "Look at that, we wanted the same thing." We walked over to join the girls as Ms. Asahina gave me a charm she picked out.

"Hmm. They do make characters for Journeyman."

"Yeah, its full of the usual well wishes and good luck charms for the new year but they do customization if requested. Looks good for you Kyon, just the right description."

I nodded in gratitude while Haruhi and my sis walked back down the shrine each picking up snow to LeBron toss.

"Man I love this time of year…"

Her words sent the rest of us into gleeful moods as we left the shrine. As we neared our place Haruhi stopped us in our tracks.

"Kyon, I know this was earlier than you wanted so to make up for it, well not need to meet until we come back to school."

Now I was stunned, but she held up her finger, knew an exception was coming.

"Pajama party at Mikuru's on the 2nd though."

I sighed in relief knowing we wouldn't have to be involved. Another crazy Haruhi day in the books, now it was just relaxation ahead. Looking forward to the Mochi to come, 5 days from now.

January 1

The abandoned noodle shop in town, is where Oliver had set up his temporary base of operations. Reminding himself of his initial list days as the hood.

"Ms. Suzumiya where are you…" The blown up photo set the mood for what he still had to do. According to the wall clock nearby it was ticking.

"68:47:17…To Go"

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