Number 2 has arrived, and here comes Dana Scully putting the bi in FBI. Song is David Bowie's John, I'm Only Dancing, and I recommed the sax version.

Despite being shorter than most people present, Scully could elbow her way through crowds like no other. It was a skill developed in high school corridors, and came in very handy when she needed to get somewhere and the 'take no prisoners' walk was simply not enough. Her target? One Monica Reyes, dancing awkwardly with Doggett.

John clearly didn't attend many of the FBI parties. He didn't seem to know where to put his hands, and seemed reluctant to touch Monica, so he kept them flat against his hips and swung back and forth. Off-beat. Scully though he resembled a particularly manic pendulum, or a tightly-wound wind-up toy.

"May I cut in?" Scully smiled charmingly at Monica, who looked at her in barely-concealed relief. John looked a little put-out, but Dana simply slid her body between them, grasped Monica's outstretched hand and began to dance smoothly.

Doggett's hands jerked, closed and opened, before he moved away, feeling like a third wheel. He made his way over to the punch, and decided to just watch from the sidelines. He'd be a wallflower for tonight, he sighed to himself. He helped himself to a generous serving of punch.

Turning back to face the dance floor, Doggett watched Monica and Scully dance. His insides squirmed as Scully placed her small hands on Monica's waist; fingers splayed upwards to her ribs, and pulled her closer. Doggett's heart constricted, and jealousy began to seep in.

"Reyes and Scully look like they're having fun," Skinner appeared at Doggett's side suddenly, holding his own cup of punch. Doggett gave a noncommittal grunt, keeping his eyes on the two women, who looked to be dancing closer now, all smiles and eye contact. Skinner looked curiously at Doggett, before moving away. Maybe the man needed some space.

Doggett stewed for half a song, declining a few offers to dance. Skinner's assistant seemed determined to get him onto the dance floor, and would flirt and bat her eyelashes in an attempt to entrance him. As politely as he could manage after the fifth attempt, Doggett turned her down, choosing instead to wallow in his jealousy.

Suddenly Scully made eye contact with him, and smiled secretively. John could see how her fingers squeezed around Monica's waist, and how Monica looked dreamily at the redhead. Monica's hands rested on Scully's narrow shoulder blades, and with every pulse of the beat, the pair moved closer together. It made Doggett's stomach twist with envy.

"John, I'm only dancing! She turns me on, but I'm only dancing!" The lyrics seemed to be ironically, painfully perfect for his miserable situation. Scully was still making eye contact over Monica's bare shoulder, and her mouth moved to the words.

"She turns me on, but don't get me wrong; I'm only dancing!" Dana slid her eyes shut, her hands wandering up Monica's back. Subtly, she turned the taller woman to the side, allowing Doggett the best possible view, before planting a sweet kiss on her cheek. The music was too loud to hear her, but she mouthed a 'thank you' to Monica, with a winning smile.

Doggett felt sucker-punched, like all the air in the room had suddenly disappeared and he was left gasping like a fish.

Scully's eyes met his again, and there was an unreadable look in them as the finishing strains of Bowie played. Then she turned back to Monica with a completely different look, and patted her arm affectionately. Having said her goodbyes, Scully moved off of the dance floor, towards Doggett.

"She's all yours," she said huskily, with a clear look of warning in her eyes. The threat to his person should he hurt Monica was transmitted through the set of her jaw and the harsh line of her brow. Doggett watched Scully leave discreetly.

Then he turned back towards Monica.

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