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Life 0: New Order

England/Outer Districts

It was a dark, cloudy night at the countryside just outside the city, and walking up along a path leading to an old church was a figure who was shrouded by a black, hooded longcoat that fit rather snugly to their slender torso and arms, but loose enough to allow ease of movement, the coattails falling just past their knees, their legs shadowed over but showing simple dark pants and black sneakers amid the moonlight, the hood doing much to conceal the figure's features save for a few drifting strands of silvery white hair drifting out from the hem, and on the figures back, strapped on by a black belt and with a black cloth drifting off from what wasn't wrapped onto it, was a sword long enough to stay just under qualifying for a claymore, currently held in a black sheathe designed to show the cross ornamenting the cross guard, the pommel having a deep blue gem embedded into it.

The figure then came to a stop at the doors to the church, listening to the sounds of crashing and yelling coming from within the old, large stone structure, the occasional flash of light coming from within, and they adjusted the sword on their back with a slight hum.

"So, it's this place again? Geez, how many times is this old place gonna be taken by a Stray?" The figure murmured, their voice indicating a young man as they stepped onto the dilapidated steps.

"Well you know how Strays are… once a church has been abandoned for so long, Heaven doesn't have jurisdiction over it anymore. So it basically becomes free game for a place to take up residence in it… unless of course someone like a Fallen Angel takes it back. No idea how that works though." A voice echoed within the young man's head, a deep but smooth voice that echoed with power, the young man simply rolling his shoulders.

"Guess so. Well, let's not leave the others waiting, Bahamut." The young man pushed the doors open and immediately moved to the side as a bolt of light shot past and hit the ground outside, and within the nearly empty but rubble strewn center of the old church, shown by the sparse moonlight were four others dressed in similar coats, but theirs lacked the hoods the young man's did, and the team consisted of multiple sword wielders, though one of them had a bow in hand rather than their blade, and a shape could faintly be made out darting through the shadows.

"What's the situation here eh?" The young man stepped forward with his hands in his pockets, the four others turning to him, and the youngest looking of the bunch raised a brow.

"One guy? What the hell? We called for another team and HQ sent one guy?" The swordsman snapped, then getting rapped on the back of his head, "OW!"

"Shut it newbie! You have no idea who that is, do you?" The oldest looking member of the team bit in reply as the young man stepped into the light and moved to remove his hood.

"No, I don't know who he is captain." The younger one snapped, the young man shrouded by moonlight chuckling as he removed his hood, revealing his features to be very good looking, outright pretty in summation, also telling his age was at the least seventeen, with snowy pale skin, the silvery strands of his hair framing blood red eyes with slit pupils, his thin lips moving to show obvious fangs as he shook his hair loose, the locks an obvious mess with little upkeep.

"The name is Soren Siegreich, adopted son to the commander of the Holy Knights and your backup, at your service. Now, captain, what are we dealing with?" The young man introduced, his hands back in his pockets, his mouth seemingly defaulting to a small smirk, his sharp eyes scanning the room.

"Is that guy even human?" The rookie swordsman asked.

"It'll be explained later. But that one guy is also one of the best Knights in the Association. You did hear him say he was the commander's kid." The leader of the squad stated, "One Stray Devil, Siegreich, but, it's a tough one… damn thing's nearly a High Class."

"Well then, my job is going to be easy." Soren said, cracking his knuckles as he snickered, the rookie yelping.

"Did he say easy?"

"Just wait until you see how he fights." The bow user said, then knocking an arrow as a shape appeared behind Soren, who barely shifted at all as a large shadow rose up behind him, glaring red eyes shining to life as a low growl filled the air. And when the shadow lunged, Soren simply swung his left arm back and slammed the shadow while barely looking, the shape being knocked aside hard enough to cause the air to whip around within the chapel, Soren casually sliding his hand back into his pocket as he looked to the heap that was coming to light now.

"So that's where it was." Soren said, turning to face the shape, "The four of you can stand back and nurse your wounds, this'll be over in a short while."

"Damn yoouuuu… what the hell are you?! A filthy human shouldn't be able to hit that hard!" A growling rumble came forth, and what showed itself was a hideous morphing of a human figure into a black furred, tiger like form, Soren giving an amused grin, one of his fangs glinting a bit, not saying a word and yet his mere expression looked like he was challenging the monster, "Fine then, see if you can match this!"

The monster then shot off and began moving fast enough it seemingly vanished, Soren sidestepping the attack as the beast's talons crashed down, jumping back and skidding to a stop, dodging the next strike with a quick, sideways duck, his hands still in his pockets.

"Fast and strong. I can see why you held out against these guys for as long as you did." Soren dodged another slash, flipping up into the air and landing on a wrecked bench, "Granted, those four are pretty tough themselves…" Soren then shot back and jumped onto some of the rubble, the beast crashing onto it in pursuit, Soren merely hopping off. All of his movements were casually executed, much to the shock of two of the four watching the fight. "But against me, you don't have much of a chance."

Soren landed and skid back, only stopping once his foot hit the wall, humming as he stood straight, looking back at the dust cloud as the monster roared through it, taking one hand out of his pocket and aiming his fingers like a gun, closing an eye as he took aim, electricity sparking along his arm as a keen sounded in the air.

"Burst." Soren murmured, a bolt of lightning blasting from his fingertip at the speed of a natural lightning bolt, striking the monster dead on, the strike coursing through it as Soren jumped out of the way as the falling body, which crashed through the stone and into the next room.

"Damn youuuu… that actually hurt!" The monster growled, struggling up and entering the main chamber again, "Still… even if you held out for this long, your luck has run out! You'll make a fine little treat!"

"Honestly I was holding back with that lightning, I wanted to see what you could take… sorry, but this is done now." Soren said, reaching to the black belt and unhooking it, catching the sheathed sword and bringing it around, grabbing the hilt with his right hand and drawing the blade with a slight flourish, amber twilight drifting off of the gleaming silver blade as moonlight struck the metal, the beast feeling an instant twinge once the sword was brought out.

"That's a holy sword, but, you aren't some Church Exorcist." The beast muttered.

"Obviously not." Soren stated, setting the sheathe back into its previous place and holding his sword forward, "Now, count up your sins!"

"Ohh, how hard boiled on you! Ha! Don't try to act so tough!" The Stray roared as it lunged, Soren simply dodging the swiping talons and swinging his sword, skidding to a stop shortly after, the beast also stopping dead on the ground, and blood marred the holy blade in the boy's hand, which then began to steam as the holy weapon burned away the demonic power within the red liquid.

"Sorry, but I don't believe in bluster or acting tough. It was a simple truth, I'm stronger than you." Soren stood and swiped the blood off his sword, the beast falling to the ground with a gurgle, the body starting to melt away until bursting into ash, Soren spinning the sword before placing it back in its sheathe, a resounding clack sounding as the cross guard hit the top of the sheathe, the four other black coat wearers stepping out.

"He beat that Stray Devil so easily." The rookie murmured. "And… that sword."

"Holy Sword Balmung. The very same weapon used by the ancient hero Siegfried to defeat the dragon Fafnir. Some say that's a sword on par with Excalibur, and it's in the hands of someone like him." The captain stated, storing his own weapon.

"Like him? I don't get it?" The rookie stated, the fourth member, currently the one to have not spoken, sighed.

"We have some explaining to do, don't we?" The fourth one said, the bow user nodding as Soren lifted his hood and left without so much as a word, his business concluded.

"Soren Siegreich… you were half right in asking if he wasn't human… that guy is a demi-dragon. Body of a dragon, soul of a human." The bow user state, "Also a Sacred Gear user."

"If you want to keep spilling information about me, kindly do it with my permission, Alex." Soren spoke up, stopping at the door, glancing at the bow user, the lighting making the red shade of his eyes stand out like glaring lights.

"Right right, sorry Soren." The bow user chuckled, "Still, thanks for the help."

"I was only acting on orders, don't make a big deal out of it." Soren said, leaving with that.

"As cold as ever, geez, why is a guy like that Commander Ashworth's kid?" The fourth asked.

"Best not to ask questions. Now come on, we have cleanup to do, we need to make sure church doesn't get taken over by a Stray again!" The captain stated, the three younger members saluting, Soren humming from outside the door.

"Always an interesting bunch, doesn't matter which squad it is I end up helping." Soren said, rubbing his neck as he adjusted his shoulders.

"I didn't like that rookie, he was rather up front about being shocked." Bahamut murmured, Soren chuckling.

"Aw chill out you geezer of a dragon. Come on, let's get back to HQ before you know who rags on me for taking too long again." Soren said, starting down the path again.

"Too long? Pff, that woman can forget that! You beat that Stray in under a minute, she has no place to complain about things." Bahamut stated, Soren rolling his eyes at the dragon's comment.

"Aw shut it old man."

"Yo! I'm back, and the job is done and over!" Soren shouted as he flat out kicked in the door in front of him, stepping into a lavishly decorated living room which was just one of many within the building he was inside, taking off his coat and hanging it next to another of similar design, setting Balmung against the wall, then adjusting the white button-up shirt that was what sat under the coat, rolling up the sleeves and adjusting the opened top buttons to where a black shirt was seen under it.

"Huh, maybe she isn't here." Bahamut hummed, seeming relieved at the thought.

"No way… mom wouldn't be-GWAGH!" Soren was cut off when seemingly out of nowhere, a rather thick hardcover book came sailing out of the nearest opening to peg him square between the eyes, the impact enough to send him rolling back and slam into the wall upside down, Soren dazed as he slid to the floor, his legs sticking straight up and his arms spread.

"Soren?!" Bahamut yelped.

"How many times have I told you not to call me "mom"?!" A female voice yelled from the other room, Soren managing to quickly get out of the daze and onto his knees, rubbing the sore spot between his eyes.

"Sorry sorry… force of habit… Artoria Ashworth." Soren grumbled, and stepping into view came a woman who's height matched Soren's, her features stern but bearing their own kind of beauty, seemingly appearing to be in her mid-twenties, blond hair held back in a ponytail with stray strands framing emerald eyes, wearing a white button down and black vest, a decent bust held within the shirt and vest, matched by the same dark uniform pants Soren wore, her feet merely covered by socks, her overall build radiating this natural strength and authority was about her countenance.

"Yeah well it's a habit that needs to stop. Now give me back my book." Artoria held out a hand, Soren picking up the tome of a book and handing it back to the woman before flopping down onto the couch without a care. "So, how did the mission go?"

"Captain Harway's team held out against the Stray Devil well. The damn thing managed to equal a low tier High Class as it was. It was easy work. I didn't even need my Sacred Gear." Soren stated, turning a finger in his ear.

"Honestly I was disappointed. That Stray was fast and definitely had some bite, but overall is was a quick, disappointing show. Sure it took a lightning bolt dead on but it was weakened and one slash from Balmung was enough to end it. Can't we fight someone like that rouge Fallen Angel again? That was fun!" Bahamut's tone was all complaint as the dragon spirit spoke, Soren cracking an eye open.

"Gonna drag on about that fight again? We all had orders to take that guy down… doubt we'll run into a Leader Class gone rouge anytime soon." Soren sat up and let out a sigh, hanging an arm off the side of the sofa.

"Speaking of the other factions…" Artoria spoke up, closing her book with a slight slam, taking off the reading glasses she had on, setting both down, "Me and the other heads got some news today that we decided to make a mission. One for you, to be precise."

"Greeeaaaattt. What foreign country are you sending me too and which language am I gonna have to crash course the writing for on the plane?" Soren grumbled, hanging his head back and sighing, Artoria chuckling.

"Quick on the uptake as always I see. Good." The blonde woman then leaned on the arm of the sofa she was on, folding her hands as she slouched, "We started getting some interesting information from the Japan HQ, which is already a swarming ground for activity considering the number of supernatural beings that exist in that area."

"Yokai of all sorts and then the Shinto Gods… Who tend to stay out of things." Soren murmured, Artoria nodding.

"Precisely, so it's also a hot spot for the three Biblical factions, specifically the Fallen Angels and Devils." Artoria noted, Soren folding his arms and nodding.

"Of course. So, Japan is the country and I need to refresh myself on Japanese writing, got it… now, where am I going and what am I doing?" Soren once again asked what the point was, not bothering to ask about details, as those were something he'd be able to piece together himself with some more information.

"Simply put, a small city near Tokyo. You'll be landing in Tokyo and get your full orders once you arrive at the HQ there, and arrangements are already being made for your residence in the town. You're going in under the guise of an exchange student, which, thankfully, the school you'll be scouting out happens to be full of." Artoria pulled out a file, sliding it over the coffee table to the teenager before her, "Keep it covert for as long as you can, the scouts said there's quite a bit of a Devil presence in that town. If anything happens… well, deal with it like you usually do."

"So, I'm going to go and find out who's there huh? Anything else I may need to know before I get my ass shipped off halfway across the world again?" Soren was already flitting through the file, looking at the pictures that were within it and maps that marked locations of interest, namely, the school grounds and a church.

"Yes, actually. There's some hints there's a dormant Sacred Gear somewhere in that town, and thanks to the magi being as proficient as they are at identifying such things, our information suggests it may be a Dragon Gear." Artoria stated, Soren's eyes widening as he looked up at her.

"A Dragon Gear huh? Heheh, this might be an interesting job then! Who knows, might even be one of the Heavenly Dragons, those guys are only interesting." Bahamut snickered, Soren raising a brow.

"And you would know that why you geezer?" Soren asked.

"I knew Ddraig and Albion when we still had our bodies… of course they never agreed with one another and were always fighting. Diametrically opposed existences and all of course." Bahamut stated, Soren sighing.

"You just wanna fight the guy, don't you?" Soren asked.

"If it's a dormant Gear you'd be best just observing. If the sap say, falls into the hands of another Faction, try to make friends. We've got connections to the Fallen Angels so in that case it wouldn't be too hard. The Devils are another story though. As you know, our relations to them aren't quite as… stable. Humans have enough trouble as it is, and Devils especially like to look down on us." Artoria put an arm over her eyes as she sighed, Soren shutting the file and standing up.

"That's how they are. Humans are inferior unless that have a Sacred Gear, but even then it's only to be used as a tool… luckily for me it's not possible, but, the fact is, if we want to be acknowledged, we need to show it because beings seen as inferior will always be looked down on, even when they aren't." Soren stated, picking up Balmung and pulling the blade out of the sheathe just a bit, a dim, golden glow emanating from the silver weapon.

"True. It's why humans are the only ones who can hold Sacred Gears without having to them… isn't that right, Black Dragon Emperor?" Artoria mused, showing one eye, and a slight shimmer of a red aura at Soren's back showed, the faint image of six wing like shapes showing before fading just as soon as the image had appeared.

"Right… alright then, orders received. Looks like I'm gonna be headed to Japan aren't I? Well, let's hope this job turns out to be interesting." Soren let out a small chuckle, a slight glint hitting one of his fangs as he placed his sword all the way into its sheathe once more, "Bahamut?"

"To that I say hell yes! Let's go find ourselves a dragon! Hehe, looks like I won't be bored for a while if things get interesting!" Bahamut chuckled, Soren nodding.

"Right… so, when do I head out?" Soren asked, turning back to Artoria, the woman standing and walking over to the boy, tapping him on the head with her tome.

"Relax for a bit dumbass. You're heading out tomorrow, but don't get so hyped up. You need to try and keep this covert, so make sure that dragon of yours keeps his hot headed maw shut unless it's in that thick skull of yours." Artoria continually tapped the top of Soren's head with her tome as she spoke, the boy sighing and then moving the women's arm aside before stepping away. "But if you can't, since Gears have a nasty habit of resonating, try not to cause political problems again, alright?"

"Yeah yeah, I know. This won't be Beijing and the Wukong guy again." Soren hefted Balmung over his shoulder and started off to a room, "So, think this will actually get me somewhere?"

"Is this about your missing memories again?" Artoria asked, Soren remaining silent, the woman sighing, "Maybe, maybe not. Is it really that important? Is knowing what life was like before seven years ago that necessary? Do you really want to know?"

"Wouldn't you if you were amnesiac and knew you could learn about the past?" Soren posed, then shrugging, "If not, then I guess I don't. Still… I can't help but be a bit excited about the thought of meeting another dragon… hehehe, sounds like fun."


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