The Marauders School of Magic
by Roff

A/N: This is just a short story tried in a different way, mostly for fun. It will be six chapters total. While I tried to be as original as I can, you should recognize the overused clichés found in many other fanfiction stories. In fact, it's pretty much a parody to all those clichés I've run across in the fanfictions I've read. This story just has my spin on them. Also, there have been so many stories written about the Triwizard Tournament, but I just couldn't resist when the idea struck me.

Chapter One

I wanted so badly to go home with Sirius Black to live. It was after my third year when I rescued my godfather Sirius from about 100 dementors and then enabled him to fly away safely. He escaped on a hippogriff called Buckbeak right before the ministry was going to have the both of them executed. The last place I wanted to go back to was the Dursleys but I simply could not get Dumbledore to understand how bad it was there. I didn't normally talk about my home life since my relatives were so embarrassing and my treatment by them was absolutely cruel. But even if I did vocalize it, no matter how much I complained he always insisted that I go back.

Dumbledore would drone on about the blood wards there that were protecting me from Death Eaters so I had to go back to be under that protection. He insisted that every single time. I always wondered though what was going to protect me from the Dursleys? If I was simply allowed to do magic while at home I could probably get them to leave me alone. I mean a good threat with my wand ought to do the trick, right? What would be even better though would be to live somewhere else. I wish I were an adult already so I would never have to see my unfortunate excuse for relatives again.

I ended up having to deal with my uncle, aunt, and cousin again for the summer and as usual, they made it as unpleasant for me as much as they possibly could. If it weren't for the food Mrs. Weasley sent me regularly via owl, I might have starved to death. But, the bright spot came when I was invited over to the Weasleys to spend time with my best mate Ron. Mr. Weasley, who worked at the Ministry, had received tickets for the Quidditch World Cup final, which was being held in Britain this year.

I had to trick my uncle to get his permission to go but it worked out in the end since I would be staying with the Weasleys for the remainder of the summer. My humongous git of an uncle didn't want me to have any fun but he liked the part about me being gone even better. That clinched it.


My fourth year was in full swing already after we attended the Quidditch World Cup and returned to Hogwarts for a new year. Everyone was anxious for the Triwizard Tournament to begin. It was a contest between the three major magical schools – Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons. Dumbledore had made the announcement about the tournament the first night back at Hogwarts so everyone had been excited about it since then. The representatives from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were to arrive on the 30th of October and the tournament selection process was to begin that same night.

Those old enough to enter were given twenty-four hours to put their name in the goblet then on Halloween night the Goblet of Fire was to choose one champion from each of the three schools represented. Dumbledore drew an age line around the goblet to prevent anyone under the age of seventeen from entering their name. He also warned all those who were thinking of entering to consider that choice seriously. If you are chosen by the goblet then you must compete because it's a binding magical contract you cannot get out of, he warned.

That warning was good enough for me and I certainly had no desire for any additional fame and fortune. I had plenty of both. The fact that you had to be seventeen to enter made it that much easier to avoid it all together. I was only fourteen.

After the Halloween feast, everyone in the Great Hall became very quiet with anticipation when Dumbledore stood up after finishing his meal and walked over to the goblet, its blue-white flames flickering.

"The goblet is almost ready," he announced. "As your names are called please come up and go past the staff table and on into the next chamber to the right," he indicated with his hand. "That is where the three champions will receive their first instructions."

He looked down at the Goblet of Fire.

"The time is upon us," he said.

He had barely finished his statement when suddenly the fire in the goblet turned red and sparks were emitted followed by a flash of fire. A small piece of parchment was spat into the air where it fluttered down until Dumbledore reached out and caught it. The flames turned back to a bright blue-white color like before.

Dumbledore held the slip of parchment out so he could read it.

"The Durmstrang champion is…Victor Krum!"

There was much excitement and applause as Victor walked up towards Dumbledore and then on into the next chamber. Dumbledore only had to wait a few more seconds before the goblet repeated the same actions and spat out another slip of parchment. He grabbed that one from the air and read the name.

"The Beauxbatons champion is…Fleur Delacour!"

There was much excitement and applause again as Fleur walked up and disappeared into the chamber. Hermione noticed that some of the Beauxbatons delegation were not very happy they weren't chosen. I noticed a couple of the girls were sobbing with their heads down on their arms.

It became very quiet as we were all anticipating the last champion to be chosen. Hogwarts was next. The goblet turned red again and spat out the next piece of parchment. Dumbledore read the name.

"The Hogwarts champion is…Cedric Diggory!"

The hall erupted with noise, especially from the Hufflepuff table as they cheered on their champion. It took a very long time for everyone to settle down so Dumbledore could be heard again.

"Yes, yes, this is very exciting, is it not? How wonderful that we now have our three champions. I know you all will be cheering them on as they compete. It is now time to dismiss you back to your houses so we can continue on with the champions in the next chamber. Have a – "

Dumbledore stopped talking because he saw that the fire in the goblet had turned red again and was shooting out sparks. Suddenly a large flame, much larger than before, shot into the air and out came another piece of parchment. Dumbledore automatically reached out and caught it just like the others. He stared at it for some time while the whole hall was deathly quiet just staring and waiting on Dumbledore. He continued to stare at the paper for a bit longer before he finally came to his senses and read the name to everyone.

"Harry Potter."

I had been standing after all the excitement of Cedric being chosen, but I sat down suddenly in disbelief after hearing my name. How could my name come out of the goblet since I didn't put it in?

"Harry Potter?"

This can't be happening, I thought. I then felt Hermione pulling me to my feet to get me to stand up again. Once I was standing, she pushed me toward Dumbledore who was watching me carefully.

"Go on up, Harry," she encouraged me.

I slowly walked toward Dumbledore with my head down trying to make sense out of this craziness. Halfway there I raised my head and spoke up so Dumbledore could hear me properly. I'm sure everyone else could too.

"But Professor, I didn't put my name in. How could I be chosen?"

"Are you sure, Harry?"

"Yes," I replied while nodding vehemently in response.

"Did you have someone older put your name in for you?"

"No, Professor. I wouldn't because I have no desire to compete in this tournament. I'm not old enough. Those three champions in there are adults. Besides not being old enough, I'm not even interested. My word should be good enough but I'll swear a wizards oath if I have to."

"Very well, Harry. That will not be necessary. Head on back with the others and we will sort this out." Dumbledore patted me on the shoulder as I passed by him and headed on into the other chamber.

Everyone was watching me as I made my way back and until I was no longer in sight.

Dumbledore turned back to the others.

"The rest of the students are dismissed back to your houses. Alastor, Minerva, please join us. The remaining professors please see that the students get back safely."

Dumbledore headed back to the chamber with the other Headmasters/judges followed by the two professors he requested.

As soon as the three champions were caught up on what happened in the Hall and I once again assured everyone that I did not enter my name, I asked for a copy of the rules. Barty Crouch reached into his robes and pulled out a set, which I grabbed and went over to sit down so I could go over them quickly.

The discussion became quite animated in that chamber. Moody was trying to convince everyone that someone had to have put my name in that goblet because they wanted me to compete. That they had to have used a very powerful Confundus Charm beyond the ability of a fourth year to trick that goblet into thinking there was no longer just three schools. They probably used a fourth school with me as the only entrant so my selection would be guaranteed, he said.

After a lengthy discussion that got completely out of hand for a good while, they basically told me that I have to compete because of the binding contract. However, after having read enough of the rules and giving it some serious thought I stated my objections.

"I'm afraid you're wrong. According to the rules, you have contradicted yourselves."

"But Harry," said Ludo Bagman, "Barty knows the rule book forwards and backwards."

"And we must follow the rules which state that those people whose names come out of the Goblet of Fire must compete because they are bound by a magical contract to do so," stated Crouch.

"Look, I am not seventeen and I do not come from a fourth school. The rules clearly state that there can be only one champion from each of the three schools. Get it? Three! Cedric is the Hogwarts champion so what school am I supposed to represent since I attend Hogwarts too? The new rules for this year also state the champion has to be seventeen which means an adult and I am not an adult unless you want to lower the age for every witch and wizard out there to fourteen."

Crouch thought for a minute. Everyone else looked pensive as well.

"We can make this work," Crouch announced after a bit. "Mr. Potter can be emancipated and declared an adult to fix that issue. We can then deal with the school issue easy enough. I think the school could just be invented since he would be the only one in it."

"I do not like this idea, Barty," interjected Dumbledore. "He is only fourteen."

"But Albus, it will be too risky to not do it this way," Barty replied. "Mr. Potter's name came out of that goblet so he is now under that magical contract. The first and last person who refused to compete lost their magic and died three days later. If we are not careful and follow the rules of the tournament exactly as they are written, then we risk Mr. Potter losing his magic and likely dying."

Dumbledore didn't like it but conceded after that point. And, while I was not excited about competing in the tournament, I liked Mr. Crouch's idea because if I were declared an adult then I would control my own life. Where I live would be my decision. I just needed to survive the competition so I could enjoy my freedom.

"Considering my past experiences at Hogwarts, I doubt the person who entered my name planned on me making it all the way through the competition. I really thought this year was going to be different, that I could sit on the sidelines and just watch. I guess it's not practical for me to expect to have a normal year here where someone or some thing isn't trying to kill me at least once."

Everyone in the chamber became deathly quiet after that. I then turned and left.

"Eyes open at all times, Mr. Potter," I said to myself as I walked back through the empty Great Hall.


I had sent a note off to Sirius and Remus before I made it back to my dorm to let them know the basic news of what happened. When I finally made it back to my common room, I had to explain to practically all of Gryffindor what was decided and what likely happened according to Mad-Eye Moody. I explained about the rules and the contract and how I was now stuck having to compete. Everyone was excited for me that I would be considered an adult and a Triwizard Champion. I was not so sure it was going to be that easy. Surviving was now my top priority. Otherwise, my freedom would be worthless and short-lived.

The next day I was declared an emancipated minor by the Ministry with full rights as an adult. I received an owl with the signed forms a little after breakfast. I assumed they didn't want to waste any time on this, just to be safe.

I was anxious to hear back from Sirius and Remus. I knew they were probably going to have some fun with this. I thought they could help me with forming a new school that I could compete under and hopefully provide some training and ideas to help me with the competition.

It was lunchtime when Remus arrived with a large black dog named Snuffles. They came into the Great Hall and found me with my friends at the Gryffindor table eating lunch.

"Harry," called Remus. "Mind if we join you?"

"Remus!" I stood and hugged him. Then I saw Sirius in his dog form. I bent down and scratched him behind the ears then hugged him. "Snuffles, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know him, Harry," replied Remus. "He somehow knew I was coming to see you so insisted that he come with me. Sometimes he's just too much to handle." He looked down at the dog.

Sirius looked back up at Remus with a look that said he would get him for that one.

"Why don't you guys join us and then we can go somewhere and talk afterwards?" I asked.

"Sure," replied Remus.

"We can probably find something for Snuffles too," added Hermione who fed him a piece of meat. He gladly accepted it. She ended up fixing him a plate and put it on the floor for him so he could eat with everyone else. I grabbed an empty bowl and filled it with water from my wand for him.

We talked during lunch for a bit and some of the students who had Professor Lupin for Defense class the year before, came around and said hello to him. Some even petted his dog, not knowing he was an animagus. Sirius just put up with the extra attention so he could continue to hide.

After lunch, Remus and I said good-bye to my friends then left to go outside where we could talk in private. Snuffles followed along obediently beside me. We headed down toward the lake and close to some trees. We then headed into the trees a little bit. When Sirius was out of site from the castle and behind a big enough tree, he changed back and hugged me properly.

Remus put up a charm to prevent eavesdropping.

"What have you got yourself into this time, Harry?" asked Sirius. "Your letter didn't say much so tell us all of it."

I took my time to go over everything I knew so far. I explained about the contract and my declaration as an adult because of it. I also told them we had to come up with a school name for my new school. After I shared all I knew with them, I waited to hear what they had to say.

"First of all Harry," said Sirius, "you will need to go to Gringotts as soon as you can. Since you are now legally an adult, you can have access to all of your vaults, including your Potter family vault. This is huge for you. There will be items in that vault that you will find extremely useful. Go soon."

"Vaults, as in plural?"

"Yes, the Potters have more than one vault. Did you think your Trust Fund vault was the only one?"

"Yes! I was never told any different."

"I'm sorry, Harry," sighed Sirius shaking his head.

"Me too, Harry," added Remus. "Sirius would know more than I do but I knew the Potters were an ancient and noble family that goes back over a thousand years. I was aware that you would inherit a lot but I always assumed someone had already told you about all that."

"Well, when I received my key, Hagrid had it. I assume Professor Dumbledore had it and gave it to Hagrid since he took me to Diagon Alley that first time. Would he have keys to my other vaults?"

"No, Harry," replied Sirius. "Gringotts will provide you with access to your other vaults when you go visit them. Dumbledore would not be allowed to have access to those other vaults, especially the Potter Family vault. There would be no key for that one either. Only certain ones at Gringotts and a Potter can open that vault."

"Harry, Dumbledore was your magical guardian since Sirius was unavailable," Remus explained. "Sirius was able to act like your magical guardian again even though he had to stay hidden. However, with your adult status you will no longer have a magical or Muggle guardian. You will be your own man but Sirius and I will always be available to you should you need us. Don't forget that."

"I won't. Thanks guys."

"Now, let's discuss this school you need. Since you included that information in your letter last night, Remus and I have already come up with a school name. Let's see if you approve. How about "The Marauders School of Magic?"

I started laughing. "I love it!" I exclaimed.

"Your Headmaster is Remus J. Lupin, a.k.a. Moony," Sirius continued, "and your Deputy Headmaster will be me, a.k.a. Padfoot, but I will have to come up with a good name to use along with a good disguise. You can call us both Professor," he said with a grin.

"How about we use the name of a famous Muggle?" I asked smiling. "We could even change it up a little so it's not so obvious."

"That might work," said Moony.

"Let me think…." I thought for a minute. "The Americans show a lot of their films here in Britain so maybe an American Muggle would be best. What was that karate guys name that Dudley always liked to watch? Ch – Ch – Chuck…Chuck Norris. Yes, that's his name. He's a big karate expert that does a lot of action movies."

"Chuck Norris, huh?" asked Padfoot. "And he's a tough guy?"

I nodded my head smiling. Sirius thought for a second.

"How about Charles Norris? Professor and Deputy Head Master Charles Norris at your service," he said with a bow and a devious smile.

"Perfect, Sirius…uh, I mean Charles," said Remus.

"Chuck Norris has blonde hair and it would not hurt your disguise if you did the same. It would be practically opposite of your natural look," I added.

"Okay, I will take care of the changes to my looks a little later when I'm in front of a mirror and can really do it right. Let's discuss what we will need for the school and competition."

"Durmstrang and Beauxbatons have their quarters setup out here on the grounds. Well Durmstrang is actually on the lake," I said. "Do we need to do the same or will Dumbledore give us some rooms in the castle?"

"I think it would be best to put up our own facilities," answered Moony. "Even with a good disguise I would rather Padfoot spent as little time as possible in the castle. Too many ministry employees will be in and out with the tournament going on."

"I agree. We should be careful about this. Right, Padfoot?" I asked.

"Right, Prongslet. There's no use getting careless."

"Plus," I added, "I will need the both of you here as much as possible to help me prepare for the events in the competition."

"We will need to do some research on past tournaments to figure out what to expect," said Moony.

"You will need a crash course in new spells to compete with the seventh years, Harry," warned Padfoot.

"I still have all the text books for all the spells you will need to learn," added Moony. "I'm sure we can find some additional spells to go with them."

"Be ready for some very hard work, Harry," said Padfoot. "If you have to compete then we want you ready for anything. Don't worry. We plan to have some fun too. We may be able to pull a few friendly pranks while we're here."

"As long as no one figures out it's you, Sirius," I warned him back, "and don't worry, I'm ready to work as hard as it takes. I just gained my freedom from the Dursleys and what a shame it would be if I failed to live long enough to enjoy it."

"Harry, you will get through it," Moony assured me. "We will make sure of that. Even if everything goes completely pear shaped Padfoot and I will jump in and not let anything take you from us. That's a promise and I doubt Dumbledore would let that happen either."

"You just work hard and prepare, Harry," Padfoot said while placing his hands on my shoulders. "Everything else will work itself out. We need to go now and start working on all the details. We'll get back in touch with you very soon and we'll need to pick out a good spot out here for our school's quarters."

"Are you going to bring a tent or something that we can use for our school?" I asked.

"Yes, but it will likely be better than a tent," replied Padfoot. "You let me worry about that. The Black family should have something we can use for this."

"Okay. I guess I had better get to class. I've already missed a good bit."

"Before you go, Harry. Do you have a copy of the rules?" asked Moony.

"Yes, I keep it with me," I answered while pulling it out of my robe and handing it over.

Remus took it and made two duplicate copies for himself and Sirius then handed the original back to me.

"See you in a couple days, Harry," said Moony.

"Bye Professors," I replied with a grin.


At dinner, Hermione and Ron were grilling me over why Professor Lupin showed up at lunch with Snuffles.

"Harry, I was surprised to see Professor Lupin here today," said Hermione. "Why did you need to talk to him after lunch instead of going to class?"

"I'd like to know that too," added Ron. "What did you guys talk about?"

"The tournament," I replied as I filled my plate. "I sent them an owl last night to let them know the news and asked if they could provide some assistance with it. This afternoon we formed a new school since I am supposed to be from a different one for the tournament. Also, Professor Lupin is my new Headmaster."

"That's nice Harry," said Hermione. "So they are going to train you for the tournament? I was hoping I could help you with that too. I could research spells and other things if you think that would help."

"Sure Hermione that would be great! It looks like we are going to setup shop on the grounds out there like the other visiting schools so I may be moving out there once we get it setup. Of course you guys are welcome to visit any time."

"So you won't be sleeping in our dorm at night?" asked a surprised Ron.

"It depends on what my school sets up for our quarters. I'm not sure what they are bringing. If it's nice enough then I will stay out there so I can train as much as possible and plan how to compete in the tournament."

"I didn't think about that," replied Ron sadly.

"Well, in order to follow the rules of the tournament I had to be declared an adult and I had to be from a fourth school. Since I am definitely in the tournament under those rules then it makes sense that I would reside where my school is located, just like the other visiting schools. Of course, I will still have to go to my classes and eat my meals here."

"Just let me know if I can help you get ready, Harry. I'm not sure what I can do but I'm here if you need me."

"Thanks Ron and you to Hermione. I'm not sure how I ever got along without you guys." I said smiling at them. "The main thing is to make sure I survive this so I can enjoy my new freedom as an adult. No. more. Dursleys!"

After we got back to our common room, I excused myself to go write a letter. When I got up to my dorm I quickly penned a note to Gringotts to let them know I was now declared an adult by the Ministry. Taking my godfather's advice, I asked to meet with them as soon as possible so we could go over my accounts.

When I completed the letter, I took a stroll over to the owlery where I petted Hedwig for a bit before sending her off. It was a little late but I wanted to get something started with this as soon as possible. Perhaps they would reply by tomorrow sometime and I could setup an appointment.

After I returned to the common room, I spent some time working on my homework with my friends before it got too late and everyone headed up to bed. I had probably been asleep for about an hour when I heard tapping at my window. I got up and went over to it only to discover Hedwig wanting in. I opened the window and let her in where she promptly lifter her leg to reveal the letter she was delivering. I noticed it had the Gringotts seal on it.

I didn't expect to hear back from Gringotts tonight. Evidently, they had Hedwig wait while they wrote this letter for me. I opened the letter while absently petting Hedwig who nibbled gently at my fingers.

Mr. Potter,

Thank you for contacting Gringotts regarding this very important matter. It is imperative that we meet with you right away. If you could come tonight that would be best. If not, then please come tomorrow at the very latest. We have matters to discuss with you that are of the utmost importance.

This letter will serve as a portkey. Simply tap your wand to it and say ACTIVATE to use it. It will bring you straight to one of our private offices where a Gringotts goblin will meet you and take you to our meeting. If you are still at Hogwarts then you will need to get past the wards in order for the portkey to work. We will make sure you get back safely afterwards.

May your gold always flow,

Ragnok, Head Goblin of Gringotts

I stood there in shock for a second. What could possibly be this important that the Head Goblin wants to meet with me this late? Well, I better go find out I thought. I looked at my housemates and saw that they were all still asleep.

I dismissed Hedwig so she could go hunt and rest. I then dressed quietly and took out my broom. Opening the window as wide as I could make it, I mounted my broom and floated out the window where I stopped, turned around and closed the window quietly but still left it where I could open it from the outside if I needed to.

Once that was done and I was now sitting properly on my Firebolt, I shot off toward Hogsmeade. When I arrived at the train station, I landed and shrunk my broom before putting it in my pocket. Taking out my Gringotts letter, I tapped it with my wand and said, "Activate."

I felt the pulling behind my naval and suddenly I was in a Gringotts office picking myself up off the floor. I really need to learn how to land properly when using a portkey, I thought. I was barely standing again when a goblin entered the office.

"This way, Mr. Potter," he said.

I followed the goblin through a maze of tunnels until we came to an alcove that contained two very large wooden doors recessed into the rock. Two large goblins in warrior gear stood on each side of the doors. They had large axe blades with short handles hanging on their hips and each held an impressive spear in their left hands at the ready.

"Mr. Potter is here for his meeting," the goblin leading me said to no one in particular.

Suddenly the wooden doors began opening slowly and the goblin led me into the large office. I immediately noticed a rather large and ornate desk with an extremely old goblin sitting behind it. He had a big toothy grin (at least I hoped it was a grin) on his face as he watched me enter his office.

"Mr. Potter, I am Ragnok. Please have a seat." He gestured at the chair in front of his desk. "The hour is late but we have much to discuss. I will try to make this go as quickly as possible but hopefully be able to answer any and all questions you have."

"Thank you, sir," I replied as I sat down.

"I suppose you are wondering what was so important that I wanted to meet with you right away?"

"Yes, sir. That thought did cross my mind."

"Mr. Potter – "

"Harry, please. Just Harry."

"Very well, Harry. You may call me Ragnok."

"Thank you, Ragnok. Sorry for the interruption."

"As I was saying, the Potters are a very ancient and noble family that date back over a thousand years. Up until now, there has not been a reason to question any other ties to the Potter line since the line has been here for so long. However, about a month ago there was a discovery made that led us to believe that the Potter line may be direct descendants to other, shall we say, important wizarding families."

"How so?"

"We are not certain of course but we do have a test we can perform that will answer those questions quite easily."

"Why is this important?"

"Because, Harry, you are the last in a great line of Potters. If the Potter family is in anyway descended from one or more of our most important families then that would make you the sole heir of not just the Potters but possibly more, much more."

"I'm still not sure I understand the importance of all this."

"Sorry for being a bit vague, Harry. Perhaps it would be best to perform the heredity test and then we can speak in specifics."

"Heredity test?"

Ragnok pulled what looked like a blank form out of his desk then laid an ornate, dark looking quill on the desk beside it.

"Harry, the Heredity test is one we use on heirs to prove their identity. It also shows who they are descended from going back as far as any direct lines can go. You would need to do this test anyway so we can verify that you truly are Harry James Potter, son of James and Lily Potter nee Evans. This has to be done before we could allow you access to the Potter family vault. Plus, what I was alluding to earlier is that this test will also show us what we believe is a missing link between the Potters and some other important families."

"Okay, what do I need to do?"

"This quill is called a Blood Quill and is used on legal documents of importance. We have to use it for the heredity test. The way it works is it uses magic to write with your own blood when you sign your name. It will hurt a little but should be bearable. Just sign this blank form. The magic will do the rest."

I picked up the strange quill carefully and pulled the form over to me. Then with concentration, I signed my name to the form on the line provided. I felt a stinging on the back of my hand but that was it. As soon as I finished and placed the quill back on the desk the form began filling in names and lines. I immediately saw my name then a line connecting me to James Potter and to Lily Evans. It then split out following the Potter line and the Evans line.

I saw the names of my grandparents from both sides of the family and watched as it continued on filling in more and more names and lines. The page automatically extended itself, as it needed more space. Pretty soon the names were filling in so fast it was difficult to keep up. It just kept going and going and going.

After a long time, there was a flash and one of the names glowed on the page. Ragnok looked at it carefully and smiled that toothy grin again as the names and lines continued. After a while, there was another flash and another name was glowing. Soon afterwards, the names stopped filling in. Ragnok took another look at the form and saw the second glowing name.

When it was apparent the test had completed, Ragnok looked it over carefully and made notes on another piece of paper on his desk. He then looked up at Harry when he finished.

"Harry, congratulations. Not only do we know for sure that you are the last surviving Potter and heir to that line, it has also been determined that you are a direct heir of Ignotus Peverell, who was well known for his Cloak of Invisibility. He and his brothers were depicted in a children's book under the story "The Tale of the Three Brothers" which made his cloak quite famous."

"The Cloak of Invisibility, you say?"

"Yes, that is remarkable Harry. The Peverells were a very important and powerful family. However, what is perhaps even more remarkable is that you are also the sole surviving heir of Godric Gryffindor."

"You're joking, right?"

"No, Harry. These heredity tests are extremely accurate. You are indeed the sole surviving heir of all three lines. Those were the questions we needed answered. For many, many years, it was believed that the Peverells and especially the Gryffindors were long gone, that their lines were completely dead. We have proven that wrong here tonight."

"Alright, but what does that get me other than bragging rights that I care nothing about?"

"Harry, you are now Lord Potter, Lord Peverell, and Lord Gryffindor. That is quite a feat."

"But I didn't do anything."

I had never heard a goblin laugh before but that is exactly what Ragnok did. It was a strange sight to see and hear. It was almost frightening to behold.

"Harry," he said as he gained control of himself again. "An heir does not do anything to inherit. The only thing you had to do was to be…you."

"Well, I'm glad you found my response humorous."

"Harry, it's late so I would suggest you come back another time to visit all your vaults. It will likely take a while."

"How many vaults do I have?"

"Let's see." Ragnok pulled out a ledger he had marked at a certain page. "Under the Potters you have four vaults. That includes your student vault that you have been using. Of the other three, there is the Potter Family vault, Lily Potter's personal vault, and James Potter's personal vault. With the update on your heritage you now have in addition to those, one very large Peverell vault and last but not least you have the biggest founder's vault, Gryffindor's."

"Ignotus Peverell and Godric Gryffindor still have vaults here?"

"Yes, there was still a question as to whether or not their lines were completely dead. Now we know for sure they were not."

"How much money are we talking here, Ragnok?"

"Let me put it this way, Harry. You are now the richest wizard in Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Perhaps even more."

That was just too much. I leaned forward and put my arms on the desk followed by my head landing on top of my arms with a thump.

"You have got to be kidding me!" I exclaimed as Ragnok continued to smile with that toothy grin.