Drip..drip... drip ...drip..

Phoenix Evans- Potter groaned as she heard the stupid water again. She nibbled her lip talking her wand and pointing it at the source of the noise. It happens to be Leaky Caldron again after returning from America. Plus, she her final appointment with Healer before going to Hogwarts. And she was nervous.

She opens her mouth to say spell to spot the noise but no sound came out. She felt hot tears on her face again. Not again. she thought and hide under the covers tell she fell asleep.

Wishing she would wake up from the nightmare.

I woke up again to loud knock at the door. I quietly got out of bed and walked to the door before unlocking it. I nibbled my lip as soon as I saw him

My godfather, he looked tried and sleepy but smiled at him. It made me feel welcome. I gave him a hug and grabbed my notebook.

"How is Harry " I put down in my somewhat loopy handwriting.

Remus sighed and I felt even more worried. My brother had Dementors chased after him and now he could be expelled? And worse of all I couldn't go at all instead I was going to Healer appointment to see if it is possible to get my voice back.

"He's...nervous. And scared but Dumbledore will be there, he will be fine" trying to calm my nerves which wasn't working. He did however hand me bar of chocolate. I smiled at him and bit into it. Closing my eyes and feeling a little better.

He looked at the pile of books that I didn't buy for school that was on a table he raised his eyebrow and looked at me than to the book.

"Wandless Magic and how to use it" he said softly looking at me.

I didn't look up and rubbed my eyes.

"Phoenix you will get back I promise you will" he said before hugging me. I hugged him back and took breathe and pulled away after a bit to write that I had to get ready and met him outside before taking the floo to St. Mungo's

He nodded and said he had to contact Padfoot leaving Me in my room. I locked the door like I always did and picked out muggle clothes that I loved to wear. Jeans and Doctor Who t-shirt.

Once I got my shoes on, I grabbed my wand and purse with other things and open the door before locking it behind me.

Okay let's do this I wrote to Remus who nodded. He leads me to the floor powder. I went with him cause that worked better. Soon we were there. Well I was on the floor and Remus helped me up. I looked around and shuddered. I hated hospitals magic or not they tend to freak me out.

I followed Remus to the waiting room and sat there in silence good Remus tried to calm me down with telling me strange tell about My Mother Lily trying to prank James.

I was half listening. I knew I should of just listen but. I was worried. Really worried.

Believe it or not Wandless magic where you can say without saying the spell is hard...and tough. But I'm getting there but ... something is different and honestly I can't.

I shook my head and tried to think positive which was harder lately.

"Miss. Eva..Potter Mister. Winchester is ready for you" said a voice making me look up. I nibbled my lip and followed the person. I told Remus to stay as I would be fine at least I kind of hopped I would be okay.

I walked into the room. Looking around and look like regular healer office. Papers magically flying around and stuff being written down by self-writing quills. It was rather white room with random pictures of buildings and places...even one of dragon.

My attention was turned to Bob Winchester. He was guy about 30 years old. He has been healer sense out of Hogwarts. He had ginger hair and brown eyes that almost made you trust him well almost. I didn't trust people that much.

Sighing I saw down in royal blue comfy chair and looked up at him for moment. He looked sad. Well that wasn't a good sign and to tell you the truth I didn't want to ask what was wrong or how bad it was. In fact, I didn't... I didn't care if I would get better... I just wanted nightmares to go away but no amount of magic would make me feel better.

"Miss... I'm sorry." he said softly making me swallowed hard and I rubbed my eyes for moment. I started at my hands and took breathe hoping I wouldn't cry. I took another breathe and looked at him for moment.

I took out my notebook and wrote slowly and showed it to him.

"How bad..." I put with the dot dot dot. I didn't want to know which is why I looked down but he told me anyways.

"I'm afraid...its curse... you been curse and sense we don't know who or what put it on you. you may never get your voice back. We tried every spell and looked at all the books we could...I'm sorry Phoenix...I really am" he meant it I can tell by his voice. But that didn't mean that I.

I must run out of there tears down my face and He didn't stop me. Honestly I kind of got lost and ended up by patients. I sniffed ran into someone.

"Ouch are you okay' asked kind voice that I knew right away. I looked up to Neville he was standing by women who had candy wrapper in her hand. She had same around face as Neville. I felt my eyes went wide and glad for once that couldn't speak.

"Please don't...' Neville started to say but I got up and nodded.

He took breathe grateful that wouldn't tell anyone and before I knew it he pulled me into a hug rubbing my back. he must of saw my face.

We must have stood like this for a while when my Godfather cleared his throat making us blush moving apart.

"Sorry. Err Hi and Bye Professor Lupin' He mumbled before running after what I amused was his mother.

My Godfather looked at me eyebrow raised.

I almost groaned and wrote on my notebook making him laugh "shut up" I put making him grin. As we headed back to floo network to go to Leaky Caldron and get my stuff. To place well he didn't tell me at first.