(I'm alive. Well ish but I'm back writing one of my favorite series. Today is the start. And I know it's been while but I'm using today to write back and editing my novel. But I thought I would start with this series. I love this series.

Legit always been one of my favorites and I just wanted to write more. Sorry it's been while but life has been not so good. But I'm going to try to write more now and not give up on series. Okay Enough ranting. Let's get back to story)

Once I managed to get all my things. My Godfather shrunk them and handed them to me. I put them in my pocket and bit my lip rather nervous.

My god father offered me a small smile and I just nodded. We were of in London once again. I don't know why he decided that we were going to take a walk but it was rather nice out. For once it wasn't raining as we made our way through out London.

It was rather quite when rather older lady that reminded me one of the elder Healers that I saw a while ago stopped us. She whispered something in my godfathers ear. His eyes went wide.

"Only you Tonks" he mumbled and she smiled at him. She looked at me and in younger voice which made me confused.

"Wotcher Phoenix" she said with grin on her face. I waved confused and Remus said in low voice something about "metamorphmagus". My eyes went wide as I recognized that word. That must be so cool to have that power. Okay I wanted that power but can you blame me?

We followed Tonks to a muggle area but looks of it. She handed me a parchment that writing on it. In scratching writing it "12 Grimmauld Place" .

I gave them a weird look before Tonks using her cane that she had made thumbing nosie. She mumbled something and the houses moved showing another one.

My eyes went wide watching his all happened. I looked at Remus who nodded to the house. I followed them inside to the rather dusty hall way. Tonks tripped over something making someone yell.

I hide behind Remus because of the noise was rather loud.

"For Love of Merlin Shut up Women" Mumbled a man. My eyes lit up as I recognized him. Sirius Black looking rather better and in normal clothes. By Normal of course muggle clothes witch surprised me.

"Moony, Tonks you made it where is Nix" he asked after hugging his best friend and Tonks who changed into a 20 something young girl with pink bubblegum hair. I didn't see happen so I was rather shock and moved into view. Sirius grinned and gave me a hug

"Harry is gone right now but he didn't know you were coming today" he said in exicted hushed tone. I nodded feeling rather happy to be here but worried at the same time.

He gave me sad look once he saw that I wasn't talking. I'm guessing everyone new which kind of saved me from telling everyone.

"Still can't talk' he said in sad voice. I gave look to Remus who told him what happen. I walked little as Remus explain to here people talking down hallway.

I smiled to myself as I knew I was the Weasleys. And felt someone against my leg. I giggled as I saw Hermiones cat meowing at me and bent down to pet him.

"Hey" I mouthed petting his head. I wasn't sure if I wanted to talk to anyone just yet. I wasn't really done thinking about what happen earlier. Maybe that's why I took a door not sure what I was doing. I came face to face with Hippogriff that Sirius took last year.

I bend down low and kept eye contract as Hagrid taught me. Buckbeak did the same after while and let me pet him. I honestly didn't know how long I was in there. I guessed it was a while. The door of the room was thrown open as blur with black hair rushed at me.

" NIX" my brother nearly tackled me to the ground with a hug. I was surprised of course and hugged him back.

"I missed you, I'm sorry that couldn't go with you today…but at least I can go to Hogwarts" he added and my eyes went wide.

"Really that's awesome" I wanted to say and Harry just smiled at me.

"I know and glad you coming..wait did you talk" he asked confused and started at me for moment. I started back in shock.

I tried again in my head which was kind of weird but I decided why not and go with it.

"Harry" I thought in my head to him. Harry blinked in surprised.

'You spoke well in your head but you spoke" He grinned yet again at me which made me laugh. It was more like silent laughter but you get the point.

Harry than explained what happen at the meeting. How he saw Malfoy dad and ministry talking. How Dumbledore was there but didn't talk to him. That seem rather off.

"I'm sure everything is fine but really glad you are coming to Hogwarts" I said to him

"Me too" Harry smiled and the day went rather normal. They talked and step out of the room as Mrs. Weasley reminded us of the school list

Of course I already had mine. It was fun watching Fred and George talk in hush voices about something. I heard from others that they were really going to open a joke shop. I wanted to ask them stuff but there was party.

Harry seemed rather down that Hermione and Ron were given headboy and girl bandages.

"I'm sorry Harry, I'm sure with everything going on.." I gave my brother a hug and he hugged back.

We walked away not really wanting to party as we heard crying.

"What is that" Harry asked rather confused to me. I shrugged and we followed Nosie to Mrs. Weasley crying over Harry Dead body.

I almost fainted at the spot. I saw it changed to someone else and felt sick to my stomach. I left the room as Harry tried to calm her down. I head upstairs to the room I was sharing with Hermione and Ginny.

I tried to get the image out of my head as I pet crookshanks who decided to join me at the same. He claimed me down and I managed to fall asleep.