Sam and Tucker are worried about Danny. Afraid that he's starting to break under the stress of his secret, they go to the only adult they trust enough to possibly help: their teacher. But not even they know the true extent of his secret. ActualGhost!Danny


"Daniel, I need to speak with you." Clockwork's low voice distracted the young Danny Fenton and his friends from their celebrating. They had just returned to the Clock Citadel, thermos containing the half-ghost's evil future self in tow.

Said half-ghost was currently in a headlock and being noogied by Sam as she laughed maniacally at his playful protests. Their laughter tapered off and they turned their attention to Clockwork, though they still sported wide, shit-eating grins. Danny extracted himself from his friend's headlock, chuckling all the while.

"I'll be right over, Clocky." The Halfa snickered before turning back to his friends. "You guys go ahead and head back. I'll be right behind you." He told them. Once they nodded and turned toward the Specter Speeder, he began walking to the Ghost of Time with a wide grin still on his face.

"Yeah, C-dubs?" The halfa questioned, snickering at the nickname he so cleverly devised. He quickly sobered, though, when he noticed the rather grim expression on the normally impassive ghost. "What is it? Is there something wrong with the thermos?"

Clockwork shook his head at Danny's question, but didn't speak further, only watched as the boy's friends climbed into the speeder and took off into the Zone, disappearing into the swirling green ectoplasm miasma. Once the vehicle was out of sight, the ghost looked down at the expectant child staring up at him.

Danny knew there was cause to be alarmed when the normally stoic ancient began to look somewhat apprehensive. "Clockwork... What's wrong?" The Halfa asked nervously.

Clockwork sighed and closed his glowing red eyes for a moment before opening them again. With a breath that he didn't need, the Ghost of Time spoke, "Daniel. There's something you need to know... I would rather you find out on your own, but there are too many possibilities for that timeline to end in disaster..." The ghost trailed off and stared down at the teenager in front of him. Danny looked scared, but determined.

"Tell me. I can handle it." Danny stated confidently, though he still looked incredibly anxious.

Clockwork winced at the boy's words, but obeyed anyway. With another unnecessary breath, he steeled himself and said in an unfeeling tone,

"You're dead, Daniel."

Author's note:

I know it's short, but this is just the prologue. Also, this is my first time writing a DP fanfic, so if I write someone too out of character just let me know and I'll try to fix it, the same goes for any mistakes you guys see. Don't be afraid to point out flaws, it helps me improve. On another note, updates will most likely be sporadic and spaced far apart since I don't have a beta so I have to do it myself and I want to try my hardest to make my first Danny Phantom fic great.

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