Soriel Week Day 6-AU/Crossover

So so sorry for being a day late! Yesterday was hectic, and I had no time to write, plus no internet. But I'm making it up today, with yesterday's and today's updates!

Tori hummed along to the orchestrated music as she danced, her gown billowing around her as she twirled. Sans watched her, smiling contentedly. She looked happy dancing around the living room floor like that. Toriel stole a glance at Sans as she danced. As the music slowed to a stop, she made one last twirl, and finished with a curtsy. The skeleton clapped.

"You're dance is beautiful as always."

Toriel smiled. "Why, thank you. I do love the waltz. It always helps me think and calm down." Her smile faded, however, when she looked at Sans, confused and conserned. "Now that I think about it, I've never seen you dance before…I don't even know what style you are."

Sans tensed, though his smile never left his face. "Well, uh…dancing…isn't really my thing. I just like to watch others. You and Paps especially." He shrugged, hands in his jacket pockets.

Toriel's eyes narrowed. She lowered herself to Sans eye level, and sternly looked into his eyes, forcing him to look at her. "That's a lie. I've talked to Papyrus. You loved dancing. And he says you were very good at it as well. Please, what made you stop? And if possible, maybe I can help?" She asked hopefully.

Sans let his smile drop. He sighed. "…Sorry, Tori. I love you, but this is one secret I'm not ready to tell you. Or anyone. I'm sorry."

Tori blinked, but Sans was already gone.

"WOOOHHH! THIS PLACE IS RAD!" Undyne exclaimed, hips swaying to the beat as she and the other monsters plus Frisk, who was now 20, entered the dance club. The group walked to an open booth, and sat down. However, as soon as she set her bag down, Undyne grabbed Alphys and Papyrus, dragging them over to the dance floor, and began moving to the beat. She was careful not to hit any of the other patrons, as warned by both Toriel, Asgore, and Alphys. One by one, each of the monsters went up to dance, laughing and having fun. Frisk even busted out a couple of cool ballet moves with a modern street flair. Sans stayed at the booth, watching the others have fun. To be honest, he wanted to get up and dance, but every time he did, he just loses all motivation to try and ends up failing.

Frisk walked back to the table where Sans sat and grabbed a glass of water, taking a sip. Why don't you go up there? She signed.

"I'm just not interested."

Frisk huffed in annoyance. Papyrus came over next. "BROTHER, YOU SHOULD REALLY JOIN US! IT'LL BE FUN! JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS!"

Frisk nodded in agreement. I've never seen you dance yet, and Mom really wants to see too. Besides, you might like it. And I'm not taking no for an answer. Frisk finished, sharing knowing glances with Papyrus, both grabbing each of the smaller skeletons' hands, and dragging him with them to the dance floor. Toriel glanced at the two skelebros with Frisk on the dance floor, and slowed her movements so she could watch.

Sans began tapping his feet to the rhythm, blushing slightly. His smile grew brighter as he grew more comfortable beginning to move his body and torso to the music. Toriel smiled, watching Sans' body movements grow more fluid and comfortable. Sans himself felt his movements becoming less constricted, he began laughing, moving to the music. Finally, he let go. He performed a couple flips, and tricks, doing a simple break-dance at first, but beginning to add in more complex steps and the choppy movements that came with freestyle street dancing. The crowd clapped along and parted, making a ring around Sans, but he didn't notice. He was too absorbed in his own dance to notice.

Toriel couldn't believe her eyes. Papyrus wasn't lying when he said that Sans was really good. And Sans looked so happy. His style was sort of hip-hop like Mettaton and Undyne's but more free and loose. It didn't follow any kind of form. But it suited Sans nicely. Sans really did enjoy dancing. She could see it in his smile and eyes, and the way he dances. She smiled, happy to be able to see him dance. It felt like their relationship was finally complete. Of course, the smaller monster still had his secrets, but those can wait. He's not ready to tell her yet, and she's okay with that. She'll wait as long as she has to.

The song ended, and Sans finished with a fast-paced spin on the ground, then flipped up back into a standing position. The people clapped around him. Sans turned blue in embarrassment and pulled his hood over his skull, hiding his face, and walked straight back to the booth. Toriel came and sat down next to him.

"You looked great up there."

"Thanks…Tibia-honest, I didn't think I had it in me to do that much…I hadn't danced in years…It felt…nice."

Toriel giggled. "Well, I'm happy to see you're happy. And I finally got to see you dance!"

Sans blushed. "It…It was nothin'…"

"What style was it?"


Toriel turned to look at Sans. "It looked like hip-hop, but it didn't look like it followed any kind of form…It wasn't bad! It suits you well!"

"Oh…Well, I guess in a way, it's hip-hop? It's more like a freestyle street-dancing, like you see people do sometimes out here on the surface," he explained, grinning. "It's how a lot of people express themselves here."

"I see…That's nice."

A comfortable silence settled over the two, save for the background music and noises from the other monsters and humans.

"Hey, Tori, I know I keep a lot of secrets, but I still love you."

"Yes, Sans. I know. And I love you. I don't care how long I have to wait till you're ready, my feelings won't change."

Sans smiled. "Thanks, Tori."

Toriel nuzzled her muzzle against his hooded skull. "You're very welcome."