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Running through the woods was a man with dog ears on the top of his head. Beside him was three people running with him towards the beach were the man's guild master was.
"The kids should be fine the sahuagin should only be around lvl 25" the man with dog ears said right as the broke through the woods.
However what the saw was hundreds of the sahuagin. A women with long blonde hair turned around to shout at a man with dog ears.

The man with dog ears shouted back to her,"Marielle!"
The woman Marielle ran towards Shoryuu. As she reached Shoryuu he grabbed his two swords and started to attack the sahuagin.

"Marielle grab everyone and head back the camp bass contact the others and let them know what's happening."
Marielle looked at Shoryuu as he concentrated on the fight.

But Shoryuu are you sure that's a good idea." Marielle asked.

"I am your combat leader Marielle and were in combat do as I say" Shoryuu told her, Marielle then turned around and ran.
'Where are all the nasty fishy's coming from?' Marielle thought.

The next morning

"Tiger Fish Echo" shouted a monk girl as she attacked three sahuagin.

Shoryuu then blocked a Sahuagin spear with one of his swords as he struck the sahuagin down with his other sword.

"There are too many for me to aggro!" Shouted a samurai with white/gray hair.
"West wind girl! How long until you can recast your AoE skill?"the samurai shouted at the female monk.

"I'm Kawara! And about twenty more seconds!" Shouted the female monk as she punched then kicked a sahuagin. Kawara then jumped back.
"What about you, Shigeru?" Kawara asked the samurai.

"Not much different" Shigeru said as he glanced quickly at Kawara, who was behind him.

'For a group thrown together so quickly where not to bad' Shoryuu thought. 'however there are just too many.

Shoryuu then spoke to the group. "We need to hold out until the new kids reach the safe zone!"

"Yeah, or we won't be able to face the master!" Kawara shouted and they were surrounded by hundreds of sahuagin.

The sahuagin then attacked them and everyone was scattered. Everyone was being pushed back but then a voice shouted "holy barrier".
A bright light shown and when that light faded a barrier was between them and the sahuagin. They all turned around to look at their rescuer. There rescuer was a women about 5'1, with long black flowing hair with white highlights. Wearing a beautiful kimono. (the Picture for the story cover) with a staff as tall as shiroe's but her staff was as blue as the ocean on a sunny day.

hello this is just a story I have had on my mind for awhile and I decided to write it down. Any way feedback would be great and let me know if you think I should continue. Thanks again