Broken Angel Chapter 6

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Broken Angel Chapter 6

"So, tell me, what have you been doing in the time you were away from us?" the doctor asked, finally looking up from his notebook.

"That's a long story doc." Chris answered.

"I've got time." He smiled fatherly.

"Well, alright, first while I was still here Agnes stopped me demanding she'd come along, I tried to talk her out of it but she didn't listen, so she came along. The next morning we tried finding my husband or my best friend but had no luck. We hadn't had breakfast yet and Agnes was hungry, so when she saw Mary, someone I had told her was a friend about a million times, so she shouted to her. She thought Mary could get us breakfast." Chris looked a bit unhappy recalling all of this but went on anyway.

"I ran, Agnes ran along, we came to this parking space, surrounded by fences, I sent Agnes over one to get help, I stayed to try and stall Mary and make sure at least Agnes would get away safely. It turned out Mary had got a gun somewhere. Luckily she wasn't a good shot, she leaned too far to the right you see. That is how I survived the two shots she fired before the police showed up. Anyway, Mary decided that I had to die even if that meant she would die with me, so took another shot, this is why my hair is a bit singed. Mary got shot though, by the police officers." She looked at the psychiatrist for a reaction but when none was given she continued again.

"Then TC took me to a hospital to see if I was really alright, there they found several traces of known drugs and of one unknown. I'm guessing that's the one Mary used to drug me. He also found high levels of antibodies in me which isn't really a surprise, he gave me a vitamin shot and released me. Then I had to give my statement about what happened to TC and Monica, then Cory came in to talk to me for a little bit and then TC took me home." Chris gave the short version of what had transpired, somehow a little offended that it could be said in so few words.

"And TC is your husband?" he asked, Chris just nodded, "Alright, what happened after he took you home?"

"Well, at first he was fussing over me a lot, making sure I had everything I needed but was also trying to avoid me, so that was kinda weird. He told me to take the bed, he took the couch, we had a little debate about that but I honestly didn't want to get into a fight over something like that so I took the bed. Later that night I woke up.- " the doc interrupted her

"Did you have a dream?" he asked, knowing about the dreams she was having when still influenced by the medication, he wasn't entirely sure she had been drugged at all.

"I can't remember it exactly, but I do remember there were children, laughing and playing, nothing bad." She assured him.

"OK, what did you do when you woke up?" he asked, making several notes on his sheet.

"I went downstairs into the living-room to see him sleep. He always looks so innocent when he sleeps." She got a dreamy look, then sobered again "but he woke up, and we started talking. He asked me why I hadn't told him, why I lied when I left and I explained him. Then he expressed his faith in us as a couple and we expressed our mutual love for one another. Then I fell asleep, on the couch." She said, like summarizing a story she had once read.

"Did anything else happen? When you woke up for instance." The doctor asked, his face a textbook picture of innocence.

"Well, we woke up pretty early because your goons came bouncing on the door and took me away." She said, granting him a little glare.

"Right, why didn't he come with you?" he asked, not flinching.

"Because I figured you would want to grill me and someone has to keep the firehouse running, I don't think Bobby will be up to it at the moment."

"And Bobby would be."

"The sergeant, he was Mary's boyfriend."

"But didn't you want your husband with you? You reconciled so quickly I would think you would want to spend every minute with him." He said, trying to draw a reaction out of her.

"I went from 24 hours a day 7 days a week of seeing him to nothing at all, we still have to figure a lot out both in ourselves as in us if you know what you mean, I don't want to crowd him, and I don't want to be crowded, the amount of time we spend together is just one of the million things we still need to work through." Chris said after a moments thought.

"So you do realize there are a million things need working through?" The doctor asked, scribbling again.

"Yes, it's not like one little talk can cover so many things, but it laid a foundation, we know where we stand with one another and that is important, in my opinion anyway." Chris said, hoping she sounded said enough to be released from this damned clinic as early as today.

A nurse stuck her head around the door after a quick knock "Doctor, there is a visitor for Miss. Mrs Kelly or whatever you're called these days." The nurse said with an exasperated look directed at Chris whose mouth immediately twitched upwards.

"Who is it?" he asked, wondering how she had went from no visitors ever to about a thousand breaking down doors every day.

"Cory MacNamara." The nurse said. The shrink looked at Chris who seemed pleasantly surprised.

"Alright, let her in." He said, thoroughly surprising Chris.

A little hesitant Cory walked into the office, she saw Chris sitting on the edge of the couch, the psychiatrist behind his desk looking very formal, she didn't know what to do or what to say as she usually tended to avoid people like him.

"Hey." Chris said smiled at her.

"Hey." Cory answered, then nodded politely to the doc.

"Miss MacNamara, I am doctor Rossberg, Chris's current shrink. Please sit down." He said and Cory did, nervously fidgeting with the hem of her shirt as she went.

A moment of silence followed, Chris suspected he did this on purpose so decided to end it herself.

"So, what brings you here?" she asked, then realized it was a stupid question, it wasn't like Cory was driving through the neighbourhood and decided to pop in.

"I came to see you actually, I called TC earlier and he told me you were back here, and since I had the day off anyway and he kinda asked me to check up on you." she looked a bit guilty telling her friend this.

Chris just smiled. "Well, I'm glad you did, I missed you." Then she suddenly turned to the doc. "Could you go away please?" there was no doubt about it, this was an order. He looked up from his notes, very surprised.

"What? Why?" he asked, incredulously.

"Because I want to talk to my friend and I don't need an audience, don't worry, I'll give you the short version later." She gave him a look, telling him to get out now if he ever wanted to have babies.

He muttered something about being send out of his own office but then went, no doubt to the place where he could listen in the best.

Chris honestly didn't care, she just wanted Cory to be a little bit more comfortable.

"Are we OK? I mean, I don't expect everything to be alright immediately or the same as when I left for that matter but you still are my friend, right?" Chris asked, suddenly she had nothing of the woman who just glared the doc out of the room in her anymore, she looked fragile, the dark circles under her eyes seemed more noticeable, her fingers just a little more bony, her hair just a little less shiny.

"Of course you still are my friend! Friends are forever." Cory came over and hugged Chris tight, only now realizing how she had missed doing that.

"I think I need to tell you about something that happened when you were away though." Cory said, feeling the familiar surge of guilt surge through her.

"I think I already know, TC told me this morning, we promised no secrets so decided to get everything that could be considered a secret later out. I think it was somewhere after I nicked his razor to finally shave my legs but definitely before he found out it was his last one." Chris said, adding the little memory to make sure Cory knew she wasn't upset about it.

"He told you what exactly?" Cory asked, not taking any chances, really wanting this thing she had been carrying around off her chest.

"That when I was away you two did the horizontal tango, well not really like that but you get what I mean." Chris shrugged.

"Just once! And honestly you have to believe me I have regretted it for ever." Cory looked a bit panicked.

"It's OK, it doesn't change anything, if it made you two happy for as little as moment when I couldn't be there why should I be mad? I only wished for you both to be happy, if it would be together so be it, but it didn't turn out that way, and that's alright too. I still love him, I still love both of you. Well as long as you don't do it again that is." Chris grinned, Cory whacked her

"Hey, I am a married woman these days!"

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot, Paul was his name right? How long have you been married anyway?"

"A couple of years, we're adopting a baby in a couple of weeks, well we are trying to but just a week ago they offered us something, a six month year old baby plus her eight year old brother, Paul and I are still discussing that, I mean, he already knows who his parents are and is bound to feel abandoned and everything and just raising a child is hard enough you know? But then again, we can't separate the two and doesn't that little boy deserve a chance as well?" Cory was surprised how quickly she had slipped back into their old ways of confiding in each other.

"You are missing one thing here, if you have the brother the baby will have to know it was adopted, I was just wondering what you thought about that." Chris asked, drawing from her own experience.

"I don't know, I mean on the one hand the kid deserves to know where it comes from but on the other hand, it'll be my kid, my baby it comes from me, and Paul of course. How did you feel when you found out?" Cory asked, knowing about Chris's two fathers.

"I felt a lot, but I don't know what I would have felt if my dad had told me sooner. I had a good enough childhood, I don't know how that would have changed if I had known, still I would say, don't lie. Even if your kid someday understands why you didn't tell, he will always know you have willingly lied, and that just isn't good for your relationship."

"Yeah but how do you even explain to a child that your not his real mother?"

"Well, I guess that if you have the older one too you won't have to worry about it, you just have to tell the truth when he. or she asks."

"So you think we should have the baby girl and her brother?"

"I think you have to decide that, you and Paul but I know that you will be a great mom whatever you choose."

Cory smiled, thankful for her friends support and hugged her again, it was just so great to have her back.

"But enough about me, what happened between you and TC?" Cory asked, eager to get to the good stuff.

"A lot actually, we talked mostly, he was really great, we didn't do anything. you know, because I don't want to infect him and because we both really want it to work and don't want to do anything that we'll regret later or rush into things. Anyway, at first it was kinda weird and very strained, but later we really talked, then we slept, then we talked some more and then I got dragged back here." Chris said.

"What did you talk about?" Cory asked. Behind the door the doc rolled his eyes, Chris would never have answered that question to him!

"At first why I lied, which by the way was because I was totally freaked out by the fact that I really wanted to kill him." Chris saw Cory's face first move to surprised and then understanding.

"The drugs right? I read your statement." Cory said, letting her know she didn't have to explain the whole thing.

"Right, it took a while but I think I gave him a pretty clear picture of what was going on inside my head, later we talked about how it had effected him and how we should have a really open relationship etcetera, then this morning he told me what had been going on these last five years. And I finally got to shave my legs." Chris expression went to a deliriously happy one, Cory laughed and shook her head.

"How did you bear the itch?" Cory asked, grimacing at the thought.

"It was just the first couple of weeks that it itched, but still, I felt very stupid particularly in shorts or a nice dress, not that the clothes given to me were ever really nice but still."

"You couldn't keep your own clothes?" Cory asked, horrified.

"At first I could but later when there just were too few nurses they were all put away by measure and you got the one at the top. Sometimes Mary managed to get something nice though. Do you know what is going to happen to her? Are they going to bury her or." Chris felt a bit guilty for not thinking about this before.

"I don't know, I guess we have to make arrangements for something, I mean, Bobby really did love her and I don't think her being a psychopathic killer changes that. Well, it probably would if she hadn't died, but she did." Cory said, they were both down thinking about the young woman.

"What do you feel about her?" Cory asked, trying to understand the relationship Chris had with her would-be murderer.

"I don't know, for five years I thought she was the only friend I had left, then she turned out to be the exact opposite, but does that mean the curtains she brought me to brighten up my room were any less of a gift? I just don't know what to make of her, one the one hand she was my enemy, but on the other she was just a kind of a bit confused woman. I just don't know how to remember her, you know?" Cory put her arm around Chris in a half hug.

"It'll be alright." She said, knowing it was all she needed to say.

"Yeah." Chris sighed "How is Bobby doing anyway?"

"He's dealing, it's really hard on him as I said but I think he just needs closure and a good cry. All we can do is be there for him to offer our shoulder."

Chris silently nodded, though she wondered if he would even talk to her.

About then the shrink found it an appropriate time to re-enter himself into his office and into the conversation.

"OK, I hope your done doing whatever I could not witness because we weren't done yet." He said and sat down behind his desk again.

"By all means doc, please continue." Chris said cynically.

"Right, Miss MacNamara, you are a police officer, correct?"

"A lieutenant actually." Cory answered.

"I assume you have seen the police report on Chris's case?" he then asked, not acknowledging her statement.

"Yes." Cory answered shortly, wondering where this would lead.

"I assume her toxicology report is in there, can I get a copy of it?"

"You're not sure she really was drugged." Cory stated "The doctor there said she had some unknown drugs in her system." She felt an urgent need to defend her friend, she felt guilty for not picking up what was wring so many years ago and now tried to pay her back this way.

"Unknown to him, we know a lot more about them here and we know exactly what she has been given and how long it would linger in her bloodstream. I just want to know for sure."

"She looks OK to me."

"She always looked alright, her attacks were always swift and without warning, how do you think she lost her razor privileges?" the doctor asked Cory, who shrugged, already guessing what would follow.

"She had fallen asleep in the bathtub, when the attending nurse woke her to give her her razor Chris here grabbed it, jumped out of the tub, shoved her against the wall and only then managed to get control over herself." The doc informed her.

"Hello, still in the room." Chris said, "I really believe it was the drugs or whatever Mary slipped me that did that, but I did manage to get control back, didn't I? And now that I am all drug free I won't loose it again."

"How do you know? Your husband is a policeman, maybe you want to go back to your old profession, do you really think you can trust yourself with a gun?" he asked.

"I don't know, I know I won't carry one again, I won't go back to being a cop, because I have changed in my time here, but the point is that I don't want to kill anymore, so a gun in the house wouldn't be a huge problem."

The doctor nodded and scribbled something down on his notepad.

"Look doc, can I just please go home? I promise I will visit you every time you want but now I just really want to go home again." Chris pleaded, the doctor looked up and answered honestly.

"Chris, I don't think you have completely healed, I am not convinced that the whole drug story is true but I don't think you are a danger to your environment anymore and I think you need to be back with your loved ones to fully heal, however, you have to come here every Friday and if I deem it necessary more and you have to promise me that if I think it's necessary to commit you again you will without a fuss. You're not well yet, Chris, but in time I am positive you will be." He said, the same fatherly smile appearing on his face again.

This time Chris smiled back.

"You mean I get to go home?" Tears of joy filled her eyes. The doctor nodded. She jumped up, passed the desk and hugged him.

"Thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me!" Chris excitedly said, then ran back to hug Cory.


The six of them sat around the table trading stories. Cory meanwhile was trying to feed Amy but the little girl apparently found it more fun to throw it over her mother. Her big brother, nine years these days, was enjoying the attention of 'uncle' TC as he told him how some robber had tried to steal a police bike. The boy had really come round this last year, he was no longer hostile but grown friendly and although Cory and Paul would disagree, had turned into an all around kid. Finally Paul decided to take over form his wife, not that he came out of the whole ordeal any cleaner, but it gave her some time to chat with Chris, they hadn't talked all week, which was a record when they thought about it.

"So, how are things?" Cory asked, trying to wipe the banana/apple mush from her shirt.

"Good, TC and I have been talking about having a baby ourselves." Chris blushed like a virgin. Next to this almost ideal family she felt pretentious and stupid suggesting it; it wasn't like she knew how to be a mother.

"Oh! Really? That's so great!" Cory squealed and hugged Chris, so spreading around the mush, neither really cared about that though, not at that moment.

TC looked up and smiled.

"See, I told you it was a good idea." He told his wife, and not very subtly telling Cory about Chris's doubts as well.

"Well of course it's a great idea! You two have come so far this last year, you would make such great parents." Cory said, only to receive a spoonful of mush thrown to her head. She turned, but couldn't be mad at the little girl giving her best imitation of an angel.

"Would you stop that, I am trying to have a conversation here!" she chided the little girl gently, already wiping her hair clean. Then turned back to the parents-to-be.

"Honestly, and if you ever need anything you know we'll be here right? So what can go wrong?"

A whole list of things that could wrong started moving past Chris' mind eye, it just seemed like the odds of them producing a kid from birth to adulthood were extremely low. But then she looked at TC, how great he was with Jackson and the odds just rose a little bit.

"It's just scary you know?" Chris said, but she had already made up her mind. With family like this, who wouldn't want another child to benefit from it?

The conversation carried on merrily but Chris stayed quiet for the best part, she was going to be a mother, it still took some getting used to. On her left she felt TC's hand brush up against hers, she entwined her fingers with his, on her other side she took Cory's hand and held that one too. Her family, the ones she loved most in this world, they were going to have a baby.

Her mind wandered back to a night about a year ago, to an angel that shattered into pieces on the living-room floor. She was that angel no longer, not all the parts may be back in place yet, some scars may always stay but she felt good none the less, she was whole.

Feeling the warmth of the hands she suddenly realized she was happy.



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