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The search for truth is a quest as ancient as intelligence itself- mankind has sought knowledge for as long as it has existed, and always strived for more. When Omnics, intelligent machines capable of independent human thought, were first created, they, too, sought truth and meaning.

There exists a group of Omnics dedicated to this search, to enlightenment and truth. They are known as the Shambali.

One of the Shambali, an omnic monk named Zenyatta, was not satisfied with his order's answers, however. Instead of seeking to fix the gap between Humans and Omnics, they dogmatically preached that the gap was already bridged, and it was everyone's duty to recognize this.

Zenyatta saw how Omnics and Humans were different; they both felt joy and anger and pain, true, but Humans were 'built' to hate and fear what they did not understand, and Omnics were strange and terrifying beings to many, largely because of the Omnic War, which devastated the world and caused many horrible things, including turning Australia into a radioactive wasteland. But Omnics did not feel this; they did not inherently fear and hate the strange or unusual, they were curious about it.

And so, through studying various religious beliefs and philosophies, Zenyatta came to a realization: for Humans and Omnics to live in peace, they must first accept each other, and free themselves of their inner chaos. Harmony could only be achieved through understanding, something that much of the world did not have.

Soon after he came to this conclusion, he found a cyborg, alone and desperately seeking to find himself. Zenyatta took him in and showed him the path of Harmony, of acceptance, and the young man left with a new sense of purpose and an understanding of both himself and the world around him.

This was how the Omnic Monk had found Overwatch, and joined their ranks to protect the world. By showing humanity that Omnics could be trusted, that they had good intentions, by saving them from themselves, he could create a lasting Harmony.

"Okay, team, our mission is to secure the Doomfist Gauntlet. We can't let it fall into Talon's hands," said the Soldier. Zenyatta had yet to learn his true name, as the man was very distrustful, and no one else dared to cross him. He was filled with much rage, and sadness, yet there was a determination, a drive to go on, one that filled him and surrounded him. His presence made you feel that same determination, and a strange safety, as if your gruff, distant father was watching over you, showing his love through his actions. For all the chaos within him, Zenyatta liked him.

There was nothing more to be said, so the small six-man group went forwards. Reinhardt took the lead, with Zenyatta behind him and Soldier: 76 and the Shimada Brothers in the rear.

But they were too late. The Doomfist Gauntlet had already fallen into enemy hands. Reaper himself stood triumphantly, the massive gauntlet over one arm. With a sweep of his hand, tears in the universe itself ripped open, spewing tentacles, bats, and other horrors. As Zenyatta did his best to stay back, he managed to tag the fallen hero with an Orb of Discord; the gauntlet suddenly began to malfunction, and the monsters and horrors and creatures coming from it ceased to exist, but the portals themselves did not. Instead, they opened wider, gaping chasms into places unknown. Suddenly, they began to vacuum in their surroundings; Reinhardt and Tracer did their best to stay out of it, but the rest could not withstand the great force, and even those two soon succumbed to it. Soon, nothing remained but an empty room.

The sands of Tatooine were a dull place- though the occasional creature padded along, and the Sand People and Jawas made their home among it, it was largely a lifeless, barren wasteland. That was precisely the reason why the Hutt cartel had a base of operations there: the planet had been ridiculously cheap. And where the Hutts set up shop, others soon followed, various towns popping up across the planet. Mos Espa was the most prosperous, and home to one Anakin Skywalker, a child born into slavery, but destined for far greater things.

As Anakin Skywalker searched through Watto's parts pile for the one he was looking for, an atmospheric regulator for a nearby moisture farmer, he came across a strange droid he had never seen before. He had always wanted to build a droid, but this one looked completely intact! After finding the parts and giving them to Watto, who sold them to his customer, Anakin asked if he could repair that droid under the pile. Watto looked surprised, he hadn't remembered buying or winning a scrapped droid, but he wasn't one to question good fortune. He gave his little slave the go-ahead.

Later that day, Anakin had finally gotten the Droid working. Its design was like nothing he had ever seen before, but machinery was machinery, and it was surprisingly intact. Though he had to admit, it was a very strange design- six light-up dots on its head, and its eyes were little more than slits. It was even wearing pants and sandals, and had a red sash wrapped around its waist. Why would its previous owner give it clothing?

As the droid turned on, it looked at its surroundings, then at Anakin. Suddenly, a number of palm-sized metal orbs flew out of the parts pile and surrounded the robot, becoming a magnetized necklace. It then stood up, lifted its legs beneath it, and began to float.

"Thank you for repairing me, young one. I am Zenyatta. What is your name?"

Destiny was a funny thing- the slightest of nudges can create great changes in the threads of fate. Anakin Skywalker was destined to do great things, terrible things… but a new player has entered the galaxy, one who would teach the young boy of Harmony, who would help him leash the Chaos within him.