"I'm Anakin Skywalker," said the little slave boy. "I've never seen a droid like you- your parts are really different, and you've got a weird face, and you can do… that. Who built you?"

Zenyatta hesitated for a moment before replying.

"I was created in the Indian Omnium, as a standard model. I have received a few upgrades since, most notably my faceplate, but the internal wiring and components are much the same as any Omnic. That you do not recognize it as such, or myself as a member of the Shambali, is worrying. Tell me, where is this? You are clearly a native English speaker, but our surroundings suggest that we are in a desert of some kind."

Anakin was as lost as the monk, and took a moment himself before replying.

"I've never heard of India, or Omnics, or the Shambali, and we're speaking Galactic Basic. You must have some internal problems- when was the last time you had a memory wipe?"

"I do not need memory wipes. As with humans, my mind-" Zenyatta attempted to explain, but he was interrupted by two relatively large chi presences nearing. As they approached, however, it became clear that their chi was not their own; they had opened themselves completely to the world around them, and the ambient chi flowed through them.

The two presences entered the adobe building, seeking to purchase parts for their spaceship. That only cemented that his current situation was quite clearly beyond the Earth and its surrounding solar system, and quite possibly its galaxy entirely.

"Greetings," he announced to the two living rivers of chi. They were cloaked in brown robes, ones that would help protect against most environmental hazards and allow great freedom of movement. "I must admit, I have never seen someone who gathers the chi from the world around them, instead of pooling their own. How have you accomplished such a feat?"

The two Jedi were quite surprised that the droid in front of them could detect their force ability, though that word he used, chi, was not one they had heard before. Even stranger, however, was that he was surprised that they had given themselves into the force, becoming its conduits. The two Jedi looked between each other for a moment before deciding, the elder striking up a conversation with the Toydarian manning the shop.

"Excuse me, we are seeking a new engine for our ship, a Nabooan transport-class. We would also like to buy this droid, here."

"I've got an engine you could use, sure," said Watto. "But it isn't cheap, and neither is a fancy droid."

"We have more than enough credits to pay for both," replied the bearded Jedi.

"Credits? We don't take those here."

"But credits are the official currency of the republic. Surely you would accept them," said the Jedi with a wave of his hand. Zenyatta noticed the ambient chi suffusing the man flow over to the flying alien, attempting to influence him in some way.

"Hah, your Jedi mind tricks won't work on me, I'm a Toydarian. And credits aren't worth anything out here in the Outer Rim, there's not enough trade between here and the core worlds. I only take wupiupi."

It seemed the Jedi would be here for a while. Thankfully, Akanin offered to let them come home with him until they figured something out, as there was a sandstorm brewing, and it was getting late. Padme and Jar-Jar, who were waiting outside, followed them.

"You know, Watto always bets on the pod races. I bet you could make a bet with him for the engine, and Zenyatta," said Anakin to his newfound acquaintances once they had made it to his home. Though it was dangerous for Anakin himself, he was an expert pilot and mechanic, and had managed to survive several races before, something no other human could say, something his mother could attest to. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan had no other choice.

The next day, the races were on; Qui-Gonn had managed to secure the engine, Anakin, and the droid rather easily, primarily by betting both their ship and his own indentured servitude. Thankfully, Anakin was very skilled, and the other racers focused on avoiding and taking out each other to notice that the little boy had made it into the lead. Sebulba, the favorite to win, tried his hardest to stop him, but it wasn't enough, and Anakin officially became the first human to ever win a pod race.

With that, the group installed their new engine, said their goodbyes, and quickly fled from the red-and-black Zabrak accosting their ship. They were now safe, and free to head to Coruscant… except the queen, for all her fourteen years, insisted that they return to Naboo to free her people. The Jedi were reluctant to accept, but they didn't have enough fuel to get to Coruscant anyways, so they didn't have much choice. Regardless, they took Zenyatta's advice and sent a message to the republic and the Jedi Order that Naboo was under attack, and that they were heading there to fight back.