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The shattered moon looks over the emerald forest, beckoning the people of vale towards sleep and enticing the nocturnal Grimm from their shadows. There is one figure amongst the trees however that is just now waking up along with the other nocturnal creatures. He jumps from one branch to the other noiseless, giving the perception that he isn't there at all. While hopping through the canopy he hears a scream in the distance that otherwise wouldn't have been heard if it weren't for his highly trained ears. Curious he heads in that direction, occasionally killing a passing Grimm, when he arrives he sees the mining operation of the schnee dust company under attack by Ursa and Night Terrors (nocturnal tiger-like Grimm). Although he couldn't care less about the Schnee dust company he couldn't let these innocent people die and plus he could use the dust for his own uses.
None of the Grimm has noticed him yet, but the couple of guards are running out of arua fast, he springs into action, jumping on a Ursa and punching and embedding a fire dust crystal into the base of it's neck, it's weakness. The Grimm falls down dead, letting one last half hearted growl before bleeding out, which consequently sets off the fire crystal shooting the Ursa head at a night terror whilst making a huge explosion, capturing the attention of the remaining 14 Grimm. The Ursa major looked at it's fallen comrade's decapitated head and screams out in rage, most likely to attack, the other Grimm disregard the guards and attack the new threat all at once. Night terrors pounced and the figure dodged them with ease, a couple Ursa rushed him and slashed where he was standing, he backflipped over this landing on a night terror and stabbed a ice dust crystal in its side causing it to freeze solid, as it was freezing the figure jumped from it and kicked and Ursa in the face.

Landing and rolling the figure turned to face the pack, taking more dust crystals out of pouches near his wrists he threw many crystals at his enemies, many of them hitting their mark and about half exploding on contact, carrying out the effects of the dust properties. Because of this only 6 remained, those six had crystals still inside them. Noticing this so obvious weak spot, the figure proceeds to attack those spots. He dodges an attack from an Ursa and counters it by arua punching the crystal further pushing it inside and setting it off. The Ursa sparked with electricity and began twitching in strange ways before dying. The figure however only saw this out of the corner of his eye because he was still focused on the other 5. Two night terrors attack at once, causing the figure to smirk, he jumped up in the air and punched the right one's crystal in it's back while kicking the left one's crystal in its side causing both to be set off. The explosions behind him caused him to be launched forward onto the Ursa major's head, after about 3 backflips. He drop Kicked the crystal in it's back but nothing happened besides the Ursa roaring in pain. A bit surprised the figure needed to think of some other way of disposing of the Ursa major. Looking at the bony spikes coming out of it's back he got an idea, he took out a peticular sharp ice crystal he cut and froze a spike near the base. After claiming his prize, he was thrown off and landed a few feet in front of the Grimm. Wielding his bony spike as a sword he charged the Grimm and blocked it's first attack. Charging his aura into the makeshift sword he stabbed the Grimm underneath it's chin and shoved it all the way through until it was poking out the now cracked skull plate. Finally finished with his battle, he turned to the last two Ursa which turn and ran back into the woods out of fear.
With the battle over he turned towards the miners, who also looked terrified and finally got a clear look at him. He was dressed in a long white v-neck shirt with a nevermore skull painted in black on it, light gray jeans with pitch black sneakers and black socks, a darker gray cloak that was a little tattered on the bottom with many small holes and black finger less gloves. This however was barely noticed by the workers because he face was covered by a Beowulf skull that only showed the bottom of his chin and his eyes, his black soulless eyes. This was only more highlighted from the pale complexion of the man, so pale it seemed like a gray glow.
"Do not be afraid, I'm not a Grimm," said the figure.
The workers we're even more surprised because the voice while rather deep only sounded like it could only belong to a late-teenager or early 20's (in reality he was only 17).

One of the braver workers decided to speak to him, "thank you for saving us is there anything we can do to help you?" the worker asked.
"Crystals, I need crystals" he responded monotone.
"Of course it is a small price to pay for what you have done for us, would 15-20 be enough?" The worker asked.
The figure nodded.
"José give me a pouch of 20 crystals for our friend here," he shouted into the crowd.
"Right away boss," the worker went off.
The next few moments were tense silence until the worker returned with the crystals.
"Here boss I tried to get variety," José said.
The lead worker took the pouch and walked up to the figure. when he was about five feet from him he tossed it out of fear,"here you go, 20 dust crystals like you asked. Oh and by the way I never did catch your name,"
"My name is the ghost," the ghost said.
The workers now were even more in awe, all people that we're in Vale for at least a couple weeks has heard of the legend of the ghost of emerald forest. The began murmuring to each other and the ghost disappeared into the shadows and by the time anyone noticed his was halfway back home.