Team LYMM chapter 6

Yuriko looked over back to web after finding shelter and hearing the King Taijitu strike hoping that 'ghosty' wasn't hurt too bad and what she saw shocked her (not literally). At the base of the strike was Web, still standing and unharmed and he kicked over the King Taijitu's head over to show Yuriko that the side of it's head opposite of her had a burning hole in it. Web was smirking at Yuriko as if he enjoyed killing stronger Grimm, it gave Yuriko chills but she shook it off quickly because it's other head wrapped itself around Web.

"Ghosty!" Yuriko exclaimed, but it was too late, Web was already wrapped in its coils.

"Yuriko calm down we will get him back don't worry," Minnie reassured Yuriko from a distance.

Yuriko nodded and proceeded to wake Mikhai on the other side. The grimm stood off with the other 3 knowing the value of its hostage. Web continued to struggle to no avail against the body of the snake. Mikhai stirred awake and joined Yuriko in front of the Taijitu, trying to come up with a strategy to break Web free.

"Hey...uh...listen i have a pl-plan," Web chokes out while under the strain, "Mikhai you need to flash it while Yuriko and Minnie give ranged support, they can still smell you, so be careful."

The others nod and Mikhai jumps in front and activates his semblance in front of the King Taijitu. Minnie, Yuriko and Web look away or close their eyes as Mikhai's aura goes from yellow to white hot and expands outward blinding the last head of the King Taijitu. The snake's grip loosens and Web grabs an ice dust crystal and jabs it into it's neck as it is bombarded by Yuriko and Minnie. Web breaks free and aura sprints over to Minnie who was shooting the King Taijitu with little effect.

"Minnie, I need you to shoot that crystal right there," Web points to the ice dust crystal on the snake's neck.

Minnie nods and takes aim but she can't get a clear shot because of the wild thrashing from the attacks from Yuriko and Mikhai, "It's impossible to get a clean shot, it's moving too much,"

"Yuriko! Mikhai! Stop attacking we need it to stay still!" Web shouts out to the battlefield trying to get their attention.

Yuriko and Mikhai look towards the rock that Minnie and Web is on and Yuriko gives a thumbs up while Mikhai shows no response but stops attacking.

The grimm calms down and looks at Minnie just as she pulls the trigger, she gets a direct hit, causing the dust crystal to blow up and decapitate the grimm with a frozen head. Everyone cheers and they were just about to meet up when the Nevermore came back and started shooting feathers at the team, some of them barely missing. Yuriko get visibly frustrated and stands in the middle of the open.

"Ugh i'm so tired of all this! Just die birdie," Yurkio turns on her semblance and pumps her electricity into her swords as she lines up her different colored but otherwise identical swords. She aims at the Nevermore that is circling back around to try to finish the four off, "JUST DIE ALREADY," Yuriko shoots out a huge laser that's exponentially more powerful than her regular beams and makes contact with the Nevermore. The Nevermore splits in half with each side falling in opposite directions from each other, Yuriko looks drained but still intense until she hears it crash.

At the sound of it falling Yuriko turns around beaming at the others, "Guys did you see that? Sorry i kind of got carried away," she says sheepishly.

The others are stunned and shocked, Mikhai and Minnie visibly show it while Web commented on her attack, "Next time you should open with that," Web couldn't hide the excitement in his voice.

Yuriko nods and just stands there, the four stood there until Mikhai broke the Silence, "Shouldn't we get back to the school since we are done?"

Everyone nods in agreement and heads back to the school and once there wait for all partners to get back to wait for team assignment. Professor Ozpin makes his way up to the stage and congrats everyone on surviving the emerald forest and announces the teams one by one.

"Team CRDL, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long will be known as team RWBY, lead by Ruby Rose. This is shaping up to be an interesting year. Next Minnie Cross, Mikhai Diya, Yuriko Alosha and Logan Web you will be known as team LYMM, lead by Logan Web."

Logan visibly cringed at the use of his legal name and Yuriko beamed at him, "Your name is Logan Ghosty?! Oh my God that's such a cute name!" Yuriko jumps on Logan laughing while Minnie chuckled and Mikhai laughed along at the scene.

Ozpin smiled and took a sip of his coffee as the team got down from the stage.

At the temporary White Fang Camp

A deer faunus rushes into the main tent to greet Adam Taurus by taking a knee, "Sir i come with news from our spies in Beacon,"

"Yes?" Adam continues to look at the Remnant map.

"The owl faunus we've been searching for is confirmed at Beacon, it seems he is a student sir," the soldier gives his report quickly.

Adam turns around, "Finally, it's time we paid him a visit".