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Note: Blanche is non-binary in my headcanon and uses they/them and she/her pronouns. I decided to go with "she/her" in this story. Keep in mind that this doesn't make Blanche a "girl", even if the pronouns used are she/her.

They were an odd bunch of friends, but they were together every moment.

It was if they were stuck together by invisible glue. Not cheap glue, but the extra strong kind kind that absolutely nothing could pull apart.

Nobody knew exactly why they had that bond. But deep inside, the three themselves knew.

That was the friendship of Candela, Blanche, and Spark.

For now, the tremendous trio was resting in a Pokemon Center before setting back out on their adventure.

"Hey, Blanche? Do you know any words that mean 'angrier than angry'?" Candela asked this rainy afternoon in July, while sitting on the comfy couch.

Candela was very much a candle lit on fire, hot-headed, but also the kind of person who lit up the darkest of places.

"Furious, enraged, livid, incandescent..." The poised Blanche recited off the top of their head, without even looking at a thesaurus.

Blanche was like the H2O of the group. Cool like ice and calm like water.

"Ooh! Ooh!" Energetic Spark jumped up with joy. "I have a word! How about... dun dun dun... cantankerous?"

Spark did a pose and slid on his sunglasses.

Spark was the electricity of the group. He went off at random moments and always lived life with a bright smile.

"Oh yeah. Thanks guys!" Candela said.

"What did you need those words for, Candle?" Spark asked.

"For my poem." Candela said. "Let's see... I'm dangerous, and cantankerous. Sounds about right."

Blanche sighed quietly. Nobody else would've noticed her sigh besides Candela and Spark, who knew her for years.

"Oh... are you upset because I didn't use your words?" Candela asked.

Even though Blanche wouldn't seem like the type, Candela did know what made her upset.

"Don't worry, I'll also use furious!" Candela went up to Blanche and gave her a warm hug. Blanche didn't like hugs so much, but quietly enjoyed Candela's.

Spark shot out of his seat and joined in on the hugging as well. Blanche gave in to the hugging, cracked a small smile and wrapped her arms around their friends as well.

"Aww, you guys are hugging." Nurse Joy went up to the three travelers. "I'm here to notice you that your Pokemon are all healed. Would you like to see them now?"

"Certainly!" All there seemed to say in unison.

It was great news.

"Hey, Jolteon ol' pal!" Spark crouched down and let the fluffy yellow Pokemon in his arms.

"Flareon, it's great to see you!" Candela gave her Flareon a high-five.

"Vaporeon, it's me." Blanche greeted her Pokemon with a gentle pat on its head.

"I think it's time you three ate lunch and started to get going." Nurse Joy said.


Candela was the leader of Team Valor, one of the three teams which Pokemon trainers were divided into.

Likewise, Blanche was the leader of Team Mystic, and Spark was the leader of Team Instinct.

The members of three teams often had rivalries with each other, but at their core, they were all trainers and all united together.

As leaders of the teams, Candela, Blanche, and Spark had to work hard and keep a positive image for the team members to look up to. They were also assistants to Professor Willow, a well-known Professor of Pokemon.

However, that didn't stop the three from having fun sometimes.

"I wonder what this egg is going to hatch into?" Spark happily swayed around as he walked, a Pokemon egg in an incubator inside the pouch on his back.

"You and your eggs." Candela smiled.

"It would sure be weird if a huge Onix came out of this tiny little egg!" Spark said. "They do say that the size of the egg has nothing to do with the size of the Pokemon it hatches into."

"That fact still baffles me." Blanche said quietly. "Perhaps it's like evolution? When a Pokemon hatches from an egg, it always comes much too big for the size of its egg..."

"Then maybe they evolve into a bigger form right when they hatch?" Spark said. "Eggs do glow when Pokemon hatch..."

"This sounds like something you would enjoy researching!" Candela said with enthusiasm.

A little while later, they were at the lake. Their errand was to catch a Gyarados and bring it back to the professor, so he could study why is it they randomly grow enraged.

"The Lake of Rage..." Candela said. "The name resonates with me deeply."

Blanche and Spark looked at each other nervously.

"The real Lake of Rage is in Johto." Blanche said, "This is just an ordinary lake."

"Every lake becomes the Lake of Rage when Candela's here." Candela said. Spark began to laugh.

Among the laughter, there was a much more disturbing noise. A low rumble shook the air.

From within the lake, a Gyarados surfaced and began to thrash about in the lake with untamed fury, forming tall waves and sending water splashing everywhere.

"Uh, guys, I think the Gyarados is raging!" Spark cried out in panic.

The Gyarados emitted a roar, and shot a glowing Hyper Beam from its wide open mouth. It hit a tree nearby, collapsing it and searing the trees around it.

Candela and Spark held hands and rushed for cover.

"Oh no! Spark, where's Blanche?" Candela urgently asked once they were behind a rock.

Blanche was standing in front of the lake, her heart pounding. But she was ready to take action.

"If I let this Gyarados continue to rage, the consequences would be bad." Blanche thought.

"Since I'm here, I should do something."

She threw her worries into the wind along with her long trench coat, until she was in nothing but her diving suit she always wore under her clothes.

"Candela, I'm worried!" Spark clung to her.

"Blanche will be fine..." Candela swallowed.

She dove briskly into the water with elegant form, not even flinching a bit. She swam with powerful movements of her arms and legs, diving underwater often to take cover from the potential Hyper Beam.

The Gyarados was still thrashing about, creating rough waves in the otherwise calm lake.

When the exhausted Blanche was close enough to the Gyarados, she took out a Poke ball and threw it at the beast.

When Poke ball came in contact with its flesh, the gigantic mass of the Gyarados was reduced to a glowing light. The light began to flow into the tiny capsule.

Even when inside the Poké ball, the Gyarados struggled. It used every ounce of its strength to try to escape. Eventually it gave up, and the Poke ball ceased to shake.

With a new Pokemon on hand, Blanche began to swim back to shore. All was calm once again.

"Blanche!" Candela and Spark ran up to the shoreline.

"That was incredible, Blanche!" Spark was in awe. "You were so brave! We were worried!"

Blanche surfaced from the water, visibly out of breath. She began to wring out her ponytail.

"It was nothing." She said. "Just doing what I needed."

"But Blanche..." Candela said, "What you just did was amazing. Have more faith in yourself!"

"That's right!" Spark said. "You're so cool and heroic!"

"Um... Thanks guys." Blanche said. She managed to crack a smile. "I appreciate it. Though it was only my duty."

Candela sighed and pat Blanche's shoulder, forgetting she was dripping wet.

Meanwhile, somebody was watching Blanche's feat from behind a nearby tree.

"That was... so amazing..."

"Anyways, we caught the Gyarados!" Spark said. "Now let's go back to Professor Willow's place."

They made their way back through the illuminated clearing of trees, entering the thick forest once again.

"You know, Spark Jr. is taking a long time to hatch." Spark said, by the time they were out of the woods.

"This is the thirty-seventh egg you've named 'Spark Jr.'" Blanche stated.

"It's okay though. Maybe they're just shy." Spark said. "I won't rush them."

"Um, Spark?" Candela said. She noticed that the egg in the incubator on his back was glowing. "I think your egg is going to hatch right now!"

"Oh?" Spark and Blanche said.

"Oh?" Candela added to their exclamation.

They watched as the egg cracked open slowly, and the light began to escape from in between the pieces of shell.

When it was over, a huge Snorlax was suddenly sitting in the middle of the path, covered in bits of eggshell.

"Whoa!" Spark cheered. "Spark Jr. The Thirty-Seventh is a Snorlax!"

He dove into the large Pokemon's cuddly belly and hugged it as if it were a beloved stuffed toy. The Snorlax, recognizing that it was Spark who hatched it, hugged him back compassionately.

"Aww..." Candela squealed. Even Blanche couldn't help but smile at the heartwarming scene.

"Now you're a pretty big guy..." Spark said, "So maybe you should go in the Poke ball for now."

Spark returned the Snorlax into a Poke ball he was saving just for it.

"I can't wait to show Professor Willow my new buddy!" Spark's smile was glowing. Absolutely nothing could've gotten him down.

"You know, if that Snorlax were hatched using a Lax Incense, it would've hatched as a pre-evolved Munchlax." Blanche stated.

"Oh yeah! I was wondering why it came out as a fully-grown Snorlax." Spark said, an energetic movement to his walk.

"It's also uncommon for Munchlax to hatch naturally around these parts." Blanche said, "Perhaps it has to do with the environment."

"Maybe they hatch fully-grown so that they can fend off other wild Pokemon." Candela said. "In areas with less threats, they're more likely to hatch as Munchlax, maybe?"

"That is actually the theory many researchers go with." Blanche said. "It makes a lot of sense."

"Whoo!" Candela cheered. "I said something smart!"

Upon returning to Professor Willow...

"Wow, so Blanche swam out into the lake like that to catch the raging Gyarados before it could do harm? Incredible?" Professor Willow beamed.

"All three of you are incredible, you know?" Willow gushed on and on. "Incredible! I'm so lucky to have you as my assistants!"

"Guess what?" Spark bounced up and down, "My egg hatched a Snorlax! I'm going to call him Sleepy!"

"I thought his name was Spark Jr. The Thirty-Seventh." Candela said.

"Sleepy is shorter and sweeter!" Spark said.

"Professor, we were discussing why it is that sometimes Munchlax hatch instead." Blanche said. "Candela theorized that it had to do with how many threats are in its habitat. More threats would mean a higher chance of it hatching as a fully-grown Snorlax."

"And that is exactly correct!" Professor Willow explained. "Candela, you are a smart cookie."

"Oh, um... not really." Candela scratched her head modestly. "But thanks! I appreciate it!"

"Now, unless you didn't know, each of you got a brand-new team member while you were out." The professor said. "Go and greet them! Provide a good role model for them and help them with training or whatever they desire."

"Right!" The three said, following his orders and heading towards the yard.

"I have such great assistants..." Professor Willow smiled and went back to work.

The large yard behind the laboratory was filled with captured Pokemon that were being raised. The Professor made sure that they had a nice friendly habitat to live in.

"Hello! My name is Nurah! I joined Team Instinct because I heard you were a really cool guy, Spark!"

"Aw shucks, I'm not that cool!" Spark said to the short polite girl dressed in yellow. She had bright eyes that were filled with electricity.

"I heard that you're really caring, friends with all Pokemon, and that you once did a handstand on a skateboard while doing a guitar solo with your feet!" Nurah cheered.

"Well, I didn't do very good." Spark chuckled. "I hurt my head. Also I can't even play the guitar."

"But you're still so cool, Sparkle!" Nurah gushed. "I like your sunglasses too!"

"Well, I'm flattered!" Spark said. "Wait, did you just call me Sparkle?"

The new girl on Candela's team was a little ball of fire.

"I'm Aya!" She said, "I joined Team Valor because I'm dangerous and cantankerous! I heard you were the same way, Candela! Let's take over all the gyms together!"

"Aww yeah!" Candela gave Aya a high five. "I like your spirit, little one."

"Oh, I heard that you got so angry once, that you kicked down a telephone pole!" Aya clapped. "You're like, my idol!"

The short spunky girl jumped into Candela's embrace, accidentally pushing her back a little.

"Heh, thanks." Candela smiled. "But to tell the truth, I only bent the pole a little..."

Finally, where Blanche was, there was a short, stout girl dressed in orange. It took the small youth a long time to approach Blanche. Once she did stagger up to her, she began to hide her face.

She really, really admired Blanche.

"Um... I'm Rue... and... I... uh..."

The girl began to stutter aimlessly. She felt ashamed. She blew her introduction.

"Yes, Rue?" Blanche said to the young girl. "What is it you want to tell me?"

"Ah! Um..."

Rue grew flustered. Blanche just said her name! She began to fiddle with her fingers and attempted to look into Blanche's eyes.

"Well it's... you see... I joined Team Mystic because... I... wanted to be on your team... Blanche..."

Rue took a deep breath, and looked into Blanche's serious eyes.

"I see. Nice to meet you, Rue." Blanche said. Understanding that Rue was shy, she wanted to make her feel more at ease. She held out her hand for Rue to shake.

"Ah... nice to meet you too, Blanche!" Rue said, pleasantly surprised at the gesture. She put her hand into hers.

"Well... I really love learning." Rue said once they let go. "By joining Team Mystic, I want to be able to learn a lot about Pokemon and other things... and to have lots of different experiences with Pokemon, and the world."

"Learning is good." Blanche said. "I like your ambition. Welcome to the team, by the way."

Rue's heart fluttered. Nothing bad happened at all! All the hard stuff was worth it. Finally, she was on Blanche's team, and was able to talk to her!

"So... Blanche." Rue said, trying to hide a smile, "Today at the river... you swam out there... and caught a raging Gyarados..."

Blanche was caught off-guard. Rue had been watching her?

"I thought that was really cool..." Rue said. "You're... so brave and cool, Blanche!"

"Well... um... I appreciate the compliment." Blanche said. "I was only doing my job, though."

"Oh, come on, Blanche!" Candela jumped in to the conversation. "The little one really looks up to you!"

Rue froze in embarrassment. Candela had taken notice of her admiration!

"You should have more pride in yourself." Candela said to Blanche.

"Yeah, Blanche... I think you should recognize how great you really are..." Rue began to agree with Candela.

"So I want you to do us a favor." Candela grinned. "Say you're awesome, Blanche!"

Blanche froze.

"Come on, say it like you mean it! 'I'm awesome'!" Candela sang.

"I'm... awkward." Blanche muttered, looking down.

Candela burst into laughter. Rue began to giggle a little.

"You didn't say it!" Candela pat Blanche's back, but hit a little too hard and accidentally hit her.

Blanche was surprisingly modest, Rue thought. This was the same person Rue had been too intimidated to talk to. Now that she knew more about Blanche, it didn't seem as daunting anymore.

"Um... I'm awkward too." Rue said, nervously pulling on her fingers. "But I still think you're cool."

Rue was still tense however, and Blanche wanted her to calm down.

"You don't have to be shy." Blanche said to Rue, looking into her eyes. "Alright? We're here to support you."

"Ah..." Rue began to feel emotional at Blanche's reassuring words. "Thank you... you're really nice..."

Blanche felt a little embarrassed.

"Aww..." Spark was watching Rue and Blanche bond.

After a session of discussing tips and strategies...

"So, Nurah! You are now officially a trainer, and a part of Team Instinct!" Spark gave his greeting. "Now go out there and be awesome! Remember, you can always come for me to help."

Spark gave the excited Nurah his phone number.

"I'm glad I got to meet you personally." Spark said. "I don't even get to meet most of my members..."

"Wow! Does that mean I can send you memes?" Nurah asked.

"You know, I would appreciate that very much." Spark said.

"Alright Aya, I'll be cheering for you! Welcome to Team Valor, and congrats on becoming a trainer!" Candela gave a fist-pump, along with her phone number.

"Call me when you need some help, or just wanna chat!"

"Alright, buddy ol' pal!" Aya said. "Just don't be surprised if I call you at 3:00 in the morning."

"Rue." Blanche walked up to the girl to get her attention. "You are now a trainer. I predict that you will become a very good one."

Blanche registered her number in Rue's phone.

"You've shown me a lot of potential." Blanche said. "Now it's time to fulfill your ambitions of being a trainer. Be diligent, and keep your head up. I'll be rooting for you."

"Ah, alright!" Rue smiled.

"See ya, Spark!" Nurah said her last goodbye before setting off on the road.

"Thanks, Candela! Nice meeting you!" Aya waved, walking into the sunset.

"Okay. Goodbye, Blanche!" Rue said, after receiving a Pokedex from her. "I'll do my best! I'll fulfill my dreams... I know I can do it! Because you inspired me."

"I'm glad." Blanche said.

Rue smiled at her senior one last time and began to walk off. When she was a few steps away, she turned back.

"Wait..." She said.

She ran up to Blanche once again, and gave her a hug. She wrapped her arms around her waist gently.

"Oh..." Blanche was surprised at first, but then returned the hug. After a few seconds, they parted.

"Thank you for inspiring me." Rue said. She began to turn around again, running faster down the path this time instead.

"Good luck!" Blanche shouted to her as she ran off.

"Yay! I did it, Sasha!" Rue ran towards her friend, who was already a trainer, and told her all about what happened.

"Blanche was nice! She gave me advice... and then I got to hug her! This is the best day ever!"

"I'm happy for you, Rue! See! I knew you could do it!"

"Yeah! Now it's time for me to start my journey! Oh, I can't wait!"

Blanche felt a warmth in her heart as she watched them walk off together, happily into the sunset.

Rue, who was so uneasy at first, was now elated, smiling, and eager to start her adventure.

"Aw, Blanche. You did something really good today." Candela said. Blanche turned to face her.

"You were that girl's inspiration. You got to be friends with her. You made her so happy! Don't you feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you?"

Blanche nodded fondly.

"I do." She smiled. Her smile seemed to glow. Candela grinned.

"I think I'm gonna cry..." Spark said.

"Don't cry!" Candela said. "I'll tickle you so you'd laugh instead!"

Candela began to chase and tickle Spark, who howled with laughter and tried to run away.

"Wait, Candela, stop! I'm really ticklish!" Spark shouted.

The warm feeling in Blanche's heart bubbled up inside of her as laughter.

"Haha, Candela! Stop tickling him! Ahaha!"

All three of them began to laugh together. It was a shimmering moment.

"Aw, you guys did great today." Professor Willow came out and said. "I see Blanche is laughing. Something really good must've happened."

"Our new members were super cool and sweet." Candela said. "We had a great time meeting them and helping them get ready for their journey. Blanche did something today that made her feel good inside."

"That's nice to hear." Professor Willow said. "Anyways, your supper is ready. After eating, go back to work."

Everyone's faces fell.

"Haha, I'm just joking with you!" The professor said. "You're free until tomorrow morning."

"Dear diary, today I had another totally radical day with my best friends in the world, Blanche and Candela!" Spark wrote, once he was in his room. He included drawings to go with his journal entry.

Once he was finished writing about the day, he went out into the yard to say good night to all the Pokemon, including his thirty Pidgeys and twenty-five Rattatas.

"Good night, everyone! Today was sure fun. Tomorrow will be awesome. Our hopes and dreams will blossom. You're all my friends forever, we'll always be together, good night!"

After Spark sang his song, he was greeted with by Candela doing the Macarena in the lobby.

"Candela, what are you DOING?" Spark asked.

"I lost a bet to Blanche. Now I have to do the Macarena all night."

"That sucks!" Spark said, "What was the bet?"

"I had to eat a spoonful of wasabi without shedding a tear." Candela said. "But one little tear slipped out and now I'm stuck here dancing."

"You know, how about we ambush Blanche." Spark said. "With pillows!"

"Hey, that's a great idea!" Candela said. "I was pillow fight champion back in grade school!"

The two of them took all their pillows and snuck to Blanche's room.

That was when they heard something odd...

"Hello, my name is Blanche, and I'm awesome. How was that...? Did I sound convincing?"

"What?" Spark whispered loudly. Candela shushed him.

Blanche's Vaporeon began to clap.

"Hm... but I really want to be able to open up more." Blanche said to her Pokemon, petting its silky fur. "I want to be a better role model for those who look up to me. Instead of being closed-off, I want to shine bright like Candela and Spark... Then people won't be so intimidated by me."

"Blanche..." Candela whispered. "Spark, did you hear her? She said she wishes she were more like us..."

"But... I think Blanche is fine the way she is." Spark said. "Sure, she may have shortcomings, but we all do. That's what makes us who we are."

"My name is Blanche, and I'm awesome!" Blanche said again from inside the room.

"I agree, Spark..." Candela said, "But I'm still happy we're giving her courage. The courage to try and have faith in herself."

"She shouldn't have to push herself though." Spark said. "Though I am still happy she wants to believe in herself..."

"Hey, Spark..." Candela said. "I suddenly don't feel like ambushing Blanche with the pillows."

"Me neither." Spark said.

But before Spark could think more, a pillow hit him in the face.

"I saw you sneaking." Came Blanche's voice.

"Ohoho!" Candela laughed, "So I guess Blanche does want to pillow-fight after all?"

"Nobody can beat the awesomeness that is me!" Blanche jumped up and threw a pillow at Candela. Candela dodged it, and threw one at Blanche. Spark got up and dodged one of Blanche's pillows with a somersault.

"Now that was a cool dodge, right?" Spark said.

The next pillow hit both Spark and Candela and knocked them both back.

"You just got Blanched!" Blanche said.

"Haha, that's a good one!" Spark said. "But prepare to get Sparked now."

After the pillow fight, they sat together on the balcony.

"You know, I've never seen you act like that before, Blanche." Spark said. "I mean, your personality changed..."

"Well... I'm not sure if you heard, but I wanted to become a little more outgoing. Is it working?" Blanche said.

"Well... Spark and I were thinking that you don't have to force yourself." Candela said. "You're fine the way you are, Blanche. If your personality were to change, we would be sad. Because you wouldn't be Blanche anymore. We need the true Blanche with us. Okay?"

"Well then... maybe I was going a little overboard." Blanche said. "To tell the truth, it was fun. But now I'm exhausted."

"And besides, you don't have to be more like us to be awesome!" Spark said. "You're awesome just the way you are. That's what we were trying to tell you all along!"

"Guys, thank you." Blanche said.

"So, are you going to say it now? Say 'I'm awesome'!" Candela prompted.

Blanche smiled.

"I'm awesome!" She shouted into the night. The other two laughed and clapped.

"Yay!" Candela hugged Blanche. "And it's true! Please don't ever change... but do try to have more faith in yourself!"

And there you have it. A regular day in the fun lives of Candela, Blanche and Spark. Little did they know that their lives were about to be filled with adventure...

AN: Rue, Nurah, and Aya are three of my OCs! They're actually planned on returning in this fic later. I might even introduce a few more OCs? Oops...