Three years later, North Castle…

Queen Zelda Hyrule VIII. It's been three years since the princess was officially crowned, and a year since the castle was fully rebuilt, thanks to Labrynna and Calatia's efforts. She had no idea how to run the country, but luckily she had a great team of advisers from her mother's monarchy to aid her. With the aid of the former leaders of the Resistance, four of the old Sages, some of the town leadership, and the Sheikah, Zelda has taken the war-torn Hyrule into the beginnings of a new golden age. It'll be years, maybe beyond her lifetime before Hyrule becomes the great power it used to be, but until then, she will usher it towards that greatness.

She sits quietly in the throne room, alone on a peaceful evening. Dinner should be soon and that'll be a rowdy affair, so she'll enjoy the quiet before the storm. Between Link's gluttony, Oren and Hilda's "stuck up" mannerisms, and Ravio's passiveness, it is sure to be quite the affair for the four friends. Well, to respect their titles, King Link Hyrule, Queen Oren of the Zoras, and Sir and Lady Sheerow, Hands to the Throne. Naming the Loruleans as the second most powerful couple after the throne was quite the power move, but Hilda has more royal experience and Ravio is the most trustworthy man in her former kingdom. If anyone can lead Hyrule better than Zelda, it should be the two who gave more than asked for a world not their own.

The twilight sunlight enters the throne room, basking Zelda in a sea of sadness. It seems almost everyone got a happy ending in the aftermath of the war, doesn't it? If anyone got the short stick, it had to be Ganondorf. Then again, he gave himself the short stick. He forsake his kingdom, giving the leadership of the Gerudo to Riju, and disappeared. Some say he's traveling the world, searching for something. Some say he is in the Twilight Realm, where Queen Midna now rules. Then there are numerous rumors of him and Midna being spotted together. Only Link knows where the Gerudo has gone, and Link has been tight-lipped about it.

"Zelda." Zelda opens her eyes, seeing Impa and Link join her. She smiles as she stands up and walks to them.

"Is it time already?"

"Yeah," Link says as Zelda wraps her arm around his.

"Oh, great news," Impa says, "Your stepmother and brother has arrived at the castle, they'll be joining us for dinner."

Zelda smiles. "That's great to hear."

South Hyrule, Kakariko Village

"Do you ever think about going back?"

Midna traces her fingers on the bare chest of Ganondorf. Unbeknownst to the vast majority of the world, the pair have spent the last few years scouring the land in what Ganondorf calls "his great matter". Now that they were successful, it dominates the back of his right hand. It has been an adventurous three years searching the conjoined lands of Hyrule and Calatia for the Triforce in secret, for it hasn't been seen since Zelda's mother made her wish. Why Ganondorf wants it, she doesn't have the nerve to ask.

The man grunts softly as an arm wraps around her covered body. "Of course I do. But...I also don't want to. I do miss home, but I don't like being tied down. I go back, I have to take my rightful place. I don't… I can stay with you."

Midna shakes her head. "I'll stay with you no matter what. I'm not going back to the Twilight Realm. Being royalty is nice, but my home is the world of light and with you."

Ganondorf says nothing, just staring at his right hand. With a twitch, the pieces of Courage and Wisdom hover above his palm. "I should send them to their true owners."

"A shame the curse cannot be lifted. If a goddesses cannot overrule another god, why should the power of the gods do so?"

"Yeah… But luckily I made my wish. I saw a timeline of history in which Link, Zelda, and another descendant of the kings joined forces to save Hyrule. It inspired me to see an alternative to stopping the curse. Courage marks the Hero when it is his time. Wisdom will stay with the line of Hylia as a symbol of their divine right to the throne. Power remains in the line of Ganondorf I, so that we kings may be reminded of what evil can do. Wisdom and Power cannot unite without Courage, thus preventing one of the two from claiming two pieces at once. And only when Power conquers the beast within him with love of another heroine, not succumbing to its hatred, will he be able to unleash the might of Din. When Ganon returns, these four youths chosen by the gods along with their allies will unite and defend Hyrule from the calamity. Spirit, Blood, Pride, and Love will forever defend this world from Hatred and Malice." With a wave of his hand, Ganondorf whisks Courage and Wisdom out the window towards the north.

Smiling, Midna lifts her head above Ganondorf's, caressing his beardless face. "So I'm the fourth?"

"Not necessarily, but just like Link and Zelda's souls are connected, so is ours. You love Hyrule more than any of us combined, so much you didn't even want to return to your birthright. That's what we needed to fight Vaati, it is what we'll need… I need in the future. But in this scenario, yes, it's you, because I love you more than any power I could ever have...and the thing with the hair, I like it when you do that."

Midna laughs as she closes the distance between the two of them. "Disgusting. But I love you too. Forever and ever."

Ganondorf lifts a hand to Midna's cheek, softly holding it. "So I have to go home?"

"Yes dumbass...but we got time."

"So this was what he was up to," Zelda says as she and Link stand on the balcony of their bedroom. She stares at their joined hands, the Triforce shining on them. "Did you hear what he said? Seems our destiny grows by two now."

Link chuckles. "We might need it. Maybe we can take a vacation in the next life. Let the next Ganondorf and Midna take care of things. I can sleep in."

"Damsel in distress does sound comfortable now." Zelda rests the back of her head on Link's shoulder, entertaining the thought. "What you think?"

"I think future you is gonna hate being cooped up here."

"While future you is doing some damn quest or sledding."

"Sounds about right...but no matter what, despite the odds between me and the castle, I'll come for you Zelda. Always."

"But what if I escape on my own?"

"We'll meet up. Somehow we always do. Somehow we always win. Hyrule is our world, and many Heroes and Princesses have defended it before and will continue to. If that is our eternal fate, then we'll eternally fight evil and win."

Zelda nods, then turns to Link, holding the young king's face. "Forever and ever, then, Hero Link of Hyrule, will I be at your side."

"And forever and ever will I fight for the world, Princess Zelda of Hyrule."

A war won, evil vanquished, and peace restored to the world. A journey that began in the southern woods of Hyrule ended at its castle. They were tested, trialed, and tried in each challenge along their way. But in the end, nine young men and women defeated the darkness and restored light to the world. Their names will soon be forgotten in history, but you know them as Ralph, Oren, Riju, Ravio, Hilda, Midna, Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda.

But in this Legend of Zelda, they are the Youths Chosen By The Goddesses.

The End