12 years ago, Ordon Village

The village of Ordon was unusually alive today, a note Spryte the fairy took as she zipped around the morning air of the clearing in the woods of Faron. The blue fairy was just going for a morning flight to get the good night's sleep away, and blood flowing into her veins.

Spryte was a typical fairy, one of legend to accompany the children of the forest as their partners. She didn't believe in the actual truth of the story, although another legend kinda proved it, but she would admit fairies did hang around Hylians, as she had her own. It was a year ago when she had injured her wing, and it just so happened that a young boy and his father was fishing nearby. She barely made it to them, but the boy saw and helped her, and also convinced the father. The man said that fairies are a sign of hope, whatever that meant. She'll find out one day, but not today.

Speaking of the boy, she had to awake him. Not that he had anywhere to go, but the last time she figured he'll wake himself… He missed breakfast, lunch, and barely made dinner. Increasing her speed, Spryte aimed for a medium-sized cottage near the middle of town, and flew through the top window in the front. As she landed on the windowsill, she looked to the bed, where indeed, her friend still laid. Sighing, she fluttered to his pointed ear, and took a deep breath.


…Usually that works. Groaning, Spryte began to pull the boy's light brown hair. "Ugh! Come on! Time to get up." She tried grabbing more hair, but the boy still slept. She took off his covers, his pillow, his socks, rolled up his pajamas legs, contemplated removing them, and even tried tickling him.

The boy in the green pajamas would not awaken. Spryte landed on his chest, her blue light turning bright red. "Hey! GET UP NOW! YOU'RE FIVE YEARS OLD, AND YOU SLEEP LIKE YOU'RE FORTY! What woman on Hylia's green earth would want you? You act as if you are going to save the world, and the beginning of your story is with you sleeping. Pathetic hero you'll make. Maybe the world will rescue herself."

A knock at the door silenced Spryte, and she flew over to it. "Link, are you up?"

Spryte sighed as she fell through the "fairy door" and into the presence of Link's father, Rusl Koroks. "Sorry, sir, but he's still sleeping. I tried everything I could think of."

"Huh… Well, his namesake was one helluva sleeper."

"Maybe he's dead. Good riddance."


"Just kidding. What did you need him for?"

Rusl fidgeted with his feet like a nervous kid. "Our lives are getting a little… tighter."

Spryte settled down by her door and leaned on it. "What do you mean?"

"Well, we got extra space in the house, so I decided we make use of them. I heard that a family from Kakariko is moving to here, so why not let them stay here until they find a permanent residence. Hell, if they're good folk, they could just stay here. We got enough plates to go around, and if there kids, Link will have a… Hylian friend."

Spryte knew Rusl wasn't trying to hurt her feelings by desiring his son to have a human friend. "He needs one, sir. Maybe it'll be a girlfriend."

"Heh, heh, maybe. Anyway, they'll be here by noon, which is in a good...half hour. Get Link up and dressed, and once our arrivals come, we'll move them in and eat."

Spryte nodded, turning an excited color of blue. "Yes sir! I'll have him up in a minute." Spryte reentered the room, and returned to the boy's ear. She didn't want to do this, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


As if nothing had ever happened, Link woke up, full of a night's rest. Stretching his arms and wiping his eyes, the young boy took note of his disheveled bed and searched for the source. Maybe he had a wild night. "Guess Pa is right. I do sleep crazy. But why are my pants like this… Maybe I do stuff in my sleep."


"WAAAAAAAAAH!" Link fell from the bed to the hardwood floor, on top of his blanket. Luckily for Link, while most five year olds would bawl, Link had a unnatural tolerance for pain that grew over the years. However, the back of his head was still ringing as he rubbed it. "Oww. Spryte, why?"

Spryte swooped down in a fit of rage into the boy's face. "I'VE BEEN TRYING TO WAKE YOU UP FOR TWENTY MINUTES. NOW GET DRESSED!"


"Mr. Rusl will explain. Now hurry up! We got women to impress." Link went along with Spryte's words, although he terribly doubt that he was meeting a girl. Truth be told, Link didn't like girls at all. Why would he like them cootie-infested hair lovers anyway? Link loved his mother, sure, but she was a woman.

Girls don't grow into women, do they?

Link searched his drawers, finding his favorite green and brown tunic, complete with khaki pants and a cone-shaped cap. He took his time putting them on, and slipped his feet into leather brown boots. According to his father, a generation ago, when he was a kid, there was a Hero who wore the same attire, and from that day forward, Link aspired to be like the Hero of Hyrule. Tucking his brown hair into the hat, Link did a final check on himself, and turned to Spryte, who was laying in her cot, yellow in color. "How do I look?"

The fairy put her finger in her mouth and winked. "Ravishing."

"What does that mean?"

Spryte flew from the cot to Link's shoulder, elbowing him on his neck. "One day, buddy. You'll see. Now come on, let's go to Mr. Rusl." Link and Spryte went down the steps to the living room, and turned to the kitchen, opposite of the front door. His father had finished setting the table, and Link had the humane urge to approach it. Spryte fluttering in front of him denied his desires, but she let the boy notice the sounds of arrival outside the house. Link walked over to the window, and gazed upon the wagon outside his home. Indeed, Spryte was right. Someone new was coming over.

"Dad, someone's outside."

Rusl rushed from the kitchen to Link's side, looking out with him. "Ah, Link, that's our new...uh...housemates."

"What do you mean?"

"They're going to live with us…"

Link slowly looked up to his father, still not understanding. "Why?"

"Well...we got the space, don't we?"

"Yes sir."

"That's why. Remember this, Link. Share what you can, for you'll never know what might come out of it. Especially in dark times like these."

Link perked up at the mentioning of "dark times." It seemed pretty light outside. "What is so dark?"

Rusl sighed as he stepped away from the window, using his hand to ruffle Link's hair. "One day, you will know. Now come on, let's get them inside." Link followed his father out the door, and they made way for the wagon. It was already unloaded, thanks to the light packing of the two individuals standing in front of the wagon. The oldest was a woman with white hair with a single braid, yet Link didn't believe she was as old as she looked. Her tanned complexion was of no mystery to Link, although it was a little darker than one of the rural life. Her blue outfit seemed a bit big for her, but maybe because it was baggy for her tall frame. Link didn't gaze at her for long, for her red eyes scared him. It was an unnatural color, and Link kinda hated the color red anyway. He took his gaze to the second person, a girl not much older or younger than him, and shorter. She wore a small, pink dress, and had golden hair flowing from her white skin. Link took comfort in her blue eyes, and apparently she took the same in his blue. Link didn't know the big word for it, but he was mesmerized by the girl.

"Link… Link, it is rude to stare." Spryte tried to snap Link back into the world, flying all over his face. "Come on!"

"Spryte… I think I like girls now. She can't have cooties."

Spryte turned a dark shade of green, jealous of the new girl already. "I'm sure she does." The fairy turned to the source of Link's inquiry, and they watched Rusl greet the newcomers. "I'm glad to see you have arrived safely… Impa."

The woman nodded, a slight sign of happiness on her face. "Same here, Rusl. It has been some time, hasn't it?"

"Sometimes time is all we have." Rusl looked to the girl, squatting down to her level. "And who's the lovely girl?"

The girl nervous cupped her hands behind her, and looked to the ground. "I'm… Zelda. Zelda Hansen."

Rusl was quiet for a moment, looking up to Impa before bringing his eyes back to Zelda, "Well, Ms. Zelda, I am Rusl Koroks, and that boy right there is my son, Link Koroks. He's a little shy, but he's the same age as you, although he's… When we're you born?"

"February 21, 1999."

"Ah, Link's is November 23, 1998. Why don't you go talk to him, and go eat something inside. You must be hungry."

The girl looked up to the woman, who nodded her approval. Zelda shyly walked forward, slowly up to the boy in green, who had snapped to his senses. She stopped a few steps away from him, and nervously spoke, "He-Hello. My name is Zelda."

Link's chipper attitude caught up with him as he stepped forward. "Hi, my name is Link, and this is my fairy, Spryte!"

Zelda looked up when Link said "fairy" and noticed the blue ball of light beside him. She was instantly transfixed by the little being. "You have a fairy? Cool."

"Not really. She's boring."

Spryte kicked Link in the nose. "I'm not boring! You're just lazy!" Spryte turned to Zelda, and cleared her throat. "I'm sorry you had to see that, Miss Zelda. But Link is a total idiot, and it is my duty as his fairy to raise him to be a studious man."

Zelda smiled, and then giggled. "Spryte, you funny when you use big words. Just like Impa! I have a empty bottle. You can keep fairies in bottles, did you know that?"

"No. I wish I had a bottle."


"But that's cool. Hey, my dad made food, and I'm hungry. Let's eat." Link led Zelda inside and to the kitchen table, and the boy immediately felt his mouth salivate. "Ooh, pancakes and eggs and bacon and pumpkin. Yum." Zelda filled her plate with all except the pumpkin, having never tried it before. Spryte noticed this while Link indulge his stomach's cries.

"Zelda, have you ever had pumpkin before?"

Zelda sadly shook her head. "No. Where I come from, there wasn't any pumpkins."

"Where are you from?"

"Rauru Town in Northern Hyrule. But I have been to Mido, Saria, and Kakariko before coming here. I kinda like it here already."

Spryte settled by Link's plate, taking a large piece (for her size) of his pumpkin piece, while questioning Zelda. "So is Impa your mom?"

Zelda's face grew sullen at the mentioning of parents. "... No. I never met my mother or father. Impa has been my guardian since I was born."

Spryte turned bright blue, brighter than her normal shade. "I'm sorry, Zelda. I didn't mean to pry."

Zelda nodded. "Yeah…" She looked to Link, who had finished his plate in ignorance of the conversation, and was reaching for another slice of pumpkin. "Is it good?"

"The pumpkin? Yeah." Zelda reached for a small slice, and nervously took a bite. Link watched in anticipation for Zelda's final reaction. "Come on, you know it is good."

"It isn't good… It's great!"

"Same thing."

"Is not. Great is way better than good."

"But they mean the same thing!"

"No they don't."

"Yes they do!"

"No they don't!"

Spryte facepalmed as the children bickered. "They're already arguing. Ugh." Spryte fluttered up to the air between Link and Zelda, and took a deep breath. "LISTEN!" The kids immediately ceased their argument, and looked to the blue fairy. "Zelda's right, Link. They don't technically mean the same thing… But Link is right as well, Zelda. Both words can be used to mean something positive. It's matter of perspective... Oh, this will be fun. The girl versus the boy… Can't wait till you're older. Puberty will be primetime." Spryte snickered as she settled on Link's hair. "Tell me about it. Hey, Link, maybe we should show Zelda around town, you know, because you're such a gentleman."

Link frowned at the thought of spending his free time with a girl, but figured he'll do it. Although he was young, Link understood some grown-up things, like the Golden Rule. If he was going to live with this cootie-infested being, he might as well treat her like his sister, which meant watching out for her like a big brother. "Sure… Maybe I could show you my secret, if you promise to keep it a secret to everyone."

Zelda's instantly forgot her argument with Link, and beamed. "Secret? Oooooh, I wanna know now!"

"But I gotta show you around town."

"Link, I got the rest of my life to explore town. Your secret, however, does have a limit on how long I can wait. Show me."

Spryte chuckled. "I think you should show her Link, before she bothers you forever. Seems Young Zelda can be quite the knowledge freak, while you, Captain Courage, loves to do stupid stuff without thinking, like the other day."

Link groaned into his hands. "Spryte, I told you that I can jump from the rock to the water."

"That's several feet high in the air, which is too much for your little body. No, you will not do it!"

Link sighed as he stood up. "Yes, Mom. Come on, Zelda." Link, Zelda, and the fairy left the table and exited the front door, where the two grown-ups still were in conversation. Link walked up to his father, and tugged on his shirt. "Hey, Pa, I'm taking Zelda to the spring."

Rusl nodded. "You know when to be back. Spryte, you know what to do."

Spryte saluted, although no one could see it. "Yes sir!" The kids and Spryte took off, going to the west side of town before leaving it completely for the forest. At this, Zelda became more skeptical of Link's little secret. She had already been in the forest, not even an hour ago, so whatever could be here was very secretive, and off the beaten path. Link, however, never moved off of it until he turned into a clearing just thousands of steps from the village. Zelda could be exaggerating, as Impa would say, but Zelda didn't know what that meant. She followed him in, and gasped at the sight, wonder how did she miss it earlier.

It was a small area, but big enough for a small pool of water, the clearest water Zelda had ever seen. It was so clear she could see the sparkles than shone from the water had sparkles on them. "Wow." Zelda spun around to get a full glimpse of the grass, bushes, and trees that surrounded her, and wondered if there was an equal place in all of Hyrule. "This is the best place in the world."

Link, who was sitting by the water, snickered. "I know. My dad found it, and it has become my favorite place too. I come here sometimes with him or with Spryte."

"What about your other friends?"

Link's cheerful face lost its light as he looked down to the water. "I… I don't have any."

Zelda's face dropped. "What? Why?"

"I don't know. Mainly because I have a fairy, I guess. The other boys call it 'girly' and the girls… called Spryte a bug."

Spryte turned bright red as she crossed her arms. "I am not a bug, for sure."

Zelda smiled weakly at Spryte's pride as she moved to sit by Link, patting him on his shoulder. Although her predicament was different, she too knew the pain of being friendless. But here was Link, showing her his secret place, so she owed him this. "I'll be your friend."

Link looked up to Zelda, his emotions absent. "You don't count. We're living together."

"All we got is each other, so whether you like it or not, I'll be your friend. Your best friend. You B.F.F.A.L.A.Y.L.!"

Link burrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "My what?"

"Best Friend For As Long As You Live."

"So… My BFF?"

Zelda juggled the thought in her head. "Yea, but… Forever's too long. Life is short."

Link juggled that thought in his head. "That makes sense. Okay, if you're my B.F.F.A.L.A.Y.L., then I'll be your B.F.F.A.L.A.Y.L. Deal?"

"Deal!" Zelda cheered, and pecked Link on his cheek. The boy stiffened in surprise as he looked away from Zelda, and to the distant Spryte, who was on the sideline. She saw what happened to, but because it happened so suddenly, she didn't know how to react. Zelda's cheerfulness was replaced by confusion by her companions' actions. "Link, what's wrong? Spryte?... Did I do something wrong?"

Sprytel was the first to respond. "Zelda, you...kissed him…"

Zelda shrugged as she smiled enormously. "Link doesn't have cooties. I can tell!"

Link and Spryte snapped to Zelda, for she couldn't see them due to her high happiness of a cootie-free Link. Spryte settled herself hovering Link's ear, and whispered, "How do you feel?"

"I don't know. Embarrassed?"

Spryte sighed. "She's free. No cooties on her."

"How do you know?"

"Link… You are the definition of embarrassment." Link didn't know what that meant, but went along with it. If Spryte said Zelda didn't have the cooties, he'll believe her.

But to be sure, he decided to clean her. Bending by the water, Link cupped his hands and gathered the precious liquid. Spryte saw this action, but once he saw the devious glint in Link's eyes, she intervened. "Zelda! Look out!" The girl hadn't even reacted before her face was drenched in water, and she screamed in surprised. Link and Spryte, however, rolled in laughter, especially the boy, who was clutching his stomach as he struggled to stand.

Zelda didn't find being wet funny, but unlike most girls her age, Zelda played in the dirt. Zelda ran to Link, spearing him into the spring behind him, drenching their clothes. Zelda's swimming lessons came somewhat in handy as she swam to the deeper parts of the spring, her feet barely touching the spring's floor, yet she was only in the middle of it. It had to go deeper, her mind told her. Link, however, was just recovering from the attack, and almost stood up fully at the shallow end of the spring. He wiped his eyes, and looked to Zelda, laughing. "You're not a crybaby girl! Cool!"

"You're a wimp. Boys shouldn't hit girls."

"You tackled me!"

Zelda clicked her tongue. "So?"

Link shook his head, and kicked water in Zelda's direction. She squealed as she rose her hands to protect herself, and returned fire before Link could come to her. They went at this for a few minutes before Link eventually reached Zelda, joining her in the spring's center, laughing and enjoying each other's company. They were both terribly wet, Zelda probably in trouble for her dress being wet, and Link's assistance in that would land him in the pickle as well, but they didn't care. Zelda was Link's BFFALAYL, and Link was Zelda's BFFALAYL, because forever is too long, but life is short.

Only Spryte thought that was a very messed up thought for the girl, but who was going to correct Zelda?

After fun-filled hours around the spring, and attempting to dry off, Link, Zelda, and Spryte returned home in a timely manner. Rusl and Impa were sitting down in the living room, sipping on tea, and analyzed the children. Impa sighed as Rusl set his cup down. "Well, I would ask if you two had fun, but I can see it on your faces...and your clothes."

Link and Zelda looked at each other and chuckled. "Yes, Impa, we did. We're B.F.F.A.L.A.Y.L."

Rusl was speechless, but nodded. He turned to Impa for clarification, but she shrugged. "Okay...well… Zelda, your room is across from Link's. Dinner will be in an hour. Go get cleaned up."

"Yes sir!" The kids and their colorful companions rushed up the stairs as Rusl sat back down, and took a sip. He shook his head as Impa chuckled.

"Well, I see Link took a liking to Zelda, and vice versa. She only bestows the title of B.F.F.A.L.A.Y.L to people she really like."

"How many is that?"

"Just me and Link."

"Wow. What does that stand for?"

"Best Friends For As Long As You Live."

Rusl frowned. "So they're BFFs?"

"Zelda justifies it by saying forever is long. Life is short."

Rusl couldn't help but chuckle. "That little girl is very smart. She'll compliment my boy's blind courage."

"Not yet. We'll have to temper her smarts and his headstrong nature."

"Then do what with it, old friend?"

"Pick a god and pray that Hyrule will rally behind her. Our generation must cling to the hope that their generation is going to restore the throne…" Impa saw something snap in Rusl's tone, as it got very dark instantly. His grip on his cup tightened as well.

"Rusl? You okay?"

"If he would have told us what he was going to do, at least with some warning, everything would have been better. She would not have fallen… Why did he not say anything, Impa? Did he think he could take on whatever he went to alone, and come back as if nothing happened?"

Impa set his cup down, and held a hand out to Rusl. "Rusl, it isn't the time to get worked up over something that happened years ago. What's done is done."

Rusl stood up, and threw his cup at the closest wall. "NO! For the last five years, I had to let go of what happened to not only Her Highness, but to our friends! We lost Error and Bagu! Auru is goddess knows where, and Nabooru, given her luck, is with her people! Every time I see my child and his courage, I see him. I see a false hope. I see a traitor. I see a former friend. I see true blind courage. When Hyrule fell, I regretted naming my son after him. And if he so much as live… I'll kill him myself." Rusl turned to Impa, a burning fire in his eye. "Don't act as if you don't want to as well. Your mother died in the fight. Have you forgiven that?"

Impa looked up to Rusl, emotionless. "You know I haven't. If it wasn't for Zelda, I would search for the bastard myself. But…our hope, Rusl, must not lie in our past, but our future." The woman looked up to the ceiling, where above, the pitter-patter of the children's feet could be lightly heard. "As there is a beginning, there's an end. But at every end, there's a new beginning. Omega leads to alpha. Death leads to life. Dusk leads to dawn. Those two, up there…in the dusk of their predecessors, they are the dawn of heroes. We must make sure that their sun rise from the darkness."

Link laid down on his bed, long after he, his father and their new housemates had dinner and passed goodnights. He didn't know how long it has been, but it was long enough that the sky was black, and the stars were white.

In other words, long past his bedtime.

Spryte had long succumbed into the grasp of sleep, and Link dared not awaken her. Like he, she loved her sleep, but she can wake herself, and would prefer it that way. He was alone in his thoughts, and the lack of sleepiness in his veins made it much worse. He wanted to sleep, yet sleep didn't want him. He tried counting the stars, reading his stories, and closing his eyes, but nothing seemed to work. His mind was rebelled by his body, and he did not like it.

Slipping out of his bed, Link found his cap and put it on, and found his toy sword. Link unsheathed it, and held it in front of him, as if he was preparing for battle. He had a dummy by the wall, and he stood in front of it. "Your time is up, Ganon, for I, Link the Hero, have come to save the princess!"

Link deepened his voice to sound evil. "You can try, little boy, oink, oink, oink! The princess is mine!"

"No, she's mine! Hiyah!" Link struck the dummy several times before stopping, holding the sword and the dummy's neck. "You're beaten, Ganon!"

"Nooooo! I'll have my revenge! Oink!" Link made a popping noise and visualize the dummy exploding, and sheathed his sword.

"Now to the-" Link didn't hear his door open, so when he turned to his left, he was surprised to see Zelda watching him. The girl in the blue pajamas looked to be on the verge of bursting out laughing, and entered the room, closing the door. She folded her arms behind her, waiting for Link to continue.

"Are you going to finish, Mr. Hero?"

Link set his sword down, embarrassed."Uhh…but I need to go to the princess."

"I'll be your princess. Continue."

Link nodded after a moment, and made the popping sound again. "Now to the princess." Link walked from the dummy to the girl, who held her arms up on the door, playing the captured princess.

"Oh, you came to save me! Thank you!"

Link unsheathed the sword, and "cut" Zelda free. "I'm just being a hero… Princess Zelda."

Zelda stepped up to Link. "Thank you, Link, for saving me, and Hyrule. Now that Ganon is gone, we'll live happily ever after." Zelda reached up, and this time kissed Link on his lips. He didn't react, of course. All heroes get kisses from the princesses, right? Zelda took Link's hand, and they jumped onto his bed, laughing quietly. "We should do that again! But why are you up?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"Me neither… But I'm sleepy now." Zelda fell on Link's pillow, flat on the bed. She hit the pillow beside hers, motioning for Link to join her. He gave it no thought, of shimmied under the covers, giggling, and stared at each other for a moment before Zelda posed a question. "Link… What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Link smiled as he pulled off his cap. "I want to be the Hero of Legend, like the one in the stories. My dad says they're true."

"But why?"

"Because I get to go on adventures, meet lots of people, defeat awesome monsters, save the world, help others, and, most importantly, meet the Princess of Hyrule." Zelda giggled, which dropped Link's attitude. "What's so funny?"

"I want to be the Princess. Impa said that I was named after a Princess of Hyrule."

"Really? Cool."

"I could rule the world, and help those in need. Princess Zelda has a ring to it, you know."

"Maybe… Do you think we will actually become what we want?"

"Impa says that if you believe, it will happen." Zelda sighed as she cuddled into Link, and closed her eyes, slowly falling into sleep's grasp. "Link…"


"You're my best friend in the whole world, you know."

"You're my best friend in the world too."

"So you know what that means? We gotta stick together, always. No matter what happens, okay?" Zelda could hear Link slipping, and honestly believed he had fallen asleep, until she heard a low whisper.