A/N: Another Mega Prompts Challenge, writing prompts #6 - poem 200-300 words

Her Doll's House

It's a house full of dolls. It's a doll's house.
It's a place made of porcelain kindled carefully
on a stove far unlike that one in the kitchen she can never touch
(because they have a housekeeper, playing house, and she's a doll),
or the fire in the hearth, that cackles merrily in winter but the cackles
are just an echo of warmth and laughing children and memories.
A doll's house has only those, only echoes that seep through
the open roof and the dismantable walls, and even the furniture
that a child can pick up and replace on a whim, but the housekeeper keeps straight
and she, the doll, simply looks upon, the silent observer

Because if a doll has a voice, then hers was the tiny whisper
no-one heard, because she had the ventriloquist speaking over her,
writing the script, moving her lips with oh so gentle but also oh so cold
hands upon dry skin: and they're not soft and pliable like a woman's lips
because there's no spring in a doll's house, nor fresh breath of air
and the food on her table is paper or plastic or rare porcelain
like her body: brittle and breaking with things rattling inside

And if dolls can move, then she moves only in the dark nights where she can look up
and it seems there really is a roof above her head, made of blank,
and it's quiet everywhere, the puppeteer asleep, and
whatever freedom the doll's house allows, she has, she uses
but she can't climb the walls up to the roof even if there isn't really a roof
and she can't open the door painted on, or the painted window frames
and the doll's house is just as much a prison then, than her still waking hours.