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Soft pink eyes took in lavishly decorated halls of the Sakamaki mansion as she made her way down the halls; Yui had a very specific destination in her mind as she carried the plate of freshly baked chocolate cookies down to Shu's room. A faint blush covered her pale cheeks as she knocked on the large wooden door; she nervously played with a blonde curl as she waited.

Yui's eyes widened as the door opened and a bright flush spread across her skin at the sight that greeted her.

"Ano.. S-shuu.." Small stutters escaped her as she stared at the blonde vampire, his gaze was heated yet annoyed, his chest was completely bare and his pants were unbuttoned; revealing his black boxers.

Shu gave a growl as the scent of Yui's arousal filled his nose. "Stop stuttering human. What the hell do you want? I'm busy."

Yui forced her eyes away from his pale flesh and quickly forced the plate of cookies towards him; her cheeks burning a bright red.

"I-I made these cookies for you.. I thought you might like them." Her voice came out breathlessly and she swallowed softly as she waited for his response.

Shuu scoffed as he stared at the still hot cookies, his powder blue eyes sliding up to the flustered girl's face; just as he opened his mouth to answer a new voice broke the silence.

"Shuu~." A needy female voice whimpered inside his room and Yui immediately recognised the voice as Kagome's. The beautiful dark haired woman that seemed to have all of the brothers wrapped around her pale thin fingers. "Come back already or I'll seek pleasure from Reji."

Shuu's eyes flashed faintly at the threat from his bedpartner and his cold blue eyes stared at Yui in disinterest; his fingers tightened around the wooden door.

"I don't like sweets."

The door slammed closed after Shuu's final statement, leaving Yui to stand in front of the now closed door with a shocked expression on her face. Disbelief and anger filled her chest. Why couldn't Shuu see that she just wanted to be nice to him? She liked him; he was so gentle towards her compared to the other brothers except for when that woman, Kagome was around.

"Kekeke how cute. Bitch-Chan did you honestly think you could get his attention with cookies when he got Kagome as a dessert."

The mocking cruel voice came from behind her and Yui whirled around to stare at Laito. Her eyes brimming with tears and her fingers curled around the edges of the plate.

"I don't understand... Who is that woman? Why aren't you mad that she's with Shuu?" Laito gave chuckle at the naïve girl before tipping his fedora slighty, giving her a look of his feral green eyes.

"Poor little, Bitch-Chan. Kagome has been here for centuries... You will never surpass her, Shuu will never pick you over her. You are only a toy to us." The redhaired vampire smirked cruelly at the girl.

Sadness enveloped the platinum haired girl, the plate failing from her shaking fingers and small sobs escaped her. She wrapped her arms around herself, slowly shaking her head.

Laito chuckled coldly as he stared at the broken-hearted girl. His own jealousy forgotten.

"Humans are so ugly when they cry."

Shuu closed the door with a slam; feeling no guilt in Yui's sad gaze. He had more important things to do with a certain raven haired woman in his bed.

"Shuu. Come back to bed." Soft mutters came from his bed, drawing his powder blue eyes over to Kagome; his long legs easily carrying his form over to his little lover.

"What did the little girl want?" The jealousy in her tone did not go unnoticed by the blonde vampire and he scoffed, his arms sliding back around her pale form. Kagome sighed as Shuu simply returned to his position beside her, his face finding it's place in the crook of her neck.

She blinked softly as she realised he had put his headphones back in, drowning out all noise and she let out a soft sight; all thoughts escaping her as she curled into Shuu's chest.

Kagome hated Yui with a burning passion, the naïve girl thought she could waltz in and steal the hearts of her vampires. Yui might be the host of Cordelia's heart, but that did not make her special. They got rid of Cordelia once; they could and would do it again, but Kagome would make sure to take Yui along.