Hello, Everyone! I am so excited to finally share with all of you my new story, Project: Chaos Control! It has been in the works since the beginning of summer, and is still a work in progress. Right now, I am working on Chapter 4 and I will seek to update on a roughly weekly basis, in between school, work and feedback from my betareader, silvershadowlover on deviantart. So, if at any time I don't update around this rough timeframe, don't panic. I may be working on homework or actually working or waiting for feedback, so just keep that in mind. People have lives, you know?

Anyway, here's Chapter 1!

Project: Chaos Control

Chapter 1

Night stars winked down at the peaceful woodland below, watching with their warm and distant glow as the night owls filled the cool air with their haunting yet melodious songs. A slight breeze caressed the grasses and ferns underneath the leafy canopy, and the daytime wildlife clustered together in their comfy homes as they drifted deep into the realm of sleep. All was well with the world, with nary a soul in sight. At least, that's how it was one mile away from the real story.

A tall tower pierced the night sky, illuminating the clearing underneath and marring the wild beauty surrounding. Alarms blared and sounds of metal banging and screeching could be heard as the top of the tower burst apart to reveal a metal monstrosity. A beast faintly resembling a dragon roared its challenge, its blue and grey colored form framed starkly against the blue-black sky. Its three cold red eyes opened and turned sharply as a glowing gold comet joined it and stared it down.

Super Sonic glared at the powerful robot and clenched a fist. "Face it, Metal Sonic, you're toast! The others are coming and we're gonna smash you into next week!"

"It's Metal Overlord, you overrated life form!" The menacing AI raged. "And while the Doctor may be out of commission, your so-called support team will remain busy with the multiple traps I have laid out for them!"

"Oh, really?" Super Sonic replied cockily, glancing back the way he came. Metal Overlord followed his gaze, and if he had a mouth it would be gaping open in shock.

Three more brilliant comets of light burst forth from the ruined tower, two golden like Super Sonic and the third pink and flaming. As the colors came to a stop beside him, it was obvious that the rest of the Emerald-powered support team had arrived: Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Burning Blaze.

Super Sonic grinned and gave them a welcoming thumbs up. "What kept you guys so long?" he joked.

"Hmph! The remaining Black Arms and Mephiles' minions were nothing but nuisances," Super Shadow glowered haughtily.

"As were Nega's forces," Burning Blaze added.

"Also," Silver reported, "Iblis' lava creatures and the Time Eater didn't make things any easier!"

"Ha, says you!"

"What about you, Faker?" Super Shadow smirked. "All you had to do was fight Eggman, Scourge, and Neo Metal Sonic at the same time. Not too much for True Blue to handle, right?"

"Heheh, yeah…" Super Sonic scratched his head. "Well, can you guys give me a hand with Big Blue over here?"

Shadow scoffed. "And here I thought you were gonna save something challenging for us for a change."

"Shut up, Faker."

"Ugh, guys?" Super Silver grunted. "Giant robo-dragon-thing coming this way!"

Sure enough, Metal Overlord took a swipe in the rival hedgehogs' direction, but growled angrily as each one dodged his attack. As the group of super-powered heroes regrouped, they charged their foe with all the elegance and power of warriors in a beautiful dance.


As their fight lit up the night sky, elsewhere, a tall figure watched from his office window as he deliberated on the difficult decision he was about to make. After tonight, if all went well, the ones responsible for the spectacular light show would become the most powerful beings on Mobius, if they weren't already. For the human, it was a comfort. To his superiors, however, they were a threat.

A threat that had to be dealt with.

He groaned in anguish as his pen acted of its own accord, signing his name on the section that could do little to spare their lives. Even though he was completely against this new initiative, the political leaders were currently voting on passing the new project, and had pleasantly assured him that experiments were already underway in trying to solve this little...dilemma.

If anyone were to ask his opinion, the situation for the Big Four was surely bleak indeed.


The next day, everyone around the world woke up to the news that Dr. Eggman and his villainous allies were finally defeated once and for all. Scourge and Dr. Eggman Nega were sent back to their home worlds under heavy guard. The robots were either dismantled or repurposed, and the Solaris twins Iblis and Mephiles were safely sealed away in separate high security GUN facilities. Dr. Eggman himself was featured on the headlines of every newspaper and news channel worldwide: in handcuffs and glaring at the cameras. Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Blaze were hailed as heroes and honored everywhere they went. The day of their victory became a worldwide holiday, and all the people celebrated as if Christmas had come early. As the sun reached its peak in the bright blue sky three days after that final battle, Sonic and friends found themselves at Tails' house retelling their greatest adventure yet, with Sonic giving everyone a small reenactment.

"...And then Shadow punched his way through the army and all the monsters he touched were thrown high in the sky!" Sonic exclaimed, using a Shadow figurine and a pillow for reference. As he forced the mini model into the pillow, the feathers scattered all over the living room-and among the previously enraptured crowd gathered there.

"Sonic! I just vacuumed!" Tails protested, his namesakes stiff with irritation.

"Ah-choo!" The echidna guardian Knuckles flew back at his powerful sneeze.

"Hey, watch it!" Amy Rose huffed as she shoved the redhead off of herself. She would've given Knuckles a smack on the head with her hammer for good measure had it not been for Cream and Cheese holding her back and imploring her with adorable large eyes.

Silver laughed at the scene, but was punched in the arm by Blaze, who was formally dusting the wayward feathers off of herself.

Shadow watched it all from a distance with his signature impassive frown, wondering whether Rouge was going to show or not. The two weren't overly fond of Sonic's storytelling, but it was a good way to catch up with all their...Well, Shadow wouldn't call them friends just yet, but considered them as such.

The black and red hedgehog heard the familiar ringtone of his comlink as he received an incoming transmission. Stepping outside, he pressed the button allowing the message to play through.

"Shadow? Can you hear me?" Rouge's voice seemed softer and less demanding than normal. Shadow decided to call attention to that.

"Shadow here. What's going on?"

He wasn't sure, but the anti-hero thought he heard a strange sadness in her tone.

"Remember the GUN policy update the superiors were deliberating over last night? Well... they approved Project: Chaos Control."


Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't one to stay after a party and clean up. Especially when a certain hot-headed echidna was responsible for most of the mess, trying to punch a certain blue hedgehog in the face. And so, with the excuse of needing some fresh air, the blue blur took off.

Tails and the others grumbled about the hero's untimely absence.

"Just like back with Perfect Chaos," Amy sighed, sweeping the living room floor.

"Ooh, was that when the city was flooded?" Silver asked eagerly. He was tasked with picking up and putting things back in their proper places.

"Yeah," Tails replied, sorting out the scattered tools. "How'd you know?"

"Silver loves history," Blaze put in with a smile. "How else did you think he found out about the massive Eggman alliance?"

Everyone smiled at that. No one had seen the alliance coming; if it weren't for Silver's warning, things would've ended very differently.

Knuckles suddenly frowned at a new thought. "Does that mean you'll be leaving soon?"

Silver's quills noticeably drooped. "Yeah, my time here is over."

"And so is mine," Blaze stated. "The people of my world would probably be expecting me home by now."

"Oh, that's too bad," Cream sighed. "Please come visit us soon, okay?"

Blaze smiled at the young rabbit, a budding warmth flowing through her senses. "Don't worry, it's a promise. And maybe next time, I'll bring Marine with me."

"That would be wonderful!" Cream cheered, followed by her companion Cheese the Chao's chirrup of approval.

Just then, Shadow burst through the front door, looking for something. When his eyes fell on Silver and Blaze, he rushed up to them and grabbed each of them by a wrist. "We need to get going, now." He grunted urgently, pulling them toward the door. "Where's Sonic?"

"Woah, wait Shadow," Silver protested, pulling against the anti-hero's hold as Tails blocked his way to the door. "What's going on? Sonic went for a run."

"Stupid Faker," Shadow cursed, shoving his way past the two-tailed fox. "He's gonna get himself captured and smuggled into GUN's hands…"

"Shadow!" Blaze lit up her hands. The dark hedgehog gave a low hiss and let go of the princess's wrist, but before he could retaliate, he found himself trapped in a teal glow. "This is ridiculous! Tell us what is going on! What danger is Sonic in, and what does it have to do with us?"

The Ultimate Lifeform growled at finding himself in such a vulnerable position, but seeing that the younger heroes wouldn't be satisfied without an answer, he sighed and let go of Silver's wrist.

"GUN cast a vote for an initiative called Project: Chaos Control. They passed it, and now all the people able to achieve a Super form are in danger."

Suspense! How we writers love to leave the audience with cliffhangers!

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