After placing Harry at #4, Dumbledore went back to Hogwarts. He knew Voldemort would be back. He could feel it. And there was no way the Light would cower this time. He remembered the Grindelwald war; how hard it was, and he had been a fool to assume that it would be different this time. No... his side had to be prepared for when Riddle came back. Welcome to Hogwarts Battle School.

Dumbledore sighed as he sat in his office. He had fought in two wars - he was tired, exhausted, and could see another war on the horizon. Comparing the two wars...

The Grindelwald war had gone better. Of course, there had been more casualties... but the Voldemort war had been confined to Britain, and the Voldemort war had a higher percentage of casualties.

Why? Because the 'Light' troops hadn't been troops at all - they weren't soldiers, they weren't able to kill, able to fight. They could duel, at most. And this was wrong. While you are shouting "Expelliarmus", your opponent is shouting "Avada Kedavra" and that spell need only hit your toe for you to die.

And when Voldemort came back, Dumbledore did not want a repeat of that situation. Of course, only young Harry Potter could kill Voldemort... but destroying the Death Eaters was half the battle.

In the Grindelwald war, they had soldiers. In the Voldemort war, they didn't. The difference was clear: the Voldemort War was only won by a fluke, and that would not happen again.

This meant they needed soldiers.

This meant that Hogwarts would close - in honor of the war, of course, not to make any renovations changes or anything of the sort at all - and re-open next year, with everyone re-starting the year they had began. Furthermore... why not add another year? eight years, so children left at eighteen... hhm... the idea certainly had merits.

Meanwhile... First thing first: This had started because of the fear and hatred of Muggles. Which meant the hatred had to be eliminated. For a moment, Dumbledore was absolutely stumped, but then he remembered the number one rule of everything in life: Use Your Resources.

He was a genius, he had two incredibly long-lived genius friends (the Flamels) and he had Lily's old journals. Furthermore, he had time... and access to time-turners. Lily had begun the project long ago: Combining science and magic. So far, her drafts, ideas and chapters of already done work were shaping up into something of the sort:

Herbology and Botany were explained together in four textbooks - parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Biology and Healing together took 5 books, with an entire textbook explaining DNA, the consequences of in breading, and why the pureblood theory didn't work. It was all quite simple: Magic had both a dominant and a recessive gene; and both were mutations. It was impossible to become too powerful, and because it was, in essence, a mutation (like red hair), your child could have any level of power without it depending on the parents too much. Of course, there was a correlation, but that was all - correlation, not causation.

Potions and Chemistry took 5 textbooks, including chemical engineering and organic chemistry and a little bit on how potions affected people dosage wise. Really, it was a lot simpler to explain using muggle science - all of this was two sides of the same coin - just as it was hard to explain science without magic, it was hard to explain magic without science.

Alchemy and Geology had three textbooks... which wasn't nearly enough to scratch the surface of Alchemy. However, now this could be offered as an elective at Hogwarts Battle School.

Astronomy & Astrology were quick and easy, explaining telescopes and Copernicus' Heliocentric Theory within two chapters. It took three textbooks.

Psychology, Occlumency, and Legilimency took two textbooks, because Lily got far too interested in Aspergers and Autism and Down Syndrome... something that simply wasn't covered in magical studies.

Physics (part 1) and Charms, together with Physics (part 2) and Transfiguration took five text books. With James' help.

No one understood Physics, but then again, no one understood Transfiguration either, and Charms was basically math. (With some equations... so maybe there was some physics in charms).

History of the World - both Muggle and Magic was wonderful, explaining Cause and Effect and Discrimination and Racism and Propaganda, things that weren't explained, and for Lily's genius in comparing Voldemort to both Mussolini and Hitler was beyond anything that he had every seen. The Lord Voldemort... compared to muggles? At any rate, Dumbledore added a chapter explaining that Tom Marvolo Riddle was Lord Voldemort, and how Lily died for Harry, saving his life. And it took three books.

He needed to discredit Voldemort as soon as possible.

Arithmency and Maths was split into 5 text books, including something rather wondrous called "Calculus". Really, the ingenuity of Muggles...! At any rate, Lily swore that this had to be a necessary subject, like the Biology/Healing, and in her honor, Dumbledore agreed. Because the Arithmency helped with every wand subject, and because Biology/Healing proved the pureblood theory was balderdash.

With a smile, Dumbledore collected the drafts, hid them in his bag, and went to the ministry to explain his decision to close Hogwarts for a year... and to request a time turner. Of course, the request was quickly accepted, because how many titles did he have? Too many.

With Nicholas Flamel... how to get him to agree? Perhaps as a joke. Yes, that was it! Nicholas had been involved with the world, but now... well, after WWII, seeing the French lack of moral and the taking of Paris all within six weeks... his old friend was a bitter man now. But telling him that they'll publish some books to shock everyone at the scandal - writing about MUGGLE SCIENCE! GASP! - and it being accurate to boot would be the greatest prank.

Especially since this would be the new textbooks for his school. Albus Dumblodore stood for truth, and this was what it was. Truth.


It took a WEEK to convince Flamel, spending hours with him (hours regained with the Time-Turner), but eventually, the man agreed - especially after seeing that most of the work was jump-started. Actually, it was probably the condition that these textbooks would be published in the muggle world as well... effectively breaking the Statue of Secrecy, and, due to the History books, giving away some of the Wizarding World's best-kept secrets (i.e., the location of Platform 9 3/4, the location of Diagon Alley, quite a lot... then again, perhaps it was time people knew the truth. After all, witch burnings were illegal in the muggle world.)

At any rate, after being put in touch with a lot of other geniuses interested in research, the Flamels - Nicholas and Perenelle - got to work with writing textbooks and enjoying themselves.

Step one, complete. The textbooks - all of them - (how many people did the Flamels hire to help?) - would be published by Christmas. In both worlds. And the Dursleys would be receiving a complete set of every textbook for free from him, as well as a visit... because if Harry was to defeat Voldemort, then Harry was to be the General - and he needed training early. Best to see how the Dursleys treated him.

Step two: the castle had to be safer. And also, have more teachers... because most of them were old, too old to deal with Teenager Shenanigans. And he would be busy, he needed people helping his people.

Which meant that:

a) Minerva would be a sort of 'guidance councelor' for the first two years. That was what 'Head of Gryffindor' entailed, and she was, surprisingly enough, a good listener, able to help the younger years.

b) Remus Lupin would be Transfiguration & Physics Teacher, with... Hhm... Andromeda Black-Tonks and Mary MacDonald, who had been a dear friend of Lily's.

c) Fillius Flitwick would have Emmaline Vance as another Charms & Physics Professor. The man was brilliant with children, but Emmaline could make even a hormonal teenager listen. She would take the upper years, leaving Flitwick to concentrate more on his other job as the guidance counselor of years 3 and 4. He had been head of Ravenclaw House, and he dealt well with teenagers.

d) Pomona Sprout and Marlene McKinnon had always worked well together, so another Herbology/Botany professor had been added. This would also clear up time for Sprout to spend more time as guidance counselor for years 5 and 6.

e) Two young Healers - John and Sarah Abbot - had just given birth to a girl named Hannah. They could no longer work the long hours of St. Mungos, but Hogwarts was certainly within their reach. The baby would be a year old next year, and she could be left with grandparents during the day - her parents could floo home every night and come back in the morning to teach Biology and Healing. John would probably be better for the upper years... he was more stern.

f) Severus Snape could NOT be allowed to teach. The students would hate Potions, and that was unacceptable. Potions could change the outcome of a battle - Polyjuice, or Felix Felices, or Veritiseum (to gain information). Horace Slughorn, despite his tendency to 'collect' students, was good at teaching. With Perenelle Flamel helping him... yes, that would certainly work.

g) Especially if Nicholas Flamel would teach Alchemy and Geology. As it was only a three-year elective (having only three textbooks), he could also be guidance counselor for the last two years - 7 and 8.

h) Severus, meanwhile, would be Deputy Headmaster- a bit of paperwork, and lots of time to experiment and create new potions.

i) Astronomy & Astrology... it was only three textbooks, it could be offered as an elective and given to Sinistra, who would share the position of Guidance Counselor of the oldest years with Nicholas Flamel.

j) Psychology, Occlumency, and Legilimency... well... If he honestly wanted people to learn Occlumency and not just the theory... then the best way was to have a mandatory martial arts class. Thrice a week. The concentration, the building of stamina... that would help greatly. And then the students could turn in chapter summaries of the book - once they understood that people could read their minds and that, after a few months, they effectively had the perfect ground base to build shields, the children would hopefully take initiative. Kempo Karate sounded wonderful.

k) History of the World - both Muggle and Magic took three books. It would be necessary. He'd bribe - that is, convince - an old Canadian friend of his to teach the subject.

l) Arithmency and Maths was taught by Septima Vector... who was actually quite young, he was pretty sure she didn't need an assistant teacher - then again, why not? Edgar Bones, like John and Sarah Abbot, had a daughter named Susan. The poor mother was killed by Death Eaters - it was pure luck that Edgar and Susan survived, both if them being in Hogsmede at the time. Susan would be a year old when school starts; surely her aunt Amelia Bones would help care for the little girl when her father was teaching.

Dumbledore quickly wrote each person mentioned a letter, explaining why he was writing (the offering of a job/ the changing of an old one) and asked them to meet on Sunday to discuss this. If they were agreeable, they were to meet with the Flamels... who were working very hard on the new text books (which would be free to any student, so hard to do families could pay for good wands). The teachers could help the Flamels work on the textbooks if they so wish.

Now... as for protection. First thing first: suggestions from old friends, fixing up wards, and such. Hogwarts was a school, yes, but it was also a fortress. And, unlike Kind Theoden who depended on the reputation of Helm's Deep to protect the Rohirrim from harm, Hogwarts would have new, better protections.

Dear Lord, he had a lot to do. And with all these classes... He wasn't cancelling Divination or Care of Creatures or Muggle Studies after all... he would push for one more year at Hogwarts; let people come of age at eighteen. It would put them more 'in track' with the Muggle World, and students would have more time to study, to be ready. Once again, he was sure that this proposal would be accepted. With Voldemort just having been defeated, he had more power than ever... and would for the next five years or so. Furthermore, having an extra year to study NEWTS would just make most people - and parents - happier.

Dumbledore closed his eyes. He was so tired... and having written all this out wasn't making it easier.

He was going to sleep. He'd wake up tomorrow, see if people were agreeable to his suggestions, and then quickly start making Hogwarts a Battle school... not just a School, or the refugee camp/fortress it was before.