A/N: This is ridiculously short and for that I apologize but it is only the introduction. I was inspired by a Tumblr imagine that said "Imagine you're in a polygamous relationship with the Joker and Harley Quinn." I decided to expand on that imagine and mould my own character from it :) Hope you enjoy, and please review!

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Chapter 1: The Joker's Girlfriends

"No matter the species, the deadliest gender is always the female. Men will fight until they die.
Women will take it to the grave and then find a way back,"
- Sherrilyn Kenyon

The pages had very familiar faces on them. Only two struck fear in the men.

"The Joker's girlfriends?" one man grimaced, his hand on his water glass.

"Yes," Amanda Waller said, undeterred. The men inspected the two pages.

Name: Quinzel, Harleen

Alias: Harley Quinn

Height: 5'6"

E/C: Blue

H/C: Brunette

Age: 25

DOB: 7/2/1990

Weight: 117 lbs.

Profession(s): Ex-Psychologist

Basic Summary: Assigned to the Joker during a stint in Arkham Asylum, and fell in love with him. Was tortured by the Joker and persuaded to jump into the chemicals that altered the Joker as well. In a polygamous relationship with the Joker and Lolita.

Characteristics: Apathetic, cruel, selfish, spoiled, loyal, protective

Name: Unknown

Alias: Lolita

Height: 5'6"

E/C: Blue

H/C: Blonde

Age: 18 [estimated]

DOB: 2/26/1998 [estimated; given by the Joker]

Weight: 114 lbs.

Profession(s): Unknown, Believed to be none

Basic Summary: Found by Harley Quinn at the estimated age of fifteen with no memory, brought to live with the Joker and Harley Quinn. Was found in ACE chemicals, affected the same way as Harley Quinn and the Joker. Obsessively loyal to the Harley Quinn and the Joker. In a polygamous relationship with Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Characteristics: Childish, apathetic, protective, spoiled, doting

"Is it...a good idea, to use these two?" one man asked carefully. "The Joker doesn't keep to Gotham when it comes to these two, you know that. He's likely to kill everyone involved."

"We'll get there when we come to it," Amanda said strongly. "I really do believe they can do some good."

"Why both of them?" another man asked.

"Lolita can't function without Harley Quinn, but she is more reasonable that her, and she can control her at desperate times. Harley Quinn without her would be...disastrous," she explained.

The men sighed reluctantly. No one wanted to mess with the Joker; they would leave that to Batman.

A/N: Like I said, it is ridiculously short, but it's only the introduction. Please let me know if you would be interested in more! Thanks for reading! xx