This is probably going to be a very fluffy story, not so heavy or well planned on the plot, but lots of dialog and relationships and shenanigans. This chapter is all very skimpy prologue from the beginning of his life as skull, to his time as an Arcobaleno, up until the removal of the curse. Hope you like it! I've enjoyed writing it.

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Harry stared down at the offending makeup with a sneer on his face and peered back up at the man who had become his somewhat mentor over the last few weeks.

"I don't do makeup." He said with finality. The man huffed down at him.

"Look kid, I don't know who you were before yeh came to me, maybe you were Billy Joe Bob who ran away from his parents because they gave you a silly ass name and maybe Billy Joe Bob didn't do makeup, but now you aren't Billy Joe Bob anymore. You are Skull De Mort. The same Skull De Mort that told me he wanted to be the greatest stuntman in the world, and all great stuntmen are showmen too, and all great showmen do makeup. So yes, Skull, you do makeup." He said in a gruff voice clearly annoyed. Harry started down at the cosmetics and then back up at the man.


Harry had never been very good at getting his way and apparently Skull was no better because his face was practically plastered with the junk for his very first live performance as Skull De Mort, a satisfying name meant created to mock the officially dead Voldemort. After the show, which had been rather successful, Harry did a small meet and greet with some of the audience and one little girl had told him that he was 'very pretty'. Harry had been properly mortified and teased for days but he'd been damned if the little girl's compliment hadn't melted his heart just a little bit. He didn't complain about the makeup for his second performance, or the third, or the fourth, or any performance after that.

The bandages began after practicing for his tenth performance along side the nickname Immortal Skull and his unique violet colouring. It was his first attempt at a new stunt involving a monster truck and a burning hoop. He had caught himself on the burning hoop which resulted in his clothing catching fire and him falling off his bike. On the way down to the ground he had hit his head on the Monster Truck and knocked himself silly, helmet and all. His mentor had been horrified and convinced he was dead and began running over to help. Somewhere in between being on fire, possibly breaking his neck, and falling a long distance towards the very hard ground and his panicked thoughts of 'I don't want to die' Harry's magic reacted and something inside him ignited. Suddenly the flames surrounding him were not orange but purple, the ground didn't feel so hard when he hit it, and his vision was surprisingly clear. By the time his mentor reached him the flames were out and Harry was sitting up.

What the man saw haunted him for many years. He saw wisps of purple flames disappear and watched as Harry's neck snapped into place as he sat up, and was shocked by the head of very violet hair that matched his suddenly purple eyes when he took off his Helmet.

"My god. You really are immortal aren't you?" he whispered in horror. It was the last time Harry ever saw his would be mentor. Though he was freaked out by the flames himself (and not totally sold on the sudden colour change) weirder things had happened to him and he took it all in stride. Besides the purple hair would make his image stand out (while simultaneously hiding his old identity) and adding the word immortal to his stage name made his shows sound more exciting. It didn't hurt that the magical purple fire didn't hurt too. In fact, it made everything not hurt and caused wounds to heal faster, minus the occasional scar. It was wonderful. Harry wasn't sure what it was, or what was causing it, but there was no way he was going to visit any of the branches of the wizarding world to find out; he needed some distance from that part of his life right now.

That's not to say he abandoned all magic, just the drama that seemed to come with living in the Wizarding Communities of the world, Brittan especially. Harry regularly practiced his magic. He was in love with magic. He had seen the bad and the down right evil side of power, but Harry had also seen how helpful and fun it could be and he wasn't in it for the power, so he played and experimented whenever he felt the whim. He had more opportunity to do so here in the muggle world than he ever did in Hogwarts given that the war, the ministry, and even his respected headmaster had placed high expectations and heavy restrictions on him. Oh, he excelled at magic in school but mostly out of necessity, not passion. As far as passion went flying, charms, and transfiguration were his favorites. They had been the definition of magic to him as a young boy before he even known magic was real. It still blew him away.

Sometimes Harry got things wrong when he was experimenting, like the day he somewhat met and somewhat created Oodako. He had started out a crab and ended up a very intelligent Giant Octopus, it was an awkward adjustment for both of them. They came to love each other quickly though and Oodako got a real kick out of having eight legs, so all in all it was a happy accident. Oodako had also inspired the Octopus themed helmet and merchandise that quickly become popular amongst his ever growing fan base.

His next happy accident happened very shortly after the… curse was placed on him. Becoming a super strong perma-baby was a tough thing to adjust to, especially because he wasn't the only one to be cursed and he was the weakest of all the other super babies (without using his magic. Which was forbidden against or in front of muggles by the Statue of Secrecy), so he was a super baby who got no respect. Now of all the faults the wizarding world may have had, and as competitive as the world of stunt riding may be, never had Harry gone without receiving proper respect for his accomplishments. Not since the Dursley's that is, and he wasn't planning on getting used to it again. So he demanded it, which got him beat up and labelled "lackey". This made Harry very angry, and an angry Harry has never really been a rational Harry. He attempted to break the curse on his own for himself only. He wanted to flaunt his adult body in the faces of those bastards for a while before he let them off the hook too. It didn't end up that way. Somehow Harry's attempt to grow his body resulted in him accumulating a massive amount of muscle in a very short time without getting any taller. He looked this an extra-mini purple Hulk. He decided to call it his "Armored Muscle Body" and filed it away under "I Totally Meant to do That".

It was at this point that Harry seriously considered saying screw the Mafia and their Omerta, I'm going to the wizarding world and getting this curse broken. It was a short lived consideration. Harry's first exposure to The Vindice was enough to kill that idea, but that is a memory best left alone. However, Harry's bogart was no longer a dementor…

Harry's career as Skull de Morte came to an instant (but understandable) halt when he was transformed into a baby. That was a considerable issue. Harry had converted quite a lot of gold into muggle money when he came to the muggle world but quite a bit of it had gone into starting his career and his money he had earned from stunt riding, while impressive, was not going to last forever. He also couldn't withdraw money from Gringots lest he have to explain his curse and land himself in Vendicare Prison... He had hoped the curse would be broken before the money ran out, but after a few years Harry had lost hope and started tightening his budget, and eventually his belt. He needed a job and couldn't find employment within the muggle world as a baby, so he began to do odd jobs around the Mafia. His status as an Arcobaleno carried him rather far in the underworld. Even though he was the weakest of the Arcobaleno he was still considered stronger than most other people (if only for his purple flames which were apparently called Cloud Flames) and it was easy to find work. Harry – Skull as he tried to refer to himself as even in his own mind – honestly wasn't as strong or skilled as many Mafia members belived him to be. Not for a great many years. He did have combat experience though, was used to taking the lead, and was conveniently immortal as the Master of Death, so he got by and he learned a few tricks here and there. It wasn't a life style he particularly enjoyed, but it grew on him, and Oodako took to it like a fish to water. That old crabtopus loved a good fight and joined Skull on every mission he was able to.

While Skull slowly adjusted to the mafia lifestyle he also warmed up to the other Arcobaleno. Especially Luce. Also Viper and Verde seemed to tolerate him better than the rest, maybe V had become his lucky letter since killing Voldemort? Reborn and Collonello were another matter entirely, they were abusive and drove Skull up the wall, but they too had their good points deep down inside. Luce helped him see that and he begrudgingly came to respect Reborn and Collonello too (and maybe even like them a little bit more than he disliked them) even with their abusive ways. Not that is really hurt Skull, oh it was painful but he bounced back quickly. Cloud Flames were the greatest!

The longer Harry spent as Skull the Cloud Arcobaleno the more he learned about himself. He discovered he was considered an Inverted Cloud who hated to be chained down but collected people. He was fiercely protective of those he considered his and desired nothing more than to be needed. Being an "Inverted Cloud" sounded a lot better than having a "Saving People Thing" anyways and explained why it was oh so painful for Harry to be away from the Wizarding World for so long when he had originally desiered to escape it. He missed the people he had "collected" over there and as a Cloud he hated that he was being caged down to the Muggle World. He didn't like the restriction. The real kicker was when Skull realized he considered the Arcobaleno "His" as well. No matter what the future may hold there was no way he would leave them behind. He would probably be split between the two worlds forever, or at least until the Arcobaleno passed away (which would never happen in the curse was never broken). This was part of the reason Skull never joined a Famiglia, though he came close with the Carcassa Famiglia a couple times. He already had a something better than a Famiglia as far as he was concerned, and he would always put the other Arcobaleno ahead of any Famiglia he joined anyways.

The death of Luce… Harry would have preferred The Vinidice over the loss of Luce… it was a dark time. He was soothed by the presence of Aria who he had long since considered family.

This lack of alliance made him a little unpopular in the mafia world, while he wasn't against anyone in particular he wasn't loyal to anyone either. In turn they were not loyal to him. This never really bothered skull, he kind of liked the pleasant but distant relationship he had going on with most mafia families. He had lots of work, lots of acquaintances, a couple fans who knew of him in his stuntman days, and plenty of vacation time. The lack of close friends and obligation of famiglia never really mattered… until one day it did. Out of no where the opportunity to break the Arcobaleno Curse arose and as Potter luck would have it, it wasn't something Skull could do alone. He needed representatives and had no one to ask. Sure he had wracked up a few favors over the years, but nothing to warrant the participation in the most insane tournament Skull had ever heard of. Honestly, feeding cats in exchange for backup had been a regrettable moment of desperation.

In the end it turned out it didn't matter. Checkerface had lied to them again and was using the tournament to determine the next set of Arcobaleno. Skull's family was going to die and Skull himself would likely become Vindice. The situation was as hopeless as it could get, so Skull once more settled into his role as Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived and prepared for war against a man from a super ancient and super powerful being. There was no way he was letting Checkerface hurt his family. Statue of Secrecy be damned.

It was thanks to Tsuna that it Skull never had to play his trump card. Bless his pure soul, and his children, and his children's children. Skull and the other Arcobaleno would never be able to thank Tsuna enough, or repay him for his kindness. He was a true hero, he was Skull's Hero and Skull hadn't had a Hero in a very long time.

For days the Arcobaleno and Vongola and even the Carcassa spent much time celebrating and adjusting to their rapidly aging bodies. Harry was almost as tall as the seat of the couch now! He did wonder though, what would happen now. Would they part ways? Would they still meet up at least once a year? Should he go to the Wizarding World? Could he go to the Wizarding World? He hadn't even picked up his beloved wand in a decade… but all of that could wait for tomorrow. For now he was having a party.


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