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"Hey, what that called when you feel like you've seen something before, but you can't remember where?" asked Collonello. The trio were sitting in the blimp and waiting for the pilot to land the blimp. They had just arrived in Hawaii.

"Alzheimer's." said Reborn.

"No." said Collonello waspishly, "Like, when you think you have experienced something before but haven't." he tried again.

"You mean, déjà vu?" asked Lal.

"Bless you." Replied Collonello.

"No, you idiot, that's what it's called! Déjà vu." She said.

"Huh, weird name, but okay. Any of you having that feeling right now, by any chance?" he asked. The looked at Lal and Reborn who also shared a questioning glance with each other. Lal shrugged her shoulders.

"No, why?" she asked.

"I don't know, just got the feeling I guess, cora." Said Collonello.

"All I feel is a headache." Said Reborn.

"When did you get a headache?" asked Lal.

"Couple minutes ago, happened extremely suddenly." He said, and after a short pause, "My nose is sore, too." He admitted. Lal and Collonello made faces. Weird headache, but alright.

The noise of the overhead speaker turning on captured their attention, halting conversation.

"Excuse me, but we have landed. Please prepare to depart shortly. I will be opening the hangar door." Said William.

"Well, its about time, Cora! Let's go get our henchman back!" said Collonello.

"He's my lackey, peasant. I just lend him to you sometimes." Said Reborn, casually.

"You take that back, Cora!" shouted Collonello.

"Both of you stop talking!" said Lal, annoyed with the immaturity. "Why are you guys always so mean to him anyway?" asked Lal. Both men looked at each other and shrugged before making their way to the exit. "Gee," Lal muttered to herself, "and we wonder why he left." she said and trailed behind them. It just occurred to her that it might have been a better idea to bring Fon and Verde with her instead.

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