AU where Raven doesn't run away and Summer marries Qrow (and doesn't die). Ruby and Yang are cousins. This is planned to be fairly happy and fluffy, but I plan to (most likely) make a sequel called Winter is Coming which will be darker, or possibly it will be a short segue to something like Winter Days.

Since we get basically no information on the personalities of Summer and Raven I'm going to make Raven similar to Yang and Summer similar to Ruby.

Rated T for... well, basically just for Yang (swearing, suggestive stuff).

Also, Ruby (and Summer) are cat-faunus, 'cause why the fuck not. And I have a good reason. Cat ears or whatever are cute. What? It's a perfectly good reason. Plus I have some other reasons which will have to stay hidden for now.

Anyway, I'm hoping fluff might be easier to write than something that needs to have a reasonable plot and whatever. Plus I can make the characters OP like I often (read: literally every fucking story I've written) do without ruining the entire thing. I kinda made Ruby's Semblance stupidly overpowered...

And finally, a note to the small percentage of my few readers who enjoy Mondaiji-Tachi (If you haven't yet, you should definitely watch it though), volume 11 has finally been translated, so go read it. You can find it on baka-tsuki (it's just a link to frozensama's blogspot there though) or frozensama on blogspot.

Pairing undecided. I do have a few ideas, but no spoilers.

I decided to mess with the teams a bit 'cause why not. So this is what I get. Same characters, different teams.

BYRN (Burn) (Blake Belledana, Yang Xiao-Long, Ruby Rose, Pyrrha Nikos)

ARSN (Arsenic) (Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Weiss Schnee, Nora Valkyrie)

Well, not that different. I just swapped Weiss and Pyrrha.

(Third person)

"Mom! Dad! I got into Beacon!" Ruby says, practically bouncing up and down with excitement in front of her parents.

"Aren't you a little young for that?" Summer asks.

"I guess I impressed Ozpin," Ruby answers.

"And how did you do that?" Qrow asks, slightly worried.

"Some people tried to rob a Dust shop I happened to be in..." Ruby says.

"Would 'some people' include Roman Torchwick?" Summer asks with a laugh. The man was a notorious Dust thief and recently most Dust-related thefts involved him in some way or another. Generally in some very direct way or another.

"I pushed him out of his bullhead," Ruby says somewhat proudly. Then adds, "Then the pilot threw me out of the bullhead and flew away."

"Did the pilot just get lucky or..." Qrow asks, curious as to what sort of pilot could throw Ruby out of a bullhead. Ruby might not be a full-blown Huntress yet, but she was definitely far ahead of not only most people her age, but most people several years older too.

"She blocked all my attacks with some sort of glass daggers she conjured and then turned them into a bow, conjured an arrow, and shot me first," Ruby says, rubbing her stomach where she'd been hit.

Qrow froze. Conjured glass daggers which turned into a bow reminded him of someone he'd fought a couple years ago.

"What did she look like?" Qrow asks.

"I couldn't see her face really, but she was tall, had long black hair, had a red shirt, and the shirt had fire Dust imbued in it. Also her eyes glowed orange," Ruby says. "Do you know her?"

"Not sure... don't worry about it," Qrow says.

"I'm gonna go tell Yang!" Ruby says excitedly before disappearing, leaving nothing but rose petals behind. It would be annoying if they didn't smell nice and turn into a thin, rose smelling red mist after just a few minutes.

"She's way too hyper," Summer says.

"Reminds me of you when we were in Beacon," Qrow says.

"I'm so happy you're coming to Beacon with me!" Yang says, giving Ruby a bone crushing hug, stuffing her face into her... assets... and suffocating the younger girl.

"Yang... let... go... ... can't ... ... breathe..." Ruby says, pushing away from the other girl.

By the time Yang lets go, Ruby actually feels like she was about to pass out.

"You're so AWESOME! You got into Beacon two years early. Like the fanciest Hunter training school in the world!" Yang says.

"I think it's kinda weird that you are more excited than me about this," Ruby says.

"You're gonna be the bee's knees!" Yang says, entirely ignoring what Ruby said.

"But I don't wanna be the bee's knees. I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees," Ruby complains.

"But you're awesome! You're super good and when you fight it looks like you're dancing and you're probably better than almost all the first year students and you're 2 years younger than everyone else! You're not normal. You're amazing. You're going to stand out, so be proud," Yang says.

"So many cool new WEAPONS!" Ruby exclaimed happily, studying the weapons of every single passerby at a glance. A Flamethrower-axe, a pair pistol-daggers, a sword-bow, an axe-rifle, a sniper-spear, a dual-bladed halberd that split in two three segments connected by chains. Any number of other weapons. And Ruby was memorizing every single one.

"Aren't you happy with your own?" Yang asks.

"Oh course I love Crescent Rose, it's just cool to see all sorts of new ones! It's like meeting new people... but better!" Ruby says.

"And maybe it will give me ideas for things to add to Crescent Rose! Like maybe I should add a full-auto mode or or maybe make the blade shoot out on a chain or-"

"I get the idea, okay," Yang says, cutting Ruby off before she can start talking about weapons too much.

"Wellmyfriendsareheregottagoseeyoulaterbye!" Yang says and runs off with a group of friends, leaving Ruby disorientated and dizzy, causing her to stumble and fall over backwards.

Straight into the baggage of Weiss Schnee. A Schnee. Who were known for not having the best opinions of faunus. And that's putting it nicely. And her hood decided to fall off.

"Gah! Watch where you're going you- you stupid animal! You could have blown us off the side of the cliff!" Weiss yells.

"I'm sorry," Ruby says quietly.

She leans down and picks up a vial of Dust that had fallen out of one of the suit cases and says—while shaking it around—, "Do you have any idea what this is? Dust! Energy! Explosive!"

Meanwhile, said explosive was slowly getting out of the vial, filling the air around them.

And then, in the middle of a sentence—which Ruby had stopped paying attention to at this point, trying to interrupt and apologize—Ruby sneezed.

And then they exploded, sending the Dust vial in Weiss's hand flying away from them and to the feet of a certain lover of quiet and books.

"This is EXACTLY what I was talking about! And besides, aren't you a little young to be here?" Weiss screams in exasperation once the smoke and dust clears, standing there covered in soot.

Her Aura pulses, blasting the soot off of her clothes and she continues to yell at the red girl.

"I said I'm sorry princess!" Ruby says, thoroughly annoyed and unhappy about being called an animal.

"It's heiress actually," Blake says before Weiss can respond.

"Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, largest producer of Dust in the world," she adds.

"I knew that," Ruby mutters with a pout, not loud enough for Weiss to hear her.

"Finally! Some recognition!" she says.

"Also the company notorious for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners," Blake adds.

Letting out some unintelligible groan of frustration she snatches the Dust vial out of Blake's hands and storms off, leaving her assistants to gather up her luggage and follow after.

"Thanks," Ruby says as the girl helps her up.

"No problem. It's very courageous to not cover your ears," Blake says, then mutters, "I envy you."

"It's more that I just never needed to. I'm Ruby by the way," Ruby says.

"I'm Blake, nice to meet you," Blake says.

"Nice to meet you too," Ruby says.

After the two wandered about a bit they met Jaune and then wandered some more before finding the place they were supposed to be, at which point they split up.

"Hey Ruby, how you doing?" Yang asks.

"I fell on Weiss Schnee of all people's luggage and then she yelled at me and called me an animal and then I exploded and then she yelled at me some more and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me and then a nice girl named Blake showed up and helped," Ruby says.

"Meltdown already?" Yang asks.

"NO! I literally exploded! There was fire and lightning and I think some ice too," Ruby pouts.

"You! There's a crater in front of the school now!" Weiss yells.

"Oh Dust! It's happening again!" Ruby says, jumping up in surprise and hiding herself behind Yang.

'Gotta find Yang, gotta find Yang, gotta find Yang, gotta find Yang.' That thought looped in Ruby's head as she sprinted through the forest, looking for her cousin and friend since... well since birth really.

'Blake wouldn't be so bad either... Weiss though... I really hope I don't get her. That would really suck. I really don't want to be partners with Weiss. She's mean. Even with Yang's threat to tear her tongue out and feed it to her (ewwww!) if she calls me an animal again.'

Ruby saw some red in the distance and skid to a stop, just shy of crashing into the back of a Huntress with bright red hair. The Huntress turns and the two lock eyes.

'And we're partners now. At least I got Pyrrha Nikos, the Champion of Mistral, so it could have been a lot worse,' Ruby thinks.

"I guess we're partners now? I'm Ruby by the way, and I already know your name," Ruby asks.

"It seems so," Pyrrha says. 'She looks younger than 17. Maybe she just looks young, or maybe she actually managed to get in early, in which case she must be really good.'

Pyrrha didn't spare a second glance to the cat-ears on the top of Ruby's head. Thank Dust I didn't get some racist jerk, Ruby thinks.

"Let's look for the temple?" Ruby asks.

"Have you met Jaune?" Pyrrha asks.

"Yeah... why?"

"I had to throw my spear to catch him because he didn't really seem like he knew how to land, so I need to fetch it first. But don't worry, it's really close and I've got a tracker in it so it will only be a bit," Pyrrha says.

Ruby nods, "You only have your shield at the moment, so I'll go in front. Which way?"

"Yes. That way," Pyrrha answers, pointing in basically the direction Ruby was heading anyway. Also where there was very thick foliage.

Ruby unfurls her scythe, cutting through the foliage effortlessly.

"That's a nice weapon," Pyrrha comments. 'Also an adorable girl holding a scythe bigger than her is terrifying,' Pyrrha thinks.

"I know! Crescent Rose is AWESOME. She's half anti-material sniper rifle and half scythe!" Ruby says cheerfully. "Can I see yours after we get it? I love seeing new weapons!" Ruby says.

"Did you build her yourself?" Pyrrha asks, notocing that the younger girl clearly enjoyed talking about weapons.

She nods enthusiastically. "I got inspiration from my dad's weapon, but I built and designed it all on my own," Ruby says proudly.

"That's impressive, it seems fairly complicated, not to mention the skill required to actually use something like that," Pyrrha compliments.

"What about yours?"

"My weapons are called Milo and Akouo. Akouo is my shield, it's got a sharp edge so it can be used as a weapon. Milo can shift between sword, spear, and rifle," Pyrrha says, describing her weapons.

"I've seen you competing. I meant did you come up with/design/build them yourself?" Ruby asks.

"I came up with them myself, but I had a bit of help making the blueprints and actually building," Pyrrha says.

"I'm a bit of a weapons geek..."

"We're here. Right up there," Pyrrha says, pointing up into a tree where Jaune hang from Milo, currently in spear form and stabbed through his clothes.

"Hey Pyrrha," he says. "...And Ruby," he adds with slight surprise.

"Hey Jaune, how are you?" Ruby asks as Pyrrha quickly climbs the tree.

"You know, just hanging out," he says.

Ruby visibly cringes. "Dust no, I have enough with just Yang's puns!"

Pyrrha yanks the spear out of the tree, allowing Jaune to drop down onto the ground.

"Sorry Jaune, I already have a partner..." Pyrrha says and then realizes something, "But! You're welcome to come with us until we find you one, or even after!"


Then Weiss Schnee walks into the clearing, looking at each of the three, and then realizes her mistake and then with a sigh asks, "So which of you is my partner now?"

Jaune steps forward rather happily.

'Right, he was flirting with her earlier. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a jerk,' Ruby thinks.

"I'm... sorry for yesterday, Ruby. Calling you an animal was racist and uncalled for and I yelled at you too much for a simple accident with no real harm done," Weiss says to Ruby.

"I'm sorry for exploding in your face," Ruby says. 'Is she just being nice because she doesn't want Pyrrha to think poorly of her? She was trying to be on a team with Pyrrha this morning, though it seems we don't get a choice in that. Or is she genuinely sorry?'

"Exploding?" Pyrrha asks.

"I fell on her baggage, which was full of Dust, so some leaked into the air and I sneezed and it exploded. It... wasn't the best first day... or first impression," Ruby says.


"Let's get moving, we have a temple to find!" Weiss says.

"I guess... we're partners now?" Yang asks the girl in front of her.

"Yeah, I suppose," Blake says.

"Dang... now there's nobody Ruby knows to be a partner with. I hope she finds someone nice," Yang says.

"Worrying about that won't help much, let's go look for the temple," Blake says.

Reluctantly, Yang agrees.

"Wait. Where are Weiss and Jaune?" Ruby asks.

"They were just here..." Pyrrha says.

"Let's hope they're alright, meanwhile, let's get out of this cave. I'm starting to doubt it's the temple. There's no sign of anything manmade here," Ruby says.

Pyrrha nods her agreement and the two turn around, retracing their steps.

"Do you wanna chat while we walk?" Ruby asks.

'On one hand we need to watch out for potential dangers, but on the other hand, getting to know my partner would be useful and most things that could sneak up on us—even if you consider that we'd be talking—would be too small to be a major threat,' Pyrrha thinks.

"Let's get to know each other a bit better," Pyrrha agrees.

"So Ruby, how old are you? Sorry if it's rude, but you don't look 17," Pyrrha asks.

"I'm 15," Ruby answers proudly.

"Isn't the normal entry age for Beacon 17?" Pyrrha asks. Of course she knew that was the case, and the real question was 'how did you get in early.'

"I... was in a Dust shop when it got robbed and managed to impress the headmaster," Ruby answers.

"That's rather impressive. However, doesn't that mean you skipped the last 2 years of school?" Pyrrha asks.

"Oh... I didn't really think of that," Ruby says, suddenly worried what she was going to do about the academic portion.

'So my partner is a prodigy in terms of fighting, but fairly normal in terms of academics, which means she's 2 years behind. That's going to be stressful for her, but the headmaster probably knows what he's doing.' "I'll help you," Pyrrha offers, wanting the girl to return to her normal state of radiating cheerfulness, even in a dark tunnel that could easily be a nest of Grimm.

"Thanks!" Ruby says, returning to her normal cheerfulness.

"So where do you come from? Also you mentioned someone named Yang," Pyrrha asks.

"Patch. It's an island a little ways off the coast. It's fairly close to Vale. A big part of why we live there—aside from it just being a really nice place—is that nobody there cares if you're faunus or not. Yang is my cousin, though we're more like sisters in how we act and we live in the same house. Our parents were all a team at Beacon before too," Ruby says.

"So do you have any siblings or other close relatives?" Ruby asks.

Pyrrha shakes her head, "No. And I don't have many friends either because everyone assumes that I think I'm too good for them or something, it's tiring."

Ruby looks down for a moment and then cheers up, saying, "I'll be your friend!"

"Thank you," Pyrrha says.

"So what about you?" Pyrrha asks.

"I'm... not very good at talking to people so I don't really have many friends. But I have Crescent Rose... though Yang keeps saying weapons don't count as friends. I don't get it. Weapons are the best friends," Ruby says.

"I agree that weapons are good friends, but they don't talk to you, so having person friends can be useful too," Pyrrha says.

"Maybe Yang will stop bothering me and telling me to go make some friends now," Ruby says.

As the two make a turn they see a light at the end of the tunnel and run out.

"Huh... this isn't where we came in, when did we get turned around?" Ruby wonders aloud.

"I don't know, perhaps one of us should climb a tree and look around?" Pyrrha offers.

"I'll go!" Ruby says and climbs up the tree swiftly with cat-like grace. 'Well, she's a cat-faunus so it's not that surprising,' Pyrrha thinks.

A few moments later the girl was once more standing next to Pyrrha.

"The temple seems to be that way and this exit from the cave seems closer to it than the one we came in through, so I guess we got lucky," Ruby says, pointing straight in the direction out of the cave.

"You're good at climbing trees," Pyrrha comments.

"It comes naturally to me. I've always liked climbing trees," Ruby says.

"Not that surprising, you're like a cat," Pyrrha says. Then hurriedly adds, "I'm sorry I did-"

"It's fine. I don't mind," Ruby says.

Ruby's ears twitch slightly.

"Grimm. Quite a lot of small ones, I think. Up ahead. Probably a pack of Beowolves," she says. 'I can't hear anything. Or wait, I think I hear something very faint in the distance but not enough to know anything or even notice it without knowing it's there. Faunus hearing certainly is useful,' Pyrrha thinks.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to use this as a chance to show you what I can do," Ruby says with a grin.

"Sure. Go ahead. Then, I won't interfere unless you're in trouble?" Pyrrha asks.

Ruby nods.

As the two drew closer to the pack, Pyrrha could hear them. And the Beowolves could hear the Huntresses.

As they entered a clearing with bright sunlight, the Grimm chose that moment of relative blindness to attack.

Pyrrha jumped back and Crescent Rose unfurled in Ruby's hand and she leapt forward, cutting a Beowolf in half from top to bottom in a single blow.

A shot was fired from Crescent Rose, positioned in such a way as to hit a Beowolf in the head and send Ruby spinning gracefully.

If asked, she would fully admit she was showing off as she danced between and around the attacks, decimating the Grimm without even employing her Semblance.

'I expected her to be good to get in early, but this is well beyond what I expected,' a thoroughly impressed Pyrrha thinks.

One Beowolf gets behind Ruby swinging down. She was trapped between that and several other attacks.

Pyrrha grabs her shield, hurling it between Ruby and the Beowolf behind her. The strike bounces off the shield and is thrown off course, however it proves unneeded as just before the strike would have hit Ruby had there been no shield and just before several other strikes hit, Ruby scatters into rose petals, which as if carried by a breeze move behind the Beowolf that had been behind her and swirl together, once more forming Ruby, who proceeds to cut the Beowolf apart, along with the two next to it, the sharp blade of Crescent Rose tearing through gaps in armor.

Several seconds later, the last of the Beowolves are dead and Pyrrha retrieves her shield. 'With how easily she brandishes that scythe, she must be a lot stronger than she looks. Not that it's difficult to be stronger than she looks,' Pyrrha thinks.

"Sorry for interfering, I thought it was needed," Pyrrha says.

"It's fine," Ruby says, collapsing Crescent Rose and putting it on her back.

"I just wanted to show you what I could do," Ruby says.

"If impressing me was your goal, you certainly succeeded. Out of curiosity, how much does that scythe weigh?" Pyrrha asks.

"A little less over 7 kilograms (like 4 times heavier than a greatsword)," Ruby answers.

"You wield it very well for a weapon that heavy," Pyrrha says.

"It's all about keeping momentum. With a sword you constantly swing one way, stop the sword, swing the other way. With a weapon like Crescent Rose, I basically never stop it during a fight." Ruby answers.

"I can see that. I looks like dancing. Very pleasing to watch," Pyrrha compliments.

"Thank you." Ruby smiles from receiving praise from the celebrity warrior.

The two enter a clearing and see a ruin, along with Yang and Blake.

"Yang! Blake!" Ruby yells and bolts to them, followed closely by Pyrrha.

"Hey Rubes, I see you found a partner," Yang says, catching Ruby in a hug.

"And Pyrrha Nikos of all people," Yang says with a grin.

"She's really nice," Ruby says.

"Pyrrha, this is Yang, and that's Blake," Ruby says, pointing to Yang and then Blake.

Blake waves and Yang says, "Heya!"

Ruby walked over to the relics.

"So these are the relics? Do you mind if I take this one?" Ruby asks Pyrrha, picking up a white knight.

"I don't mind," Pyrrha says and Ruby grabs the white knight.

An Ursa bursts through the bushes at the edge of the clearing and then collapses with a burst of purple lightning behind it, a girl standing on top of it before looking at it from various angles and—with a pout—saying, "Aww, it's broken."

"Nora, please never do that again," a panting Ren says, running out behind it. Nora however was uninterested and already next to the relics, picking up a white rook and singing, "I'm queen of the castle~ I'm queen of the castle~"

Then Weiss and Jaune run into the clearing, tailed by an old Death Stalker.

"This is bad," Ruby says.

Then an ear shattering screech rings out and feathers rain down on the 8 Hunters-in-training.

Ruby takes out her scythe, knocking aside the feathers.

Yang blasts them off-course with Ember Celica. Blake dodges through them. Weiss shields herself with a glyph. Jaune and Pyrrha use their shields and dodge. Ren dodges and blocks with Aura shields and Nora knocks them away or blasts them out of the sky with Magnhild.

"This is worse," Ruby says once the attacks stop and charges the Death Stalker.

She lands a few hits, but barely chips its armor before getting thrown back to where the rest of the group was.

"What do we do!?" Jaune asks in a panic.

"Well... we need to just grab relics and get back so... run?" Ruby suggests.

"Run and live. That's a plan I can get behind," Jaune says.

"It's a cowardly plan," Weiss says.

"You got a better one?" Ruby snaps.

"Of co-" she pauses for a moment, then sighs and hunching over slightly says, "No."

And that concludes the first (and probably only) chapter of this new story.