So... sorry to those hoping for a chapter (probably everyone reading this), but this is just a bit of an update. I don't like posting this simply because it gets peoples hopes up before crushing them (overdramatic much) but I generally prefer this sort of update to nothing, as it lets me know the author hasn't just dropped the story or whatever. Which in my case would have been pretty likely.

Pardon the large delay compared to the nearly decent update rate I'd recently been keeping up, but I have a good reason... well, a good reason for part of it, not really all of it.

So let's start with the good and bigger reason. I got sick. The first day, I was pretty miserable. Despite lying in bed for over 16 hours straight, I barely got any sleep, so the next day, combined with still feeling bad was also out. Then I had this thing where while I mostly felt good, I didn't want to eat. I was hungry but I didn't want to eat (like I feel terrible if I eat basically anything in any quantity). Anyway, I probably missed something, but anyway, this accounts for like... 4 days or something. I feel terrible complaining about this because there are people in the world who are actually sick with something serious, but anyway, I was in no mood to write.

So then the other, not as good reasons.

I decided to watch Gate (Lelei is the best character, followed by Rory (and if you count giving the names of two characters introduced in the first non-prolouge episode spoilers, you can go f*ck yourself), at least among the non-JSDF). Watched both seasons in 2 sittings, the first at night and the second the next day which took that up. Then from that I got an idea to write a story which isn't even fan fiction, so that took some more time, which I'll probably post it on fictionpress (for those who didn't notice, it's the not fan fiction counter part of fanfiction) at some point and I'll probably say its name then so that maybe somebody will actually read it out of pity or something (I'm Yaksher there too).

I mean, the average quality there seems at least decent (definitely better than fanfiction), but still there is very little interest in it. Makes perfect sense to me. Why read some random story some random person who couldn't even publish it made when you can go read a good book. Or a bad book, either way, probably still better. And the reason anyone reads fanfiction is because they like the story and want more (well, in general, I've read fanfiction for stories I've never read simply because of the author, even crossovers (which believe me, is quite confusing), not because it's good. Let's be honest, if RWBY (and SAO and all the other stories I've written fanfiction for) didn't exist and I still wrote the same text (with a bit more detail in some things everyone knows, even), not a single person would find it good enough to read.

Anyway, then I didn't even really get around to writing either that story or this one and as a result didn't write anything. Then I started playing Borderlands 2 again, so goodbye writing time. So basically, I decided to take a short break from writing.

Anyway, the other two aren't particularly good reasons, but they're my reasons.

Also... just didn't feel like writing. This doesn't mean there will be zero progress, it'll just be really slow.

I also have the menace called homework. A month worth and a week to do it (because I learned nothing from last month, at least aside from the material covered by the class). Of course since normally people do 4 courses, a week to do a month is normal, except... I have other stuff too, like programming, programming class, and an AMC 10 prep class.

I'm sorry. Hope you don't drop the story. (though it wouldn't make much sense, but whatever).

Oh, and, I plan to delete this chapter once chapter 5 is up.