Bakugan + Littlest Pet Shop Crossover

Bakugan: Mythical and Animal Battles

After Dan Kuso and his partner Drago return from Equestria, they reunite with Shun, Marucho, and Gunz along with Blythe Baxter (Littlest Pet Shop) and Melody (The Little Mermaid II). But when evil beings such as Gramorr (Lolirock) and Simon (Trollz) try to destroy both Lolirock and The B.F.F.L., the Battle Brawlers and their partner Bakugan fight to protect the Earth and help Iris save Ephedia from evil. (Takes place after Bakugan: Fusion Harmony).

(Dan) After me and Drago returned from Equestria, we came back home in Bakugan City. It's very peaceful, since we and the Brawlers defeated Mechtavius Destroyer, which is good for both humans and Bakugan. The other Battle Brawlers and their Bakugan have welcomed us back home. Plus, we're gonna keep playing Bakugan Battling for the love of the game and also we have some surprises from something else: animals and mythical things.

What are ya gonna do?
The odds are stacked against you,
Back against the wall,
You gotta give it your all,
This is the final stand,
The powers in your hand!
Two worlds collide,
On the inside,
You got to fight for what's right,
Before it's gone,
Gone, gone,
This is Bakugan!

During their time back home Dan and Drago have met up with some new members. (Dan) After the times we were fighting against both Mechtavius Destroyer and the Nonet Bakugan, we met and added two new members of the Battle Brawlers. "Hey Dan, welcome back!" A voice revealing to be Blythe Baxter. "Blythe Baxter was an actually teenage girl who can actually understand pets and other animals with actual words. I know, we were surprised too." Dan narrated as he came towards Blythe. "Hey Blythe! So how are the pets doing?" Dan asked. "The pets are doing okay. They and other animals missed you guys." Blythe said as the pets jumped on Dan. "Hey guys. I missed you too" Dan laughed. "Proven by her ability to talk to pets, Blythe became another member of the Brawlers playing Subterra. Her partner Bakugan is Subterra Roxtor, of course Mira Clay doesn't mind at all with those two because she thought it would give Roxtor some exercise." Dan continued. "Where's everyone else?" Dan asked. "Melody is training with Shun. "Okay thanks" Dan said as he left to find Shun and Melody.

Once Dan found them, he noticed they were training. "Hey guys, over here!" Dan shouted getting their attention. "Hey Dan! It's been a while right now." Shun said as Melody landed next to him. "Hey Dan. How was your time away?" Melody asked. "You won't believe the crazy stuff that's happened to me and Drago" Dan answered. "Melody is the daughter of our old friends, Ariel and Eric and the granddaughter of King Triton. After she found out about her half-mermaid heritage, she defeated the sea witch, Morgana. As the sixth member of the Battle Brawlers, she plays Darkus, with Skytruss and Orbeum." Dan narrated. "But she is also learning how to be a ninja from Shun and his partner Ventus Jaakor." He continued. "Well, Drago, it looks like you came back from a long trip" Jaakor spoke. "Trust me Jaakor, you don't even know half of it" Drago said. "Marucho and Gunz are also have been waiting for you to get back Dan." Shun informed. "Right. Thanks Shun" Dan said as he went to find Marucho and Gunz.

Marucho and Gunz we're just checking the battlefields of the arenas, when Dan came in. "Hey guys!" Dan said getting their attention. "Dan, you're back!" Marucho said hugging his friend. "Welcome back, Kuso" Gunz greeted giving Dan a firm hand shake. "Marucho is doing the battling arenas and customs with his partner Aquos Radizen. While Gunz on the other hand was one of my strongest opponents with his partner Haos Reptak. When Gunz was mysteriously kidnapped by Mechtavius Destroyer, Coredegon used Gunz's identity as the evil Wiseman, but when Mechtavius Destroyer used and betrayed Gunz and the Nonet Bakugan, Gunz helped the rest of us defeat Mechtavius Destroyer and reunited with Reptak." Dan narrated. "Speaking of the Nonets, after defeating Mechtavius Destroyer, some of the Nonet Bakugan: Spatterix, Stronk, Tremblar, Balista and Worton have returned and earned our respects and are part of the team." Dan continued. "Hey Drago, things went okay when you left?" Reptak asked. "Well, Reptak, after time in another dimension, it's good to be back" Drago answered. "We'll explain later. So where are Mira and the Nonets?" Dan asked. "Worton and Mira are checking out some technology, while the rest of the Nonets are with the B.F.F.L." Gunz explained. "Right. See ya!" Dan said as went to see Mira.

"Hey Mira!" Dan shouted seeing Mira with Worton. "Hey Dan, I see you and Drago are back from your adventure in Equestria" Mira greeted surprising Dan. "How'd you know?" Dan asked as Worton came up. "Well my boy, it was my all seeing ability that revealed you two wound up in the magical world of Equestria and that the Tree of Harmony gave the Elements of Harmony and their powers to Drago, giving a new evolution." Worton explained. "After Drago and I returned from our adventure, we found out the Nonets are now on our side. Sometimes Ventus Worton is helping out Mira with his knowledge and telling what happens in his psychic ability for all-seeing, while other times, he along with Spatterix, Stronk, Balista, and Tremblar spend time with our friends, the B.F.F.L.; Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz and Onyx. They're five Trollz who are best friends since they were young. Just like their five Ancients, these girls use a powerful magic called the Magic of the Five to protect their home from an evil gremlin named Simon and his monster-dog, Snarf. Luckily for the B.F.F.L. and the Ancients, me and Drago helped them get rid of those 3,000-year-old guys." Dan narrated revealing that he and the brawlers helped and saved the Trollz a few times. "Dan, welcome back!" Runo suddenly shouted as Dan saw her and Julie. "Hey Dan, we were worried about you." Julie said showing that she is a great reporter. "Well, let's just say me and Drago went on a crazy adventure" Dan told. "Oh and guess what? I'll be doing an interview with a band called Lolirock." Julie informed showing Dan the pictures of Lolirock. "There are three girls in this band: Talia, Auriana and Iris." Julie observed as Dan was shock looking at Iris's picture. "Hey, I know her" Dan said surprising Julie. "You do? Really?" Julie asked. "She was Runo's and my childhood friend from a few years back." Dan explained remember flashbacks of him, Runo and Iris playing together or Iris giggling about Dan and Runo arguing. "I do hope I get to interview about that when Lolirock arrives" Julie said excitedly. "Some things never change" Drago commented as they left to see where Lolirock will be performing.

Somewhere in the kingdom called Ephedia, the castle was mostly covered in black-purple crystal while in the throne room, there was more black crystals while on the throne, was a man wearing a middle ages based clothes and cape and armor on his shoulders, long hair, a crown on his head while wearing a mask and is wearing a beastly gauntlet on his right arm: Grammorr. Right next to him was his dark panther (with flaming like structure on his legs and tail) named Banes who was growling a bit. Then in front of them was two black crystals appeared and magically came the images of the evil twins who also use black crystal magic. One named Mephisto (who's magic is black-green and is male) and Praxina (who's magic is black-red and is female). "Mephisto, Praxina, did you find them yet?" Grammorr asked. "Well, not yet, your evilness" Mephisto spoke. "But we do know that the princesses are in a place on Earth called, Bakugan City" Praxina reported. "Interesting, find the princesses and this time do not fail me!" Grammorr ordered. "Yes, you most dark one of darkness" Mephisto said as they hung up the call. "Well Banes, it appears the Bakugan have come to Earth. Soon I will have the Oracle Gems and the crown of Ephedia." Grammorr said about his evil plan.

Meanwhile in Bakugan City, at the amusement park called Bakugan Land, all six of the Battle Brawlers and the pets from the day camp of Littlest Pet Shop arrived to find where Lolirock will be performing. "I wonder where Lolirock will be performing in Bakugan Land?" Blythe asked with the pets walking with her and Subterra Roxter on her shoulder. "I think it's been a long time since we've seen Iris, Dan" Shun said. "Yeah, your right" Dan agreed while Drago jumped on Dan's shoulder. "I have a feeling that you two know this girl for a long time." Drago spoke. "Iris use to visit me, Shun and Runo a couple of times before." Dan revealed. "It sounds like she very nice" Blythe believed with Roxtor speaking gibberish. "Come on Roxtor, we only heard that Lolirock was one of great bands from Sunny Bay" Radizen spoke while understanding Roxtor's language. "Easy you guys, we just have to see for ourselves" Melody said as Skytruss and Orbeum popped up on both of her shoulders. "Melody does have a point. Since one of the members of this band used to be friends with Dan and Shun, she might be trust worthy" Skytruss theorized. "You might have a point there my brother. What do you think Sensei?" Orbeum asked Jaakor. "I believe if we introduce ourselves, we might know all the members of Lolirock." Jaakor said. "Well I say we find out for sure. Right Reptak?" Gunz asked. "Right" Reptak answered as they all saw five girls at a stage. "Hey, Shun, that's Iris" Dan said seeing Iris as he and Shun ran towards the stage.

"Iris!" Dan and Shun both shouted as Iris noticed them and gasped. "Dan Kuso? Shun Kazami?" Iris asked as she went and hugged them both. "I missed you guys" Iris told. "The same goes for us too" Shun said in return as Talia and Auriana came up to them. "Guys, this is Talia and Auriana." Iris introduced with Talia (the girl with the brown hair and a blue jacket and beige shorts) and Auriana (the girl with the red hair while wearing an orange shirt and a white skirt). "Talia and Auriana, these two are my childhood friends: Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami." Iris introduced. "Hello there." Talia greeted. "Hi. Are you part of the Battle Brawlers?" Auriana asked excitedly as Dan and Shun nodded as Auriana started shrieking. "Calm yourself down Auriana" Talia said. "Right, sorry" Auriana said in embarrassment. "Oh and here comes our friends Lyna and Carissa." Iris continued introducing Lyna (the girl with black hair with a green hairpin, wearing a green dress) and Carissa (the girl with orange hair, with a purple shirt and short genes). "Hi there!" Lyna greeted. "What's up?" Carissa spoke. "My name's Dan Kuso and this is my partner Drago" Dan introduced when Drago came towards them. "Nice to meet all of you" Drago greeted. "I'm Shun Kazami and this is my partner Ventus Jaakor." Shun introduced. "It is an honor to finally meet you in person" Jaakor wisely greeted as the other brawlers came up.

"Guys, these are teammates, Marucho, Blythe Baxter, Melody and Gunz Lazar." Dan introduced. "Hi." Marucho greeted as Radizen came up. "Wow, you're actually Lolirock. We've seen you guys on TV, but not in person" Radizen said. "My names Blythe Baxter, I work at Littlest Pet Shop." Blythe introduced as the pets were excited while Roxtor spoke gibberish. "Hi, I'm Melody." Melody introduced. "My name's Skytruss and this my brother Orbeum" Skytruss introduced. "We're the best ninja students of Sensei Jaakor" Orbeum added. "Hey, my name's Gunz Lazar and this my partner Reptak" Gunz lastly introduced with Reptak on his shoulder. "Nice to meet you. I am Reptak" Reptak introduced. "So Iris, what brings you here anyway?" Dan asked. "We came to Bakugan City to perform." Iris informed. "Now we can also sing for the Battle Brawlers" Auriana said in excitement. "Well, anyway, we want to perform to both humans and Bakugan" Talia explained. "I guess Bakugan City earns it after we made the bond between humans and Bakugan" Blythe believed.

"Um guys, you might want to take a look at this" Gunz said as they all noticed that some people and Bakugan are covered in black crystal. "Is it just me or are both humans and Bakugan trapped in crystals?" Radizen asked. "That's not just crystal, it's black crystal!" Iris shouted. "That could mean one thing" Auriana added as both Lolirock and the Brawlers saw Mephisto and Praxina flying. "Who are you two?" Dan asked. "I'm Mephisto!" Mephisto introduced. "And I'm Praxina!" Praxina continued. "Those twins are actually evil and use black crystal magic" Auriana revealed. "So much for keeping it a secret" Talia groaned. "We'll explain later!" Iris said as her pendent, Talia's bracelet, Auriana's ring, Lyna's hairclip and Carissa's bracelet started glowing. "Iris, Princess of Ephedia!" Iris shouted as her pendent helped her transform: a white dress with a big pink heart, then her hair turned pink, then three heart appeared making a leathery cape and a heart on her head. "Auriana, Princess of Volta!" Auriana shouted as her ring made her transform: an orange dress with the center having an orange crescent-moon, hair turned orange and long flowing, then her cape had two crescent-moons. "Talia, Princess of Xeris!" Talia shouted during transformation: a blue dress with a diamond on the center, blue hair, white gloves and two diamonds that formed her cape. "Lyna, Princess of Borealis!" Lyna shouted as her transformation started: a green dress with a green leaf shaped prism in the center, light green hair, green gloves, green boots and the same prism on the tips of her cape. "Carissa, Princess of Calix!" Carissa shouted that it was her turn to transform: a purple dress with a purple four cornered star in the center, her hair turned purple, purple stockings, and half of two stars on her cape.

"Oh man!" Dan responded as the Brawlers saw them. "Amazing!" Blythe admired. "So cool!" Marucho commented. "Impressive!" Shun spoke. "How beautiful!" Melody complimented. "Awesome!" Gunz said as the princesses started fighting. "Crystal Coldium!" Iris commanded as her spell send pink crystal heading towards the twins. "Telanoc!" Mephisto shouted sending out green-black crystals which stop Iris's attack. "Aterodere!" Praxina shouted as her black crystal spell created a serpent-like monster. "I think they need help guys" Dan told the other Brawlers. "Right!" the other Brawlers agreed as they were about to throw their Bakugan into battle, starting with Gunz. "Bakugan Brawl! Baku Sky Raider, Jump! Go Haos Reptak!" Gunz shouted as Reptak jumped in his Bakugan form. "Bakugan Brawl! Baku Sky Raider, Jump! Go Ventus Jaakor!" Shun shouted as Jaakor leaped in his ninja Bakugan form. "Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Go Aquos Radizen!" Marucho shouted as Radizen appeared in his Bakugan form. "Oh yeah!" Radizen spoke. "Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Go Subterra Roxtor!" Blythe shouted as Roxter appeared in his Bakugan form, while speaking gibberish. "Bakugan Brawl! Baku sky Raider, Jump! Go Darkus Skytruss! Go Darkus Orbeum!" Melody shouted as both Skytruss and Orbeum both came out in Bakugan form, Skytruss, who was bird like flying into a Darkus light and Orbeum, who was dog like, running and also running into a Darkus light. "You ready Drago?" Dan asked as Drago came to his hand. "You bet!" Drago said with Dan about to throw him. "Bakugan Brawl! Baku Sky Raider Jump! Go Pyrus Harmonic Dragonoid!" Dan shouted as Drago came into his Bakugan, only that he has his sharp wings from his Fusion Dragonoid form, bares on his wings of his Cross Dragonoid form and bares from his Infinity Dragonoid form, elegant yet bulky armor on his lower legs, horns on his head with the horns from his Neo Dragonoid form and his crystal chest now having seven crystals, each with the color of each of the Elements of Harmony.

"Woah, look guys!" Blythe said as the others saw Drago. "What happen to Drago?" Marucho asked. "My guess is that Drago evolved again" Shun noticed. "Drago?" Iris asked as the Bakugan stepped in when the Baku Sky Raiders jumping attack save the princesses, pushed back Mephisto and Praxina and hit their monster really hard. "What the?" Praxina asked as the twins saw the Bakugan. "Who the heck are you?" Mephisto asked. "We're the Bakugan Battle Brawlers and we here to stop you two!" Dan answered. "Why are you attacking our friends?" Melody asked. "Because Grammorr told us to destroy the princesses at any cost" Mephisto answered. "Well here's a newsflash. Nobody threatens our planet and tries to destroy our friends!" Dan said. "Our mission is to destroy the princesses, so they won't stop Lord Grammorr from collecting the Oracle Gems." Praxina explained. "You mean this boss of yours that is too scared to face us?" Dan insulted. "Hey, show some respect!" Mephisto responded. "Let's do this Drago!" Dan said to his partner. "Ready!" Drago spoke as they were about to battle the twins.

"Ability Activate! Fierce Demon-Thunder Clap!" Shun shouted as the ability made Jaakor aim his cannons at the serpent. "Take this scum!" Jaakor said as his cannons fired the green beams, which struck the serpent hard. "Ability Activate! Luster Drain!" Marucho shouted as Radizen formed a blue sphere and was posing like a baseball player. "Here it comes!" Radizen alerted as he threw the sphere hitting the monster. "Ability Activate! Power Granite!" Blythe shouted as Roxtor pulled up large rocks from the ground and threw them at the serpent. "Ability Activate! Full Moon-Wave Burning!" Melody shouted as Skytruss flapped his wings sending fragments of glowing purple diamonds at Praxina. "I can't see!" Praxina yelled being hit. "Ability Activate! Supreme Flame!" Melody continued as the cannons attached to Orbeum started fire purple beams. "Ow, that hurt!" Mephisto yelped as the attack hit him. "Ability Activate! Spar Hook!" Gunz called out as Reptak was forming two yellow spheres form his gauntlets. "You're going down!" Reptak shouted as he shot the spheres at Mephisto and Praxina. "Now it's our turn Dan!" Drago said. "Ability Activate! Dragonic Magic Cannon!" Dan yelled as Drago roared when his crystal glowed a magenta color and Drago changed into the same color while a magenta star appeared. "Woah, look at that" Melody said as everyone noticed. Take this!" Drago roared as from his mouth, he fired a swirling magenta colored beam at the serpent, making it screech in real pain. "No! My poor monster!" Praxina responded. "Now for you two! Ability Activate! Dragon Radiant Tornado!" Dan shouted as Drago roared and changed color again, only this time to white as a purple diamond appeared. "I've seen Drago do that before" Shun said. "That's not good!" Mephisto said. "Say goodnight!" Drago roared as he fired a white fiery tornado, then it hit the twins and blasted them to the sky, until there gone. "That was amazing!" Iris responded. "I've never seen such magic" Auriana said. "Or such powerful Bakugan ability cards." Carissa added. "Now it's our turn!" Talia said as the princesses went into the right position, creating different spell circles and facing the serpent monster. "Crystal Quita!" They all said as their combined spell fired a giant beam of light. "So intense!" Dan commented as the light both hit and destroyed the monster.

"We did it!" Dan and Iris both said as Talia cast a spell that freed all the humans and Bakugan from the black crystals. "Nicely done!" Drago said. "Thanks, you too" Iris complimented. "Those were awesome attacks you did there Dan" Gunz said. "Even that surprised me" Reptak continued. "One question you guys. Who were those two?" Melody asked as the Brawlers looked at the princesses. "They were Mephisto and Praxina" Talia answered. "Those two use black crystal magic for evil purposes" Auriana added. "Their master named Grammorr, has my kingdom called Ephedia under his evil control." Iris revealed. "Maybe tomorrow we'll explain the whole thing." Iris said knowing they have a concert.

An hour later, Lyna and Carissa and the Battle Brawlers and their Bakugan were in a big crowd of both humans and Bakugan, when they saw Iris, Talia and Auriana about to perform their song: "Revolution". Lolirock kept on performing and amazing the entire crowd while impressing the Brawlers, until the song was over and every one applaud.